Winter Formal Week Continues

Joint article by: David Lisk, IMSA News staff writer & Steph Wang, IMSA News section editor

Despite the freeze of winter, each midday of this past week has been abuzz with the hot news of the upcoming Winter Formal dance. Organized completely by IMSA’s junior and senior class clubs, the dance takes on the theme of Arabian Nights. Thus far, each midday of Winter Formal week has been filled with activities.

There has been a ticket raffle for free dance tickets and a “magic carpet race” featuring several IMSA teachers.  The ticket raffle was won by senior Tahir Mohideen and sophomore Ranjani Sundar. During the race teachers Dr. Gleason, Dr. Lawrence, Ms Schmidt, and Ms Townsend competed, much to the students delight and amusement, in an obstacle course. “Usually you see IMSA students competing in obstacle courses, so it was nice to see teachers compete for a change,” says senior Dhruv Patel. Congrats to Ms Schmidt and Ms Townsend for placing first and second respectively!

This Friday there will be a SMAC performance and, of course, the highly-anticipated dance from 8:30 to 11:00 pm in the Old Cafe.  According to enthusiastic Senior Rohan Verma, “The dance will be off the chain!”

Tickets are available all week during midday ($8 for singles, $15 for couples) as well as at the door ($10).

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