Clash of the Halls in Review, Day 2

As Clash begins to really heat up, some RCs brought a little heat of their own.

Clash RCIn the RC talent show at midday, students got to see a different side of the RCs, as they danced, sang, lip-synced, and acted their hearts out. 1501 RCs started it off with a musical-style complaint about the students in their halls before 1502 showcased a slideshow of flawless selfies. 1503 then took the stage with a lip-syncing rendition of a song from Pitch Perfect before 1504 followed up with a little skit. 1505 had created a video of the RCs singing, and 1506 performed a well-coordinated dance. As students began to run off to class, 1507 finished out the performances with a hilarious video styled off the RC “clique.”

The RCs weren’t the only ones looking good, as campus shined with students dressed in their best. Tuesday’s dress-up theme, Fancy Tuesday, led to 1504 coming out on top with participation with nearly 98% participation.

At night, students flood into the auditorium to witness more talent. The night’s talent show consisted of 7 minute performances by each hall and were judged by Dr. Choe, Dr. Dong, and Dr. Krouse, all of whom gave great feedback after each act. 

1501 stepped up first with singing, dancing, a Chinese yo-yo, and a glow-in-the-dark jump rope. 1502 then took the stage to perform their musical version of “The Princess and the Frog.” 1507 followed with musical mash-ups that perfectly complemented their theme before 1504 danced and sang their way into the audience’s hearts. 1505 followed with some creative “drumming” and beatboxing before giving way to song. Next up was 1503, whose singing, dancing, gymnastics, and martial arts came together to tell the story of the Women in Black. Last but certainly not least was 1506, who brought a group of performers to do a circus-style show. All of the acts were fabulous making it hard for the judges to chose the winners. 

Pre-show, 1503's Talent show participants smile for the camera.

Pre-show, 1503’s Talent show participants smile for the camera.

Day 2 Placings

Dress Up Day Participation: 1st (1504), 2nd (1507), 3rd (1502), 4th (1503), 5th (1506), 6th (1501), 7th (1505)

Night Event Participation: 1st (1507), 2nd (1503), 3rd (1504), 4th (1505), 5th (1506), 6th (1501), 7th (1502)

Night Event Winners: 1st (1507), 2nd (1502), 3rd (1504), 4th (1506), 5th (1503), 6th (1505), 7th (1501)


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