[Seniors Speak] Look Back and Laugh

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Omkar Kelkar

I could write this article about so many different things, from why you shouldn’t put “pro seniors” on pedestals to why you should have a solid network of friends to why you shouldn’t eat the fries at Sodexo. But the most useful thing I can think to write about is the fact that you should be able to look back on your time at IMSA and laugh. Laugh really hard at dumb things you’ve done with your friends, or in your classes, or anything else.

Laughing gives you the chance to realize you don’t need to always take yourself seriously. Laughing gives you the chance to stop moping during that day’s load of homework. Laughing gives you the chance to reflect and realize that even if you’ve done dumb things or made mistakes, you’re still doing well.

Anyways, to keep this short, I’d like to share some of my favorites, things either I’ve said or my friends have said to me. Thanks for reading.

IMSA taught me about BONDING: “It’s 5 AM, we have just enough time to watch Despicable Me before going to breakfast.”

IMSA taught me about ACCOUNTABILITY: “My RC never told me about in-room, so I’m going to keep doing it until I get caught.”

IMSA taught me about BROTHERLINESS: “I am going to destroy you.”

IMSA taught me about LEADERSHIP: “So, uh, what do you guys want to talk about at this meeting?”

IMSA taught me about FORESIGHT: “This paper is not going to write itself.”

IMSA taught me about THINKING OUTSIDE THE BOX: “I bet I can open this wing door without a FOB.”

IMSA taught me about FOLLOWING THE RULES: “If I see you messing with these doors again, I’ll send you to Keith.”

IMSA taught me about PLANNING AHEAD: “I’ll just do my Physics homework during BC.”

IMSA taught me about GENEROSITY: “No one’s awake to let you back into C wing. We can share a bed if you want.”

IMSA taught me about GOALS: “I’m gonna go in.”

IMSA taught me about PUNCTUALITY: “I have 11 points in Dance. I went for the high score.”

IMSA taught me about EXPRESSING MYSELF: “Synthesis! Quantitative, textual, and visual data!”

IMSA taught me about FAITH: “Oh, dear God, please let me sleep.”

IMSA taught me about ENVY: “Why are those birds so happy to be awake at 4 in the morning?!”

IMSA taught me about HUMILITY: “How the heck do we do this lab?”

IMSA taught me about COMMITMENT: “Tonight, we’re going to play League until we win a game.”

IMSA taught me about SELF-REFLECTION: “I probably should have studied for that test…”

IMSA taught me about DECISIVENESS: “GG MVC. I’m going to bed.”

IMSA taught me about HARD WORK: “If I get an A on this paper, I can tank the B on the rest of them.”

IMSA taught me about PROJECTILE PHYSICS: “Do you think I can hit that square of cardboard over there with my fork?”

IMSA taught me about MISNOMERS: “I don’t think I’ve learned a single thing about Moving or Learning this semester.”

IMSA taught me about PEER PRESSURE: “Joe took his shirt off. I am also going to take my shirt off.”

IMSA taught me about STAMINA: “I’ll take a 5-hour energy at 1, and another at 6.”

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  1. I’m hopefully a sophomore in class of 2026. This has really helped with the nerves of being so far from home as I’m from the Quincy area. I hope that I am accepted into IMSA and that I can have as good of a time as you seemed to have.

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