Humans of IMSA: Mohamed Kady ’14

Having skipped two grades, Mohamed might be the youngest member of the Class of 2014. ‘Humans of IMSA’ was curious as to why he chose to come to IMSA. He explained that his decision was purely one of pragmatism, saying, “Well I mean, it’s a unique experience I can’t get anywhere else within a hundred miles. Sure there are other places like the IMSA…. But this is the closest one.”

Humans of IMSA - Kady '15

“Something to change about IMSA?” Mohamed wondered. After a moment, he turned to us and said thoughtfully, “I can’t think of anything… Just write something for me.” (We didn’t.)

Mohamed’s most rewarding experience has been creating a cancer poster for MCB, a project that was a culmination of several months of research. “It was pretty cool to see a topic that everyone talked about but didn’t understand,” he said. The charm of the project was that “then you can say to your friends, ‘Yo, I know what cancer is. You haven’t even begun to understand.’ …It’s pretty cool.”

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