Biggest Changes to Clash of the Halls This Year

Recently, Student Council released a large, 25-page PDF document that contains all  the rules of Clash this year.  For those who want to know how the rules of Clash differ from last year, Student Council summarized the major changes here under executive summary.  The major rule changes are summarized below:

  • New Website

ClashCentral will be a central area for students to learn about scheduling, point counts, and regulations.

  •  New Participation Rules

For each event, halls are ranked from 1-7 in total participation and each hall receives points based on their placing.  Additionally, a percentage score multiplied by the base points for the event, which changes depending on the event, is also added to the hall point score.

Additionally, if students are excused from campus during a Clash event, their absence will not count against their hall’s participation count.

New this year, students will also have their ID scanned to get their participation during events.  This should make the checking process more efficient.

  •  Viewing Events

Often in the past, students have been unable to view events because the auditorium was full.  This year, IMSA Student Productions (ISP) will stream events in an alternate location so that all students can view events live.

Good luck, IMSA students, and enjoy Clash of the Halls!


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