Clash Day 2: Riddle and Game Show!

Game 7; Source: Manya Davis

Off to a great start for Day 2 of Clash of the Halls (COTH). Beginning promptly at 8:00 AM, the first clue for the riddle was sent out to each of the halls. Students from each hall raced around campus to uncover hints that could get them closer to the answer. Today, riddle took students from IN2 to 1505 and even Spotify!

As classes wrapped up for the day, students got ready to take the main gym floor to participate in Game Show! Game Show featured seven games that aligned with the themes of each hall.

Starting the event, CAB invited one person from each hall who was very attractive down to the floor. With the use of static electricity and a little voltage, participants guided metal cans through a series of obstacles. First one to the finish line wins!

Two participants, who had to be able to get out of a tight situation together, were called down from each hall. Together, they had to crawl to the finish line in a snake formation. Get separated and they get sent back to the start. 


Game 2; Source: Manya Davis


Next, four students from each hall were invited to play a modified version of Ships and Sailors + Simon Says. The game featured poses such as “Eye,” “Eating Dinner,” and “Row the Boat.” Each pose required a different number of people. If you couldn’t make the pose in time, or forgot to listen to Simon, you were eliminated. 

Right after, participants had to trust the cards in this game of luck. One student from each hall was called to play a game of luck. In front of them were seven boxes covered with tissue paper. Only one concealed a balloon underneath. If they jumped on the balloons, they were out. 

Then, two people per hall came down to play a game of Hungry Hungry Hippo modified with people and scooters. Teams had to work together on this one to succeed. 

A game of musical chairs was next for two participants from each hall who had hobbies and interests that weren’t just their partners. 

Musical Chairs; Source: Manya Davis

And finally, two people “who have each other’s back” were called to the floor. The participants were blindfolded and tied to each other, back to back. Their job was to make their way across the gym floor to pick up two items before making their way back.



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