CLASH Day 1: Thinktank, Movie, and Drama!?

A scene from 1505's Movie! | Source: IMSA ISP

What a shocking way to end the first day of Clash! The Hall Movies had an incredible turnout, filling the auditorium with chanting and applause! The judges, Dr. Eysturlid and Mr. Kearney, added a humorous touch to the entertaining showcases! Thinktank also concluded today! 

Thinktank was an amazing CLASH kickoff event, as each hall set off to answer a slew of questions from many categories for a lot of points. From guessing Frank Ocean tunes to solving some really, REALLY hard physics problems, there were many roadblocks for the halls to secure the win! In the end, 1505 took home the dub, scoring first place! 

Every Hall’s movie was a masterpiece in its own right – 07 had masterful storytelling, 04 had masterful participation, 05 and 06 had masterful cinematography and so much more! There were some golden moments – Dr. Fogel and Dr. Trainor jumping up and down with wings on their backs, Dr. Glazer being “liberated” by 1505’s Vigilante, 03’s real talk with Dr. Bailey, and so much more! With Dr. Eysturlid making comments about the actors’ energy and Mr. Kearney getting nostalgic in front of our eyes, the Movie screening was a great way to kick off CLASH week! When it was all decided, 1506 secured first place! Here are the placements: 

7) 1504 

6) 1502

5) 1507

4) 1501

3) 1505

2) 1503

1) 1506

There was also some drama during Monday and the day before, as it seemed as though an unknown Vigilante from 1505 had been stealing small parts of other hall CLASH decorations! With Decorations being due TONIGHT at 9:30 PM, it’s only a matter of time before something exciting happens! Are the Vigilantes going to come out on top? Will they be stopped? Their last target seems to be 1503… let’s see how this turns out! The Gameshow will also be happening at 7:30! May the best hall win!

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Yash Yardi
I am the Opinions Section Editor on the Acronym! I am currently in 1505 B wing and was in 1504 last year. I have several hobbies in STEM including coding, VEX robotics, and writing for an AI Newsletter. However, the Acronym is one of my favorite clubs at IMSA for its fantastic working environment, prominence, and learning opportunities!

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