Clash of the Halls in Review, Day 1

Clash week has finally arrived. Months of preparation, days of sleepless nights, and hours of practices were all sacrifices for this week. Five days and five nights when students will give it their all to show their hall pride and win the title as “Clash Winners of 2014”. Acronym IMSA News will be covering daily reviews and winner statuses, so be sure to check them out here!

Day 1

1501’s pink diner, complete with a car, drinks, and groovy music, stole the show for hall decs.

All seven halls started strong this year, not backing down from any opportunity to gain points. More students got involved in the craziness of the week, showing off their mix-matched apparel during midday.

Hall decorations were creative and elaborate, but it was 1501’s diner-themed setting, complete with a car crafted from sofas, that stole the show. “You guys deserve first, you did a fantastic job”, says 1503 senior Karen Olowu. Judges Katie Berger, Ray Urbaniski, and Julia Husen could not agree more.

In addition, 1507 produced a mind-blowing short movie called “Transmission”, so don’t forget to check it out when they release it online. Judges were Dr. Kotlarczyk, Ms. Trackman, Mr. Bergie, Ms. Montgomery, Dr. Kiely, and IMS.

Day 1 Placings

Dress Up Day Participation: 1st (1504), 2nd (1507), 3rd (1501), 4th (1503), 5th (1506), 6th (1505), 7th (1502)

Evening Event Winners: 1st (1501), 2nd (1507), 3rd (1506), 4th (1503), 5th (1502), 6th (1505), 7th (1504)

Night Event Participation: 1st (1505), 2nd (1507), 3rd (1504), 4th (1502), 5th (1503), 6th (1506), 7th (1501)

Night Event Winners: 1st (1507), 2nd (1504), 3rd (1505), 4th (1506), 5th (1503), 6th (1502), 7th (1501)

IMSA students don their mismatching best for “clash” dress-up day. (L-R) Juniors Rhea Harsoor, Ashley Kim, Nida Normantaite, JJ Garcia, Vivian Liu, Haneesha Paruchuri

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