Humans of IMSA: Marissa Brock ’15 and Becca Geiger ’15

The Acronym ran into juniors Rebecca ‘Becca’ Geiger and Marissa Brock who were up in the library working together on one of IMSA’s notorious problem sets. They happily complied with a quick Q&A for ‘Humans of IMSA’ chock full of laughter and sassy remarks and a side of insightful comments.

Humans of IMSA -- Becca and Marissa

Becca and Marissa smile, perhaps excited to take a break from their problem sets.

What motivated you to come to IMSA?

Becca: I knew a lot of people had fun with Clash. I watched a lot of videos of people during Clash and realized ‘Oh my gosh, that’s a lot of fun.’ I wanted to be a part of it. But the real reason? I wanted to be challenged.

Marissa: I wanted to work with a group of motivated and intellectual people. To be surrounded [by] serious students. Isn’t that beautiful?

Becca: Yes.

Is there anything that surprised you? Something you didn’t expect?

Becca: I thought IMSA would be a place that embraced learning. Learning. It wouldn’t be focused on grades… But that was wrong.

Marissa: That’s a societal problem though.

Becca: But IMSA is influenced by it.

Marissa: IMSA’s not impervious to society.

Becca (L) and Marissa (R) mull over notes from their 'Humans of IMSA' meeting.

Becca (L) and Marissa (R) mull over notes from their ‘Humans of IMSA’ meeting.

Hm, on a brighter note, what has been the most rewarding experience you have had since coming to IMSA?

Becca: Getting to know Marissa Brock. (laugh)

Marissa: Mine would definitely be [getting to know] the teachers… because they genuinely care about teaching. They actually care about their students and how they are doing.

Becca: The friendships I have built here. I love my friends.

Completed in collaboration with the Student Committee for IMSA Advancement (SCIA).

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With a penchant for satire and multimedia integration, Stephanie Wang is grounded in cross-campus news and commentary, having introduced the latter in her stint as an IMSA News Section Editor. She looks forward to the day that the Acronym becomes the “Academy’s Choice Reading: One Independent Newspaper for You and Me” -- she winks in your general direction. Find her trudging and swimming around campus or contact her at:

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