The Best of Homecoming

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Homecoming is fast approaching, and the excitement is increasing! Saturday, September 30: a night of dancing, talking, and overall fun for students of all ages. No matter who you are, homecoming is a night where you can make great memories.

However, with a new homecoming season comes new pressure about making plans for the big night. But don’t stress! Whether it’s asking a special someone to be your date, figuring out plans for before the dance, or just trying to have a fun time, we’ve got you covered.

If you choose to ask someone to homecoming, whether it be a friend, crush, or significant other, consider “pre-asking”. This could be as simple as asking them if they want to go to the dance with you in passing or shooting them a message. If you ask them in advance, you won’t waste time creating an elaborate ask for someone who might reject your gesture.

During the “pre-ask” period, don’t be disappointed if the person says no. They might have plans to go with their friends, or they might be ditching the dance entirely. If they say yes, then begin planning a more elaborate and exciting ask! Playing off of someone’s interests can be beneficial. Whether they play a sport or love a certain food, there’s a way to incorporate their likes into any ask. Popular asks in the past have been scavenger hunts, volleyball puns, spelling out “HC” in chess pieces, or even serenading someone outside their dorm window! Choose something that you’re comfortable with and something that the other person will enjoy.


Okay, so by now you’ve asked someone or figured out your homecoming group. Before dance night rolls around, you have to make plans about dinner and pictures! Homecoming at public school isn’t entirely different from IMSA’s; however, at IMSA we don’t have too many picturesque locations or cars to drive to restaurants. If you plan to eat out before the dance, you have to arrange that with an RC far in advance, or you have to sign up for a shuttle. If all else fails, ordering food and walking trips are always an option for Sodexo haters. And as for pictures, ISP has a set-up before and during the dance for you and all your friends to get high-quality photos and remember the night. Most people also choose to take their own pictures before the dance while the sun is still out. The 05 slabs tend to be a common spot for people to congregate. 

The easiest way to have fun at homecoming is to not stress about it. IMSA’s lovely Campus Activity Board and Student Council organize this event as a means of stress relief and fun for the entire campus, so just go out, dance, take pictures, and forget your worries. It’s only one night of your life, after all.


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