Simple, School Appropriate Halloween Costumes

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With October finally upon us and with it, extended weekend, it’s a good idea to start thinking about Halloween costume ideas. As Halloween is on a Tuesday this year, we will all have to deal with being at school on the 31st. I know a lot of people are upset because this means they can’t go home and trick-or-treat (we’re still kids here, come on!) or at least dress up with friends and eat candy from the bowl as you’re waiting for trick-or-treaters to stop by. However, this doesn’t mean you have to drown all of your sorrows in on-sale “Day After Halloween” candy…because you can still dress up during the school day!

To make things easier, I have compiled a list of easy Halloween costumes (dress code abiding, of course) so that you don’t have to worry about coming up with costume ideas.

Rosie The Riveter, “We Can Do It!”

We’ve all seen the “We Can Do It” poster at least once in a history class (if not, just google it), and it is not only an empowering statement for women, but it can also make a really simple, yet recognizable Halloween costume. Simply grab a denim shirt (it’s short sleeve but even denim jackets will work), a red bandana, and some jeans and you’re set. Bonus points if you put your hair up in a low bun, and don’t forget to flex those biceps!

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Creepy Twins from The Shining

If you haven’t read the book or seen the movie, it’s a must for horror lovers, especially around Halloween time. All you need to pull off this one is a light blue dress, a white ribbon to tie around your waist, and a friend. Dress the same, act the same, and stand and stare at people from across the hallway…perfect way to have a creepy costume without the gore or the money.

A Garden Gnome

Every year I see at least one baby dressed up as a little gnome, and it always brings a smile to my face. These costumes are super cute and easy and will work for anyone. For guys, all you need is a pair of dark pants, dark boots, a blue shirt, and a red hat (preferably pointed, but anything will work). Having a white beard finishes the look, but this is completely optional; not all gnomes can grow facial hair. For girls, any dress and a pointed red cap will work great. Long white socks and black shoes add to the look, and a cute prop like a watering can or a flower to carry around is a great way finish it off.

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From the 70’s

One of the easiest but most customizable costumes is the hippie costume. Tie-dye and flowers everywhere and you’re good to go; sunglasses, peace signs, and anything baggie can bring this outfit to life! The best part about this idea is that you could find everything in your closet (or your roommate’s, if you don’t happen to own any tie-dye). Although going shirtless may feel like it would complete the outfit, you’ll have to wear a shirt if you want to stay school appropriate. 

Boo From Monsters Inc.

The easiest – but cutest – costume on this list has to be a Disney character. All you need is a big pink t-shirt, purple leggings, and white shoes to pull off this adorable look. Don’t forget to put your hair in pigtails and smile lots to make the look convincing!

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Charlie Brown and Friends

Whether you’re reading through the Sunday comics or watching TV around the holidays, Charlie Brown is a well-known character wherever you go. It also happens to be one of the most fun and recognizable costumes you could wear. You can put on a yellow shirt (tip: cut out a zig-zag black stipe from paper and tape it to the front of the shirt) and black shorts to become Charlie Brown, or wear a red shirt, black shorts, and carry around a blue blanket to imitate Linus. It’s even more fun to dress up with a group of friends and take a picture as all the characters from Charlie Brown.

Dora the Explorer

Quick, easy, and sure to get a lot of laughs from your friends, Dora is always a good choice to go with. A pink shirt and orange shorts will do for the outfit, and a backpack with a map on the side completes the look. Yellow socks and white shoes are optional, but they give the look the finishing touches. Just remember to watch out for foxes!

Although there are many more great Halloween costume ideas, these are some quick and easy, school-appropriate costumes to hopefully give you inspiration on what you want to dress up for this October 31st. Don’t be afraid to be creative and even if your friends aren’t dressing up (they’re lame then, anyways), to have fun and enjoy the day. And don’t forget that IMSA is having a costume contest! Happy October, everyone. 

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