A Receptionist’s Dream Come True

Rosemary as she receives a card at the presentation of her check for a trip to Florida. Source: Aurora Harkleroad.

On December 6th, a GoFundMe began to send Rosemary Forni to Florida after an article featuring her life story was published in the Humans of IMSA column of The Acronym. In less than a day, the goal of $3,000 was met…and exceeded. Today, over $5,500 has been put into the GoFundMe. On December 18th, there was a presentation of a check to Rosemary, along with multiple offers to help her plan her trip to Florida. Timothy Meyer presented the check and commented, “The only thing warmer than Rosemary’s heart is the shores of Florida.” Multiple alumni and previous staff made up a majority of the donations. Chris Hage, creator of the GoFundMe and IMSA alumnus, explains:

“The success of the [GoFundMe] effort is all due to the warm feelings everyone who attended IMSA has for Rosemary.

She was genuinely nice to everyone who came through the door.  She remembered names and she beamed kindness. Perhaps that consistency and sincerity was particularly welcome to tired and moody teenagers separated from their families.

I think it’s nice that her good nature and kindness are getting rewarded with a nice trip.”

Alumni come to present the check to Rosemary Forni. Source: Aurora Harkleroad


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Aurora Harkleroad lives in 1501 and hails from Rockford. She is the Director of Humans of IMSA on the Acronym and writes comics in her free time.

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