A Homecoming Ask How-To

With homecoming week right around the corner, your head is likely swamped with questions about the upcoming week. Am I going to the dance? (Yes, you should.) What am I wearing for the dress up days? Do I know our drill? But most importantly: how am I going to ask my date to homecoming? Here’s a step-by-step guide to the perfect homecoming ask!

  1. Think of something they like! Your homecoming ask should be relevant to something they like, for quite obvious reasons. For the sake of an example, we’ll say that I’m asking someone who really likes cats (both the animal and perhaps the musical, for whatever reason).
  2. Make the poster. Now that you have something to base your ask around, make the poster! The poster is an essential part to every homecoming ask. Without it, what else would you hold in the photo? Try to make it some sort of cute pun about the theme of the ask.
  3. Plan a small “moment” around it. You can’t just give them a poster and expect it to be all hunky-dory. You’ve got to go one step further! Make it exciting! Do something related to the poster, of course, whether it be performing a song on your brand new ukulele or baking them a cake! In this example, because the person being asked is so fond of cats, we’ll bring cats to IMSA (which is against the rules and not advised), which will surely bring a smile to their face! You also have to set a time and place, and get them there somehow. This is a tough step; you’ve got to coordinate with their roommate or their friends so that they don’t know they’re going to be asked. Message their friend to set up a time and place to bring the person you’re going to ask, and stick to that time!
  4. Ask away! Best of luck!

    The homecoming dance is September 29th from 8:30PM – 11:00 PM in the Old Caf. See you there!

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Derek Ronske
Derek is a senior living in 1501 D wing. He loves The Sims, chicken tenders, and all of his friends. You can most likely find him standing on his desk and yelling at his Amazon Echo to play Madonna.

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  1. amazing. derek. i would like to ask-cronym you to go to hoco with me.

    If you say yes i promise i will be the WRITE (get it beause it’s an acronym) person for you!
    Really good
    The best

  2. this worked great! thanks derek

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