How to IMSA: Food

Unfortunately, Sodexo is not so scenic. - Source: Pixabay

It’s that time of the year where many sophomores start getting bored with Sodexo. But never fear! We’ve got plenty of tips to help you get through the next two and a half years.

Spice Up Sodexo

Without going too far from home, we’ll start with how you can mix Sodexo up. Use these Sodexo hacks or invent your own.

  • Mix Powerade and Sprite. Mixing drinks can be a dangerous game, but it can actually be really good if done right.
  • Create your own mac and cheese. Get plain pasta from the main line, then mix in milk and cheese. Heat up in the microwave and you’re done!
  • Create new sauces. Try your french fries with a different combination of sauces every time. Some aren’t going to taste all that great, but you’re bound to find a few gems.

Outside of Sodexo

  • Go to Woodman’s. Take a trip to Woodman’s one night and scavenge for cheap food. If you have a recipe in mind that you can do with the microwave or a toaster oven, hunt down all the ingredients. Don’t forget to browse through the clearance section, which is found to the right of the entrance.
  • Get creative with the microwave. Whether it’s no-bake muffins or scrambled eggs, there are a lot more uses to the microwave than you’ve probably imagined. You can find plenty of microwave recipes online.
  • Order food. When you’re willing to splurge, gather some friends together and order pizza or some other takeout. It’s really easy. Just go to the RC office and ask if you can order. You’ll sign a logbook and then you’ll have to wait in the hall commons until your food comes. After that, you’re free to take it anywhere to enjoy.
  • Bring food from home. After an extended or a weekend at home, bring easy-to-store food from home that you can take out whenever you need. It’s good and free.

While food at IMSA can get boring, it only takes a little effort to fix that. With these tips, we hope we’ve helped you find ways to make every meal more interesting.

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Mara Adams
Hailing from Peoria, Illinois, Mara Adams is a senior at IMSA, currently residing in 03A. This year, she's the Managing Editor of the Acronym, but more importantly, she has recently discovered her love for Twix.

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