The Best Places to Nap on IMSA’s Campus

An IMSA student takes a nice, restful sleep.

After three years of IMSA, I’ve taken my fair share of naps during my free mods (and sometimes even during my classes!). Throughout my experiences, I’ve kept track of the absolute best places to take a nap. Some people might say that it’s 1508, and some others might even suggest going back to your dorm room to sleep in your comfy bed. However, they’re all wrong. Here is the definitive list of the best places to recover from your third all-nighter in a row.

1. On the staircase

Save your friends from exhaustion. If they can’t get past you, they can’t get to class.

2. Inside of the family bathroom

This one is prime for ditching class. No one will find you here as long as you remember to flip the sign to occupied.

3. Inside of a trash can

Pitch. Black. Relaxation.

4. Inside of Dr. Eysturlid’s Office

He might remember it at Ethics, but it’s worth the rest.

5. In CompuSci

All of the code takes forever to run, and you’re probably exhausted from the all-nighter you pulled to debug your still broken code.

6. Right outside of the attendance office

Hiding in plain sight. You can’t get attendance points when you ditch class to nap if Ms. Bazan can’t find you.

7. In the fitness center

Working out is exhausting, and the benches are pretty comfy… Plus! No one will ever expect to find you there.

8. On the 04 basketball court

Even better if there’s a game happening. The soft sound of the ball hitting the concrete will put you right to sleep.

Happy sleeping, and remember to get nine hours of sleep each night!

I’d like to extend a thank you to Ajay Jayaramnan (‘20) for helping compile this list and for “napping” in each spot.

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Shubhi Verma
Shubha "Shubhi" Verma is from a small village called Forsyth, Illinois, but at IMSA she lives in 02b downquad with her favorite people. She's thrilled to be serving as Co Editor-in-Chief this year for the Acronym, and she looks forward to spending even more time procrastinating homework by working on this. Outside of this Wordpress, she's a part of BELLAs, LEAD, Science Olympiad, Senior Class Club, and SIR, so you'll be able to find her trudging underneath her 50lb backpack a lot. Ask her about the Acronym if you want her to launch into a 2 hour speech about why you should join and why it's the absolute best organization on campus.

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  1. Patrick Larrabee | October 15, 2020 at 1:07 pm | Reply

    This is hysterical! I have laughed for 10 minutes straight.

    They say “a picture is worth a 1000 Words”. Those 8 shots and accompanying captions are worth a Million! My kid graduated in 2014 and I am sum certain there are many, many more around campus, including sporting events. Come to think of it, it is probably harder to find a place that some student over the past 34 years hasn’t slept.

    One question remains: Where do the staff and teachers sleep?

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