The 2019 Senior Edition – Part 2

Designed by Erika Ezife '19

Here’s the second installment of Class of 2019’s Senior Wills (first names K-Z). Enjoy! <3

Kaleigh O’Brien
Kanika Leang
Katie Lu
Katie Si
Kaushal Gumpula
Kevin Mikos
Kristin Wolford
Lazaro Esquivel
Leon Li
Lily Pan
Louise Lima
Luke Knutson
Matt Selvaraj
Matthew Feinberg
Meghan Hendrix
Michelle Sia
Mihika Rajvanshi
Miriam Franks
Miron Liu
Nallely Ramirez
Nathan Lee
Nayonika Roy
Neil John
Noah Krouse
Nolan Polly
Olivia Shi
Prachi Patil
Priyanka Sarangabany
Red Maier
Renzo Ledesma
Scott Du
Shaun Bhurgri
Shubhi Verma
Shvetali Thatte
Sohil Reddy
Sol Hwangbo
Suchet Kumar
Suhitha Irukulla
Suraj Sunkara
Tanmayee Vegesna
Teja Guntupalli
Thomas Jacobs
Thomas Neidlein
Tony Un
Trisha Sudhakar
Urvi Awasthi
Vinay Tummarakota

First names A-J found here.

Kaleigh O’Brien

To Allia Lin and Makayla Szendial, my two cuties of the wing, I will you the ability to SSS as hard as you can. You all put in too much work into everything you do to not take a break every once in a while. If you all ever need to rant, you know how to contact me

To Allia Lin (again hehe), I will you the ability to deal with Kevin Broy and everyone else that you find annoying. You are so strong, and so capable, and I wish you nothing but the absolute best the world has to offer.

To Sam Hall, Courtney Cagnalotti, and Jiliann Padilla, I will you wacky times and a great friendship. You all deserve the best, and I can only hope that you will help each other get there. Stay strong, stay weird, and stay wild my wacky sophs

To Max Hellrung, I will you an excellent year as CD and all the inspiration for bulletin boards that you could ask for. You’re the future of 01 and I know that you’re going to make it another great year for everyone! Call if you need anything <3

To Sam Lazcano, I will you the best of luck for MA. I don’t know what you’ll be doing, but whatever it is, I’m sure you will make it amazing. I’m counting on you to help out Max and to make the hall the best it can possibly be. Your trademark smile and positivity is something everybody needs to see

To Rachel Tin and Jaden Turner, I will you a Mandarin table that has as much fun as we did, and one that will support you in all of your cute endeavors. Both of you are such strong, independent women, and I can’t wait to see you take on junior year. Don’t worry, you’ll hang in there <3

To Liza Kuzmina, my baby, my child, I wish you the best of luck in your quad next year. You deserve all the love, hugs, and affection that the world can offer. Remember that even though applying to college is hard, it’s by no means impossible and you can count on me to call you and check in every step of the way. You won’t be alone.

To all of my future 01er’s, I will you a Clash season as festive and exciting as this one was. You all worked so hard this year, and I KNOW you will all do better next year!! Y-O-1-O!!!

To Emma Darbo, my running queen, fit goddess, and life inspiration, I will you someone who will inspire you to run, someone who will inspire you to be 2% spaghet, 0% regret. You are a queen, and you are worth so much to everyone!! Never let anyone tell you otherwise! If you ever need anything, anything at all, I’m only a message away. You’re gonna completely conquer junior year <3

To Eliza Apalavoloaiei, I will you a senior year experience that doesn’t involve yearbook in the slightest ;)) good luck girl

To Dana Stanecki, my favorite lead, I wish you an excellent CD experience! I’ve never met anyone as sweet or as overqualified for that position! Good luck senior year <3


Kanika Leang

To Cait Castillo, I will you Andrew Adams’s (‘16) clipboard that’s been handed down the past three years and with it a phrase of encouragement that I find undoubtedly applicable to you: “You are in an unprecedented position to make a real change on campus – to unify it, to reinvigorate it, to let people care. You’ll never do the things you can – the things that I expect of you – without being uncommonly organized.” For your senior year, I hope this clipboard becomes a symbol of my faith in you and your ability to make the most of your time at IMSA. You’re uplifting and kind-hearted and I have confidence that you will do amazing things. You have an undeniable talent of making the people around you happy. So remember that your potential comes from you, and not any grade, test score, or college. I also will you the MOST fun CAB family to meet with and support and love.

To Eugene Lim, I will confidence to get through junior year. You’re more capable than you think and have somehow managed to befriend the entire senior class. I encourage you to take a stepback and evaluate your time at IMSA and what you truly want to gain from your time here. There is a lot to learn at IMSA, but the most valuable is what you’ll learn about yourself. Join clubs because you love them! Take it easy, take care of yourself. Junior year will only get to you if you let it. Good luck, buddy :)


Katie Lu

To Tay and Torin, I will you an awesome SCS team and smooth sailing for next year. Go get those 40 extra service hours, and I hope plenty of people will appreciate what you do for IMSA!

To Jiyoon, I will you the leadership of Girls Who Code. With your competent leadership and bright personality, I know you’ll do great in showing the new sophomores and everyone else the joy in computer science!

To my CLiP underclassmen, Nathan, Lily, Stella, Heldanna, Jiyoon, and all the others, I will you future NACLO invitationals, best of luck on getting selected for the IOL, and lots of fun problem solving to come. Thanks to all of you for exploring the weird and wonderful secrets of language with me.

To Sydney, Grace, Tay, Nathan, and all my Modphys juniors, I will you success in all your future academic endeavors and fun classes to throw yourselves into wholeheartedly. You survived Dongphys junior year you crazy kids, you can do anything now!

To Andrew, I will you amazing Model UN conferences, full nights of sleep, and the cryfest tradition. I know you’re going to go far, but don’t forget to stop and enjoy yourself along the way!

To Sydney, I will you success in your SIR and the mettle to finish out another year in French 5. Have an awesome senior year and good luck with your Chinese if you decide to keep going!

To Grace, I will you a relaxing SSS, lots of food, and the freedom to express yourself without having to hold yourself back. I’d will you the motivation to finish your college apps well ahead of time, but I think you have that covered, you overachiever. Your motivation and drive will take you far!

To Sravani, I will you the energy to conquer senior year, enough cute art to fill your wall completely, and plenty of kpop and dancing. Have a wonderful SSS and go be that cool senior to all your new underclassmen next year!

To Athena, I will you community, always enough storage for your photos ((blackmail)), a low-stress college applications process, Osu high scores, and many many eggs to come. You’ve evolved from a smol egg to an amazing friend, and now you’re ready to hatch. I know you’ll be a great senior next year to the new sophomores and help make a community as close as the one I’ve had in 06C all three years. Feed your new underclassmen when I’m gone!

To the rest of my C wing juniors, Arohi, Ishani, Vaishnavi, Lily, Yatri, Sabrina, and Annie, I will you a fun senior year and great underclassmen, no matter where you go. Thanks for making C wing such a great community this year!

To my 06C sophs, Elasia, Kristina, Manasvi, Shivani, Julia, Mariam, Utsa, and Vivian, I will you community, fun wing commons chats, and an amazing new batch of sophomores to guide into IMSA life (as well as lots of novels for those of you who read them ;D). Thank you for so many fun moments this semester (and more I hope to come) and helping to make C wing feel like home! Don’t forget to use some of your time to do your homework, but never let the junior year crunch extinguish your spark.

To all future 06C wing residents, I will you Dolores Eggthulhu. She was made with love, and I hope she will be a symbol of wing unity (and eggs) for years to come. Treat her with care!


Katie Si

To Pratibha Bhalla, I will you an underclassman that will be as hilarious and patient as you are. I’ve never met someone so down-to-earth and modest as you. You are so talented and competent and I’m so glad that I was able to have you as my co-Wing Guide. I’ll never forget the memories that we made during early move in and all the last-minute bulletin board and wing event planning that we experienced together. I wish you an amazing senior year. Don’t be afraid to ask me for any help or text me to catch up:)

To Winny Liu, I will you another late-night ramen buddy who will always brighten up your day just by seeing them. I hope that senior year brings you less stress and many more delicious packs of ramen to go through.

To Janna Jann, I will you an underclassman that will radiate as much energy as you. I hope that you never lose your amazing sense of humor or your ability to make others smile. You are so kind and hard-working and I’m so excited to see all the things you will accomplish.

To Pratibha, Saisu, Janna, Maia, Doreen, and Breanna, I will you 03 A down hex. It’s hard to leave it behind, but I know you guys will take care of it. Make sure to leave great memories there. I also will you another up-hex that will never fail to make the wing laugh during check. Enjoy it and remember that no matter how far away I am, I’ll still always be here to talk.

To Maia Peregrino, I will you another sophomore that will roast you through every drill practice but will still lovingly call you their favorite senior. I also will you all the NCT that you could ever wish for along with an NCT poster of your choice. I hope that you will enjoy the next two years of IMSA and that you will remember to take care of yourself and put yourself first. If you ever need advice or anyone to talk to, just text me😊

To Breanna Yang, I will you an item of your choice from my closet. Hopefully by now, we’ve found the time for me to dress you for a week. I hope that you never lose your bright smile, your contagious laughter, or your amazing fashion sense.

To Bala Ramaraju, I will you another sleepover at my house – just like the old times. You will always have a very special place in my heart. Throughout the almost eight years that I’ve known you, you’ve really become a sister to me. You are still the effervescent and incredibly kind girl that I met in fourth grade, minus a certain weird habit you deny ever having. I hope that your senior year will be full of fun and exciting experiences. If you ever need any help or advice, or just want someone to hangout with, I’ll always make time for you.

To Sid Panda, I will you more confidence in your abilities and in yourself. I hope that you will continue doing amazing things and calling your advisor by their first name!

To Ahana and Chandra, I will you as many opportunities as you wiah to show off your beautiful voices. I am grateful that 03 talent show was lucky enough to have you two in it. I also will you more confidence in your abilities and an amazing junior and senior year. Enjoy it and feel free to hit me up for anything you need!

To Kurt Leano, I will you a junior that will ruin your life by sending random messages from your phone but will also buy you mediocre California rolls to make up for it. I also will you a movie that will make you cry, but in a good way, and maybe a Toadette to watch it with.

To 03 A Wing Underclassmen (Pratibha Bhalla, Saisu Talasu, Janna Jann, Alison Deng, Doreen Xiao, Breanna Yang, Bopo Taiwo, Neha Maddali, Ellyn Hu, Xiaofan Li, Emily Atkinson, Akanksha Garg, Vidhi Singh, Grace Yu, Melena Braggs, Maddy Stephanie, Maia Peregrino, Monika Narain), I will you an amazing residential life experience, no matter where you live. I hope that each of you finds your future wing a home away from home, just as I felt about 03 A. Wherever you live, I hope that you continue to laugh, smile, and enjoy the rest of your short time here.


Kaushal Gumpula

To Ajay Jayaraman, I will you a successful senior year without unnecessary procrastination (hopefully!) and as little college stress as possible. Make sure to hit me up whenever you come to UChicago for SIR and to keep in touch with me in general. I owe you one for the breakup letter ;). Don’t even think twice or even once about asking me for anything next year as I will be more than happy to help you out. Enjoy your senior year mang. It’ll be over faster than you think.

To Zayn Ramdass, I will you the future of Brown Velvet. Have fun choreoing next year and I don’t have a doubt in my mind that you guys will give a jaw-dropping performance (whether it is in awe or disgust). Make sure to continue the tradition long after us and to maintain the group’s reputation as a badass and legendary 1 minute performance. I hope Brown Velvet will be one of the many exciting and fun memories you will have senior year. In addition, I hope you’ll have a spot on your OWN mega bed next year :).

To Ray Shang, I will you a stress-free senior year and a fruitful time on Student Council. You are an extremely competent and all-around great guy and I am very confident you’ll be able to deal with any obstacles you encounter during your leadership next year. I don’t think I have seen someone with more focus and determination and I am excited to hear about all the amazing things you will accomplish in your future.

To Moksh Shah, I will you some less crust. I have known you for a long time now and I can confidently say you are one of the smartest and funniest people I have met. I know you will do exciting and amazing things in the future but don’t tank too hard SSS ;).

To Alex Sobczynski, I will you the future of the Lincoln-Douglas Debate team. I am very excited to hear about how successful the team is next year and I know you will do amazing as captain. I hope you end off your debate season with no regrets and enjoy it as much if not more than I did.

To Sam Lazcano and Diana Gonzalez, I will you another Akhil. Hopefully, it is the real one but I’m sure you two can find another random indian sophomore to pick on :).

To Nafay Abdul, I will you an endless number of customers that want you to cut their hair. You will forever be my barber :).


Kevin Mikos

To Micah Casey-Fusco, thank you so much for all the great times and memories you’ve shared with me, whether it be singing in Mod, playing Smash Bros, or just hanging out in the quad. I will you an honorary spot in Baby Quad and all my love and affection.

To Eliot, I will you many Google Pay stickers. Use them wisely.

To Brooke, Max, and Mod 21, thanks for all the fun songs and good times that we shared in Mod. I hope that you will continue to use your amazing talents, both in Mod next year and in the future.

To Evan Blad, thanks for being the best Spanish partner that I’ve had. I will you the ‘k’.

To Archan Das, thanks for the ‘slight’ carry in Microcontrollers, and for being a great sophomore to talk to and play Smash. I wish that your next 2 years at IMSA will be amazing.

To Thailer Lietz, I will you this really cool decklist that I found… nah, just kidding. Thanks for the good times playing Hearthstone.

To Rohan Upadhyay, thank you for the homework help and the positive vibes, and being available whenever. I will you toilet paper, whenever you may need it.


Kristin Wolford

To Liza, I will the responsibility of maintaining the existence of hand cake. Make sure all of your sophs get at least one scoop!

To Alyssa, I will wingmates who love you as much as I do, but won’t push you off the couch to show it.

To Sam H., Emma D., and Grace K., I will another amazing swim season full of excitement (and URGENCY!) with our queen ;)

To Eugene, I will really cool sophs who will invite you to eat ramen together and do not put their phones in the microwave.

To Clara, I would will biggest stinky head award, but you already have it so I have nothing else for you.

To Linda, I will many good Depop finds at low cost with free shipping

To Tay Mitchell, I will my chaos garbage room, that one flannel, and a relaxed senior year! Keep dancing and having fun, live your best life bro!

To Em Gonda, I will the entirety of the Russian language, and one full day without a bruh moment. You are Бог. I love you with all of my heart and I am so glad that you are my upquad counterpart!

To all future 01C members, I will my home for the past 3 years, and all of the amazing memories and friendships I made here, and I hope you can make many of your own as well.


Lazaro Esquivel

To the rising juniors and seniors of 1505 B-wing, I will you all a great rest of your IMSA careers. For those of you moving elsewhere, I hope your new homes suit you well. To those remaining in the best hall on campus, carry on your hall pride, keep it classy, and take another win at COTH next year!

To Sreyansh Mamidi, in particular, I will you a peaceful junior year.

To Allia Lin, I will you an amazing senior year. Keep putting yourself out there and make the most of everything you do. Always remember that you’re bright, kind, and intelligent.

To Natasha Rossi, I will you a particularly smooth college application process, a great senior year, and hope you find your confidence so that you can gleam like the star that you are! Keep your head held high and kill it next year.

To Diana Gonzalez, I will you the bestest, most smoothest, and funnest of senior years. I hope you have all the time in the world to make the most of your time here with your friends, and that you get to accomplish all of the things you wanna do! I also will you an amazing and injury-free XC and track season. Remember that you’re always lookin’ cute, and that you always make the people around you happy. Bless the China trip for bringing us together, this year wouldn’t have been at all the same without you! You make my life brighter with your contagious optimism and positivity. Keep being the ray of sunshine that you are! Annatagadekirudattebayo!

To Samantha Lazcano, I will you the most spectacular senior year and great success as the MA of 1501!!! You’re so very talented and I know that you will do an exceptional job at running things next year. If you do PROMISE again, take care of the kiddos, and say hi to the ones coming next year! Never forget that you’re beautiful, kind, and so capable, not to mention a great dance partner! I’m glad we had China to only strengthen our friendship. You’re such a fun and radiant personality, and I look forward to hearing about everything you accomplish next year. Keep doin’ what you’re doin’, dab on the haters, and have the best senior year.


Leon Li

To Ajay. I will you 18 cowboys.

To Max, I will you my Pinkerton vinyl, because he’ll appreciate it more than I do.

To Janna, I will you someone who can pronounce your name correctly

To Ian,  I will you juniors that will carry you through your math classes.

To Hasan, I will you the ability to make the sexiest mural IMSA has ever seen.

To Kurt, I will you more sleepovers in 04D.


Lily Pan

To the future 03A downquad (Pratibha, Saisu, Janna, Maia), I will you guys a joyous and as stress-free as possible junior and senior year full of laughs and good memories. Janna, I want to thank you again for when you photoshopped my face onto that toe. I will always cherish it. Saisu, I hope you get lots of money for food and thanks for being the best co-pilot of a cardboard airplane anyone could ever ask for. Maia, thanks for helping me embrace my bangs and inspiring me to get them in the first place. Keep dancing and slaying like the queen you are. Pratibha, you are one of the nicest people I’ve ever met and I swear you do not have a bad bone in your body, always stay that way. 03A is so lucky to have you guys.

To Ethan Tse, I will you all my scioly stuff. With it, you better go to nats next year or I’ll be disappointed. I hope you find a partner as hard-working and perfect as me, but I know it’ll be impossible. I’m still mad at you for making me run to that test at regionals, but i guess you were an okay partner overall. You were also not the worst person to sit next to on the bus back from state, thanks for letting me use you as a wall. Keep scioly fun and Ich hoffe, dass du nächsten Jahren bessere Deutsch sprechen werde.

To Chris Teng and Jason Liu, I will you each a pair leggings. I hope you two will be the trendsetters who will, one day, encourage all men to wear leggings in public with comfort and confidence. Thanks for making my last year on scioly fun and unforgettable. I hope you guys have even more fun next year.

To Nafay, I will you another person to watch over you by buying you snacks from the vending machine and waiting in line with you for friday fest. I hope you have the confidence to sing more and open your own chiropractic practice one day. Miss talking to you during my free mods 1st semester. Have the best senior year.

To Thailer Lietz, I will you our sir project. I’m glad you decided to stay at IMSA because I know you will accomplish more with our project than we ever could. You better discover a new particle by the time you graduate or i’ll be disappointed XD. Oh and I also hope you get a new laptop.


Louise Lima

To Tatiana, I will you the bestest friend and little sib (even though you don’t do the sib program) anyone could ask for. Even though our lives are crazy and we didn’t hangout much outside of robotics, you really are like a sister to me. I always enjoy our 3am comp nights, hearing about all your drama, our gossip sessions in Spanish, in the lab, or anywhere really, and I know I can trust you with anything. Thank you for all the great times and amazing memories, you don’t know how much I will miss you next year! I love you so much. <3 That’s my captain!! Keep being your amazing self and keep in touch!!!

To Tatiana, Alana, and Wyatt, I will you the pit. To Tatiana and Wyatt, have fun on the drives down to load-ins. I actually surprisingly enjoyed being squished in the middle of the truck for hours because it brought me closer to all of you. Getting to drive down early with you guys was always so much fun and definitely one of my favorite parts of competition. Teach your chosen sophs and juniors how to assemble the pit next year well, so the pit doesn’t crash down on your heads lmao. To Tatiana and Alana, I will you as few mech problems next year as we had this year so you can just chill in pit all day lol. Have fun heading pit, talking to all the judges and teams, and using motors as hand warmers. Good luck next year! <3

To Jojo, I will you the special allen key. It was passed down to me last year by Fred and now I am entrusting it to you for the coming year to continue passing it down. I really enjoyed working with you and getting to know you throughout build season and in pit. I am amazed by how much you have learned and grown these past two years. I have no doubt you will do great things as long as you keep working towards your goals. Good luck next year, I hope you have a great season! Keep in touch!

To Alana, I will you chain. As a sophomore coming in with no previous robotics knowledge two years ago, I was beyond happy when Yugan, my senior, took time to teach me chain and it became my baby for the next two years. It is now time for me to pass it on to you. I know you’re a lot more experienced than I was, but I hope you appreciate and cherish chain as much as I did for the next two years and I hope you find an amazing sophomore to teach it to when you’re a senior to continue passing it down.

To Gowri, I will you the police. Watch your back! They’re still going to come for you even though I won’t be there to warn you. I will you a friend who will never fail to make you laugh. Who you can pass by in the hallway and just give each other a look or say one word and you know what you’re both thinking. Thanks for always making my days brighter! I’m going to miss you so much!! Keep in touch<3

To Vasu, I will you an underclassmen who will make themselves your new roommate. I am so glad you decided to take over our room and spend more hours in there than I did because I really enjoyed getting closer to you. Whether we were talking about life or MAD there was never a dull moment. I really wanted to become better friends with you this year, and I’m so glad this brought you to become one of my best friends. Take it easy next year. Don’t overwork yourself, don’t overstress about college, and don’t compare yourselves to others because you are the best. I love you so much! Enjoy your senior year and have fun because you deserve it<3

To Milica, I will you the best hugs. No matter how my day was going your hugs never failed to brighten my day and make me feel better. Thank you for always being there for me and for coming to party and hangout in our quad. I love you and I’m going to miss you so much next year<3

To Isha and Lalana, I will you the best sophomores that will help carry the volleyball team to IMSA’s most amazing season in 10 years. I had so much fun getting to know you two on and off the court. I know the season was a while ago, but it really was a great start to my senior year and I hope it was an unforgettable season to kick off your IMSA experience. Good luck next year, I wish you all the best!<3

To Abigail Light, I will you all the physics and OOP knowledge in the world (I don’t have it all to will, but I’ve given you what I know lol). I hope you understood all those classes well by the end and that you continue passing that knowledge down to those that come to you for help. Let me know when you’ve watched the new season of PLL, keep in touch!

To Wyatt, I will you the best hardware specialist buddy. Whether we were sitting on tables waiting for those 50 min design sprints to be over, winging those hardware presentations we didn’t know we had to present until 10 min earlier, driving for hours to pit, or just hanging out in the lab for hours on end, you never failed to make that time fun. I really enjoyed talking to you more and getting to know you better this year. Keep in touch! Good luck next year and teach those sophomores well!


Luke Knutson

To Michael McKelvie, I will you the Beta room for your future use in software development, along with my hispanic meritship scholar certificate. May the future hold someone else who can talk to you about which movies are overrated.

To Freddie Taylor, I will you an acceptance into Yale University.

To Zoe Berthold, I will you a group of people who will continue to watch anime with you after The Dinner Club has left. I also will you my motivation to do level 3s on compusci assignments.

To the future EnACT team (Liza Kuzmina and Ethan Tse) I will you EnACT, the “fun” elective that I hope you guys can shape into the “fun + hardworking” elective. Specifically to Liza, I will you a co that will also share maté with their students.

To the future coordinators (Alyssa Daniels and Frances Balto) I will you hope for LEAD’s future. From what I saw you two are the most committed and hardworking people we could have asked for.

To Samuel Schennum, I will you the future of Game Team. You have to be the most talented high school game developer I have ever seen.

To Jonathan Gao, I will you two clash wins in the future. I was amazed by what I saw when working with you, and I can’t wait to see what you do next.

To Nishant Bhamidipati, I will you a well-behaved B-wing that won’t talk over you during 10-check announcements.

To Jay Ganesan, I will you another downquad that will open its doors to you after ten check.

To Mark, I will you a clone of Nicholas Ramos so you can continue to share your love for China even though he’s going off to Tsinghua.

To Nate Tamez, I will you enough pizza so that you will never have to cop off someone else ever again.

To Vas Ramesh, I will you a twin brother that doesn’t get as many violations.

To Ash Ramesh, I will you an unlimited Get-Out-Of-In-Rooms Free Pass.

To 04 B-Up (Wyatt Funkhouser, Johnny Yelenick, Isaiah Bridges, Grant Fiedler), I will you infinitely many amazing Avalon games, now without someone who always gets Loyal Servant and can’t be evil 😊

To Peter Baffoe, I will you a Common App that will allow you to put more than 10 extracurriculars down. I have no idea how you work as hard as you do but if you keep it up I don’t know how any colleges could deny you.

To WonJun Park, I will you another PS4 to play Sekiro on when I’m gone.

To Daniel Lee, I will you my love for Kurt Vonnegut

To James Guo, I will you all the chicken in the B-Wing freezer.

To Tyree Scripts, I will you a passion for CS and basketball, and a role in my next movie.


Matt Selvaraj

To Raja Choi and Ethan Tse, My generals, I will you the best of luck in your military pursuits. God bless America.

To Sid Panda, I will you the dedication to go to the gym everyday. I will you the confidence to believe in yourself. I will you the power to remember to have fun even when the going gets tough. Also, I will you my place on Brown Velvet.

To Ajay Jayaraman, I will you an ever-increasing fashion sense. Also, I will you the ability to come in clutch. Remember that it’s not terrible to not do your work until the last second as long as you make the last second count.

To Jay Ganesan, I will you the confidence to be assertive and decisive. It’s ok to be careful and calculated, but keep in mind that sometimes you need to take a leap of faith.

To Saisu Talusu, I will you a good future in the clash of clans industry. Also, you better not be going to any boys residencies. Also, shut up.

To Janna Jann, as head of the household, I will you our Peppa family.

To Grant Fiedler, I will you the power to keep B wing alive. Keep playing games.

To Moksh and Ishan, I will you guys the ability to get better at Smash. One day I know you guys will be good enough to beat me.

To Tyree Spears, I will you my love for Patankar. I hope that you take many more CS courses with him. If you didn’t already sign up for them, make sure you add/drop to get more Pat classes in the Fall.


Matthew Feinberg

To Micah, I will you the best senior year you could possibly have. You have no idea how much impact you’ve had on my senior year, and I can only hope that you carry that on with you in 04 and give yourself the best final year possible. I know you’ll do it. (and I’ll come visit, just to be sure). Also, kick some butt in osu! and smash and hearthstone <3

To Eliot, I will you the best 07 experience you can have. It’s up to your quad to define 07 next year, and I know you guys can do great things.

To TJ, I will you an awesome year as 07 CD. You have the potential to continue to make 07 great. You got this.

To Moses and JoJo, I will you both success in whatever you do in the future. During the time you guys lived in 07, we shared a lot of awesome memories. You guys will kill it senior year.

To Cait, Grace, and Ayan, I will you guys success with CAB in the future. No matter who gets CAB Director amongst you three, I know that the board will have an awesome future.

To Declan, I will you my love <3 even though we don’t talk much, you always seem to kill it in everything you do.

To Femi, I will you success in Fortnite in the future. Hit me up if you ever need any tips.

To Philip, I will you a future of extensive Nintendo Switch games and fun. I’m sorry we didn’t get to play party games as much as we both would have wanted to this year – I hope you find your party game partners in the future.

To everyone that was in the room that one night when Kevin walked in, lmao.


Meghan Hendrix

To Clara, I will you an icy cold San Pellegrino. I don’t want you to drink it. I want you to pour it on your bald head. I want you to tell me how it feels. I want you to experience so many feelings. Have a good time, keep up the good Instagram, and keep being the best bald friend I’ve ever had. <3

To Duncan, I will you a snowman. Thank you for always being around, thank you for listening to my bad advice and ramblings, thank you for climbing on roofs, and thank you for dealing with JSA. Overall, just thank you for everything. Keep building things with people, and just keep hanging around. The best things happen that way.

To Liza, I will you a roommate. She’s bald and stinky, but she is pretty great to have. You will do big things, and she will be there to support you through every step of the way.

To Tay, I will you a headrest. Thank you for the snacks, the love, and the memes. You are such an amazing person. Even when things are big rough, you can get through it. Keep learning German and listen to lots of good music, you deserve it.

To Ethan Phillips & Rachel Moreno, I will you a 2019 Cadillac Escalade that can drive you to Home Depot whenever you want. If y’all can get through the treks to lunch at NIU, then you can handle anything. Keep researching water, my dudes. It rocks.

To my epic sophs, Alana, Brenna, Bridget, Brooke, Courtney, Ella, Heewon, Jiliann, Nat, Shae, and Smriti, I will you sophomores that are as chaotic as all of y’all were. All 11 of you should keep having fun, and use your legs as much as you can. I cannot wait to see where all of y’all will be in two years, because I know that you can all do so much. Y’all are full of so many good things. You all make my heart go uwu.

To Alex, Amy, Kiri, Sam L, and Sam S, I will you lots of sleep and lots of good photoshoots. Senior year will be hard, but I have no doubt that y’all will get through it. Thank you for bringing positivity and stability to 01A wing.

Alana Depaz, Athena Zheng, Kara Warcup, Rachel Mason, and Sravani Ponnaluri, I will you an egg. Although all of you were so different, I am so glad that we were all able to form the wing community that we did together. We were all a bit too obsessed with eggs and Gudetama, but it be like that sometimes, and it was a wholesome experience. I love you all.

To Public Forum Debate (Peter, Claire, Ketu, Krishna, Manasvi, Shrutika, and Vidhi), I will you Dr. Dong. I hope y’all have more frustrating mocks and rushed cases; it really builds character. Although I didn’t expect it to, Debate had a huge impact on me and how I see the world. Stay on that grind, and y’all will keep growing!

To Club Terra (Jiliann, Krishna, Lauren, London, Shikha, and Sydney), I will you so many succulents. Stay excited and passionate, and think of plant-related puns until your brain hurts. Together, you can all make IMSA a greener place, I sincerely beLEAF it.

To all my JSA underclassmen, I will you -*-political debate and activism*-*. Talk loudly and hold club meetings that no one shows up to. Even if you are a little annoying, you may be able to make a difference on someone else. Attend conventions and get to know people from around the Midwest. Be the people. I’m so proud of all of you, and I know that you will all be able to achieve a lot, much more than I ever could, within the largest student-run political debate organization.

To Krishna, I will you a bye. You are unbelievably driven and I am hella impressed by your accomplishments and growth over the past two years; however, make sure to take some time to relax, reflect, and find yourself. You deserve it. You use your voice so well, and it is important to recognize that.

To Lauren, I will you a correct Taco Bell order. You are so funny and so passionate, and those things will take you far. You have an ability to bring people together, and I’m glad that you are using that to save the earth uwu. I’ll try to go vegan for you.

To Jimmy Guo, I will you Amy Guo! You are a big uwu and I’m glad you ended up at IMSA. Come to more JSA meetings!

To Mara, I will your mom my dad as a running buddy. He needs more friends, and I’m glad that the two of them were able to bond by gossiping about IMSA.

To Peter B, I will you the correct pronunciation of your last name, and also the 🅱️ emoji. Keep debating. You will do big things.

To my little siblings, I will you hope. IMSA is hard, but y’all have gotten through it so far, and can get through the rest. Teach lessons to your little sibs.

To Tristan, I will you another fool to constantly tutor OOP to. Thank you making that class bearable, and thank you for entertaining all of us with your projects. Keep doing CS, and move to Germany, and then do CS but in German (if that is how it works).

To Billy, I will you lots of people to ask “how’s it going”. Thank you for always smiling and for being a great part of 01, and an awesome organizer for the town hall. No matter where you end up, I hope you are always doin’ good.


Michelle Sia

To (03DUQ) Valeria Aguirre, Maddy Chow, Linda Kaneps, and Maryann Swearingen, my beloved quad, I will funky underclassmen that will light up your lives for days on end as you guys have for the past 2 years from Excel to beyond!!! Thank you for undermining me in being the coolest moms I could ask for and for the unexpected nickname! I hope you will find ambitious and sweetheart underclassmen to be as crazy with you guys. Finally, I will you the time to hold more study sessions, even though you don’t trust like that!!!! Even if things don’t work out and things get tough, I know you’re capable to overcome anything. When worst comes to worst, just open that button! I can’t begin to fathom the impact you will leave on others and all you want to accomplish, so reach for the stars!!! I will miss you all so so so much!!

To Valeria Aguirre, I will you loads of hugs and more contagious laughter. I hope you find someone who gives hugs just as great as you do!!! I will miss those hugs, your laughter, and all of your cuteness! I will you more naps and time to watch Jane the Virgin to take time for yourself instead of all the crazy time and work ethic you put into everything else once in a while!!!

To Maddy Chow, I will someone to have heartfelt and lighthearted conversations with. Find someone who you can always laugh but cry with. I also will you all the smiles and giggles because you deserve to take a break once and a while and to just chill. You’re a hard worker and you deserve the best!!! Lastly, I will you lots of time, oranges to peels, and all the “je pense”!

To Linda Kaneps, I will to you someone to match your energy level and all its goodness! I hope you will find someone who will generously give you dual custody of their headphones so you can watch all your funky videos until your heart’s content. I will you the ability to prove the guitar shop guy wrong, more unlimited history of Latvia, another mom croc keychain, another Paul, and time to take a breather!! I will miss all of that and you so so much but will always cherish all our times together.

To Maryann Swearingen, I will you more time with Gingerclaws. I hope that Wilson is alright after being exiled. I also will someone you can share your cool music taste with and upperclassmen who will just sit on your floor and talk to you. I wish you the best of luck with your college plans!!!! Take it easy and keep me updated!!!!

To Michelle Wang, I will you another person named Michelle. I hope you will enjoy excessively saying “Hey Michelle” to that someone every day. Don’t go too crazy, though, Donah.

Mihika Rajvanshi

To Bala Ramaraju, I will you literally everything that is good in the universe. In the past year, you have become one of the brightest parts of my life. Every time I hear you playing Indian music at 10 check and every time I see you poke your head over the wing balcony after in-room, I smile a little. Bala!! You!! Are!! So!! Amazing!! I will you B wing. I hope you have another year of grilled cheese and soup nights and cozy Mediterranean dinner dates. Like Devika and I, you’ve lived in B wing for all three years. B wing is your home and I have no doubt that you will be a leader in B wing (even if it’s unofficially). I also will you the rightmost side of the quad couch which is unarguably the best spot on it. :)

To Sonia Edassery, I will you an underclassman who will come into your life and become such an integral part as quickly as you did for me. I will you someone who will make you coffee every morning, who will push you to work as hard as you can, and who can never fail to make you laugh. I will you a stress-free senior year (with no boy drama, hopefully) and the confidence that you will go to exactly the right college for you. You are one of the most hardworking people I know, and I know you will go so so far in life. I’ll miss you a lot, Sonia.

To Alison Deng, I will you an underclassman who will always be “following you.” I will you an underclassman who will enjoy the loft grinds as much as we did. I will you an underclassman who will come to your wing almost every night and do “Rose, Bud, Thorn” with you. But most of all, I will you a happy senior year, an amazing SSS, and a solid group of friends to make everything okay. You can do anything you put your mind to, Alison. :)

To Bala Ramaraju, Winny Liu, Katie Nygen, and Zahra Vasi, I will you 03BDQ. There is no doubt in my mind that your quad will be a group people look up to in 03. Make us proud, especially during Clash.:) I also will you the quad couch. Please take good care of it. So many important conversations have taken place on that couch. Finally, I will you underclassmen that are as sweet to you all as you were to us. We loved being the downquad, and we know you will, too. :)

To Pratibha Bhalla, Bala Ramaraju, and Meghana Karan, I will you all the potential to be the highest jumper in Group Dance next year. It is definitely a lot of responsibility, but I have no doubt you all will be able to bear it. I will you amazing Monday night practices that will go by in a blink of an eye. I will you empty hallways so you don’t have to look out the student union window before you test out the scandalous dance moves. I will you sore arms after the first practice and lots of sweat after the last. I will you the hypest juniors who will make every minute of group worth it. Keep the group legacy going strong. :’)

To Lauren Crowe, I will you a book club buddy and board who will enjoy the snacks as much as we did. You have such a genuine love for books and I hope that even during senior year, you can turn to books as an escape. As president, I have no doubt that you will take F451 to the next level and really make something out of it.

To Maxine Alexandre-Strong, I will you only the best co next year. I will you a Co who cares about the environment as much as you do and a co who hates bulletin boards as much as we did. I will you the motivation to continue writing sub-par blog posts after Vanessa asked us three times to send it to her. I will you the legacy of never winning bulletin board of the month. I will you a co who doesn’t always forget about meetings with Vanessa (sorry!). A co will forget your last name like you did with me (that one hurt a little). In all seriousness though, you have been a great co this year and I’m really happy about what we’ve been able to do in the wing. Unrelated, but I will you time management skills so you aren’t always writing essays two hours before they’re due.

To Ian Fowler, I will you the freedom of not being in a language class anymore. You are honestly the best 高三学生. Thank you for participating when the rest of us didn’t! You kept Chinese interesting, and I genuinely thank you for that. I hope you stay with it! 加油!

To Zoe Berthold, I will you an underclassman who will serve as your lawyer, who will read over your college essays even when you’re on vacation, and who will always brighten your day with a story at check. Zoe, thank you so much for everything you’ve done for me, especially that time I misspelled Pennsylvania seven different ways. (I actually misspelled Pennsylvania in this document.)

To Shruti Shakthivel and Meghana Karan, I will you two underclassmen who will put as much effort into staying connected as you guys did first semester. It was honestly so nice to be surprised by your company in the evening. I know you guys will be amazing seniors and I know you guys will do so well.

To Sriya Gandhi, I will you an amazing junior year. I know you’re super focused and I have no doubt you’ll continue to stay on top of things. I hope your partners aren’t as tank as I was in indoor and outdoor and that someday you’ll get better at spike ball. I also will you a whole set of second chances since your brother took them all. If you ever need some advice and you don’t want to ask Akash, just let me know. I’m always here if you need anything!

To Gowri Warikoo, Torin Kovach, and Nathan Joseph, I will you the responsibility of keeping the “Homies of Moline” chat active. I will you some new Moline sophomores to make things a little more interesting. Don’t forget that Moline’s kind of cool! :’)

To Phyllis Shen, Paola Padilla, Megan Ptak, and Olivia Dambrauskas, I will you all the memories of being in a quad. I also will you all a quad couch, even if it may not be the one you sit in this year. Whether or not you live in 03 next year, I know your quad will make the most of your experience junior year.

To Ahana and Chandra, I will you two dinky sophomores and lots of fun junior year. I’m sorry for literally always being sick or stressed every time you guys visit but I do really want to hang out with you guys more! Keep playing football with the guys even though it’s realllyyyy tiring. Ahana, make sure you run circles around the next guy. I know you guys can do it.

To Hamza Haq: Hamza. Hamza. Hamza. I will you an underclassman who will always bother you in the IRC. I will you an underclassman who will beg to sit in on your Chinese class even when you tell them not to, and then be surprised when it’s boring. I also hope that you won’t forget that specific underclassman goes to IMSA like I did. (sorry!)

To Vasu Chalasani, I will you an underclassman who has the exact same backpack as you. I will you an underclassman that literally always places that backpack near where you put it. I also will you utter confusion when you inevitably pick up the wrong backpack.

To the sophomores of B Wing (Phyllis Shen, Paola Padilla, Megan Ptak, Olivia Dambrauskas, Carolina Seone, and Janice Jiang), I will you an incredible junior year and an amazing residential experience no matter where you live next year. You all are so dinky and it’s been a pleasure getting to know you all this year. I’m so grateful for all your help during Clash!! I also will you seniors that will remember to wash their dishes. ;)


Miriam Franks

To Sarah Yow, I will you the best senior year possible. You deserve nothing but happiness and love and I hope that your last year at IMSA is as wonderful as you are. Please keep in touch with me and let me know if you need anything. I love you so much.

To Liza Kuzmina, I will you more time to do what you love, such as dancing, singing, and being with friends. I loved getting to know you better these past two years and I know you will continue to do amazing things in the future. You are going to change the world.

To Alyssa Daniels, I will you good friends, good music, and a good senior year in Mod21. You have done so much for the group and I’m so glad we became closer friends this year. You are an extremely talented composer, hence the good music, and I hope your inspiration continues throughout IMSA and beyond.

To Ashley Homecgoy, I will you a better flute section (lol) and honorary section leader. You are smart, a wonderful flute player, and an amazing friend. You have made my senior year in band memorable and you are my favorite flute player around ❤️.

To Akanksha Garg, I will you the ability to be an amazing big sibling to an incoming sophomore. I’m sorry I never really kept in touch with you after that first week, and I know, should you choose to become a big sib, you will be a million times better than I was. I hope your sophomore year was amazing and I will you even better junior and senior years.

To Brandon Young, I will you the capability to relax and take time for self care. You are an amazing leader in Mod21, but you don’t always need to put other people first. Find things that make you happy and do them. Please keep in touch with me and I will come back if I can.

To Natalie Sanchez, I will you a fantastic Spanish V class with an amazing teacher. I loved being in Spanish first semester with you and I hope your senior year is wonderful.

To Shusha Rossi, I will you self-confidence and self-love. You are beautiful inside and out, Shusha, and you deserve to see yourself as such. It’s okay to feel insecure at times, but self-love is necessary in order to grow and blossom. Have a great senior year and please keep in touch.

To Zoe Berthold, I will you a better Hatikvah board. You have been an amazing president and I’m sorry the seniors didn’t really do much this year. I will you more events next year and bigger turnouts ;)


Miron Liu

To Celeste Izaguirre, I will an 07D wing hoodie (IF YOU STAIN IT I SWEAR), and a hug before school ends.

To Kodai Speich, an epic pianist, I will you sheet music sleeves for your countless compositions.

To Jahi Raed, as 07D’s hardware enthusiast… and survivor of 120V directly from the 07D power socket, I will you a large DC motor. (Just don’t plug it into the wall like last time, ok?)

To Jaden Wang, I will you free PSAT help ;) … jk, I will you an Oberweis gift card of an unknown amount, use it only AFTER you come in top 3 after an IMSA Smash Ultimate tournament.

To Xander Wells, I will you my desk-shelf thing that I built. Please take good care of it and pass it along after you graduate.

To Archan Das, I will you the most epic of all BPs. Please collect at any time. I also will you my protein powder for you to get swol. Please win the fight nights while I’m away ;)

To Akash Kumar, as someone who always wanted to play hearthstone everyday on my computer at the beginning of the year, I will you an MTGA draft code for you to get introduced to the far more superior MTG platform.

To Omar Moustafa, I will you the resolve to fulfill the promise you owe to Justin Izaguirre, see his will for more details ;)

To Hari Kumarakrishnan, as the unluckiest sophomore I know, I will you the luck to not have to go to any more disciplinary hearings next year.

To Ethan Tse, Brain Schatteman, Ian Son, Christopher Teng, Raja Choi, Alec Chen, I will you all….oranges. Long story, ask Chris and Raja.


Nallely Ramirez

To Gaylen, I will you endless hugs and good music. Senior year is finally here and i’m so excited for you to enjoy imsa without the stress that comes with sophomore and junior year. You are so talented and caring and i’m so glad to have gotten to know you these past two years.

To Jumobi, I will you a math table that’s as fun as our MI3 table was. Although I know that’s not possible, I hope your senior year is filled with underclassmen who lighten up your day and who will make your classes something to look forward to.

To Manasvi and Shivani, I will you an easy junior year. Even though I know that’s a stretch, you are some of the most outgoing and involved people I know and deserve the time to continue doing the things you love, even with the school work that junior year brings. Stick together as a good roommate will make your time at IMSA so much better and will help you get through anything that may come your way.

To Vaish T, I will you an amazing SSS next year and underclassmen to carry you through it. You are one of the most hardworking person I know and you deserve the break to have the most fun this last year. Thanks for being such a sweet person who is always willing to help with anything.

To Kristina and Elasia, I will you many more elephants and BTS posters for your room next year. I hope you have sophs next year who will appreciate your dancing in the wing commons at 10 check. I will miss both of your bubbling personalities, if you ever need someone to help you with spanish homework or to talk to about BTS, i’m always down.

To all my SEAMS kids (Arely, Angelica, Sebastian, Nathan, Harold, Alejandro, Sttefy, Kailey, Charline and the many more that I will forget to mention), I will you the patience to get through these next two years you all have ahead of you. They may feel long and draining but I believe in all of you. Although I may not talk to all of you as much as I used to, just know you are still my kids and i’m here if you need anything.

To Athena and Sravani, I will you an underclassmen who will brighten your day and offer you food every time you pass by the wing commons next year. You both have made c wing such a welcoming and fun place to live in and I am so glad I got the chance to know you both. As seniors next year I hope your underclassmen keep you motivated as you kept me, you get to record many more fun moments and you continue to keep the wing smelling like tasty food.

To Diana, Karina, Shusha and Sam, I will you a senior year filled with laughter. To think you will all become seniors and graduate next year is so surreal to me when I still remember you all as the noob 6th graders I met so long ago. I’m proud to have seen you all grow and I can’t wait to see what you will continue to accomplish and make of your senior year. Remember I’m just a text message away if you ever need anything.

To 06C wing (Julia, Kristina, Mariam, Utsa, Sravani, Athena, Manasvi, Shivani, Vivian, Elasia, Arohi, Vaish, Ishani, Lily, Sabrina, Yatri), I will you a place to live that feels like home whether that’s still in C wing or in another hall. You have all made living in c wing this year one of my favorite years at IMSA and i’m so glad to have gotten to know every single one of you. Enjoy your time at IMSA because at the end of the day you will look back on these three years, so make it memorable. <3


Nathan Lee

To Nafay Abdul, Hasan Almousawi, Richard Jun, and Ishaar Ganesan, I will you all fraternity. By no means am I promoting Greek life at IMSA. Rather, I wish that you all will reinvigorate the brotherhood that is strictly unique to 04C. Remember that you all are now responsible for being the lives of the party, but also remember to be safe. When in doubt, think about what Josiah would do. You guys have developed into fine, young men with bright futures, and I wish you all the best. Keep in touch, bros. #PR04EVER

To Jonathan Yelenick, Chris Bridges, Ethan Hudelson, Preet Kalaria, Roman Putnam, Austin Shwatal, Aaron Calhoun, Jaelynn Abdullah, Zach Eness, Aakash Kumar, Jahi Raed, Nate (2) Tamez, and Mike Trombetta a.k.a. THE IMSA Varsity Baseball Team, I will you all hope and a will to win. I stepped on the diamond for the first time 12 years ago and immediately fell in love with the sport. Here I am today, in tears and unable to fathom the fact that I will not be playing ball next year. No matter how frustrating the season may get, remember why you’re playing—because you love the game and you want to compete. Cherish every moment together while they last because you won’t believe how fast your baseball careers will go by and how much you’ll miss it. If you guys play with desire and tenacity, the wins will follow naturally. Work hard, get bigger, and never play down to your competition. For those of you who started playing baseball this year, you all had an incredible first season. Watching you guys look to improve and play with fresh mindsets is extremely rewarding and rejuvenating to me, and it serves as a good reminder to learn from the life lessons that baseball teaches you. I thank you for joining the team and hope you stick with it. Good luck to you all because no other sports team at IMSA needs it more.

To Jonathan Yelenick, I will you a fresh, healthy pair of knees. Thanks for always being a great co-captain and Yadi Molina behind the plate! Your love for baseball makes the players around you better, and that’s what makes you a great leader on this team. There’s no one that I would rather have catch for me behind the plate every game, and I thank you for your dedication. I hope you find another LHP who deals gems and throws nasty hooks next season ;). I also will you the framed image of a soaring bald eagle that hangs in my room. Passed down from THE Vainius Normantas, to THE Kyle Campbell, to me, and now to you, this photo has history written all over it. Every time you look at the eagle, I want you to remember a couple things. No matter how difficult times may get, remember that one day, you too will eventually rise above others and soar like an eagle. Secondly, I hope that you do not disappoint your predecessors but bring honor to the United States of America instead. It is your duty to keep it safe with you next year and then pass it on to another deserving incoming senior. I trust that you will make the righteous decision. Remind me to give this to you at the end of the year.

To Nikita Elkin, I will you MilEd. When Kyle and I founded this organization last year, we had a vision—to educate others on the importance of having a well-organized militia out of love for this country. There are so many things that we wanted to do with this club that we weren’t able to effectively execute. However, under your presidency, I believe that you and your new board members will accomplish feats far greater than I could have imagined. Take care of MilEd and raise it as your own so that it establishes its permanence at IMSA. I expect this organization to grow sizably and make a great impact on the IMSA community in the future.

To Richard Jun and Andrea Rubio, I will you both the greatest community service organization at IMSA, Exodus. While the results of our actions may not appear obvious at first, the return on investment is truly substantial. Maimonides once said, “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” You both never failed to recognize this and always prioritized the students, which is why I have so much faith in the leadership of this club. As Exodus continues to gain more interest, I hope that the two of you figure out the logistics to tutor on a second day so that Exodus doubles in size—a goal that we were unable to accomplish this year. Both of you have incredible gifts for tutoring, and nothing makes me more happy than seeing you two put sparkling smiles on your students’ faces. What’s going to be the difference maker for Exodus next year is teamwork. Be sure to set your differences aside, communicate with each other regularly, and take the new vice presidents/tutors under your wings. You will find that Exodus Board will be much more powerful and successful when you all come together and combine your talents.

To Nate Shwatal, I will you time for relaxation. Work ethics like yours lead to success and are hard to come by, and I could not thank you enough for saving my life in OOP (knock on wood)—especially since I’m not exactly the sharpest tool in the shed when it comes to CS. Your desire to help others is very admirable, and I think you should consider being an Exodus tutor next year! Enjoy the fruits of your labor once in a while.

To Aaron Calhoun, I will you an appointment to the great service academy on Earth—THE United States Naval Academy. In all seriousness, all of the service academies are great, and you’ll do phenomenally wherever you decide to go. I also hope you quit track and play baseball next year. Keep shooting questions at me anytime.

To Asher Bhurgri, I will you a sophomore who shares every free mod and watches horror movies with you. You’re like the younger brother that I’ve always wanted, and I hope you end up in 04C (don’t forget to bring the projector/Xbox back).

To Brandon Park, I will you more Fremd homies. I’ve noticed that there’s been a reduced amount of former Fremd students at IMSA, but I sure hope that changes soon because it’ s always delightful to see kids from home. Recruit more Vikings because they definitely have a lot to offer at IMSA. #VikingPride

To Jaden Wang, I will you a sophomore who fears you and gives you free food when you’re hungry. Work on those gains!

To Grace Wulffraat, I will you an exciting senior year full of great memories and zero stress. Thank you for being a FANTASTIC prom date and an even greater friend. Last year, Noble willed me “a relationship that gives me all the fulfillment that I deserve”, and I think it’s safe to say that I’ve finally found that. Although our time was cut short, I will forever cherish our memories together. I’ve made a lot of poor decisions throughout my IMSA career, but interning this semester was not one of them because I got to know you so much better. You’re one of the kindest and most genuine people that I know, and you deserve all the bubble tea in the world.


Nayonika Roy

To my 06A frendos  (Ashley Homecgoy, Cait Castillo, Frances Balto, Lauren Crowe, Megan Lee, Shikha Adhikary) I will you some awesome juniors and a super chill sss! Y’all make me so happy and I had so much fun living with you guys in 06A last year <3 I hope you find lots of happiness and make some great memories during your senior year, and I’ll make sure to visit lots :)))

To Ishaar, Sabrina, and Katya, I will you all of my incredibly humerus medical puns and a super successful year leading MedSociety <3 Working with you guys this past year has been so much fun and tibia-nest, y’all are some of the smartest and most accomplished people I know. I can’t wait to hear about all of the great things you do next year!

To Breanna and Gowri, I will you another photoshoot in downtown Normal and the best FPS season yet! Y’all were super cool VPs and you’re gonna do a great job next year as presidents <3

To Alyssa, I will you a great doubles partner and and an awesome tennis season next year :) You’re one of the most talented people I’ve met and I just know you’re going to be an amazing captain next fall!

To Krisha, I will you an underclassman who always brings a smile to your face :) You’re such a smart, hardworking and bubbly person, and I’m so glad you lived in my wing this year! I hope you have an amazing and successful junior year (but don’t forget to have fun too! Do drill this year please :P) and don’t forget to stay in touch <3

To Arohi, I will you a long list of book recommendations and a super cool junior to talk about them with :) I’m so glad we became so close over the past two years and talking to you always makes my day. I hope you have an amazing stress-free senior year and make sure to stay in touch!

To Bala, I will you an incredibly successful senior year and as many chins as u can get. I’m honestly so grateful that we got close this fall because you are one of the kindest, strongest and funniest people I know. You never fail to make me smile, even at the worst of times, and I always look forward to our conversations. I’m so proud of what a smart and driven person you’ve become, and I am incredibly excited to see you reach your goals and dreams. Don’t forget to stay in touch and make sure to hit me up for advice of any kind <3 Hope your senior year is full of fun, sunshine and good times because you deserve it!

Neil John

To Alyssa Daniels, I will to you the SDAC Speaker. Okay, first off, I’m writing this even though we technically have not received it yet, so I’m hoping by the time this comes out it is not so. Regardless, I’m willing this to you as I trust you the most. Honestly, you’ve been my rock this year, keeping me accountable and making sure I was on top of everything. Senior year is going to be tough with everything that’s going on, but trust yourself because I recognize that you have everything to get through it. Your choreographing skills still baffle me to this day and I know that you will do great things next year. Look after things for me, coach.

To Liza Kuzmina I will to you an underclassman who will make your senior year as great as you made mine (and a bag of bagels). Having a person to vent to, or talk to, or at some times even mentor is something that I valued in my underclassmen. From our random talks in 08 between classes, or dance practices during 8th mod, you have always been an amazing friend. Through our friendship I’ve gotten to see you grow as a person, working through your problems, and overcoming any obstacle. It’s rare that I get inspired to work hard, but seeing you push yourself helped me push myself. I hope that during your senior year you accomplish everything you set your mind to, after all, I know that you can do it. Don’t be afraid to reach out to me after I’ve left, coach, I owe you for all the times I’ve lent on you.

To Rachel Tin, Jillian Padilla, and Maia Peregrino, I will to you crazy sophomores that will make me smile as much as all of you did. I love stunion to death, I’ve basically lived there for the last two years, and you all made it feel like a home. I always found myself smiling when I walked in not knowing who was in there and found you three learning some K-Pop choreo. Your energy is unstoppable and I hope that even through junior year you are able to hold onto it, trust me, you’ll value it a ton. Jillian I’d also like to will you a room dec that I haven’t had the courage to put on my wall…hopefully it is everything you’re looking for. Never change, you three.

To Ishan N. & Moksh S. To the happiest people I know, I will to you the essence of “zik”. You two remind me a lot of C-Wing my sophomore year and I want you to keep it alive even when the last veterans leave. You’ve adopted multiple forms of vernacular over the last two years so I hope this one isn’t too hard to keep alive. Hopefully, it will be something to fall back on during your senior year, although I’m stretching it. As you are probably unfamiliar with the term I shall provide multiple examples to aid you. “Bro I didn’t get my 89.7 rounded, that’s some zika”. “Zik zik zik bro you can’t get rounded in the LE’s come on”. I trust that you will keep this alive. 

To Aaron Rodrigues, I will to you the Mok05 Decorations that I’ve cherished for the last year. No matter where you go next year, I always want you to remember everything you’ve experienced over the last two years. It will be easy to lose sight of everything you’ve done during your senior year. Look at these decs that you and 05 spent so much time on and never forget it. You are one of my prides as an upperclassman and I’m glad that you were in my wing. I know I’ve always compared you to my senior, but I’ve seen you grow into your own person now, Aaron. Finish the year out strong and make sure you take advantage of your SSS. I fully expect you to keep your promise for Mural during next years Clash. Sayonara.

To Zayn Ramdass, I will to you the hoodie of Chakravarthy Varadarajan, my old best friend. As our son, it’s made me proud to see you grow so much over the last two years. You went from being a small super shy child to being a slightly less small boy who has the utmost confidence in himself. I’ll always take pride in you no matter what happens. I won’t be there to wake you up in the morning, so don’t sleep through French. Please shave when you need to and for goodness sake make sure your shoes match with your outfit. I know that it’s fun to run through life without a care, but remember my advice and appreciate everything and everyone around you, especially during this last year. You will always be our son, and if you ever need anything at all, from a bailout to a hug, we’ll be there. Love you Zayn. 

To Ryan Talusan, I will you a pair of shoes from my personal collection (restrictions apply don’t touch my timbs). Ryan, you remind me a lot of one of my inspirations, Andrew Ye, when it comes to dancing. Your style is so smooth and watching you is always a treat. There is one big difference between you two, however. You have got to be one of the most enjoyable people I’ve ever met in my life, always able to talk to and we always laugh at the dumbest stuff together. I know that right now, it seems like it’s never going to end and that your work might not pay off, but trust me, it will. “When the going gets tough, the tough get going”. You are tough Ryan, everything you do, is always for a purpose, and the fact that you put through the work is all you need to show for it. Stay strong, Ryan, stay tough.

To Matt, Femi, Jotavious, and Augey, Coaches, I will to you a wing that feels like home. Next year, you will be a senior quad, and I think that you have the potential to be one of the best quads this hall has had in a long time. I know that this place is hard and it feels like a never-ending pile of nothing good. Don’t worry, because you have each other, and I’ve seen nights start with petty fights to all four of you in a bed acting as nothing has ever happened. Value those bonds and pass them on to the next era. The family you’ve built is contagious and I trust that next year, even though it will be tough, I know that you all have the potential to make it through anything together.

To Ray Shang, I will to you deep conditioner. Ray Shang, you are one of the most interesting creatures I’ve ever made contact with. When I first heard of you, I did not know what to expect but after getting to know you, I know that nothing I could have come up with would have been close to how awesome you really are. You have a gift, Ray, to do anything you put your mind to. I’ve seen you break mental barriers that some people spend years overcoming in mere seconds. Don’t ever underestimate yourself, Ray, there’s no boundary that can hold you back. You are humble and kind and damn dat hair;). Speaking of which, this deep conditioner is so that you will finally wear your hair down for me before I leave. Looking forward to it.

To Kurt Leano, I will to you Mark Lou’s Staff. Kept safely in a hidden area the staff of Mark Lou resides. Legends say that it empowers the holder with Power, Brains, Smarts, Good Looks, a Humble Mind, A Kind Soul, and Eternal Positive Energy…oh wait I mixed up the staff with you <3. Kurt, you’ve always fascinated me and to be honest, I’m so glad we sat next to each other in MAD. You made me want to try in that class even throughout SSS and helped me study when we were both stressed during Clash. Although you may be younger, I still look up to how you can learn so much during class even while I pester you with bad jokes. I know that occasionally this place gets really bad. I also know that you are better than it. There’s a reason why we named you Kupe last year. You will forever be the pride of 05 and I hope that you can take that with you wherever you go. To Frances Balto, I will to you a junior who will brighten up your senior year as much as you did. I know it sounds cheesy, but I’m very glad that we were able to become friends this year. You are one of the few people who can compete with my insane energy and sometimes you can actually give me a run for my money. You made it through all my dumb jokes and somehow laughed at ALL of them. Nipple Headlights, Hat Check, BalenciYAGA. I hope that next year you can share all of these dumb jokes with someone new and create new ones that you will treasure forever. Keep it real, coach, I’ll be looking out for where you’re heading.

To Micah Casey-Fusco, I will to you my S-Rank Headband. My most prized possession, it’s been with me and given me the courage throughout my senior year. This headband is the culmination of my journey, not just as a dancer, but as a person. Micah, I’ve watched you grow from a shy little sophomore into an insane beast. You have a way of making everyone around you smile and forget about all their worries. I know that sometimes you worry about yourself, and you lack confidence for absolutely no reason, after all, you’re a beost. I hope that during your senior year you can jump full force into everything with confidence, hell you can use the headband if you think you need it. I want to see where you go Micah, because there is no way to measure your potential other than infinite. Have a great year buddy, and make me proud.

To Heewon Kim, I will you to find yourself. This is a very vague will, I’m aware, and you probably won’t know what it means so let me try and explain a bit. I had a senior who willed me this exact same thing, and back then I had no idea what he meant, after all, how do I just find myself?  I want you to grow into your own person, and live for yourself no matter what anyone else says. You have amazing friends and upperclassmen who will guide you along the way. You have got to be one of the coolest people I’ve ever gotten to know and I’m so glad that we started talking. I never feel tense around you and I know that no one else does as well. If you ever need anything, even the smallest thing, just shoot me a message. Also if you’re gonna take one thing from this, watch anime. Yah Yeet. 

To SDAC, Sydney, Rachel, Alyssa, Gaylen, Meghana, Frances. I will you my phone number, My senior goodbye video, and a free workshop for when I eventually teach one in the city. This club is the thing I’m most proud of at IMSA. I remember being so excited my sophomore year (to miss the application deadline) for a club where I could dance my heart out even though I was just starting. It was so much fun getting to know every single member and I’m proud to say that this is my second family. You gave me all the tools to become the dancer I am today and for that I thank you. SDAC is something that is necessary for IMSA. Dance brings people together and it allows you to send messages in a whole new way. For me, that was my goal as a President. I wanted to share my love for dance with everyone. As you go forward, I want you to learn from the mistakes we made and grow further. You have all fulfilled my dreams over the last 2 years, so go forth and make yours come true. All the love. Your President <3. 

Noah Krouse

To Alej Curtis, I will you my vote for Junior Martial and hope that you enjoy your unexpected year and a half long vacation.

To Richard Jun, I will the collective knowledge of the 07 A Seniors.

To Zach Vonperbandt: Be like your brother, but better.

To Elliot Smith, I will not a million dollars, not a Lamborghini, nor even an A in mod-phys, but instead, a fancy stick.

To Ian Fowler, I will what little I care about Chinese (sorry, you don’t get anything)

To Chris Bridges, I will the effort needed to participate in nearly every event in clash. Don’t let martial arts club die. I expect next year’s clash movie to be a Studio7 Production. You may have never met George Moe, but I expect you to carry on his legacy.

To Andrew Du, I will the spirit of Sean Golinski and his unique ability to piss off McCarthy.

To the Class of 2020, Someone revive Tech-Society (Free VPN for all!).

Nolan Polly

To Grant Bell, I will you the best of luck in finding better wing guides than Ben or myself.

To Peter Leahy, I will you some common sense. I love ya, but come on man.

To Klaybis Asllani, I will you the best senior year. Goodbye, Sweetie.

To Ketu Patel, I will you all the luck in the world on college apps next year. Have fun!

To Vidhi Singh, I will you someone to cop from just as I’ve copped from you.

To the future 05D Wing guides, I will you the wisdom of one year of experience. If you ever need to do a program, put up 7 days in hell on the projector.


Olivia Shi

To Alyssa Daniels and London Bennett, As the future co-captains of the IMSA Dance Team, I will you two the strength and motivation to have the most fun next year. I’m sure that will be a little easier without the Big P, but nonetheless, we all know Dance Team can have its ups and downs. I will you guys a team of talented and dedicated dancers, such as yourselves, to hang out with for hours at competitions or during Dance Team Bonding. I also will you guys prettier costumes and a hairstyle that won’t make you guys look like eggs. I hope you guys and your new team have an amazing season and I can’t wait to see how far you guys go! (-:

To Ashley Homecgoy, I will you Lunar Modern! You’ve been in Lunar Modern more times than I have, so this decision was quite simple. I know your love for K-pop and dancing will be more than enough to put on an amazing show during Lunar 2020. Since I’m only willing it to you, it’s up to you if you want a partner or not, however I believe in your capabilities. I am already excited to see what you’ll do! Don’t think even for a second that I’m not gonna watch you and your group perform. (-;

To Eugene Lim, Hello! We never really talked much this year, so it might be a little surprising that I’m willing you something, but Eugene, I will you some peace of mind. This year, you were just a baby sophomore and I could tell your mind was drowning in stress and what you could do to please others. Next year, it will be rough as a junior, but I really do hope you start doing things for yourself and not just for college or your parents. You are extremely bright and talented all on your own, you don’t need grades or leadership positions to prove that. Please get some sleep and put your energy towards your passions and what makes you happy. I have no doubt that you will be just fine! (-:

To Micah Casey-Fusco, It’s so crazy to think that we grew up in the same area, met the same people, and almost went to the same old high school together. I am so thankful for IMSA because it led me to you and your extraordinary personality. You are so unbelievably kind, funny, and so incredibly positive. I will you a junior/sophomore that brings you as much joy as you’ve brought me. Dancing with you for Diwali, Lunar, and now Casa Modern has been so fun and I wish we could keep dancing together. You’ve made such a positive impact on me in my last few months at IMSA, that it makes it even harder to say goodbye. Please keep dancing and singing and laughing no matter what! <3

To Chandra Gangavarapu, I’ve talked to you maybe three times all year and they’ve all been because of EYSO, so hopefully this isn’t too weird. No matter if you decide to stick with EYSO for the rest of your high-school career or if you quit next year, I will you a fun time with Randy Swiggum and Matthew Shepard. I hope you continue your musical endeavors, whether it be singing or violin, because you have a real talent that people would appreciate!

To My Dancing Queens (Ashley Homecgoy, Liza Kuzmina, Gaylen Dimick, Alyssa Daniels, Micah Casey-Fusco, Cait Castillo, Frances Balto, Ryan Talusan), Hello, I’ve danced with all of you guys at some point or another and I’ve had such happy memories with you guys! I will you guys infinitely many more happy dancing memories, whether it be for a cultural show, SDAC performance, or preparing for Clash, I hope you guys continue to push yourselves and each other to become better dancers each day. Each and every one of you guys have a special place in my heart and I love you guys so much. Good luck with junior year and I’ll see you guys soon. (-: <3


Prachi Patil

To Andrea Rubio and Richard Jun, I will you an amazing group of tutors and kids for your final year of Exodus. May your board be as amazing as mine was this year. I love you guys, I love Exodus, and I am confident that it will be in good hands.

To Gowri Warikoo and Breanna Yang, I will you a wonderful next year of taping random crap to your bodies and taking pretty pictures in front of murals. FPS has been such a huge part of my IMSA life and I can’t wait for future generations of IMSA kiddos to experience it with your fearless leadership.

To Nathan Joseph and Gowri Warikoo, I will you more people to spill tea with for two hours at a time while last-minute doing homework. I am just now realizing that I won’t get to carpool with Moline people again for a while which is weird because I have carpooled since literally kindergarten. So, farewell my homies of Moline <3.

To Kaia McDaniel and Brandon Young, I will you wonderful cast members that fill your heart with as much love and laughter as you guys have done for me. These past two years with y’all have been both stressful and hilarious. You guys deserve the most amazing senior year.

To Rachel Mason, I will you the Key to 02 and a junior who will randomly be crying in the wing commons every time you try to microwave food. I am so glad you moved into my wing and I got to know you through drama because you are an amazing human being that fills my heart with happiness. I am so happy that you are going to be the next CD, and now I know that my lovely hall is going to be in good hands. I love you and I wish you the best senior year imaginable.

To Valeria Aguirre, I will you the Key to 02 and someone to secretly drag mattresses down the stairs with you. I loved getting to know you during EXCEL and I am so happy you are moving to 02. I know you are going to do a fabulous job as MA and take care of the place I have called home for three years. Have an extraordinary senior year.

To Riley Brutto, I will you an underclassman that gives you an infinite supply of hugs, like you have been for me. You are such a ray of sunshine and I am so glad that I got to know you through the truly unique experience that is IMSA choir. I love you to pieces, have a beautiful senior year.

To Grace Smith, I will you a duet buddy to panic backstage with before talent show and yet another chance to belt Brave. You are a little burst of joy and you have an amazing voice. Please have an amazing, amazing rest of IMSA.

To Jaden Turner, I will you a sophomore that will trust you and make you pancakes. That trust is the most precious and beautiful thing in the world, thank you for having it in me. You are such a hardworking, wonderful individual, and I am so grateful I got to be your tutor and your senior. Make sure you take care of yourself junior year, cuz even if it gets tough, you are gonna get through it. I love you.

To Angelica Ordoñez, Rachel Tin, Marcail McBride, Arely Ferriera, Sabirah Taiwo, Mariam Sanusi, and Cindy Mu, I will you just oodles and oodles of happiness. You guys are such a beacon of sunshine in D wing and I am so grateful for your upbeat and supportive presence. I will you the strength to never lose that, no matter what IMSA throws at you. Enjoy every single moment of the next two years, because they go by so, so fast.

To Wyatt Wren, Brenna Christoffel-Skelcher, Brooke Bolsinger, Heldanna Soloman, Jon Gao, Melena Braggs, Sydney Despe, and Tony Martin (My drama sophs), I will you more sophs that are both adorable and amazing. Drama has been such a huge part of my life at IMSA. It is stressful and sometimes jank and always wonderful. Keep doing it. It is always worth it. You guys are awesome. (shout out to my one and only husband Jon <3)

To Charlotte, I will you just the most amazing life. You deserve nothing less. I am so glad I got to know you. You fill my life with so much joy and you deserve that same joy throughout your life. From being the ramen hookup to letting me play Beyblades, you are always looking out for the people around you. May your senior year be filled with so many happy memories. At this point I am just rambling because these are due really soon but I hope you know how much you mean to me. I love you.

To Shikha Adhikari, Rachel Mason, Ainsley Baldwin-Zurek, and Alana Depaz, I will you my quad. Holy cow have I made some good memories in these rooms. You all have a wild ride ahead of you. You will stay up late writing college stuff, you will open acceptance letters and rejection letters, and you will laugh so much in this quad. Your senior year is gonna have all sorts of ups and downs but boy is it gonna rock. Take care of eachother, realize what you have long before its almost gone, and make so many memories within these walls. I love you guys.

To Isabel Grzeskowiak and Hannah Dagget, I’m not sure where you are going to live next year, but I will you an amazing wing. For the past two years, I feel like you have been such an important part of D wing and no matter where y’all go, I hope you take the loving and supportive spirit of D wing with you. Also I wish you the bestest of senior years, because you guys deserve all the happiness in the world.


Priyanka Sarangabany

To Alyssa and Frances, I will you my most sincere wishes for a successful year as the 19-20 Co-Coordinators of LEAD. I will you the integrity, strength, and creativity necessary to persevere through the hardships of this position and to reap its rewards with grace. I have no doubt that the program will flourish in your hands.

To Ryan and Prathiba, I will you Diwali Modern. As much as I wish I could will you a solid ABCD song to include in your mix, the soundtrack is slim pickings… even so, I hope you have the best time choreographing the best dance of my (and hopefully your) IMSA career!

To Shruti and Meghana, I will you 06D10. The radiance, intelligence, and aesthetic you have will be right at home in this lovely L. All jokes aside, thank you for always making me smile. Though I’ll be more than 4 rooms down the hall, I’m always just a phone call away!

To Gaylen, I will you an underclassmen that will come to your room to tell you how much of your advice they decided not to take! In all seriousness, I will you the strength to navigate through IMSA with confidence. You’re a babe.


Red Maier

To ISP board, I will the ability to deal with Kevin for a full year. Trust me, we’ve all been known.

To Drama Board (Kaia, Rachel, and whichever baby soph joins you two), I will you patience and hundreds more hours of tech weeks and eccentricity. I hope that no more periaktos fall and that you can finally teach your actors how to put their pants on correctly. And oh god, I hope that you can finally get PRC back up and running with no sudden advisor changes or members petty-quitting. Reading all of those plays is a fun adventure but I don’t think you will have the time. I hope that you can all get stage makeup that doesn’t oxidize weirdly and our board meetings will always have a certain place in my heart.

To Allia, Manasvi, Alex, and Charlotte, I will you a functional booth with no water leakage issues. Allis, you are an absolute shining star in the face of the unknown and I can’t believe that you actually asked to do this, godspeed. Manasvi, you picked up so much and stepped up to the plate when you were needed and that was a lot, especially for a sophomore. Alex, your heart is always in the right place and I hope that you continue to bring bad jokes and joy to the booth. Charlotte, you’re a lil messy sometimes but I love that you can embrace that in the spirit of the old boothies. To all four of you, I hope that this next year/two years are some of the best of your life and know that I can always troubleshoot over the phone if you need ;;) (I’ll also only be an hour away)

To Lizzy, Dana, Duncan, and all of the other speech kids, I will you more dumb judge comments and straight 1s. God know how many times we’ve been docked from the emotion in our voices to the lack thereof in the same round. (Take care of Dr. Kind, she’s amazing and deserves all the best students in the world). Limited preppers, just for god’s sake remember your manilla folders and to file.

To Ash, Ray, Eric, Monika, Ketu, Alex, Brian, and Sophie, I will you guys more fun cabinet meetings and just a wild ride in general. I hope that meetings always go well and that people actually show up to them and town halls. I know that you guys will complete amazing projects and do so well.

To Lizzy, I will you the ability to not fully know what you’ve gotten yourself into. Radio judges are always going to be a tough crowd and I hope that you can navigate them well. I truly appreciated having you in my first two mods this second semester and I will miss your face next year. I hope that you don’t SSS as hard as our planetary table has and I know that you will go on to do great things. Text me if you ever have any questions :)

To Eugene, I will you infinite patience and the ability to continue doing so much. You have so much goodness and love in your heart and I know that you can do great things. Don’t sweat the petty stuff and don’t pet the sweaty stuff :) Know that what you do not achieve is not symbolic of your shortcomings, but rather an indication that you accomplished so much that you were competitive against those that did. Life is a game of luck and you can be on either side, however I have faith in your ability to surpass that game to greatness.

To Liza, I will you infinite love and success in your relationships and hair adventures. Dying and cutting your hair in an IMSA bathroom is basically a rite of passage. I know that you and Larry can do long distance for the next year and longer and I hope to emulate your success with me and Renzo. Also don’t have a baby until you’re done with undergrad, please.

To Eliza and Jiyoon, I will you each other. Eliza, take care of Jiyoon, she’s so sweet and full of more love than she lets on. Jiyoon, take care of Eliza, she’s dearly compassionate and the sun is in her smile.

To Linda, Em, and Tay, I will you all the ability to get through one more year. It’s been a rough time for all of you but I have full faith that you can make it through and succeed on the other side. You’re all smart, capable sweet souls that deserve more than the world can ever give you and I hope that one day, you receive all that you deserve.

To Maxine, I will you the ability to understand how competent you are. You are such a smart, intelligent, sweet, talented young woman that can accomplish all that she sets out to do. I know that you are going to do incredibly far and make sure to remember us when you’re accepting your Nobel Prize :)

To Saisu, I will you decs for next year. You’re going to do amazing and don’t be afraid to text me if you ever need to. You’re so smart and funny and I enjoyed our time spent together.

To Maia and Ysabel, I will you two infinite compassion and the ability to do well against the odds. In both of you, I see such strength and power and I truly will miss you both. Know that things will always get better and that love can overcome everything.

To all of the 03 underclassmen, I will you the love and community that the 03 can give. Get to know everyone from every wing, at least their names, and never forget that you might find friends in unlikely places. 03 may not have been my original home, but I certainly made it into one for me and I have full faith that you all can too.

Renzo Ledesma

To Max, Liza, TJ, and the rest of new SMAC Board, I will you three things: tons of coffeehouses, a deep love for music, and – most importantly – the forethought to schedule things on time. SMAC has had its ups and downs over the years, but I can confidently say that this past year has been one of, if not the best, years that SMAC has ever had. We accomplished so much thanks to all of you, and I’m confident that you will surpass what we did this year and make SMAC the best it has ever been. Keep learning new things, keep performing and singing your heart out, and keep spreading music to everyone <3 Hmu if you need anything in the future.

To Mod 21, I will you three things: the motivation to learn songs before practice, another trip to ICHSA, and a new beatboxer. I remember the first practice we had in the choir room after auditions and everyone was… quiet. Times have certainly changed, and it brings me joy to see everyone in practice have so much fun now. I haven’t talked to everyone personally, but I’ve seen each and every person grow so much both musically and as a person. Hopefully you can find a beatboxer next year, and whoever they are, they have big shoes to fill (just kidding haha). To everyone who was with me in Mod at any point, keep on singing – I can’t wait to see what all of you accomplish in the future :)

To ISP Board, I will you two things: the willpower to get through anything and everything that comes your way, and the creativity and joy that comes from expressing yourself. All of you are talented and amazing, and I can only foresee great things from all of you.

To Chandra and Ahana, I will you a burst of inspiration. As the new heads of the MTC, there will be times where you’ll feel stuck and frustrated. But unlike me, you’ll have each other. You are both so talented and awe-inspiring, and I know that both of you will create awesome things in the future. The learning curve for making music gets pretty insane, so just know that I’m always a message away :)

To Ian and TJ, I will you a sick debut album. You are both stupidly talented and I aspire to be as good as you two someday. I’ve cherished the past two years knowing you and working with both of you, and I can’t wait to see what you two do in the future both on guitar and at IMSA. I hope you two have a great senior year, and I’m always down to collab on anything.

To Aaron, I will you a tight-knit wing to look after. It was good fun having you as a wingmate for two years and a co-WG for a year, and all this time I’ve admired how amazingly competent and on-top-of-your-stuff you are. Keep flexing your design skills and make the best of your senior year – and I hope you get a ton of amazing underclassmen to deal with.

To Xander, I will you a smooth senior year. Life has thrown you a million curveballs but you keep trudging along and I have all the respect and support in the world for you. I know our paths haven’t crossed too much across our IMSA lives but I’ve always appreciated talking with you (and hugs!). I hope your senior year is a good one, and even though my room may not be there anymore, I’m always a message away to listen to what you have to say.

To Sam Rabideau, I will you a slew of characters with bad recoveries. It’s been a pleasure hanging out with you in the wing for the past two years, and I wish your senior year is a good one with lots of good games, good times, and good friends.

To Aneesh, I will you lots of underclassmen to destroy with your Yoshi. I remember the first time I met you was in the 05 peer tutor room where I helped you write an entire essay, and I even helped you after check in my room. Never would I have guessed that you were great at Smash and a humble, chill person all around, and it’s been great fun having close games with you. I hope you have an awesome senior year, and keep flexing your Yoshi on everyone :)

To Deepu, I will you patience and plenty of awesome underclassmen. It’s been awesome hanging out with you and seeing you grow as a person in 05, and I hope that you continue to find yourself at IMSA, no matter where you go. Keep doing your best, try not to yell when playing Smash, and hit me up whenever you need someone to talk to or play against.

To Len, I will you plenty of reads with your Ganon. You’ve been an awesome sophomore and I always look forward to playing you, and I wish you the best of luck conquering your junior year. It’s a tough one, but I know that you are more than capable of making the most of it. If you ever need a good opponent, just hit me up!

To Eugene, I will you times of peace and low-stress. You are one of the most kind, caring, and hardworking people I’ve met, and I have nothing but respect and support for you and your future endeavors. Junior year is a tough hurdle at IMSA, but you’ve got it in you to conquer anything and everything in your path. Don’t forget to take care of yourself – do what you love to do, and try to cherish the small but good moments that pop up.

To my 05 juniors and sophomores, I will you an awesome community. It took me a while to really find my place in 05, but I haven’t been happier to call 05 my home. No matter where any of you end up going, I hope you find a place you can call your own. To the sophs, good luck through the arduous junior year. To the juniors, have a smooth sailing senior year. And to those staying in 05, be nice to the RCs for me :)

To Lola, I will you inspiration for your drawings and the motivation to get through anything. I enjoyed all the times we hung out, whether it was at the junior couches, in ITMC learning about music, or working on the Harambee mix. You’re a bundle of joy and good times, and I hope you can continue making friends for your senior year.

To Max, I will you band members that won’t SSS as much. Good luck running SMAC next year, and I’m glad I could hand it off to an amazing, talented person. If you ever need a producer in the future, my DMS are open ;)

To Liza, I will you a memorable senior year, full of good times and good friends. I’m so happy to call you my friend for the past two years, and you’ve always been a ray of sunshine to me. I hope you keep singing and dancing your heart out for senior year <3

To anyone I’ve ever talked to, I will you good memories that will make you look back on your time at IMSA with happiness and content. It’s not easy being here, and everyone faces struggles of some point at some time. Still, I’m proud of each and every person that has walked through those halls, and I’m happy to call all of you my friends and peers. ^ ^ If you ever need anything, I’m always a message away!


Scott Du

To my brother, Andrew Du, I will you another pair of cheeks to squish like mine, another person to call out in the hallway, and most importantly, my TWICE posters. I hope there’s a new Du for you next year that you can call brother. Oh, and that reminds me. When should we reveal our secret ;)? It’ll hurt to part with my beautiful posters, but come by my room to pick them up by the end of the year. They were one of the best gifts I’ve ever received, and I hope they get put to good use next year!

To Jaden Wang, I will you another person to beat in Smash. Just kidding. I will you my skills in Smash and a clean controller so that you can win more often :).

To Peter Leahy, I will you my digits in whichever way you may interpret that. Don’t go too crazy with them, and just know that one day I’ll win them back. Thanks for always playing Smash with me, and I hope you reach Challenger in League one day.

To Kodai Speich, I will you better meme skills (no yeedabs) and Auburn friends to come to IMSA in the future that you can mess with in school and big sibling. I’ve seen you grow as the 6th grader in my geometry class, the kid who wanted to learn to solve a Rubik’s cube in college algebra, and the violin player who refused to come to IMSA. I’m glad you came to IMSA in the end, because I got to see you become the person you are today. I hope within the next couple years you also see that sophomore Auburn friend come to IMSA, so you can do the same things we did with them.

To the SIR Lunch Gang (Alison, Ishan, Winny, Ajay, Breanna), I will all of you a new navigator and infinite more days of booling in Chicago. Breanna, I hope you get your boba, pizza, UChicago merch, and whatever else you crave. Ajay, I hope you get some gloves. Winny, I hope you can find your way around town. Ishan, I hope you can get some dry clothes, or even just swimming pants. Alison, I hope you get an amazing partner that will explain everything to you, speak Chinese to the lab members, and maybe even make Xian proud. Alison, I also will you a pipette and experiment that actually works, just because you asked me for one. Have fun at SIR next year, but don’t forget to go back after a long lunch break so that you guys can advance the human condition ;).

To Deepu Chintala, I will you more upperclassmen to talk to and a naive sophomore to play Smash with. Your constant happiness and presence in C wing is something I learned to cherish. I’m writing this right after calling you naive, but I now know that it might not be as bad as it sounds. Being able to talk to you and not be concerned about anything but our silly conversations or how your day went is what I hope you’ll be able to have when you’re a senior. I hope you don’t change one bit, buddy.

To Nathan Shwatal, I wish you a junior carry for your senior year. You’re such a kind soul and you deserve to relax and get carried one day. I’m not sure about the rest of our table, but I am infinitely grateful for your summaries, reminders, and cops that you’ve provided this year. Next year, promise me you’ll take my spot. And in the chance Ms. Townsend sees this will, I wish somebody willed me a Memory Charm!

To Alec Chen and Jay Dong, I will you guys the girl lion head for next year’s Chinese Traditional. It has magical powers that makes you a better lion dancer – I promise. Use it well because I’ll be watching the dance >:). Keep it safe from Andrew.

To Ray Shang, I will you some more late-night snacks and a maybe even a science bowl team. Most importantly, though, I will you some peace of mind I’ve acquired this year. You’re a ambitious worker, but a goof at heart. I’ve seen you in grind mode, but I know that a Ray chilling with friends is a worry-free one. I’m not saying to completely give up on your work, but I hope if you’ve learned anything from our grape-eating chats is that you are in control of your future. If you ever feel lost, don’t be afraid to reach out to me. Go out with friends and tank that one assignment because in the end, you’re still going to be amazing no matter what. Don’t worry too much about the future – everything will naturally fall into place. When I visit next year, I don’t want to see these small worries change the wonderful person you are.

To Ishan Nikam and Moksh Shah, I will you the remainder of our one late night’s theory-crafting ;). Keep it close and make it better. Even though we lost the papers, I know you guys can make something new out of it. Please don’t forget about KATO either.

To Luke Milavec, I will you a tank SSS like mine. I don’t need to tell you this, but make sure to have fun whenever you can, but work hard just for a little bit longer. I know it will only make your last semester even more fun. You have your head in the clouds, but who’s to tell you what’s right and what’s wrong. I can’t quite disagree that work is inconsequential when you’re a SSS, but don’t push it too far. You have some really fun times ahead of you, especially on weekends :).

To Zayn Ramdass, I will you my promise of many visits in the future. I’m writing this last out of my wills because, honestly, I thought on and on about what to will you, and just couldn’t think of one thing that I wanted for you. I know the idea of your seniors leaving is a hard one to swallow, but I don’t want you to worry about coming back to IMSA next year without us. In fact, you should enjoy senior year as much as possible :). I hope you’ll only remember the things we did in the past, cherish the time we have left, and look forwards to seeing us again some time next year. Don’t forget those MI2 problem sets I (or maybe just Allen) helped you with late at night, or even the nights I slept over in 04 (more to come), because memories like those don’t leave at the end of the year. I don’t think I’ll be able to view you as a senior next year (still just a baby sophomore), but I look forwards to coming into YOUR downquad for a change.

Finally, to all my 2018 05c sophomores that moved away from me (Zayn, Luke, Ishan, Moksh), I will you all a pair of wonderful sophomores to meet and spend your time with with whenever boredom strikes. Watching you kids grow from a Barry look-a-like, an edgy mirror selfie-er, a cool guy, and an MVC-er, to the shockingly different, yet still lovable Juniors you guys are now has been one of the best unexpected pluses of my senior year. I want each of you guys to be able to experience the same thing when you’re in my shoes. I hope wherever you all end up next year, you guys will still have the same amount of crazy fun as you all did living together. Expect more visits soon. Love you guys :)


Shaun Bhurgri

To Richard Jun, I will you a safe and fun SSS. Be smart with your decisions, and remember to think “What would Josiah do?” You are capable of being an amazing senior to your underclassmen, so live up to it. Love ya brother.

To Asher Bhurgri, I will you the an amazing last two years of high school. I hope I’ve showed you that being at IMSA doesn’t mean you can’t have fun, so you better carry on the Bhurgri legacy here.

To Zayn Ramdass, I will you the ability to continue being the genuine, happy, stylish guy that you are. You deserve only the best in life, and I know you are going places.

To Asher Bhurgri, I also will you the ability to finish mom’s food by the end of the week. Nothing will ever compete with her chicken karahi, so enjoy it while you still have access to it.


Shubhi Verma

To Ryan Talusan, I will a marblelympics watching buddy. I will you someone who’ll force your smile out of you. I will you someone who will always refuse your offers of food and who will put fake eyelashes on you when they’re bored. I will you someone to nap with in vestibules. I will you someone to wear crocs with to Casa practices even if they squeak obnoxiously, and someone’s croc privileges for you to revoke. I will you someone who will be ridiculously insensitive (all out of love). Basically, I will you a replacement friend. Having you by my side this past year has made it such a memorable and happy part of my IMSA experience, and you deserve a senior year as fun as you made mine. Thank you for being my sophomore, my junior, my best friend. Please, please, don’t waste time feeling sad next year. I’m thankful for every constellation I had the chance to teach you, every walk I took on the left side of you, and every hug that you squeezed out of me. Finally, I will you my copy of my favorite book because you made a strange place feel a little more like home. Don’t worry, I already ordered a new one to replace it.

To Vasu Chalasani, I was once willed “an underclassman who thinks they need your help but actually doesn’t because they’re way better than you in almost every way,” and you are the fulfillment of this will. I also will you a quad “pet” like you were to us. We looked forward to you squatting in the quad each night, giving us just enough motivation to finish our SSS classes. Thank you for being someone who I can always count on to go to brunch with JUST in case there are no other seniors to sit with. Thank you for making Tik Toks to send to me and for relaxing with me when I was stressed. You’re my number 1 cuddle buddy and the little sister I always wanted. I will you everything that you’ve given me these past 2 years. Please take a break, keep memeing, and keep in touch. I’ll be willing to help with whatever you need in the future, and I’ll see you this summer for Uptown Normal adventures. I love you. So much.

To Milica Barac, I will a junior who will give you hugs as good as the ones you give me. I remember the first day of your sophomore year and how extremely awkward you are. The last few days of your sophomore year where you camped in my room were some of my favorites, and I’m glad I got to know you so well over these couple of years. The things you’ve done when you came into my quad don’t need to be spoken about, but what should be acknowledged is the amount of joy you brought me. I loved seeing you everyday at check, in the halls, or in my room. Seeing how far you’ve come academically, emotionally, and socially fills me with so much pride. I know that you’ll be successful with whatever you do, but keep me in the loop. Also, next time, I get to horse nuzzle you instead.

To Ethan Tse, I will a junior as annoying as you to love/hate during lead and entertain you through French and long, long hours spent in Grainger. I also hope that your future partner comes into the workshop with enough knowledge to use a drill. I didn’t expect to become so close to you but I’m glad it happened. I also will you the seal you loved to steal so much and full custody of Hubert the penguin for use on future mission possible designs. Keep them safe.

To Jiliann Padilla, I will a sophomore as funny and anime loving as you to make your life brighter. I also will you the yellow flowers on my desk because they’ll look better in your room than they do in mine. I hope that you find someone who loves the color yellow and the sunshine even more than you do and that you have an amazing junior year that you can look back on and smile at because, despite the rough patches, you’d have done it. Finally, I will you so much happiness. All the happiness in the world. I don’t know what my senior year would’ve been like without showing up in your room that one morning, but I’m glad that I won’t ever have to know! If you ever need anything at all please let me know. Send memes, send croc sightings, and send lots of updates. I have a soft spot in my heart for you, always.

To Kurt Leano, I will a junior who gets bored enough to help you with whatever you need as well as the discipline to start homework before midnight. I also will you more sleep, a happier year and a gigantic hug. I’ve always thought you were a cool soph and then junior and now senior. You’re so smart but don’t burn yourself out bud. You deserve as many breaks as you need (but also do your work). Please message me if you ever need anything and you better keep me updated with everything that happens next year. I want to know where life takes you.

To Gowri Warikoo, I will another year of 02 much fun and my stress ball. I don’t remember how we met last year, but I always loved it when you visited Astha and I. Seeing you grow from a nubby sophomore into a confident and smart junior made me so happy. I hope that your senior year is amazing. Sometimes, you might feel apathetic, and stress might catch up to you even during second semester. Let it out, take breaks, and remember that I’m only a text or call away if you need anything at all.

To Ruchi Patel, I will you a fourth installment of B wing friendship. Seeing you and Vasu become so close this year made my heart happy. You’re the future of 1502, and leaving my home knowing that it is in good hands fills me with happiness. I know that you’ll take 02 to even crazier heights than you flew this year during Clash and that the wing will be killer. I hope that you too get a sophomore like that to fill your heart and weekends. Have an amazing junior year dear.

To Patrick Hultquist, I will a sophomore who will always yell hi at you and wave obnoxiously. I will you a sophomore who makes you laugh as much as you made me laugh. I will you a sophomore who will “ditch” LEAD but actually just go to the classroom across the hallway to chill with me instead of Jimmy. And, finally, I will you a sophomore who’s just better than their older sibling.

To Diana Gonzalez, I will you more fund requests, meeting minutes, and BELLAs fun. I wish we’d been closer because your passion, love for organization, and bubbly personality inspired me to keep going when things got rough on board. Thank you for stepping up when we needed you to. You’ll be an amazing secretary, and I expect to see amazing events taking place because if any board can handle them, it’s this one. Good luck <3

To Dana Stanecki, I will you a much more successful year with BELLAs. I didn’t expect to become so close to you Dana, but you offered me so much support throughout that rocky point with this club and automatically jumped in when I couldn’t, and I don’t know how I can thank you for it. You’re strong, passionate, and amazing. You’re going to be one of the most incredible coordinators which BELLAs has ever seen, and I can say this without a doubt. I know I wasn’t coordinator, but this club meant the world to me so please keep me updated. I can’t wait to see how much you do with it next year.

To Zayn Ramdass, I will a junior who will forget you exist and the ability to give respectable high fives. I don’t remember how, when, or why we became friends, but I can’t imagine my senior year without excited waves, “hi shooba!”, and of course, never letting you live down the time you forgot about me. I know junior year was rough, and I’m here to say that it gets better! …eventually. Also, never ever, EVER, roast me again. Heaven knows I can’t handle it. Get some more sleep next year dude, and have a really, really fun senior year.

To Nishant Bhamidipati, I will courage. Please have more confidence and bravery. You’re a really amazing kid, and people really do like you. It might’ve taken me a while to come around, but once you got the confidence to roast me back, I knew I wanted to get closer to you. Good luck next year, and keep sending me random roasts.

To Micah Casey-Fusco, I will you a will because I said you wouldn’t get any wills. Also, I will you more fun times in 1508, SIR bus talks, less work for your internship which you should continue, and a valiant return to 1504. You’re a cool kid Micah. Have fun with your quad next year and pull off that 2peat drill win that I know you’re capable of.

To Madhav Parthasarthy, I will you such a happy junior year. I had so much fun getting to know you through the Acronym and LEAD. I see a lot of myself in you, and you’re someone who I want to continue hearing from, so please try to keep in touch. Good luck with your year as a LEAD facilitator and have fun on staff.

To Vaishnavi Tetali and Sid Panda, I will you more fun SIR times at Lurie. You need to continue working on these golden projects. Don’t forget to always caffeinate in the morning and never to waste money at Burrito Beach.

To 02B upquad (Sonia, Sophie, Milica, Vasu), I will you the quad and our favorite pentmate, Remi. Lean on each other when senior year gets rough, and trust me. it will. I’ll be back to visit soon but until then, just remember that you can stomp around now freely, and that prank wars needs to be a tradition forever… oh! I also will you a better reputation with Johnny I love you guys so much.

To the Acronym staff, I will you short meetings and more food than I brought and more awards and conferences and fun times in the loft and tons of new articles. I hope you enjoyed your time with me as much as I enjoyed it with you.

To the future EICs of the Acronym, Eva and Jodie, I will you my favorite thing I ever had the opportunity to do at IMSA. I’ll be reading her every week, and I’ll always be here for you when you can’t figure out how to work WordPress or need an opinion on something. Running this newspaper won’t be easy. It takes love and care. Don’t burn yourselves out, and please continue Tea with Ms. Townsend. Reach out if you have any issues. I have so much trust and faith in you to take the publication places that Maddie and I never could.


Shvetali Thatte

To Bala, I will you a fearless underclassmen who will brighten your day with her smile. Whenever I see you, you bring joy into my day, and you have the kind of energy that is contagious. Don’t stop spreading that happiness, even if the stress starts to get to you. I’ve seen you grow so much, and I’m so proud of how far you’ve come in the past 2 years. Laugh and love endlessly, and have an amazing senior year!

To Breanna, I will you a sophomore with abundant energy who will run you wild. You were such a burst of laughter during my junior year, and I loved being able to look forward to your cuddles, hugs, and smiles at check. You kept the quad and hex on their toes, especially when you went wild in our rooms, but we appreciated you so much. I’m still a little salty that you left 02, but I’m glad you stop by to hangout with me and Tanmayee on the occasion! (Thanks for prom dress shopping with me!) I know junior year was rough, but I am so proud of you for continuing to thrive. You spread joy and kindness wherever you go, and I hope you never lose that quality. Have the best senior year (especially the sweetest sss), and spend lots of time with those you love the most.

To Jaden, I will you a true sophomore clash carry and many food parties. Your talents shined during clash season, and I am so glad I got to get to know you better because of all the clash grinds!! I’m honestly sorry that we got off on the wrong foot at the beginning of the year, but I am happy we have gotten past it. Thanks for the delicious pancake parties! Don’t let junior year get the best of you and keep doing what you love. With the talent and the free spirit that lies within you, I know you can conquer your next 2 years at IMSA and make them amazing.

To Nishant, I will you a chess buddy. Thanks for making all of last year so interesting and for always keeping me company. I wouldn’t have stayed on the team without you and Abs. I’m proud of how much you’ve grown since your sophomore year days, and I know that you’re going to do amazing things in the next year. It’s nice to see you being more optimistic nowadays, and I hope you don’t lose that because it’s a much better look on you. Remember, there’s always light at the end of the tunnel, even when you can’t see it, so don’t give up on anything, yourself included. I hope senior year is all that you wish for it to be, and you have the happiest sss. Even though your quad probably won’t sleep, try not to pull too many all-nighters!

To Pratibha, I will you endless love and laughter. You were a true sunshine in my life ever since the day I met you, and I am incredibly grateful that you were Tanmayee’s little sib. Even when things don’t work out your way, you learn to embrace the moment with laughter, and you never let your frustrations and anger show. Watching you during Diwali was an inspiration, and I am so proud of how well you handled your responsibilities and junior year all while keeping a smile on your face. I hope senior year brings you all the love and laughter you could ever want, and you never forget how amazing you are. Build up those around you with your kind words, but don’t forget to save some love for yourself. And remember, I’m only a call away for whatever you need.

To Rachel Mason, I will you an incredible talent show co-head. 02’s talent show really come together this year, and I know you can make it even better next year. Have faith in yourself and your hall, and don’t quit when the stress gets to you. Clash is an amazing experience, and it is so rewarding to see your hall, your home, rise to its best. Embrace your creativity, your talents, and take the help of all those around you. Thank you for listening to all my rants (especially during Clash season) and keeping me sane throughout the year. I know junior year was tough, but you handled it so well, and I know you will thrive next year. Have an incredible senior year, filled with lots of memories and laughs!

To Ruchi Patel, I will you another stunt group that will lift you to the highest ground. Even though me and Catherine struggled to get there (we’re so sorry about all the times you nearly fell!), we lifted you successfully at pep rally!! You were always so joyful, whether it was during the 3rd drill practice of the day or during talent show practice, and I appreciated your enthusiasm so much. I hope you had an amazing Clash season, and I can’t wait to see all that you do in the next two years. You have so much kindness and joy within you, and you radiate it wherever you go. Don’t lose your spark, even when things get difficult, and make the best of your time at IMSA.

To Saisu, I will you a dinky sophomore who will alleviate the stress in your life with just her presence. You made me laugh so much during junior year, even when I was about to cry from all the homework. I hope you know what a rare gem you are. You’re fearless and bold, and you do what it takes to make the best out of every situation. You’re passionate and kindhearted, and most importantly, you recognize how important those around you are. Don’t stop spending time with those you love, and don’t forget to not only take care of others, but let them support you as well. You might not know how much I looked forward to seeing you in the loft during my junior year, but I always felt better after talking to you, and it was because you knew just what to say. Live your life next year, Saisu, and spend most of your time doing what you love; don’t put anything short of your best foot forward because I promise, it’ll pay off in the long run. Remember to learn from those around you, and to use the encouragement and talents of those that surround you. The year will go by faster than you think, and I hope you treasure every memory that you make. Don’t forget to call me and keep me updated on all your boy stories ;)

To Sid, I will you a son as amazing as you. I’m glad Sam and I adopted you last year, and you have amazed me in how you’ve grown in the past year. Your kindness, maturity, and passion will take you far in life, and I hope you never lose those qualities. Even when you act like a 5 year old, I’m glad you embrace the childishness inside you. Don’t stress out next year, but don’t give up either. No matter what, remember to use the support of those around you, and take the time to do what you love. If you ever need anything, I’m always only a call away. Have the best senior year, and the most stress-free sss!

To Vasu, I will you the shasu style, with the hopes that you will take it to new heights next year. Thank you for brightening my days with dinky videos, whether they’re from youtube or of yourself. You never fail to make me laugh, and I am so glad I got to know you during Clash season. You thoroughly impressed me with your exceptional bottle-flipping during talent! Even though you can’t come visit our quad anymore, you can always call me if you ever need anything. Have an amazing senior year!

To Shikha, Ainsley, Alana, and Rachel, I will you 02d downquad, the memories that reside within it, an amazing upquad, and the best sss. You are all passionate, driven, hardworking girls who will go far in this world. Don’t let first semester take away your time from doing what you love and spend time with those that bring you joy. I know each of you will do amazing things your senior year, and I only hope that you take the time to cherish each other’s support and comfort while doing so. Enjoy the late nights of wild memories, and relax all your want second semester. You’ve earned it, and I promise, sss will be the time of your life.

To Rachna Gupta, Eva Tuecke, and Sammie Taylor, I will you the future of LD debate. You guys were phenomenal this year, and I was so proud watching each of you shine at your tournaments. You never failed to amaze the seniors with your dedication, passion, and talent. LD became an outlet where I broke out of the IMSA bubble, and it was one of the best parts of my IMSA experience, as I hope it is for you. I know all of you will work hard to help make LD grow even bigger, and I’m excited to see where the future takes you. Don’t let any bad rounds or judges take away your spirit because all of you have the talent and hard work to go far. I hope the next two years of debate bring you lots of joy, and you make tons of memories at the tournaments. Enjoy all of it, including the rounds themselves and the weeks of prep before (or the case-writing grind the night before ;)).

To the 1502 D wing sophomores, I will you a sophomore family as wholesome and kindhearted as all of you. Whenever I saw any of you, you guys would bring a smile to my face. You embraced yourselves and each other, and it was heartwarming to see the sophomore family be so close. I hope you don’t lose each other, even if all of you aren’t in the same wing next year. Make the best of your next two years at IMSA, and never forget to look back at those who helped you get where you are.

To the 1502 D wing juniors, I will you an incredible senior year. All of you have been working so hard this year, and I am proud of how well each of you has thrived. You guys have always been wonderful wing mates, but even better role models for the underclassmen, and I am glad I got to know all of you. I hope you remember to breathe next year, and take the time to enjoy every day. Before you know it, senior year will come to an end, and my only wish is for each of you to finish your IMSA career without any regrets. So, be bold and seize the moment every day. SSS will come soon enough, but don’t let first semester pass by too quickly. Keep your eyes open for every possibility out there; there are a lot of surprises here.


Sohil Reddy

To Abhi, I will you an underclassman that you can set an example for. I can’t believe how close I’ve gotten with you throughout this year and you’ve honestly felt like a younger brother to me. Doing Diwali Modern with you was so fun and I hope you will make even more memories these next 2 years. I told you this a million times: I see a lot of qualities of myself in you, but I want you to be better than me. You already got the confidence and the moves; all you need now is the GAINZZZ! If I could will you my gainzzz, I would but it doesn’t work like that. Bro, Imma try to come back and visit next year so I better see you with them gainzzz and promise me you will never stop dancing! If you ever need anything don’t hesitate to ask bro I got u! And these are FACTUALSSSS!

To Nishant, Zayn, and Abhi, Neil and I will you boys dance. This dance has meant a lot to us throughout our three years at IMSA and we want to share that experience with you. This dance just has a tradition of being one of the sexiest dances in Diwali and we want you to keep it that way (coughcough*more body rolls *coughcough). Honestly, we don’t know what else to tell you guys cause y’all seem to know what you’re doing. You already know we gonna come be back and we better see them clean body rolls (do the drill where they peel of the wall). Most importantly, make sure that boys dance practices are fun and that the new sophomores can get to know each other and bond during these practices cause I still remember the first meeting some of my closest friends at the first boys dance practice.

To Ajay, I will you an amazing senior year with the most beautiful SSS imaginable. Honestly, you’ve just been SSSing since sophomore year so I don’t think I need to even will you that. But honestly bro, knowing you from sophomore year and seeing how far you’ve come was just amazing to witness. We literally have so many memories from your sophomore year and some of them I can’t disclose on here, but I think you know what I’m talking about ;) So honestly, just keep doing what you’re doing and I know for a fact that you will be fine.

To Chandra, I will you Abhi. Make sure to beat him up for me and keep him in check. And if he’s ever giving you a hard time, just let me know and I’ll take care of it.

To Samira and Bala, I will you infinitely more fun downstate bus rides. Even though Faris and I are leaving, I’m sure you can still argue about dumb stuff and if you’re ever bored, just give us a call! I’m going to miss you my babuuuus!!!

To Richard, Nafay, and Hasan, I will you a fun senior year in C wing! Living in the same wing for the past 2 years was a blast and I’m so glad we got to make so many memories together. I know y’all know how to have a good time and you are all gonna do great things! And Nafay, when I come back to visit you’re cutting my hair.

To Moksh, I will you an underclassmen to inspire. I want you to teach a sophomore everything I taught you about calisthenics and motivate others to also work out. Keep up them gainz Moksh!!

To Ian Fowler, I will you a junior who can help you out in all your math classes senior year. You deserve it bro! You’ve already worked hard enough.

To Vibhav, I will you an underclassmen to steal food from.

To Andrew Du, I will you someone else to give you amazing massages. I’m gonna miss you babe (and your massages).

To Aryan Gandhi, I will you an underclassmen that you can look out for. After getting to know you this year and getting you out of sticky situations, I hope you learned enough to give an underclassmen great advice! Have a fun junior year and I better see you in clash drill next year!

To Nishant, I will you the student union. I want you to make choreo in it till your heart’s desire. I want your passion for dance to be so strong that you will never be able to stop dancing. And be confident, bro cause you got the moves; the only thing that’s holding you back is yourself. If I hear you say “Bro I can’t dance” or “Bro I’m so bad” or anything along those line I’m coming back and I’m gonna… well you know what Imma do. Trust me, that confidence will show once you’re on stage. Imma miss you

To Ray, I will you a better freestyle partner. Keep spittin them fire bars bro!!

To Ryan Talusan, Sam and I will you clash drill. You know what to do babe, so I don’t think I need to say much more. Pick people to help you out and since its senior year, you will not have much work so enjoy that CLASH GRIND!!!

To Ishan, I will you a fun senior year where you will make more memories. And hopefully some of these memories can be recorded and put together in a try not to laugh video?? Please make a video of all y’all doing dumb stuff for next year so I can watch it in college. Imma miss you bb ;)

Sol Hwangbo

To Gowri, I will you a less tank co who’ll actually prep for more than fifteen minutes. Seeing you join SocEnt as a sophomore to becoming my co, I’ve gotten to know you a lot better, and I’m thankful I had that chance. Although I don’t know many juniors, you’re one of my favs:) You’re so funny and dank and you always laugh no matter what (unless some soph pulls out their airpods), so I hope you keep that with you throughout next year. You’re gonna do great broski!!

To Ethan, I will you a better CORE class and someone to mess around with at LEAD meetings (now that you’re in impact, I think you’ll be fine though). If we were never paired, I don’t think I would have ever even talked to you, but I’m glad we did. You’re a very funny guy and fun to talk to. I wanna see what you decide you’re gonna do for the next elective white elephant gift exchange (it has to be better than putting Chris in a box!!).

To Samira, I will you a fun and less-stressful senior year:) You work non-stop, and I want to see you have fun and enjoy your time here. Make time for yourself and stop stressing so much over school. I hope you really have a lot of fun next year:))

To Shruti, I will you an amazing junior carry turned friend. I’m glad I got to know you better through the MCB grind, but I hope you relax a bit more next year. You’re an insanely hard worker, and I’m sure all that work will pay off.

To Alec, I will you better storytelling skills and an unlimited supply of vending machine drinks.

To Squishy (Matthew), I will you a better nickname.


Suchet Kumar

To Micah, I will you a sophomore that likes to come to your room and talk to you for no reason. Someone who is dope enough to make posters for you and dance and make songs with you AND make the most of their year even after getting shafted from their home. I will you D wing. Carry on the community 04 has, keep it the most fun, energetic, and united hall on campus. Don’t stop dancing and making music. I will you the spaceship landing mural as a token of your first clash.

To Matt Halliman, Aaron, Johnny, Femi, Namit, Tyree, Godwin, Ryan, and everyone else on basketball, I will you big dubs. Matt, remember to believe in yourself when coach puts you in JV for games for driving too much XD, and get that dunk you keep talking about. Dunk on Snead for me. Johnny, you are more dedicated than anyone I know but remember to have a little bit of fun! FEMIII, I’ll miss you yelling SOOOOCH in the hallways. Tyree, work on your trash talking. And stop taking shots on me, they never go in. I tried to teach you but you are a slow learner. Godwin, I hope you find a reason to go off next year. Everybody sleeping on you, including yourself.

To Jimmy Guo, Omar Moustafa, Asher Bhugri, and Mike Trombetta, I will you fun sophomores that always make you crack a smile.

To Ray Shang, I will you a lifetime supply of streetwear because you are like a fish out of the water without it. You didn’t talk about anything on the trip except for how you missed your clothes. I hope you win the gold medal at IMO and become the next Allen Chen.

To Nishant, I will you the ability to recognize your worth. You are a very talented person and have come a long way since sophomore year. Learn to stop stressing about who you are and enjoy the journey of becoming who you want to be. It’s good to be ambitious but not to the point that it discourages you. I’m proud of you and you should be too.

To Cait, I will you an SSS full of classes as tank as Stats was. And a junior who makes stupid jokes that always make you laugh anyways.

To Megan Lee, I will you a junior who gets you to do something you never thought you would do. *ahem* bubbles* oh, and a stronger stomach ;)

To Nafay, I will you an endless line of customers for the hair-cutting business. Master your craft and it will take you far into financial independence. I’m proud of the person you’ve become since you were an annoying little sophomore who always said hi to me.

To Ryan, I will you a junior you can always mess around with. From teaching me funky dance moves during check to letting me crash your room at four in the morning, we have had a lot of great memories. I envy your heart on the basketball court, somehow spin moving through kids twice your size and getting to the rim. Try not to cry when Snead makes fun of your height. I will you D wing. It’s in good hands with you, Micah, and Zayn.

To Max, I will you someone who is as obsessed with music as you are. No matter how much you discredit yourself, you are insanely talented and are becoming better at producing with every new song. I will you SMAC, which could not possibly be in better hands than you and Liza. Carry it forward as we have and don’t be afraid to try new ideas. And, please, please, never let that bella chow song see the light of day.

To Liza, I will you SMAC and good times during your senior year. You have one of the most positive outlooks I have ever seen and it will take you a long way. I will you the ability to play guitar despite your small hands.

To Alej, I will you good luck. I miss you and I’ll always scream “where’s Aaallleeej” when Mo Bamba comes on.

To Zayn, I will you a wild senior year. You never seem to let the stress of IMSA get to you which is something I admire about you.


Suhitha Irukulla

To Milica Barac, I will you a caring, affectionate, cute, junior that always brightens up your day and laughs at your stupid jokes and a new pair of lululemon leggings because you should be wearing different ones every day Milica. This is not normal. Senior year can get a little rough, but I am sure you will get past it because you are one of the most hardworking girls I have ever met! Just remember if you need anything, I will be one call away and I’ll be there to save your day 😊.

To Dana Stanecki, I will you some amazing wing guides! Despite going through so much, you manage to keep a smile on your face and be so kind to everyone around you. Never lose that quality because that is my favorite thing about you.

To Ishaar Ganesan, I will you a “How to get into all the top tier universities around the world” book. You work too hard and get too little sleep! But I know you will go places because you are such a determined person. I love making fun of you because I feel like you are kinda like a younger brother to me. P.S. I also will you a junior that seems to always be playing basketball but never shoots or even if he does never makes it 😉.

To Bala Ramaraju (Aw my telugu baby!), I will you Allu Arjun because I have never seen anyone obsessed about him as much as you are! I also will you a buddy that will always say hi to you in hallways and watch telugu movies with you. I am really proud of how much you have grown from sophomore year to junior year in terms of academics, extracurriculars, and just surviving IMSA in general. I know you are going to kill it senior year! Let me know if you ever need anything!

To Zoe Berthold, I will you a bus seat sharer that will pretend they are asleep when you want to sit next to them but then proceeds to sleep when you start having a conversation. Through all my phases at IMSA, you have been there and stuck with me and for that I love you so much. I hope you will still call me and be an active member of NC-17.

To Lizzie Murphy, I will you a junior carry in all your classes so when you are SSSing you do not have to worry about doing anything! I hope you get to relax a bit and get amazing grades in all your classes and into the college of your dreams while remaining swole of course. You are so dedicated to going the gym, I love it!


Suraj Sunkara

To Ryan, Zayn, Nishant, and Micah. I’m not sure if your quad will work out but either way, I will you an open quad door (hopefully). Don’t be stupid and enjoy the convenience of an open quad door like we couldn’t. I am also willing you guys our singular door handle we have for the quad door and maybe the second one if I can find it. It was given to us by our downquad sophomore year so I hope you make use of it.

To Nishant and Andrew, I will you this hall. I love 1504 and I wouldn’t have traded the memories I made in this hall for anything. 04 means so much to me and don’t forget the love and passion you have for this hall you felt during clash and 24/7. Keep 04 as epic as it always has been.

To the Sophs and Juniors of 1504. You guys are incredible and I am confident you can show that to the campus next year.

To Jon Gao, you are so admirable. As a sophomore you’ve done so many great things such as helping at so much with clash and socc and lunar and so much more. I know I haven’t talked to you that much besides clash but I will you an awesome and successful junior year.

To Ajay, Vibhav, Jay, and Matthew. Why are you leaving 04D :( but it’s okay. Y’all are awesome and I wish you a beautiful senior year.

To Ajay Jayaraman, you beautiful soul, you ugly mang. I will you my spot on Brown Velvet next year. May you continue to spread kpop cheer :). I also will you a stupid junior or sophomore who will come to your room at random times and be ugly.

To Max Knutson. You’ve grown up so much into such an edgy teen from sophomore year. I know you asked for one at the beginning of the school year so I am willing you any medium sized kpop poster on my wall :)

To James Guo. I will you a sophomore with as beautiful hands as you who can massage your back.

To Ryan and Zayn. Please please please make sure you relax your senior year. You’ve deserved it for the all nighters you’ve pulled together. Thanks for always being up to let me in and coming to dq at random times at night to screw around. It’s been a fun time.

To Ryan. I know I’ve been very lazy with SIR but I will you a new partner (if you decide to continue) who is more hardworking and more organized than me so that you can get to ISSF or KSASF or JSSF or whatever you choose to next year.

To Sid. You’re the junior I’ve known the longest and I hope you take a break from spending so much time on work your senior year. Make sure to chillax a lot and enjoy your senior year. I’m willing you someone who will come to your house to play madden and call of duty just like I did :)

To Andrew Du. I will you someone who will stop you in the hallways to squish your cheeks.


Tanmayee Vegesna

To Rachel Tin, I will you a sophomore that will have the best conversations with you as you microwave your food. You are an absolute ray of sunshine and have such a bright personality. I hope that junior year you still make time for your passions and share the bubbly side of you with everyone!

To Angelica, I will you a sophomore that warms your heart. I don’t know if you know this Angelica, but your hellos literally make my day. Your smiles are so pure and wholesome. You are such a sweetheart and so so so talented. Don’t let junior year take any of that away from you, and make sure you keep having fun!

To Krisha and Hiteshi, I will you two passionate sophomores you can see grow up. You have both come so far since I met you at dinner move in day. I’m so proud of how involved you guys are in the community and I hope that you get to accomplish everything you want to and more at IMSA before you graduate. Don’t stress the small stuff junior year and don’t forget to keep having fun :)

To Abhi Thati, I will you a soph that says hello to you in the hallways at least twice a day. I hope you have a stress-free junior year where you win all your basketball games, eat lots of Indian food and go to bed by 10:45. And of course, I will you super cool soph that you can take on a dinner date next year :)

To 02D wing sophs (Arely, Rachel, Cindy, Marcail, Angelica, Mariam and Sabirah), I will you a set of your own amazing sophomores. You guys have been incredible, and I hope you have learned a lot about yourself this year. I will you guys a stress-free junior year (or as stress- free as it can get). You guys are so wholesome and super duper sweet. Don’t let junior year take that away from you! If you aren’t staying in D Wing next year, make sure you still visit the wing that was your first home away from home!

To Rachel, Alana, Ainsley and Shikha, I will you 02d down quad. Just so you know, the sinks are kinda weird, and sometimes the shower gets too hot, but I promise down quad is a great place to live. You guys have been an amazing up quad and I hope that the rooms that have given me so many unforgettable memories get to do the same thing for you. You guys are so close to the end of high school and as important as senior year will be, don’t forget to have fun together! Up quad is great for those junior year grinds, but SSS is when having a quad is the most fun. Don’t stress the small stuff and make your last year the best one yet <3

To Vasu, I will you an underclassmen that will relate to your teluguness. Thanks for validating the incredibly telugu childhood I had and being such a great underclassman. I know it will be hard, but I hope you find more people that will laugh as hard as I do in response to all the memey videos you find. I will you the ability to carry 02 to clash victory with your amazing painting skills ;) Don’t forget to have fun senior year and most importantly don’t forget that if you don’t know where to put something, your mom’s head is a great place ;)

To Shikha, I will you an underclassmen that will give you taquitos and pizza rolls and make really bad (but secretly really good) puns. Shikha, you are genuinely such a nice presence to have around. Thank you for always educating me on LEAD and promoting Club Terra whenever you get a chance. I hope that senior year is everything you imagined and more!

To Breanna, I will you a baby soph that will literally go insane after ten check. You are so incredibly bubbly and your animated hellos in the hallways make my day. I hope that senior year you will still make slime and goof around like you used to sophomore year. Thank you for occasionally hanging out with me and Shev and prom dress shopping with us. I know junior year was hard. But I promise senior year makes everything worth it. I will you the ability to SSS to your heart’s content and make the most amazing memories.

To Meghana, I will you some long good naps on the SIR bus and an amazing and stress free SSS. I see so much of junior year me in you so I just want you to know that at the end of the day, it will all be okay. Junior year is only making you stronger, and I see how much stronger you are compared to the beginning of this year. Keep being the passionate and beautiful person you are and have the most amazing SSS!

To Isabel, I will you the most amazing senior year. Isabel, I am so so so glad that you were my co this year. From painting till midnight during early move in to our impromptu meetings with Jasmine to our last minute bulletin boards, there is quite literally no one else I could imagine doing it all with. I’ve seen you grow so much from the baby soph that walked into D wing two years ago to the person you are today. I know junior year was hard, but I promise it made you a stronger person. I will you a senior year with more sleep and better teachers. I hope you have a great senior year with your friends and I can’t wait to see all you will conquer with the rest of your life <33

To Pratibha, I will you success in all parts of you life. Oh Prabs. I don’t know what I’m going to do without you. You have been such a constant support system in my life and I am so so thankful for that. You are truly an amazing friend and I cannot tell you that enough. You have so much on your plate and you always make room for more. You literally amaze me with everything you do. I’m so proud of the person you have grown to become since the baby soph that walked into my orientation room two years ago. Don’t let the stress of college apps get to you. Make sure you spend time with the people you love and make the most out of your last year of high school. I will you an SIR buddy as amazing as you. Thank you for keeping me sane on those I-days and always validating my Starbucks addiction. I will miss you tons but if you ever wanna go to Taylor Street on Wednesdays next year, I’m your girl <3

To Saisu, I will you happiness. Savage Saisu. I am so incredibly blessed to have met you. You were an amazing little sib and an even better baby soph. I know junior year was rough, but I promise senior year is so worth it. Never lose that childishness you carry with you because it makes life a whole lot more fun. Seeing you thriving makes me so so happy and I will you even more success in the years to come. Keep surrounding yourself with the people you love and I promise you will make unforgettable memories senior year. You are such a delight to be around and I don’t think I can put into words how much you mean to me. Very few people put a smile on my face with just with their presence, but you are own of them. I am going to miss you so so so much (as you probably know from when I started crying in your arms after clash lol) but you know I will only be one phone call away <3

To Pratibha, Meghana and Bala, I will you endless laughter at group practices. I literally made some of my best memories at group practices senior year and I hope you guys get to too. Have more jumping competitions, extended water breaks and singing sessions. I can’t wait to see you guys from the audience next year! And most importantly, don’t forget to take good care of Andrew as he was and always will be the best saap ;)

To 02D wing juniors (Charlotte, Stella, Isabel, Annie, Savannah, Hannah, Ainsley, Shikha, Rachel and Alana), I will you the best senior year you could ever imagine. I know junior year was hard (and that is an understatement). But guys, you did it! If you can take on junior year, you can quite literally do anything. I’ve seen all of you work so incredibly hard this year, and I know that it will all pay off. I hope that next year you all remember to take time for yourself. But also, enjoy all the lasts that are about to come. Senior year goes by wayyy too fast, but surround yourself with the people you love and enjoy your very last year of high school.


Teja Guntupalli

To Nafay Abdul (The Next ISA President), I will you the future of ISA. It’s yours. I hope that Sibil and I have both prepared you well enough to lead ISA, and one day when it comes successfully hand it down. Let me tell you that everything gets harder from here; there will be so many decisions that you will make that affect the course of ISA, and most of them will not come easy. But I am sure that you will be more than capable of making these decisions. While you do hold the future of ISA at your hands, remember that ISA is more than just spreading the Indian culture, it’s about having FUN!! Be cheerful (like someone once told you). Be happy! Enjoy every minute of it that you can because trust me when I tell you, you are going to miss it. Make Sibil and I proud, maybe even up one us if you can. But that might be impossible.

To Nafay Abdul, Prathiba Bhalla, Ishan Nikam, Saisu Talasu, Ruchi Patel, Abhi Thatte, Akul Prakash (ISA Board), I will you all the passion to keep running such an amazing ISA. Being on this board is something, that I promise you will cherish almost every day of your time at IMSA, and it is something you will most definitely miss after leaving IMSA. So, soak it in and enjoy but remember to work hard and continue ISA’s great legacy. I want each and every one of you to give it your everything, because being on this board and giving it everything I had gave me some of the best memories of my life and I’m sure it will do the same for you. I have just about zero doubt that when you all come together you will be able to make a fantastic Diwali Show, Holi, Garba, maybe if you get lucky it will even be better than the ISA Sibil and I ran. Make Sibil and I proud, I don’t want to hear Nafay complain about y’all or me and Sibil will come whip you into shape.

To Nafay Abdul, Richard Jun, Hasan Almousawi and Alej Curtis (Juniors of 04C), I will you all the family that 04C is. Our wing isn’t just a wing, but it’s a brotherhood. You guys have honestly become some of my favorite people over the years, and it is going to suck having to leave you, but hopefully you guys find some sophomores to fill up our places. Stay close together senior year and have a blast, but not a huge blast. Living in 04C was hands down my favorite part of IMSA, because of how much everyone cared for each other and I hope that you guys continue to keep it that way next year. I will you guys an amazing senior year filled with all the fun you can imagine, just don’t imagine anything too crazy.

To Ruchi Patel, I will you a sophomore on ISA board that you can bully but also have fun with. I know I barely know you, but I can already tell you will have a great time on ISA, just turn to much like Sibil.

To Akul Prakash and Abhi Thatte, I will you ISA’s love legacy, have fun on ISA.

To Samira Cherikuru, I will you a sophomore that you can glare down and make fun of. You are crazy hardworking bro, and you’re going to do big things but have some fun once in a while.

To Zayn Ramdass, I will you the tranquility to be chill. I will you the ability to relax. Just chill, Zayn. Chill.

To Ian Fowler, I will you a junior that will carry you in math, thanks for the BC-3 help dude.

To Jimmy Guo, Asher Bhrugri and Mike Trombetta, I will you all some sophomore that will entertain you and keep you company. You guys have been great sophomores and I hope you find some people just as wonderful.

To Saisu Talsu, I will you a sophomore that you can constantly make fun of and will just warm your heart a little. You have doing such big things already Saisu, and I am incredibly proud of how much you have grown since sophomore year. I hope that you will make the most of senior year and have a great time maybe even find a boy. Also make sure ISA isn’t slacking, otherwise we are going to have some issues.

To Breanna Yang, I will you a sophomore that you can mess with just a little every day, and that one day you can flip their backpack. Those small little interactions of me bullying you are only out of love and they make my day sometimes. You are such a hardworking person and it’s amazing how much commitment you put towards your work; have a little more fun senior year. I promise you it will be worth it. Keep being crazy Breanna.

To Ray Shang, I will you a sophomore that will give you some of the greatest times your senior year. Without a second though, you have given me some memories that I will never forget about, from those fruit days or sleepovers junior year or even senior year, I wouldn’t give up any second of time for anything else. Take care senior year and live out your best life, but don’t get too crazy, and keep taking great care of this school; it needs you.

To Ishan Nikam, I will you a sophomore that will never stop making you a little happier every day. I love you till death man, even if I don’t say it every day in ad-pro. I know I’m going to miss you so much in college, but I will be excited to see the things you do. You are one of the most hardworking kids I’ve met, but you also have a great compass of fun and I respect that very much. Keep being you and have a great senior year. Don’t ever change your role on ISA, it’s priceless.


Thomas Jacobs

To Alyssa Daniels, I will you a better piece selection for band, and speaking of band, I will you enough money to buy me a ticket to Evasion’s next show.

To Maia Peregrino, I will you the best jokes possible and even better explanations for said jokes. I also will you a good volleyball season. Good luck, Lefty.

To Brandon Young-Eleazar, I will you the Mod 21 dynamics ball. I know you’ll go on to do great things, for the group and in general.

To Moses “Matthew J. Halliman” Halliman, I will you the ability to finally make your serves in bounds and infinite monopoly money.

To Jojo Bertrand, I will you a super sweet necklace with a turtle on it…. Wait a second.

To Nathan Shwatal, I will you a good math table and a great band.

To Luke Milavec, I will you nothing. This will was just a ploy to get you with nose goes. Nose goes.

To Ayan Malik, I will you the ability to talk to girls and more energy to hype up the team from the sidelines.

To 07AU (minus Rustom), I will you more gamer moments, fun times, and fight nights.

To Rustom Ichaporia, I will you my Mandarin charm and excellent use of tones as well as my incredible ability to psychoanalyze people.

To Ishaar Ganesan, I will you all of my clout with any teachers. I also will you a great SSS because you deserve it more than anyone else.

To Micah Casey-Fusco, I will you all of my love and affection. I also will you my Hatsune Miku poster, as you are an aspiring weeb.

To Eliot Smith, I will you the book. You know the one.

To Danny, Brandon, Ben, Eric, and the rest of the Boys’ Volleyball Team, I will you fat dubs and some better cheers.

To Brooke and the rest of Mod 2, I will you an excellent competition season and amazing warmups. I also will you a great Mod Board for the coming years, though you could never get a better VP than you currently have.

To Alec Chen, I will you lo-fi hip-hop beats, the best signature to ever be signed, and the compassion you have for all things. If I had to point to one individual who single-handedly shaped who I am today, it would be you. You’re the best leader in my eyes, and in all honesty, I feel like you have given me many more life lessons than I could ever will to you, so thank you. I’ll miss you.


Thomas Neidlein

To Tatiana Michel, I will you an underclassmen and co-captain who is at once one of your best friends and someone who you can trust with the future of the robotics team. You continue to confound me with your genius, passion, and work ethic. You deserve an amazing senior year, and a world winning robotics team. I have a couple quick tips that I will leave you with. Always remember that Titan Robotics is a club, and that nobody will die if something goes wrong, and make sure to remember that you have the power to say no to an idea, which I forgot sometimes. I also will you my drive team quarter zip.

To Nikita Elkin, I will you someone who you can network with and learn from. You have this amazing charisma that surrounds you, and I know that you will be fantastically successful. Just make sure to think of the little guys when you’re looking down from your penthouse in a few years!

To Wyatt Funkhouser, I will you my Titan Robotics laser cut sign. I trust that you will will it to someone next year. You are one of the kindest and most fun-loving people I’ve ever met, and I’m sure that you will have a great time in your senior year being the best drive coach or driver that the robotics team has ever had.

To Vincent Pergrossi, I will you one of my 2018 robot CAD blueprints, and an amazing designer and pal who you can almost pull an all-nighter with several nights in a row. Watching your passion for design, CAD, and robotics grow over the last couple years has been one of the highlights of my time at IMSA, and often I refer to you as the secret meme king of IMSA. Stay awesome man, and don’t hesitate to reach out!

To Miles Oquendo, I will you a pyromaniacal electrical head who can somehow replace Gabe, and someone who listens better to you. P.S. I have installed Rainbow now, so let me know when you’re down to play :)

To Ajay Jayaraman, I will you a man who has almost identical music taste, who you can talk with for hours about how good that new song from Cage the Elephant is. You are an awesome mang, and a fantastic friend, and I hope we keep shooting recommendations back and forth far into the future (and maybe see Joywave in the flesh someday).

To Archan Das, I will you a sophomore anticarry who is smarter than you and finds a way for you to do his work for him. Honestly though, you’ve made some great memories, and I hope you have a great next couple years at IMSA and then some place with a good sports team.

To Ian Fowler, I will you my bomb squad 2012 shirt and a friend who you’ve always heard about but never met. I will never forget those late nights when we talked about starting an engineering club or reminiscing about the good old days with Jake Frances. Stay awesome man.

To Sid Panda, I will you a pseudo roommate underclassman who you consider one of your best friends. I think every time I have laughed so hard I cried at IMSA, you have been in the room. Don’t worry so much about what others think next year and just enjoy your remaining time at IMSA, I can’t wait to see where all your hard work takes you!

To Travis Ingram, I will you someone who challenges you to look at the world a different way, who engages you in thoughtful, intelligent conversations. Although I have never really gotten to know you, being able to work with you in robotics has been an absolute pleasure and has taught me a lot about rational decision making and thinking. Your genius is blindingly bright, and I thank you for allowing me to get a little peek at it through our conversations.  


Tony Un

To Micah, I will you memories of endless sleepless nights, and a thousand hours of Roy matches. Thank you for making down quad an even friendlier place.

To Eliot, I will you one nice belt. Thank you for everything.

To Lizzie, I will you patience for French class, enough time for some breaks, and the hope that you become as cool of a senior as I was.

To Duncan, Dana, and the rest of the speech team, I will you the confidence to excel, and the files to do so. Make every season amazing.

To Melena, Jon, and Alex P., I know I already said speech team, but I will you success in speech and anything you do! Thank you for being amazing learners and great teammates. You all have so much potential.

To Alec, Max H., Sam, Ethan, and the 05 bois, I will you smash club, and the hope that you make as many friends and as many memories as I have.

To T.J. and Chris Bridges, I will you my CD-ship of 07, and all the ups and downs that it comes with. I hope you love the job, the hall, and the people as I have grown to.


Trisha Sudhakar

To Maahum Himayat, I will you a junior who has the ability to always make her seniors feel better, and who always has forks for other people to borrow. I remember coming back from school on a rough day, and then we had a conversation which automatically made me feel better. You offer the best advice and are always willing to help others, which is my favorite quality about you.

To Grace Federici, I will you a co-wing guide that made managing the wing SO much easier. I cannot thank you enough for everything you did because I would not have been able to run any of the events or completed any of the decorations without you. I admire your willingness to always express your opinions no matter what. You are a natural born leader so never forget that!

To Lauren Crowe, I will you properly delivered taco bell (with no meat!) so that you can properly enjoy your meal and never feel sick during our Club Terra meetings. I also will you a junior who is truly passionate and is never afraid to speak up for what she believes in, and never fails in inspiring others.

To Krishna Thakkar, I will you a junior who challenges others to think creatively and outside of the box. I will you a Club Terra Board next year that exceeds everyone’s expectations, and truly shows the community how passionate we are about the environment.

To Shikha Adhikari, I will you a junior who you can always count on for each and everything. From SIR to Club Terra, you were always helpful and offered to take any role as a leader.

To Allia Lin, I will you a Spanish SSS carry. I would not have been able to survive Spanish without you because I was literally confused more than half the time we were in that class. Thank you for never judging me and making the class more interesting for me.

To Shusha Rossi, I will you a MAD carry who is always willing to explain concepts and help out whenever she can. I will you someone who you can share a laugh with about our confusion.

To Sydney Despe, I will you the most vibrant and passionate sophomore I have ever met. You have so many bright and creative ideas so never be afraid to show them to the world because they deserve to be heard and seen. I also will you a 1000 succulents because I know how much you love those.

To London Bennett, I will you a sophomore whose smile has the ability to light up the wing and our Club Terra meetings. Although I had few chances to directly to talk to you, I admired your positivity and engagement during each activity/program.

To Jiliann Padilla, I will you a sophomore that always knows how to lighten the mood and crack jokes to raise everyone’s spirits. The time we spent laughing in our meetings was mainly because of something you did or said.


Urvi Awasthi

To my Strolling Strings underclassmen, I will you a whole lot of underclassmen as fun and energetic as you are, to keep the Strolling Strings awesomeness going for years and years to come.

First violins, I will you energy and courage to play loudly regardless of the fact that you are closest to Mrs. McCarthy and that she can hear every pitch you play (haha). You guys have been amazing people to hang around, and I love your energy and overall loveliness.

Seconds, I will you the tenacity and wholesomeness that you have provided Strolling Strings during all of our adventures. You guys are amazing, and I really appreciate your subtle humor.

Viola(s), I will you more violas.

Cellos, I will you another fantastic year, with a lot of fun memories and hilarious moments. You guys are all extraordinary in your own ways, and the companionship between you guys is something that is very rare but also very valuable. Treasure these moments, and have as much fun as you can have with each other before graduation.

To Breanna Yang, Saachi Dalvi, and Kiri Salij, I will you underclassmen who are as hardworking and passionate about as you guys were with us. Thank you for all of your help and kindness in handling Good luck next year, and I believe in you!

To Saachi, I will you strength to persevere through Calc Based Physics, or any difficult class that you take in the future!

To Breanna, I will you more sleep haha!

To Kiri, I will you a wholesome year filled with fun!

To Clara Robin, I will you a little stinker who gives you gum almost everyday, and brightens your day whenever you see them. Clara, you have the ability to, just by talking to someone, make their lives 100 times better. You’re unique, you’re precious, and most of all, you have an amazing way with everyone, and you never fail to impress me with your hilariousness. You’re hecking smart (enough to make me question my future as a computer scientist), but what I love most about you is that you find my weird humor funny hahaha. I also will you a sophomore or junior who you can see in the hallways everyday, and yell, “BONJOUR” at. Good luck during your senior year!

To Michelle Wang, I will you Oreos- lots and lots of them! And soy milk along with the Oreos (just kidding, just kidding). Michelle, you are an amazing person. Keep on speaking up for yourself and never failing to tell things as they are. Keep on working hard, and I’ll make sure that we Netflix party to watch lots of C-dramas and K-dramas next year! I hope your senior year is filled with a lot of sleep, a lot of fun, and most of all, amazing memories. Good luck!

To Pouravi Banerjee, I will you a senior year filled with no stress at all! You are bound to do great things, I just know it! I’ve really enjoyed getting to know you these past 2 years, and I’m definitely going to keep my promise and come visit you when I am at UIUC! Keep on working hard, and never lose that smile on your face. You’re like my little sister here at IMSA (ahaha, now you have two sisters named “Urvi”), and I will you hope, happiness, and most of all, success. You got this!

To Camalott Alao, I will you an underclassman who you can watch the k-dramas on Netflix with! Especially shows with spoiled actresses who somehow manage to go back in time and almost get their heads cut off (haha do you know what I’m referring to?) Also, I will you lots and lots of perseverance! You got this physics struggle!

To JuWon Park, I will you lots of sleep for next year! And have fun in orchestra ;)!

To Angela Wang, I will you a senior year filled with fun. Thank you for being kind 24/7, and get some rest during your senior year, you deserve it.

To Angelica Ordonez, I will you an underclassman who is as sweet and kind to you as you are to me. Thank you for making my life at IMSA a million times better! And I’m sure you’ll do great senior year!


Vinay Tummarakota

To Ray Shang, I will you the circumstances that will enable Student Council to flourish under your leadership. You already have the qualities of a phenomenal leader: the ability to advocate for students, the humor that brightens people’s days, the compassion that allows you to listen to others, and the empathy to put yourself in their shoes. Combine your amazing character with a set of lucky circumstances – new opportunities for projects, ample connections between yourself and cabinet members – and you will usher StudCo into progress that it has never seen before.

To Sophie Pribus, I will you a group of phenomenal Hall Senators who will learn the ropes of StudCo quickly, so that training will be as effortless as possible. You already have organizational skills and work ethic beyond most people I have seen; with a group of Hall Senators who can translate the voices of their halls into creative solutions for IMSA, I have no doubt that you can provide them with the resources to make IMSA a better place for everyone.

To Ashley Homecgoy, I will you an amazing Homecoming. And when I say Homecoming, I’m not talking about dancing the night away or eating delicious food at a restaurant – although I’d be happy for you if you do those things; what I really mean is a Homecoming that raises StudCo more than enough money to last the expenses of the year. Trust me, learn the lessons from this year and raise a lot of money so that StudCo can have lots of halls to teachers programs, an amazing MHI week, clubs that don’t need to ask their members to pay for important conventions and competitions, and so much more.

To Alex Sobczynski, I will you a garden. Whether it’s through ALLIES, WE, or some other organization, I know those plants are your number one priority. And with the level of determination you have, that garden is going to find itself somewhere on this campus. Once it’s built and it’s SSS, maybe you can have some fun watering the plants instead of doing homework that’s due the next day.

To Monika Narain, I will you a happy 345 days from now through junior year until your birthday on May 2nd, 2020. From the start of sophomore year to when you turned 15 this year, your dedication to StudCo, Mod, and Cross Country has never ceased to amaze me. Continue the work ethic that you had this year (and trust me, junior year is definitely going to need it), and there’s no doubt in my mind that you’ll be celebrating your sixteenth birthday with a bright smile.

To Eric Pan, I will you a little sibling who you will form an amazing friendship with. Now, I don’t know how good of a sibling Jimmy was for you, but I know what a compassionate person you are through each interaction I’ve had with you. Your compassion is evident from how every generation of sophomores coming up will never have to know of a time where midday sodexo takeout never existed. That kindness is something that every little sibling deserves to have. When your little sibling is ever in need of support from you, I know they’d love to hear you say the words, “I gotchu”

To Brian Schatteman, I will you a dinner at a place other than Olive Garden. I’m sorry that StudCo chose Olive Garden to eat at, so you deserve to treat yourself at a truly authentic Italian place (but don’t ask me where because I personally like Olive Garden so…)

To Ketu Patel, I will you an infinite amount of delicious snacks from the vending machine. By simply being there to listen to your fellow hall members, you were able to take a part of everyone’s daily IMSA experience and make it a little better. You have a vibrant personality and it’s very easy for anyone to talk with you, and in that way, you are sort of like the sweets in a vending machine; anyone can be with you, and you’ll make their day a little better.

To Matthew Lee, I will you confidence. You came into IMSA Quizbowl with way more knowledge than I had in my junior year, and the competition has taken notice. But being captain of the team next year is just as much about knowing things as it is about decisive leadership. You’ll need to choose between two answerlines that both seem right; you’ll need to be the role model for the rest of the team. But from all of the time I’ve spent with you, I know you can be a charismatic leader; I know you can be confident. So next year, exude confidence and I know you’ll do amazing things with IMSA Quizbowl.  

To Brady Williams, Archan Das, Rachna Gupta, and Jaden Wang, I will you an amazing first national quiz bowl tournament, and even more amazing journey of quiz bowl throughout your years at IMSA. As it stands now, you all are like ten times better than I ever was my sophomore year, and I know that each of you has what it takes to continue the standards that IMSA Quiz Bowl has upheld since most of its existence. I’ll also will my history quizlets/notes to you (if you want them).

To Thailer Lietz, I will you a productive SIR experience. Hopefully, you can make some breakthroughs on writing the code to implement systematics. Also, make sure to wake up for the bus to Fermilab!

To Duncan Osmund, Grace Kozlowski, Rustom Ichhaporia, Brandon Young, I will you an amazing future continuing the IMSA Chapter of JSA! I hope that each of you is able to learn more about politics by continuing to attend conventions, holding interesting discussions at IMSA, and researching on your own as well. You each have valuable political perspectives that can help shape the culture of political discussion at IMSA.

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Shubha "Shubhi" Verma is from a small village called Forsyth, Illinois, but at IMSA she lives in 02b downquad with her favorite people. She's thrilled to be serving as Co Editor-in-Chief this year for the Acronym, and she looks forward to spending even more time procrastinating homework by working on this. Outside of this Wordpress, she's a part of BELLAs, LEAD, Science Olympiad, Senior Class Club, and SIR, so you'll be able to find her trudging underneath her 50lb backpack a lot. Ask her about the Acronym if you want her to launch into a 2 hour speech about why you should join and why it's the absolute best organization on campus.

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