The 2019 Senior Edition

Designed by Erika Ezife '19

The Acronym is beyond thrilled to present to you the Senior Edition. Countless hours, days, and weeks have been put into creating this beautiful edition, but it isn’t about us, it’s about the Class of 2019. Good luck seniors, and we hope that you enjoy it. 

Note: Senior Wills are not included in the printed copy of the 2019 Senior Edition for the sake of length. (You would be holding a dictionary if they had been printed.) Senior Wills are only stored online, and can be found below. Note that since the Class of 2019 wrote over 70,000 words altogether, they had to be halved to preserve the functionality of our site. Click here to go to part 2 for first names K-Z!

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Alexander Romanov
Alice Liu
Allen Chen
Amayrani Sanchez
Amit Somalwar
Andrew Wiedenmann
Andy Liu
Anisha Gubba
Anisha Sharma
Annie Xu
Astha Patel
Audrey Gallier
Ayush Agarwal
Bert Cao
Bharath Sreenivas
Briella Henderson
Catherine Luo
Chelsey Soli
Chetan Reddy
Christian Barrett
Christoph Gaffud
Daniel Chen
Daniel Soto
Danielle Lee
Denise Gutierrez
Devika Prasad
Diann Moon
Emily Springer
Eric Errampalli
Erika Ezife
Ethan Saquimux
Eunice Yoon
Eva Liu
Faith George
Faris Shaikh
Garrison Ecker
Gloria Huang
Hanson Hao
Harshavardhan Nalam
Hunter Welch
Jacquelyn Butler
James W. Lichtenstein
Jayda Yancey
Jeni Petrillo
Jessica Oros
Jimmy Ren
Joanna Lee
Jolin Zheng
Joshua Eberhardt
Justin Izaguirre

First names K-Z found here.

Alexander Romanov

To Ethan Tse, I will some salt. Thank you for letting me use your salt for my popcorn. It made my Game of Thrones experience at least 10x better.

To Chris and Siva, and Devraj, I will some sleep. As much as I’m guilty of it, reverse cycling is bad!

To Devraj, I will a successful startup. Man, from the moment I met you, I knew you were going places. You’ll be successful anywhere you go and no matter what you do.

To Nikita, Ajay, and Liza, I will some escargot 🐌

To Liza, I will a better French III teacher even though nothing can compare to notre mère.

To Hari, I will a successful ranked season.

To Katya, I will a stellar academic career and knocking everyone’s socks off. High school’s what you make it, don’t forget to have fun when you’re ruling the world.


Alice Liu

To Andrew, you’ve heard this too many times, but you’re gonna hear it one more time: I will you a happy, low-stress senior year with MORE SLEEP and good memories. And kind underclassmen to cop off of during your SSS. And my laundry card (lol). Thank you for always being there for me, giving me food, cold medicine, and stuffed animals; I can’t imagine what how different my last two years of IMSA would look like without you. You’ve grown a lot (quite literally) in the past three years and I wish you only the best moving forward. Keep MUN thriving, make sure to SSS real hard, and know that I’ll always be only a text away for anything you need!

To Vidhi Singh, I will you our EXO and GOT7 posters, and underclassmen who will make up for all the fun times and smiles you’ve brought to my senior year. And the strength to live through French V;;;;; I’m so glad I got to know you (finally something I can thank French V for) and want you to know I’ll always be there to support you. You’re a really hard worker, but forget to take some time out for yourself through the stressful times. Believe in yourself!! Keep stanning kpop groups, dance more, and brighten the world of everyone around you. You’re such an amazing person, and I hope you’ll surround yourself with people who realize that~

To Ian and Jodie, my LEAD Co-s this year, I will you guys partners next year who are just as passionate and hardworking as you have been, and great classes of engaging students. It’s been an honor to be your senior co, and I’ve learned so much about myself from the experience. Jodie, you’ve grown so much from our first module together to our last, and it’s amazing how well you hold students’ attention! You’ll be an outstanding SocEnt Chair for the year ahead! Ian, your knowledge and passion for entrepreneurship is far wider than mine, and I’ve never been so thankful you’re always there to calm students down and make them laugh. It’s been a great time working with you guys, and I wish you all the best!

To Rohan, I will you entertaining math classes, plenty of markers, and drama-filled MUN conferences! I really admire your work ethic, whether it’s in Number Theory, MUN or whatever else you set your mind to. I hope you find underclassmen who will make you math notes, tell stories of your family with, and be a great MUN partner!

To my A wing sophs: Juwon, Alex, Jaden, Grace, Livia, and Tori. I will you guys the strength and mutual support for the next 2 years at IMSA. Thank you for making A Wing such a lively and lovable place to live. I’m not gonna lie, junior year is going to be rough, but I believe you guys will 100% succeed! It’s alright if you feel a little lost, overwhelmed, or a behind. It sounds a bit hypocritical, but don’t focus too much on what others are doing; just try to be the best version of yourselves and that will be more than enough. Do more wing events! Go to dinner dates! Get more sleep! You guys got this down!

To A wing Juniors: Gowri, Rachel, Lauren, Katya, Lola, Bella, Nicole, and Michelle. I will you guys the confidence and leadership of A Wing! It’s been a long struggle, but you guys have made it to the top! Senior year (first semester) is going to be challenging, and there will be times you’ll feel like giving up. I hope you guys will support each other throughout the college process and all the ups and downs of IMSA life. It’s been a pleasure living with you guys, and I’ll miss all the post-check conversations and random activities in the Wing. Enjoy your last year at IMSA, and make the most of your time with this wonderful community.


Allen Chen

To Zayn Ramdass, I will you a teddy bear that will give you nice warm hugs while I’m away. Zayn, I’ve missed you and Luke being right across the hall and the inevitable 3am grind sessions of last year. I will you a soph who will ask for Webworks help when you’re just about to fall asleep and curl up on your bed in the cutest positions because they’re just that exhausted. I hope you have an amazing senior year, and don’t get TOO wild, but I’m sure that you’ll be completely fine.

To Luke Milavec, I will you a tunnel to Micah’s room and a mattress on his floor, because, let’s face it, that’s basically where you’re gonna live. Luke, Keep going on late-night longboarding sessions and never have to worry about school again. I hope your Easter weekend went well ;) and I know they’ll be plenty more like it. Don’t get hung up on the things you don’t like (your internship for example), and your senior year will be amazing.

To Moksh Shah, just as you came into our room and gave us an infinite amount of crust, I will you a soph who will do the same for you. Whenever the stress of first semester senior year begins to take hold, I hope your door violently swings open and you hear a guttural growl as they barge into your room and keep you laughing until 3 in the morning. Keep being the amazingly funny and spontaneous person you are, and make sure to keep doing your SIR (it’s a cop).

To Ishan Nikam, I will you endless sunny days for endless games of football and a quarterback on your team for every game, since I know how much you want to run and catch the ball, despite the massive cannon you call an arm. I will you a happy senior year relationship-wise and lots of fun with you-know-who. Have a great next year for MAO and I hope you’ll help inspire next year’s sophomores and juniors (and corrupt them with Moksh too).

To Ray Shang, I will you an endless supply of foods that aren’t carbs and someone for you to do math with next year. You’re one of the most smart and capable people I’ve ever met, and your dedication to doing math is something that I wish I had. Don’t care too much about the AMCs or USAMO, because you don’t need those things for validation. I hope you find a sense of direction in your life since no matter what, you’ll help a ton of people along the way, and make sure MAO (especially Ishan) doesn’t go too far astray.

To Kurt Leano, I will you a hall full of people who will care for you, support you when you need it, and pick up your spirits when you’re down. Kurt, you’re an amazing and extremely competent person who’ll be just fine no matter where you are, so make sure to tell your sophs all about 05 and the experiences we’ve made.

To Breanna Yang, I will you your very own sugar daddy who will do your math homework for you and buy you clothes and bring you food and endless amounts of bubble tea. You’re smart and hilarious and competent, so please don’t worry too much about college even if your parents never let you hear the end of it. Have a great senior year even though you’re basically still only 12 years old.

To Alison Deng, I will you a peaceful senior year where you can live stress-free. I know that this year has been extremely busy for you, but I hope that next year brings you much more freedom from boring homework and the stress of college (at least during second semester). Make sure you do Clash and spend lots of time playing with friends (and Pascal). I hope you have more great times in Spanish with Doctora, even though I’m not sorry about exposing you that one time.

To Andrew Du, I will you many flights to Germany cuz i heard those are your favorite. But seriously, I will you a peaceful and stressless senior year, where you get lots of sleep and care even less about Spanish. Stop eating so many strange chocolates and try to fight your coffee/caffeine addiction or else you’ll never be able to wake up. I also will you endless cheeks to squish and people to cuddle with in your bed, and a year of free political discourse at IMSA.

To Matthew Lee and Jay Dong, I will to both of you Andrew Du so he can keep squeezing your cheeks and eating you (and to do your homework). Keep an eye on him next year, because I trust your judgment infinitely more than I could ever trust his. I hope you’ll have tons of free time to get massive gains at the gym or do whatever the heck you want to do. Good luck with the women (but I think one of you will need a little more) and find a young soph to take under your wing.

To Jaden Wang, I will you a sophomore who will beat you at Smash just as badly as Scott, Bert, and I destroy you. Every time you come to C wing, it’s so much fun to just play and you always find a way to make me laugh with how stupid (and bad) you are at the game. Have fun losing to Deepu for the years to come and make sure you apply to Mu Alpha Theta!

To Ketu Patel, I will you free internet for the rest of your life, someone behind you to catch you and make sure you fall asleep in a comfortable position, and someone who knows how to wake you up from wherever you go during your sleep. Thank you for fueling many late-night grind sessions with your hotspot and providing a much-needed break whenever we come to your room. Also, as much as I’ve enjoyed slapping you and pouring water on your sleep-deprived body, you need to figure out how to manage your amazing talent for sleeping. I hope you have a great year building helicopters and gliders for Science Olympiad, but hopefully you won’t need to renew your friendship with that one security guard. I also will you the Back to the Fuch5ia sign in my room – keep the spirit of 05 alive and don’t forget to play with your panda bear ;)

To Ethan Talreja, I will you many more classes with Dr. Wille. I know Sheila really inspires to work hard and try your best, and i hope you never lose your amazing dedication to the study of ancient world religion and philosophy. I also will you lots of debate success and maybe you’ll even win a few rounds against your favorite other debaters. Being a master at anything takes lots of work, but I have no doubt that you can break through and get lots of noms and perfect speaking scores. Work on your nonprofit and try to change the world, but never lose your sense of humor and don’t forget to always be as stupid and spontaneously dumb as you already are.

To Shivang Bhaskar, I will you a ziggurat and a Calvin Klein Jeans polo.

To Sophie Pribus and Nafay Abdul, I will you a great year at SIR with whoever else will come join you two. Pass on all the knowledge that Faris and I gave you (if we gave you any at all), and enjoy wonderful meals at Kellogg and other places with Moksh and his gang too. I know you’ll miss our great conversations about the differences between an ocean and a lake or on how Sophie is an alien hawk, but I will you many more trips to Chicago (even you, Sophie). Both of you are so competent and smart, so don’t worry too much about college because you’ll be fine.

To Deepu Chintala, I will you better judgment in accepting bets and better luck while playing Smash. I hope the next month of not playing and not swearing are transformative but please don’t make too many bets you know you won’t be able to win. I also will you seniors and sophs that will watch movies with you, call you tree-poo, and will spend time with you during all the stressful times you’ll face next year.


Amanda Wong

To Maryann Swearingen, I will you a lot of buttons for you to open. You’re so sweet and fun to be around! Thanks so much for always listening to my rants and just being a great person to laugh and talk with! I’ll never forget Winston and the study sessions – let’s GO! Good luck with school and I believe in you my dude.

To Maddy Chow, I will you an endless supply of bread and no more garlic. You are so smart and hardworking. Thank you for all the fun conversations and videos and just being you all the time. You’re such crazy and caring person, you deserve just everything good. I hope you have a stressless senior year. I know you’ll do great things!

To Valeria Aguirre, I will you an underclassman who will never flakes a dance practice. You’re such a hardworking and sweet person! Thank you for all the fun conversations we’ve had and for always being down to listen and talk about anything. Keep being an art God! Have a great senior year and have fun! I’ll miss you so much!

To Linda Kaneps, I will you an underclassman as crazy as you are- Go Crazy! You’re such a energetic and wild person! It’s been super fun getting to know you and your quad. I’ll miss all the crazy conversations and sleepovers. Thanks for being a really great person. You’re so passionate about things and you know the randomest facts. Keep pushing through because you got this!  I hope you have a super fun and stress-free senior year!

To Vidhi Singh, I will you a smarter phone so you don’t have to keep losing your dumb phone. Thanks for being such a sweet and caring underclassman. I will never forgot the math grind sessions that always somehow included at least three other random people. You’re so smart and competent, don’t ever doubt yourself. You can do anything!

To Jason Zhang, I will you another great little sibling as cool as you! It’s been really fun to get to know you throughout the years and thanks for always brightening my day with your random anecdotes. Keep pushing through! I hope you have a great senior year and don’t stress too much!

To Peter Baffoe, I will you an underclassman that carries you through everything. Just kidding, you wouldn’t need them anyways. You’re so competent and bright, there’s literally nothing you can’t do except miss check or something. Thank you so much for always being there to help or to listen to the minor inconveniences of my day. You’re such a quality person with a crazy personality. I’m so glad I’ve gotten to know you. Have a great senior year and get more sleep!

To Clara Robin, I will you hair so you won’t be so bald anymore. Your sense of style is great and you’re so great at web technologizing. Stay crazy dude!


Amayrani Sanchez

For Jumobi and Ainsley, I will you the soccer team. The soccer team was where we all first met and got to know each other. You two have given me the greatest memories, laughs and adventures these past two years that will last me a life time. So I also will you the chance to do the same, to connect and form meaningful relationships with your teammates and create new memories, laughs and adventures that you will treasure forever. And I finally I will you my love and affection, you two will always have a special place in my heart.

For Alejandro, I will you the title of best basketball manager and my best jokes. You always have the biggest smile on and you never fail to make me laugh. You always were such a great and supportive manager. You always made each game better and funnier. I really enjoyed getting to know you this year and I hope you always continue to make the best jokes.

For Andrea, I will you a smile and playful banter. Andrea, our playful banter has always made me smile. You always have the greatest comebacks. Our playful banter and your smile never fail to brighten my day. Enjoy your senior year!

For Trinity, I will you a broom and my affection. I hope that you remember all our good broom stories (we have a few) especially the ones that include Jumobi. I also will you to continue the legacy of the broom stories with Jumobi. Remember all my affection for you. You will always mean the world to me. And most importantly, I will you the best and craziest adventures.

For Simone, I will you the best stories. We first met when I was creating some of my best, weirdest, craziest (and definitely fake) stories. So I hope you will you to continue my stories and keep the tradition going!

For Megan, Kayla and Sabirah, I will you the basketball team and each other. You three have made my last year in basketball the best by far. I have really enjoyed being around you guys and continuing to be my side. I hope you three will continue to remain on the basketball team. But most importantly, I hope you continue to remain close to each other and make the best memories. I love all three of you very much. To Kayla, my prodigy, I will you my French abilities and WWND (What would Nani Do?) officially. I also will you to continue to always be 100% yourself. You never fail to make me laugh or smile or just brighten my day, I am so grateful that I got to know you. To Sabirah, I will you the best songs and movie skills. Your ability to make a rap or a song or even James Bond remake film, never fails. I hope you continue to be the most creative person I know you are. To Megan, I will you the biggest heart I have ever known. You are the kindest and sweetest person I know. I have really loved spending time with you this past year.

To Yair, I will you the best dance moves and our Alma Latina board. I am really happy that I was able to know you this year! You may dance a lot but I know you have some great moves in you. You are such a fun person to be around and a great person and soph. I hope you continue to be a part of Alma Latina. I also hope that maybe, you can occasionally break out a dance move or two.

To Dana, I will you France and our French. French was the class that always brought us together. Little did I know at that time I was going to receive such a great friend and supporter. Dana you such a caring, loving soul with the kindest heart. You always look out for me and always have my back. I am grateful every day to out French class because that is how I met you. I will you our France trip, where I hope you continue to travel and explore new places. I love you dearly, my main girl and my love.

To Lyric, I will you our room. This was where you, me and Jayda always talked, hung out and made the best memories. Our room was the beginning of our story so I hope you continue that tradition with another. You have such a big heart and kind soul. You always looked out for me and always reminded me that you mad my back. You are the most loyal friends that anyone can have and I feel blessed each and every day that you are in my life. Every day, you support me, make me laugh, put a smile on my face and make every day an adventure. You will always have a piece of my heart. I love you a ton!

To Avelin, my grandson, my partner in crime and one of the biggest reasons I laugh every day, I will you 10 check. 10 check was the beginning of our friendship, it was where we first started talking and where we many of our shenanigans happened. Little did I know that by first talking to you at 10 check would lead to one of the greatest and funniest friendships I have ever had. Every day with you is a new shenanigan, a new adventure and a new memory that I will always treasure. I cannot have been more grateful to have you in my life. Every day, you somehow find a way to make me laugh or smile. You never fail to make my life better. I am going to miss you immensely but always know I am one call away. However, the biggest will I can give you is our friendship and all our memories.


Amit Somalwar

To Sid Panda, I will you an underclassmen who will always come into your room after 1 am with the classic “greetings” introduction and someone who’s always willing to stay up late nights to talk with you. I will you someone who you’ll be able to trust as much as you trusted me, and someone who’ll always be by your side and help you whenever you need assistance. I will you an underclassmen who’ll always eat your snacks and who’ll be motivated by your gainz. I will you someone who’ll make you believe in yourself each and every day after check and someone who’ll always offer great advice for all of your problems. Thanks for being so considerate of everybody in the wing and for all of the funny interactions in the wing chat and more! Thank you for all of the mems, you were a really big part of why my senior year was the best it could possibly be!

To Cait Castillo, I will you an underclassmen who’s always smiling, happy, and energetic whenever they see you. You’re really funny and always brighten up people’s days. I’ve had so much fun just talking to you and for all of the countless memories that we have made. I will you someone who will appreciate your passion (gross word) for kombucha. I will you someone who’ll always play basketball with you and who’ll appreciate your immense contributions to IMSA through CAB, ISP, and much much more! I also will you a friend you can count on, talk to about anything, and someone who appreciates and matches your bubbly and energetic personality every single day. Thank you for all of your support and have a great and memorable senior year! P.S: Please get some sleep, you deserve it:). Oh and btw, black and grey? C’mon bro :p

To Megan Lee, I will you an IMSA buddy who is always willing to help you no matter whatever you may need. You have made an amazing group of friends at IMSA, and you’re always so calm, relieving, and mindful of other people’s feelings when talking to them. You offer the best advice for anything I have ever needed! I’m glad for all of the interactions that we’ve ever had, and thank you for always being someone who I could go to for help! Enjoy your last year Megan! Make it count!!

To Alison Deng, I will you the most happiness you could have ever asked for. This year may have been a little bit robotic and that you may have hit rock bottom several times, but let me tell you that rock bottom with your back against the wall is the best place to be, because there’s nowhere else to go but up. It may not have gone as planned because of academic pressures and social environments, but next year I hope you’re able to surround yourself with a tight knit and loving community that loves you, supports you, and appreciates you for who you are as a person. I will a group of friends who reciprocate the same level of trust and openness you show them every day, a group of people who’s always there for you, through the good and the bad. Please don’t let college season take over your well-being. I will you a less stressful first semester and a happy and fun stress-free sss with your closest friends. Enjoy!

To Vibhav Adivi and Ajay Jayaraman, I will you both a very successful senior year and a lot of happiness. Ajay, although we haven’t talked much, the few interactions that we’ve had were so meaningful and I know that you can and will have a successful year. Please don’t stress out about the small things in life. Everything is going to turn out to be just ok. Vibhav, I still remember when I’d always use to replace your roomie during sophomore year, and I hope that you’ll have someone who’ll always give you food and wish that you as well have a happy and successful senior year!

To Luke Milavec and Brian Schatteman: I will you both two underclassmen who are not as tank as me and Akash during diglit. I will you people who’ll always do the readings and will offer to speak up for the table during class discussions. Thanks for the hard carry!

To James Guo, I will you a cooking buddy who’ll always want to cook some yummy food late hours. From banana milkshakes to making gulab jamun to iron chef, I’ve enjoyed the many cooking adventures we have went on, and hope that once me and Luke are not there anymore, that you’ll have someone just as eager and passionate about cooking as you are.

To Shreya Pattisapu, I will you more sophomores from Metea Valley. Shreya, I know that sophomore year may have been a little bit rough, and I’d be lying if I said junior year was easier, but you have a great support system in your roomate and the rest of your wingmates. I know from the past 8 years that you’re so talented at everything you do and put your mind towards, so keep working towards the end goal. I hope that you have a very successful rest of your time and a memorable three years at IMSA! See you in the neighborhood!

To Ishan Nikam and Moksh Shah, I will you guys underclassmen who will always be willing to play smash and mariokart with you, yes even at 4 am. You two are literally the same person, because your sense of humor and personalities are almost identical. I am so glad to have gotten to know one of you for 17 years now, and the other for a very memorable two. Make metea proud and I hope you guys have a very low stress senior year!

To 04a boys, To the greatest home I could have ever asked to live in this year, I will you guys a wing that makes each time you enter a room an unpredictable yet exciting experience. I will you guys people who will always be supporting you, exposing you, or doing unexplainable things to you. I will all of you a happy time at IMSA wherever you live, whether that be in 04a or another wing, and I will you guys a strong sense of community and brotherhood that’s bonded by your companionship and love for each other!

To Aaron Rodrigues, I will you friends that appreciate and love you for who you are, and will always be there for you whenever you need to talk, laugh or cry with. I still remember our walk at Luau last year, and I’m so proud that you have since grown from that and still continue to grow and thrive here. I just want you to know that I’m only a text or call away, and I want you to live senior year to its fullest, with no regrets, very little stress, and a lot of unforgettable memories! Represent metea also!! I’ll see you later!

To Matthew Halliman, I will you a very successful year of basketball, both as a player and a team. I’ve seen you play, spent some time with you in the gym, and know that with your work ethic, talents, and focus in basketball, that big things are in store for you next season. I have a lot of respect for how you play the game, and love the way you attack every single possession ala Westbrook. Remember to be the best player you could be, and I’ll definitely be back next year to watch you play! Although you get injured every day :P, you put your body out every time you play a sport, and I hope you have a very successful and memorable athletic year next year!

To Pascal Adhikary, I will you a sophomore who’ll always come into your room to sleep and who’ll always be willing to sleep on the floor just to be in your company. I will you someone who’ll try our new pizza combinations even though they may sound gross at first and someone who’s just as dinky as you are. I respect so much that you shifted your focus from sophomore year, because you’ve grown so much from first semester. I hope you have a great rest of your time at IMSA!!

To Janna Jann, I will you someone who’s just as quirky as you are, someone who’ll understand your gifs and TikToks and can compete with you in a pun war. I will you someone who’ll offer you a new and fresh perspective and someone who’ll listen and give helpful feedback to every story you’ll ever tell. I will you someone who’ll appreciate your dancing videos in the rain, your eggcellent puns while making eggs, and your never ending dad jokes. Thanks for all of the funny and sometimes serious interactions we’ve had this year. I hope you have a wonderful senior year!

To Zahra Vasi, I will an underclassmen who cops you all the hw for classes. I also will you someone who will always listen to your rants and never fails to disappoint you :0. I will you someone who you can obsess about Friends with and who’ll stay up supah late nites to talk with you. I will you fun SIR bus rides, spontaneous trips to chipotle and dunkin donuts. I hope you have an enjoyable senior year with your bestest friends and get granted with a sss you deserve. Good Luck:)

To Bala Ramaraju, I will you more sleep, a successful college season, and a lot of fun and amazing memories next year!

To Samira Cheruku, I will you underclassmen who’ll let you rant about your love for the celtics and who’ll be willing to play basketball with you. I also will you a cop for your classes when you don’t understand what is going on in. I also will you a confidant.

To Saisu Talasu, I will you a manz, sugar daddy, and someone who’ll love you for ya dinky self.


Andrew Wiedenmann

To Zoe B, I will you a senior year filled with noodles, gushers, less compu sci and more free time. In short, I will you nothing but the best. Thank you for the smiles, laughs, and memories. Next year, you’ll have a lot of great people in your corner, but all of us will always be a text away. Make the most out of your senior year without us, but remember that you will always be Zob.

To Jason L, I will you another slow senior who comes out of the woodwork to join the team next year. It was a lot of fun getting to know you this year and I’m thankful to call you my teammate.

To Nishant B, I will you another year of high quality bulletin boards. Congrats on CD buddy, you deserve it.

To Max K, I will you my anger. I also will you my goal for senior year that I never accomplished – do something to make everyone here a little happier. If there’s one person that can do that, its you.

To Michael M, I will you a stress free senior year. I am glad I got to know you better this year.

To Grace S, I will you Zoe B. Please tease her every day next year.

To Jaden W, I will you a better robotics facilitator. Or maybe you will become one yourself.

To Nate T, I will you my old running shoes. Join the cross team next fall and stick with it, it was the best decision I made this year.

To Jay R, I will you my three words to success. Be sure you never forget them. Keep running and don’t let junior year get to you. I am looking forward to what you will accomplish.

To all of my B wing underclassmen, I will you another year of memories. I regret not getting to know all of you better. Do your best next year and keep making great stories.


Andy Liu

To Aabha Vyas, Pascal Adhikary, Nat Oliven, and the new Model UN Board members, I will you people to fight over paying for you when you get food downtown, the same advisor for more than a year, random extra money to buy more board merch with, underclassmen board members to carry you during your first semester of senior year, and the best class of new MUN sophomores you could ask for. I’m also willing you our United Nations flag to be passed down, but that’s contingent on it being in Andrew’s room because otherwise, I have no idea where it is or if we ever ordered it. I’m incredibly proud of you guys for all the work you put in to get this club to the point it’s at today, and I have absolutely no doubt that you can do even more after I leave. Good luck!! I’m expecting great things out of you <3

To Andrew Du, I will you the Model UN Presidency. You’ve stepped up so much and taken initiative on countless occasions, and now you finally have a title that reflects that. I don’t have a long line of MUN Presidents or traditions to draw on, but that only means that those traditions and this role are yours to define now. Don’t get us dechartered ;). I also will you all the money I owe you for the food we got at conferences; you can buy another pocket square with it!

To Ray Shang, my OG little sib, I will you a better HMMT team (if you’re still trying to do that next year). I’ve never seen you as carefree as you were when we were screwing around outside of the Providence airport while Rajat’s dad looked for an Uber, and although next year might be really stressful at times, I hope you’ll find as many of moments like that as you need to thrive your senior year. No matter what it brings, I’m confident that your talent and passion will take you far, and that you’ll make all of us proud.

To Ishan Nikam and Moksh Shah, I will you the clock Abu gave our quad last year. You know what to do with it, and hopefully you’ll have no shortage of juniors to hand it off to next year. I also will you the entirety of our work on H** Theory, and all of the Nobel Prizes that it will one day earn. As they say, there are 24 hours in a day, and 365 days in a year (that’s not what they actually say) – I hope you’ll use all 24 hours of all 365 days of your senior year to the fullest.

To Deepu Chintala, I will you my tea – maybe you can make your sophs think you’re cooler than you actually are by leaving it around your room. You brought so much energy to our quad and to 05 this year, and I hope you’ll have sophomores next year that do the same for you.

To the sophs in 05 drill, I will you underclassmen that will step up the way you did when you’re seniors. You might think you were just in the background the whole time, but you underestimate your own importance – we couldn’t have won without you. All of you stepped up big time for your hall even though you didn’t have to, and I can’t wait to see what you guys can do with Clash in future years, no matter where you live.

To Namit Padgaonkar, I will you the tankest SSS Spanish you could wish for (or the most fulfilling, educational SSS Spanish if you’re into that). I also will you the best Clash of your life next year – it’s not mine to will you, but I hope you’ll carry on the 05 legacy in your new position.

To Raman Aliakseyeu, I will you the AoPS books you asked for that I forgot to give you. My bad about that, but from what I’ve seen of you, you’re a really smart, dedicated little sib, and I hope you’ll stay that way even through the toughest years at IMSA. You got this!

To Moksh Shah, Aaron Rodrigues, Ishan Nikam, Aryan Vaidya, Luke Milavec, Zayn Ramdass, Sam Rabideau, and Xander Hall, I will all of you amazing, hilarious, talented sophomores that will make you as proud to live in your wing as I was to live in our wing last year. You’ve all found new communities that I have no doubt you’ll thrive in, but I know you’ll always keep a part of 2018 05C with you. One of my biggest regrets here is that I didn’t realize how unique having sophomores like you was until you’d all left – but I know you’ll be better seniors for your wings than me.


Anisha Gubba

To Milica, I will you someone else who will mispronounce your name in my memory and someone else Mr. Loo thinks is worthy of being your old married couple. I will you someone you can teach about geography and hail, and I will you the ability to be someone’s mom. I love you and will always be your momm.

To Zahra,, I will you the ability to be confident and tell people no sometimes even if you don’t want to hurt their feelings. I will you a junior or sophomore who will crash your room at odd hours to cuddle and spill tea. You da best.

To Winny, I will you someone who will be comfortable to come to your room ub tears and someone you feel comfortable doing the same with. I also will you the ability for yourself to see how amazing you are. Winny you are such an amazing person and someday you will see that too because believe me, you are. ❤

To Katie, I will you the ability to be mean to people sometimes if that’s what it means to get your point across. I also will you the ability to stand up for yourself and be true to yourself, and someone in your wing who will appreciate your constant concern, happiness and support. Thank you for everything Katie I love you.

To Jiyoon, I will you the ability to be more confident in yourself and how smart you are!! You are honestly one of the smartest, most genuine, and hardest working people I know. Surround yourself with positivity and let yourself shine like the true star you are (i love your tiny 3d stars) I love you so much and I know it will all work out for you. I love you and I’m always here for you.

To Celeste, I will you a new senior/ sophomore who will click with you the same way we did and as fast as we did. I will you someone you won’t get bored spending time with and someone you can make lists with  and have wacky times. I will you the best sophomore ever that you can trust with anything and can spill tea with and trust so much with everything. Celeste you really made senior year unforgettable and even tho I’ve only known you for a year, I KNOW you’re gonna be one of the people I miss the most. I cannot express how much I love you and you are gonna go so far. You better keep in touch and tell me everything.

To Tatiana, I will you someone you can do all the wacky things we have done with. I will you someone you can have photoshoots with, see you at your worst, someone you can confide in, and someone you can trust. Thank you so much for everything. Oh yeah. Also. Do you want the hoodie? Haha. Anyway, I love you so much you have no idea. I will pester you with calls if you don’t call so be ready.

To Jaden, I will you a new buddy to ride down to Champaign with and a new buddy to always think about getting stranded at bloomington with. I will you someone you can help with french and someone you can talk to about home when you feel a little homesick. I will you a new sophomore who you can always trust will be there if you ever need it. Thanks for everything man.

To Jojo, I will you someone else to yell shut up to for no reason and someone who you can count on to always brighten your day. I will you someone you can make so happy with the pushing the glasses thing and someone who will go to you for hugs when they feel down. Jojo, man you were one of the highlights for robotics and man you’re gonna go so far.

To TJ, I will you someone who can randomly say your name when they see you and always get your attention. I will you someone that will appreciate you and your music, and someone you can teach how to shuffle cards and someone you can have good math memories with. Don’t forget the toilet paper! TJ you are so smart and talented and I want you to never forget that. I know we don’t hang out much but you are someone who I will definitely miss.

To Nishant, I will you someone who will have random conversations with you in Telugu and someone who is obsessed with maggi. I will you someone who is eager to make plans with you, even if they fall through haha. And someone who will actually see how amazing you are. Nishant I know you don’t see this, but you are SUCH an amazing person. You are so nice and so smart and always there for me. You’re true and honest and you are so much better than you think you are. Nishant you are gonna go  much farther than you think cause you work so hard and you’re so humble. I just hope you will see someday soon, just how amazing you are because you really are one of a kind in a good way. Never forget that people think that and never change.

To Aryan, I will you someone else who is just as bad as you at the fake tap on shoulder thing. I will you so many more robotics competitions to just joke around and just have fun. You really always know how to make my day better and just the right thing to say.

To Abhi Vinnakota, I will you someone  who will wow you with their amazing skills at talking to judges laid back personality. I will you someone who is just as curious as you and always trying to do your best. I also will you more fun competitions to come and more forts to build at target!

To Ajay, I will you an amazing new business team that will amaze you the same way you guys have amazed me and a team who always has your back. I also will you the ability to stay as laid back as you are, especially as college season roles around, and to stay as reliable and honest as you always are. I believe in you, and I just know you’re gonna do amazing man.

To Vincent, I will you someone you can wow with your wordscapes code and your CADing abilities. I will you someone who you can always sit at sodexo with and always talk about anything with. I will you the best of everything and the ability to see that you are amazing. I’m expecting to see you as a CADing guru sometimles soon yuhhh.

To Maxine, I will you someone you can cuddle with and someone who will eat all of your chocolate. I will you someone who is always down to dance with you and out weird you in every way. Never stop dancing and keep pushing yourself like you do to be the best you can, you are so smart and hardworking and just amazing in everyway. Have fun at NASA and don’t forget to call meeee.

To Linda, I will you someone who loves Barbara as much as we do and someone you can hype her up with. Someone to discuss your Putin plans with and someone who can yell vestibuleee at you. Someone who can help you with cs and appreciate your humor. I love you lindaaaaa.

To the Future Business Team, this Team is my baby and I am just so amazed with all the progress we have made these past years and how much we’ve helped our team to grow. I also love how close I’ve become with the people on this team. I will you guys to have continued prosperity and and growth and a bunch of new memories to come. Make the best of your cause believe me, you’ll regret it when it’s all over.


Anisha Sharma

To Nafay Abdul, I will you more chemistry. Haha, just kidding. Thanks for making my senior year much more enjoyable by ranting with me about our classes and talking about the most random things. I probably don’t need to tell you this but make sure to fully enjoy your SSS. You deserve it and I know you’re going to do great things. If you need help, whether it’s with college stuff or simply ranting about more teachers, make sure to stay in touch.

To Saisu Talasu, I will you a bright junior who will always light up your day no matter how you’re feeling. You are one of the happiest and cutest people I know, and I hope that your senior year brings you even more happiness and fun.

To Pratibha Bhalla, I will you an organized and optimistic co-choreographer. I had so much fun choreographing girls dance with you this year and I will never forget the memories we had from it. I hope you have an amazing senior year and remember to stay in touch!

To Charline Rivera and Abigail Light, I will you more band. I’m going to miss laughing at literally everything with you two; you guys were honestly my light of that class. Now that you two will be a junior and senior, make sure to help each other laugh a lot and have fun. I hope you both have an amazing year next year!

To Shikha Adhikari, I will you a junior who is obsessed with Bollywood movies and songs and will talk about them for hours with you. I am so glad we were in the same hall for two years and that I have gotten to know you so well. I’m going to really miss all your rants and random visits to our quad (but you should still call and keep me up to date!). Whenever you need help with college or people problems or want to rant about movies, remember I’m only a message away.

To CJ, I will you a junior who will have random staring contests with you but will never actually tell you why. Thanks for being an amazing wing guide and just an awesome person to be around. You have worked so hard this year for the wing, so I hope you have a relaxing senior year. Remember to stay in touch!

To Krisha Patel, I will you a brighter Sodexo future. Idk if that makes sense, but you know what I mean. Krisha, you are one of the sweetest, happiest people I have ever met. Every time I see you, you’re always smiling, and then I feel obligated to smile too. I love how you can turn any conversation into a laughing exchange. Now that we know we live so close to each other, if you ever need anything, you know where to find me:)

To Lauren Crowe, I will you a lab partner that will make you laugh and actually understand what is going on. Thanks for being such an amazing friend throughout your time here. I probably would not have made it through adchem without having you as my lab partner first semester (if you couldn’t tell I was constantly confused). I have seen how hard you work and know that you are going to great things, both in college and in your future. I will you a relaxing yet exciting senior year, and remember that if you ever need anything, I’m just a message away.

To Frances Balto, Cait Castillo, Ashley Homecgoy, Lauren Crowe, Megan Lee, I will you all awesome underclassmen that are as fun and amazing as you all are. I still remember living in 06A with you guys and how you all always managed to brighten up my day. You all are amazing people and I know you guys will do great things:)

To Eliza Apavaloaiei, I will you a stand partner that will make you laugh (and enjoy band) as much as you made me. You made my junior year much more bearable, and I hope your future stand partner will help you make the most of your senior year (even in band).


Annie Xu

To Zoe, I will you an amazing senior year and to not miss us tooo much. I will you the will to get through to the end when you will graduate and get out of this place lol. I love you soo much! Video call us whenever you want to talk because we will always be here for you. Hope everything goes well for you and that you get into the college of your dreams <3

To Alana, Sravani, Jasmin, I will you Kpop club. Of course, this is logical. But I will you it in hopes that you can make it even better. I trust you, Alana, very much. It was a little bit of a hot mess this year, and I’m sorry for that. But there’s a first time for everything, and in its second year, I believe you guys can use what you’ve learned to make it succeed even more. I wanna see more cover videos!!

To the future board members of FPS and Gowri and Breanna, I will you the good times of State FPS. Please don’t let FPS die. It has given me some of the best memories, and I hope it has given you some good memories too. The competition is always so fun, even as it’s stressful. I hope you can walk into those cool record stores and get Insomnia cookies and stay up til 3am in Bloomington again, and I believe you can deal with all the foolish shenanigans and difficulties that always come up during planning for competition. Sorry Gowri and Breanna for not being the best with communication and not leading you as well as I should have. Anyways, I believe in you guys!!

To Jaden Wang, I will you the perseverance to keep going to Robotics and stick through even when it’s annoying. You’ll get so much out of robotics, I promise! But I’ll forgive you if you don’t believe me. I’ll miss you and your antics bud.

To Pratibha, I will you the best senior year! I’ve always admired you and your work ethic, your kindness, your silliness, joy in life, and ability to connect with anyone. Although I wasn’t super close with you, I hope that everything you’ve done and all the brightness you’ve given to everyone else will pay off in the end. Actually, I know it will.

To Maia, Jiliann, Kristina, Rachel, Mariam Sanusi, Melena, I will you many more Kpop club dance covers! Lol. Seriously. You guys are literally the backbone of my club right now. I really hope you keep it up, because you are all amazing dancers! I admire y’all, and love your guys’ energy, joy, wildness, and your love of kpop. Keep doing you! <3

To the junior/sophomores on SDAC (Meghana, Alyssa, Gaylen, Fran, Rachel, Sydney), I will you the continuation of spreading dance all around campus. (lol) Seriously, thank you so much for welcoming me onto SDAC board my last year. This year was so fun and gave me a lot of great memories. I grew a lot this year too. I know you guys will keep welcoming others to learn to dance and to improve their skills. I’m really happy that a club like this exists with such great people. Keep on dancing and loving dance, whether or not you continue with SDAC next year. You’re the best :0 To all, good luck with everything! <3

To Tatiana, I will you better seniors on Robotics lol. I know we were not that helpful, but I appreciate you and Tommy letting us fool around on the team and letting us have a great time. I loved robotics; I learned so much and I appreciate all the help that you, Miles, and the other juniors gave to me who is not that knowledgeable. I hope the team and robot gets even better and better next year. I believe in you!

To Athena Zheng, I will you all the egg math tests, fun runs with XC, good cooking and a wonderful senior year. You’re so cute and capable! Good luck with college season!

To Heldanna, I will you all the dancing skills! I see how you keep showing up to dance classes and events and I love it. I know all your hard work will pay off. <3 Keep it up! You’ll get there someday for sure.

To Maddy (with a Y!), I will you strength and self-kindness. You’re an amazing, kind, expressive soul. Don’t get down on yourself too hard. I believe in youuuu <3

To Max Knutson, I will you clarity and success on your career path. Your music is really cool! And you are pretty cool. Good luck with everything!

To Rachel Tin, I will you another cutie soph who will make your day brighter and be as goofy and dinky as you are. Thank you for being so great, and for letting me squish you and hug you randomly. You’re so kind and fun to be around. I’m glad I kinda made you my friend lol from that one fateful day practicing dance team(?) choreo with you. Good luck with the next two years! Uwuuuu :)

To Ellyn, I will you another amazing talent show performance and clash experience. But I know you’ll make that happen yourself. You are so cool, talented, and so kind. Hope you never stop being you. Good luck with the next two years! Please call me up if you ever need anything or wanna talk :)

To Maahum, I will you a stress-free college process. Okay, I know that’s impossible, but hopefully you will not stress out of your mind about it. You will be okay wherever you go because you are hard-working and so capable of anything you put your mind to. Thanks for all the fun times at Makerspace Camp. Sorry we never really talked this year, but I’ll always be here for you. Hit me up if you wanna chat or need advice please, I’m always down. Good luck with senior year!!

To Shruti, I will you another fun tank class like Observational Drawing with great underclassman. :P I really appreciated you in that class like that time you put a pillow under my head while I was sleeping, for always brightening up my day and taking random selfies and videos of me, and for supporting me in general :) And remember that time I tried to make you wake up but you were just not having it? Lol You’re awesome. Pleasee get more sleep and don’t procrastinate and don’t stress out too much over the college process. You’ve got it!! I believe in you so much. You’re so hard-working and capable. Good luck :) Hit me up if you need help with anything or just want to chat.

To Jojo, I will you a robotics friend group as fun and random as Petey Boiz. Although I didn’t really see you that much that year, hope you’re doing well and good luck with senior year :) HMU if you need anything!

To Maia, I will you a more peaceful life junior year. I will you happiness and good friends and a less stressful drill experience (if you’re choreo-ing again). Just know that I admire you so much. You’re strong, and powerful, and deserve the world. Don’t let insignificant things get you down. The ones who matter will stick with you through anything. Good luck with the next two years <3

To all juniors and sophomores, I will you a relatively stress-free next year. To the juniors, I will a semi-okay college process. Please don’t stress out too much, because you will go to a place that is meant for you. To all underclassmen, don’t procrastinate, go outside more, hang out more with your friends, don’t overthink too much, use your energy on things you can change and control. Hang in there! Even when IMSA sucks, you’ll make it through and look on it with fondness. You’ll think of only the good memories, like I am now. We all have to go through sucky things in life. You have the strength to go on. You are so worth it! Love yourself and believe in yourself above all. Of course, all things I say here are easier said than done. By the end of three years, you’ll have learned and grown sometimes more than you can bear. But, you’ll see what I mean when I say that you’ll be much more at peace by the end of these three years. And you have more learning and growing to do even after IMSA! You will be okay! I promise <33333


Astha Patel

To Vasu Chalasani, I will you an underclassman who does everything for you (only on weekends though) and one that also tucks you in at night. Have an amazing senior year and continue having the horses in the back.

To Milica Barac, I will you an underclassman who always tries to feed you something you hate (hopefully it’s worse than sparkling water) and an underclassman that gives amazing hugs just like you. Have a wonderful senior year and I hope you get salt & peppered by your sophomores.

To my 02BUQ, HELLO! I’m going to miss you guys so much. Thank you for being an amazing upquad and one that I can always count on to bring me laughs. Sophie, I will you a stress-free senior year. Relax a bit! It’s all going to be okay. Sonia, I will you a senior year with no boy drama (pls). And lastly, I will my upquad an even better upquad that provides the same laughs you gave us. Oh, and maybe a mouse too ;)

To Isha Kadakia, I will you an amazing 2 more years at IMSA! Keep thriving it up and killing it in volleyball. I hope you have an amazing season with Smothers! ;)

To Srilalana Apasani, I will you a sophomore who has trouble spelling TITAN as much as you ;) I hope you have a fantastic junior and senior year that is filled with the same clumsiness and craziness as you.

To Spencer Chubb, I will you a table full of juniors for your senior year and another table like our OOP one. I hope you have another Tejo in every single one of your classes and an amazing senior year :)

Audrey Gallier

To Celeste Izaguirre, I will you a sophomore as chill as you!! I’m so glad you joined the team and we each realized the other wasn’t annoying because you’re literally the coolest person in existence. If you play basketball again (please play basketball again!!!) I will you a great season with quality teammates and good games. You’re one of the people I’m gonna miss most when I graduate, but we still live like right next to each other, so make sure to come see me bb

To Ryan Talusan, I will you the legacy of short, sleep-deprived, schmen point guards. You might be the last one to come through IMSA for a while, so make it count! I’ve always admired you for how hardworking, optimistic, and just generally a good person you are—that will get you very far so no matter what happens keep it up! Most of all, though, I will you SLEEP! Please sleep! I hope you have a really fun sss when you get there (and you will get there) and hmu if you ever need anything!

To Nathan Shwatal, I will you lots of friends since I, literally your only friend, am graduating (jkjk), and lots of hard math problems to solve. I would will you a math carry as good as you are but I don’t think you’ll need it.

To Michelle Wang, I will you a cute, friendly underclassman to come to your room and talk to you! You’ve always been one of my best friends in the class of 2020, and from boy drama last year to late nights in our room this year, we’ve been through a lot. I hope your senior year is as much fun as possible!

To Namit Padgaonkar, I will you less work to do next year! I don’t remember what possessed me to text you out of nowhere (I don’t even think I could have picked you out of a crowd at that point) but I’m glad I did because you’re a super chill and quality person! Good luck in basketball season and I hope you’re able to tank hard senior year because you deserve it!

To Vidhi Singh, I will you a cool underclassman to talk to about music and drama with and who will give you song recs! Not everyone realizes what a quality person you are but I hope throughout your life you always have people who respect you and take you seriously. Have fun senior year!

To Sabirah Taiwo, I will you a cool neighbor who has lots of pants you can “borrow”, and lots of chill people to talk to at ten check! If you play basketball again I will you a great season! Have fun next year

To Mariam Sanusi, I will you lots of warm hugs, dance moves, BTS merch, and cool neighbors! You are a literal ray of sunshine and you deserve so much.

To Kayla Quigley, I will you a sophomore to give you smiles and hugs and love!!! Keep balling and hitting those 3s next year, and good luck with everything!!

To Kailey Light, I will you a sophomore who brightens your day, and a senior you can expose yourself to!

To Megan Ptak, I will you a friendly sophomore on the basketball team! If you play next year, I hope you have a great season and that you use your amazing game intelligence to its full potential!

To Jumobi Arowolo, I will you the basketball team!! Your goofy personality and funny nicknames made these past two seasons extra fun! As the only three year player on the team next year, I’m very confident in your leadership. I’ll make sure to come visit and watch a game next year! Bye Jumobi BYE AUDREY

To Peter Baffoe, I will you a really annoying underclassman who, by the time you graduate, you will never want to see again. Just kidding! Have a great senior year—those geometric means will get you through!

To Sid Panda, I will you lots of fun and quality people your senior year, and luck with college applications! Hmu if you ever need anything

To Grace Yue, I will you math classes that aren’t as soul-crushing as MVC is. You work so hard, so keep it up but also remember to have some fun senior year because you deserve it!!

To Megan Lee, I will you lots of free time senior year and a great SSS! You’re one of the few people on campus who is really wild/fun while also being a genuinely kind person. I’ve enjoyed being on Allies with you and I hope you enjoy next year to the fullest!

To Lizzie Murphy, I will you the least stressful college application season possible, lots of fun times senior year, and, if you’re still a mentor next year, an epic mentoring group! It’s been really cool being on board with you and being your co mentor, and I hope you have a lot of fun next year because you deserve it!

To Lauren Crowe, I will you Fahrenheit 451! It’s been great having you on board the past couple of years! Your genuine enthusiasm about books is inspiring, and I’m sure you’ll do great things with the club next year.

To Nate Tamez, I will you good eating habits for the duration of your time at IMSA!

To all the other underclassmen I’ve talked to in the past two years, I will you all the fun I’ve had senior year. When I came in as a sophomore I never would have expected I would meet so many amazing people that 20 wills wouldn’t be enough, but just because I couldn’t fit everyone into my wills doesn’t mean I won’t be remembering every single one of you next year.

Ayush Agarwal

To Aaron Rodrigues and Travis Ingram, I will you a smart and hardworking programming subteam. This year working with both of you was a blast. Both of you put in an amazing amount of effort into the season and I am anxious to see what you bring next year. I hope both of you continue to work extremely hard and dedicate even more time to robotics. Next year you will have no Gabe and no me to help you through comps. Still, feel free to message me whenever you want to ask me any question you have. However, most importantly, I want both of you to cherish robotics next year. Regardless of what game FIRST chooses next year, (water game?) I want both of you to enjoy every moment of it. Good luck with your future endeavors and have fun next year!

To IMSA Golf 2k18 squad, I will you a bucket of golf balls. I have never seen so many people lose so many golf balls, but in all honesty, everyone on this golf team deserves a big shout out! I had an amazing time playing with and helping you people out. I’m not so sure you know, but we got an update on the IMSA Golf banner in the gym, so take a look. That banner serves as the token of what we all did as a group this year. It wasn’t just one of us who made it happen, it was a whole quarter’s worth of hard work, grit, and determination that allowed us to win the Conference, and I’m certain that with the same amount of hard work you all can do the exact same next year!

To Teodor Tchalakov, Archan Das, Sachin Vijayaraj, and Brett Looby, I will you guys more programming work. I know you guys didn’t get the chance to show your skills this year, but if you continue to do Robotics, I assure that you will learn a lot more and be able to put in more. Good luck to you all for the next few years!

To Aaron Rodrigues, I will you a sophomore who will do all of your robotics work for you. When I saw you two years ago, I immediately noticed baby Rohit, but now that is actually turning into a reality because of Robotics and C-wing. I’m so glad that we’ve stayed friends for so long, and I know that you are an extremely bright kid. Make sure you take the time next year to slow down and enjoy the precious moments left at IMSA. I hope all of your dreams come true and you can have a stress free Senior Year. Have fun dude!

To Sid Panda, I will you time. Take a moment to relax buddy. You work extremely hard, so take a few minutes to de-stress and have some fun. You are really smart and I know you will do great things, just remember to chill out once in a while!

To TJ Ptak, I will you the IMSA Golf Team. I had a blast these past two years playing Golf with you. I can’t remember the number of times I’ve played in a group with you, but I do remember that whenever we played together, you completely destroyed the course. Take care of the Golf Team for me, and bring IMSA to even greater heights than we did last year. You will definitely be the carry next year, so I expect you to hit consistent 33s at Hughes Creek and end up top 15 in State. Anyways, you are a great kid and an amazing Golfer, I hope you do awesome things in the future, and maybe one day I will see you on TV replacing Tiger Woods!

To Ishan Nikam, I will you a cool sophomore to annoy just like how you annoyed me … jk. I remember the first time we met and I knew you as Amit’s friend, you were so nice and friendly. Now, you’ve changed so much and done some pretty weird things, but you are still one of my favorite juniors on this campus. Continue to have fun wherever you move to next year and I hope you have a lot of success in the future, just remember to do a bit of work sometimes and don’t pull so many all-nighters. I haven’t heard this phrase for a while from you, so I will say it now, You a COO GUY!

Wyatt Funkhouser, I will you a whole bunch of underclassmen to be on drive team. You have your work cut out for you to replace the four of us and you better do a good job. Driving beside you was probably the best experience I could have at IMSA. How we improved our driving by holding air controllers and when we had the long stretch of 30+ OPR matches, we made a great team. I will always remember the hug after our very last match at Wisconsin and we both know that there won’t be any other drive team better than ours forever. I hope you have the most amazing senior year and every dream you wish gets fulfilled!

To Cait Castillo, I will you stats goonies. Thank you for making stats crazy fun. It was much less boring when we could make fun of you and you gave us seniors some food. You are an amazingly funny and smart person and you bring a smile to a lot of peoples’ faces; please don’t lose any of that!

To Nishant Bhamidipati, I will you 04. Regardless of all the times I said “#notmywingguide”, you were an awesome wing guide. You didn’t make us do too many wing events and gave us food all the time, just like a wing guide should. Now you’ve stepped up to the next level of res life, so have fun and bring 04 back to its glory days!

To Pratibha Bhalla, I will you an amazing Group Dance for Diwali. The first time you met you called me Rahul because apparently I look like a Rahul. Except for that, you were always really nice and friendly. Thank you for making Prom really fun and enjoyable and I hope you had just a good time as I did! You are extremely cool, funny, and smart and I hope you stay like that forever. You are also an extremely good dancer, so keep at it! Enjoy Senior Year and Good Luck for the future!

To Moksh Shah, I will you a TV with Smash permanently on it. You’re kinda a God at Smash so continue the awesomeness. Maybe one day I will come back and beat you, but I highly doubt it!

To Jay Ganesan, I will you a sophomore who will come in your room and help with your room inspections. You have been the most amazing sophomore. Whenever I talk to you, you make me happy regardless of how my day had been going. You are also a very bright and hard working kid. I hope you fulfill your quest to become a Doctor one day. Hopefully, we stay in touch, but if we don’t I wish you good luck for the rest of IMSA and beyond!


Bert Cao

To Jason Li, I will my league skills. I’m pretty bad at league now, but hey I’m still Gold III! I hope you win all the League tournaments next year and get yourself some nice skins. I also hope you have an awesome time carrying 1505 in Clash again. You’ve been awesome to have in 1505 this year, so I also wish you an awesome junior year, because you totally deserve it!

To Madhav Parthasathary, I will awesome sophomores! I don’t actually have the power to make that happen, but I hope you’ll at least have some super cool sophomores in your wing that’ll visit you all the time and help you guys win Clash again!

To Jaden Wang, I will my Smash Ultimate nametag (bku!). I don’t know if you’ll actually use it, but it has the same controls, so you’ll have a nametag of your own to use when you come to 05 to play Smash. It’s been fun beating you in Smash every time we play. I’ll play you any time!

To Moksh Shah, Ishan Nikam, Luke Milavec and Zayn Ramdass, I will a super fun senior year. I know junior year can be a struggle sometimes, but as long as you don’t overcommit yourselves, I think you’ll have an amazing time during your senior year – even during your first semester! (P.S. Have I ever told you how amazing it was to have you guys as sophomores last year?)

To Sid Panda, I will some cool SEAMS sophomores – there are some people I’m sure you’d love to have in your wing, and I hope you get them, so you can hit ‘em with No Chill Sid again! It’s been really fun knowing you, and I hope you have a great senior year!

To Max Knutson, I will my Compusci code. I know you probably won’t want it and there won’t be any reason to even look at it, but I don’t have anything other thing that I can actually give you, and hopefully it’ll serve as a reminder of bossing through arguably the hardest class at IMSA as a junior! It’s been awesome knowing you, and I hope you stay in touch with me!

To Ketu Patel, I will many slaps to wake you up. I’m surprised you can ever get to school on time, considering how deep you sleep and how hard it is to wake you up! But I’m sure all that sleep goes a long way towards powering your bright and fun personality!

To Chris Teng, I will a doubles partner who can carry you and keep you serious during your matches. I’m hoping that you’ll get a Tennis Lord like Hanson as your partner next year, and I’m rooting for you to make it to state this year or the next!

To Jacob Kobayashi, I will the 1 singles position! Well, coach might actually just put you on 1 doubles next year and I don’t even know if you want to play singles, but either way, be sure to carry the tennis team next year!

To Austin McDonald, I will awesome sophomores like yourself! It’s been awesome having an active sophomore like you in the wing, and I hope you get sophomores who will play Smash or Final Fantasy with you!

To Eva Tuecke, Sammie Taylor, Ahana Narayanan, Ash Ramesh, and Rachna Gupta, I will the future of the LD debate team! You don’t know how happy I’ve been to be able to work with a batch of sophomores as promising and talented as you guys, and I’m incredibly confident that you guys are going to do amazing things on the LD debate team. This year was arguably the LD debate team’s historically best year, but I’m certain that you guys will do even better next year, and the year after that. Make sure to keep in touch! Send Kaushal and I updates and/or pictures after your tournaments – we’ll be rooting for you all the way!

To Alex Sobcynski, I will the LD debate team. As only person on the LD debate team who will have had 2 years of experience next year, you’ll probably have your hands full. But, as I’m sure you already know, you’ve got an extremely promising team to work with, and I hope you’ll lead the LD debate team to even more promising heights next year!

To Kya Richardson, I will awesome sophomores from SEAMS. I know we haven’t talked all that much outside of SEAMS, but it’s for sure been an absolute pleasure knowing you! I wish you all the best in your senior year!

To Sam Lazcano and Diana Gonazalez, I will many flinches. If I’m being honest here, you guys probably have many undue punches on me, but make sure to watch your backs because I’ll be looking to pay you guys back! To Sam, I also will many wins in BTD Battles so that you can finally say you have more medallions than me!

To Matt Halliman and Jojo Bertrand, I will the signature of Bartholomew Doinxterous. I’m still absolutely terrible at writing signatures, but uhh… let’s pretend that I purposely write a… unique… signature. Anyway, it’s been an absolute pleasure to have met you guys, and I hope you enjoy your final year at IMSA next year!

To Jerry Hong, I will shiny pokemon in Pokemon GO. I’m not sure if you still play the game, but I still have some great memories playing the game with you. Either way, I hope you have a fun senior year and a success wherever you go!

To Depu Chintalla, I will many fun games of Smash and the common sense to not take bets stacked incredibly against you! That being said, it’s been incredibly fun to have you as a sophomore, and I hope your junior year is great!


Bharath Sreenivas

To Samira Cheruku, I will you countless walks in the rain, endless amounts of being dumb late at night, and most of all, a well-deserved break from your hard-working routine (not from the gym tho gotta get those gainz). Samira, our friendship is definitely one of my best memories of my three years at IMSA. From the beginning of my junior year at the first slabs party when we were forced to meet the underclassmen and Faris introduced us to each other, the next two years just flew by in the blink of an eye. So many memories, so many laughs, so many late night talks, so many ups, so many downs, but we stuck together through it all lol. Thank you for dealing with me for 2 years, and I’m super super thankful that you’ve just been there whenever I’ve needed it. You asking how I was and asking to hang out like every day last year, those breaks were honestly what I needed to not go insane through the stress of junior year. After reflecting on all our dumb talks, I’m definitely above water to you, clearlyyyyy (jkjk pls drink water u need to live). Thank you for giving me Starbs that one day, it helped me fuel my nonexistent caffeine addiction. I owe you one (and I owe u like infinite more for everything else you’ve done for me). But rly Samira, you are my rock. By the way, I also will you a rock :) Don’t forget me when I’m gone. Life’s gonna be rough without you in it. Have fun next year, don’t let work get in the way of making memories. I’m gonna miss you the most.

To Sid Panda, I will you an underclassmen who you’re closer to than a majority of your senior friends :) Bro, you’ve been such a good friend the past 2 years, and idk how IMSA would have been without us being introduced to each other. All the late nights when you were in my room were some of the best memories I’ve had this year, and I am so glad that your up quad got shafted into A wing for that reason. Don’t let any hate get to you man, you’re such a great dude. I’m gonna miss you in college, idk if I can ever find your replacement. I’m literally just gonna come back next year and we’re gonna hang out like no time ever passed, and I’m really looking forward to that. Imma miss u bro.

To Moksh Shah, I will you a more legitimate SIR partner. Sike, be sure to have fun every Wednesday man, keep that legacy (meme) going. For real though, you’re the crust and fun I needed in my life at IMSA, and I’m glad being shafted to 05 introduced me to you. If I ever need to smile, you can always find some dumb way to make that happen and I love that about you. Don’t lose that, it’ll take you far in life. I’m gonna miss you man :)

To Ishan Nikam, I will you a comb. Maybe fix your hair a bit one of these days. Jk bro I love the mop, it suits u rly well. Ishan, I’m gonna miss u hella next year bro. All of the dumb things you and Moksh did randomly last year and this year when I was around always brought a smile to my face. I’m glad you followed me to 04 this year, cuz it’s been such a fun time in A wing with you there to brighten my day whenever I need it lmao. I’m definitely visiting next year, and we are definitely seeing each other over the summer. Don’t die before then :)

To Ajay Jayaraman, I will you a fake Gucci jacket. You need it to step your fashion game. Nah bro im just kidding u have insane fashion sense (imma need to get some tips from you for college). Anyways bro, I’m rly gonna miss you next year and all the dumb stuff we do together. You’ve glown up hella during the past 2 years, and I’m super glad we’ve gotten closer thru robotics, and from you just coming to A wing randomly throughout the year. Make sure to give the robotics team money next year lol, don’t forget about that. And most importantly, don’t forget me.

To Nafay Abdul, I will you a better haircut. Lmao u rly thought, u have a lit haircut bro. Bro, thank you for forcing our SIR group to go to nice restaurants for lunch every day this year lmao, it’s been super fun taking a break from being bored and dinking around with all of you doing random stuff. I still remember messing around together on the train every day during summer SIR, and I’m gonna miss getting to know you more over the past 2 years. I hope you lead ISA to even further success and make another year with an amazing Diwali show next year. You know I’m gonna try to make it next year :) Stay lit my dude.

To Sai, Aryan, Akul, and Rajan, I will you a group of crusty sophomores to mess around with next year. Honestly, you guys were super fun to just do random dumb things with whenever I needed a break from the world. Each of you balance each other out. Don’t change that, it’s great. Thanks for keeping A-wing as the fun wing (and the wing with most violations), and don’t forget to keep in touch. Oh, and try not to break in-room as much next year.

To Vincent Pergrossi, I will you an amazing design team next year, mixed with countless late nights of the SolidWorks grind. I’m really gonna miss FRC with you next year man. It was super fun memeing with you and Tommy every day and night during build season yet still getting the job done and making a bomb robot. We did good things this year, u better keep that tradition going. I also will you someone who will say what I said to you before I fell asleep that one night and then just pass out in the middle of designing a mechanism. Don’t forget to set deadlines my dude. Keep in touch.

To Tatiana Michel, I will you another successful year of Titan Robotics. You were an amazing captain this year, and even though Tommy and I said you’re the scary one, we all know that’s not true. Don’t let the team die anytime soon, and even if you’re half as good as you were this year, the team will do great things. I believe in you. Even with the seniors gone, you can lead the team to success. And don’t worry, I’ll be sure to visit and make sure you didn’t burn the lab down.

To Wyatt Funkhouser, I will you an amazing drive team. You don’t even know how fun the last 2 years were, getting closer with you through robotics and working with you on the field through each match of the past 2 seasons. Drive team was honestly one of the most fun experiences I’ve had at IMSA, and you made it that much better. From you proposing the extendable rung idea last year to playing Quiplash in the hotel room at Peoria this year, it’s been a fun ride my dude. Next year, I know you’ll build an even better drive team and beast it on the field each match. I’ll be watching. Stay slow my dude.

To Milica Barac, I will you a friend who has the guts to holler a funny nickname at you from miles away. Keep Bhad Bhabie alive, it was a good meme. All that aside, you’re a great person Milica. Funny yet genuine, the best combination. You’ll even write your friends’ names on your hand for them, and I appreciate that. Don’t let any hate get to you, because you really deserve better than that. Our conversations, while limited in number, were genuinely great, and I can’t wait to see how you use that bright personality in the future. Never stop smiling :)

To Sophie Pribus, I will you infinite soup and salads for lunch at SIR. Don’t let Moksh and Nafay hate on you lmao. Thanks for being a bro at Evanston each week, and I applaud your bravery for being able to eat after doing what you do to rabbit heads every day lmao. Even though I tease you all the time, you really bring a smile to my face on all the cold Wednesdays when the weather is terrible. I am still in awe of the fact that you refused to Uber with us when it was like -123948712934 degrees out, and I know that determination will take you far in life. You’re gonna be on the front page of the news someday for an insane discovery, I can already feel it. Always keep your head up, and don’t forget to keep in touch:) I’m excited to see what you do in the future.

To Bala Ramaraju, I will you countless bear hugs in the hallways to brighten your day. Bala, we talked so much last year and even this year and I’m super glad I got to know you and watch you grow throughout these past 2 years at IMSA. I’m never gonna forget all our dumb conversations and pointless but fun walks in the freezing cold. I’m super proud of the person you are now, and I know your goofy personality is gonna lead you down a successful path. If you ever need anything, you know I’m a few clicks away.

To Sai Voora, I will you a successful and stress-free junior year without any social problems ;) For real bro, we’ve gotten a lot closer these past few months of the school year, and I’m super glad about that. Whether it’s been me ranting about you-know-who or you being super dumb after 10 check, I’m never gonna forget our shenanigans together. Oswego bois gotta stick together, don’t forget me my dude. I’ll be back.


Briella Henderson

To Shruti Shakthivel, Brian Schatteman, Francesca Dumitrescu, Jemea Hilmara, Allia Lin, Manasvi Thumu, Ahana Narayanan, Chandra Gangavarapu, Eliza Apavaloaiei, Zahra Vasi, Danny Bezugliy, Ellie Rodriguez, Olivia Norris, Derek Zhu, Liza Kuzmina, Samantha Senko, Aaron Calhoun, I wish you all the luck in the world. May your livestreams stay live, your photos stay focused, and your sweeps stay swept. I hope you always have good communication and you always work together as a family: all for one & one for all. I also hope you get new sophomores that are as passionate as the class of 2019 was our sophomore year to look up to you and ask you questions 24/7.

To Wyatt Funkhouser, I wish safe travels and good times in the north. MCHS buddy, I hope you can inspire those younger than you from our hometown to come to IMSA, they need more southerners up here.

To Elasia Rodriguez and Francesca Dumitrescu (my sophomore halves), I will you endless creativity and inexhaustible dedication in all your endeavors. You’re always exciting and full of ideas and I wish I had more time to spend with you both!

To Levi Raskin and Luca Ciampaglia, I will you lots of makersquad hours and super cool prints! Honestly, you both scared me a little at first, but two years later, I wouldn’t want anyone else on makersquad with me! I hope you can keep being creative geniuses in the makerspace and that nobody chops their fingers off with a prop (please).

To Xander Hall, I hope you find a new swim manager to push in the pool, please make sure they are okay with it first (probably Paul)

To Ella Foes, I will you time, you may not know it yet, but as fast as IMSA flies by, you’re going to want as much time as you can get to spend with silly sophomores and to do summer camps! Additionally, I will you my room: if you get it, I hope you have as many good times there as I had.

To Tay Mitchell, I will you someone to talk to, jk thats me! You can always text me, no matter what’s going on, I’ll answer. I also will you good times and optimism; you can do it!

To Sam Lascano, Sam Senko, Smriti Shankar, Brooke Bolslinger, Ella Foes, Natalie Oliven, Jiliann Padilla, Heewon Kim, Brenna Christoffel, Shae Burnham, Courtney Cagnolatti, Alana Rock, Alisa Williams, Jasmin Gonzalez, Bridget Bunt, Kiri Salij, Alex Sobczynski, and Amy Churchill, I will you determination and good mental health for the duration of IMSA, wherever you live next year. I’ve grown to love every one of you and I hope you spend your time in a wing next year that gives you all the love and support you all deserve!

To Em Gonda and Rylie Meek, I will you each a special russian pencil. They aren’t from Russia but they are guaranteed to improve your Russian handwriting, Paavo certified. I hope you have tons of fun when you host Russians next year!

To Ian Fowler, I will you a Nikon camera. I don’t own one, but if I put it in senior wills, maybe you’ll finally do ISP events! Thanks for the guitar and the <liberal-rant>s which I am still laughing about.

To Clara (last but also least), I will you hair. Literally, you get the lock of hair from Meghan’s wall. I also will you my windowsill shelf because plants are super cool! I don’t know what else to will you because you should already know that what’s mine is yours. I hope I can visit occasionally and talk often next year, please don’t roast me for being cheesy <3


Catherine Luo

To Janna, I will you ASIA, my pride and joy. Please take good care of my baby. I also will you Pepito (the stress relief ball for Lunar grind season) and a dinky senpai who makes TikToks with you in the Loft. I’m so amazed by how much you’ve grown since being a smol sophomore representative on board. You have the passion, work ethic, graphic design skills, and puns to make your incredible vision for ASIA a reality. Remember to take time for yourself and delegate tasks, especially leading up to tech week when everything becomes overwhelming. Outside of ASIA, I hope you have a lot of fun senior year (no boys 4 u) and savor the rollercoaster of emotions at IMSA, good and bad. If you ever need to talk about anything, I’m always a call or gif away. Thanks for always feeding me with Thai food and spilling beans with me and Joanna. Best of luck next year, I can’t wait to see what you do in the future <3

To Jiyoon Lee, Kurt Leano, & Evie Lee, I will you a quarantine and apocalypse-free Lunar show. Even if unexpected hurdles arise, I know you will all work together to overcome any conflicts because the show must go on. Please carry on my legacy and don’t forget about me :’) I can’t promise that I can come back to see the show, but I will be cheering for you guys in the group chats and watching livestream. Jiyoon, your formality, diligence, and compassion always made me look like I was a hot mess compared to you. Your attention to detail and motherly kindness made you a valuable member of board and an even more meaningful friend. Kurt, thanks for putting up my Durt shenanigans and cringey gifs/jokes. Your balance of hard-working and light-hearted nature will help everyone around you get through difficulties. Evie, your commitment and ambition as a sophomore blows me away. You’re only one third of the way through IMSA, so enjoy it while lasts.

To ASIA, I will you all a family of your own, made of close friends who make IMSA more bearable. To the previous members and future board, I will you more Lunar memories and meetings filled with memes, snacks, and organized chaos. Thank you all for making ASIA feel like family to me.

To Ryan, I will you Ducky Mo-Mo, the squishiest duck in this whole universe. During the moments when you need to let your stress out and don’t have my cheeks to squish, give Ducky Mo-Mo a hug. You are so dedicated to everything you do and your sense of self-motivation inspires me, but remember to feed yourself and make time to relax. Thanks for being there for me and for waving back at me weirdly in the hallways. I hope you have many more Lunar and Clash memories, basketball and volleyball wins, and infinite Lychee jellies and dried mangoes. Lastly, please SLEEP more, or else I will personally come back and tell you bedtime stories. Message me or play me back in BasketballFRVR whenever you wanna talk. Make me proud, son.

To Samantha Senko, I will you a caring and intelligent junior buddy who never fails to make you smile. I hope you breeze through senior year with fewer classes and focus on the people and activities that make you happy. Especially during first semester and all the college stress that comes with it, please take care of yourself: sleep, hydrate, don’t caffeinate, and talk to friends. I know you’re going to kill it next year! Message me if you ever need someone to talk to.

To Gowri, I will you a swol-mate who keeps you motivated to do homework and workout. Your sense of humor and vine knowledge never fail to make me cackle. I hope you keep studying hard and getting swole because I promise that it will pay off. You are gonna do big things and have even bigger muscles. The grind never stops ;))

To Shikha, I will you 02D-down quad, a place filled with late nights, loud laughter, and unforgettable memories. I also will you a clueless underclassman who makes you giggle during random interactions in the wing. Please be nice your future juniors and sophomores!

To Jay Dong, Nafay Abdul, Ajay Jayaraman, & Matthew Lee, I will you all junior carries (or miscarries) with high IQs in your senior year classes. Thank you all for making AdChem tolerable. Jay, thank you for being the competent, focused one who finishes the labs and actually reads the textbook. Your intelligence, Clash Royale skills, and cheeto-colored hair will take you far in life. Nafay, I hope you find someone else to annoy during classes, and I wish you the best of luck with ISA next year. Ajay, though you were asleep half of the time in AdChem, I know your inner beast will make you successful in the future. Matthew, I hope you win a Nobel prize one day with your jank math logic and 70% experimental error.

To Ray, I will you another worthy opponent on your list. One day I will fight you for real, so get your gloves ready. Thanks for carrying me through Sound & Light and BC3, and thanks for being a down-to-earth homie. I hope your senior year is unforgettable, filled with spontaneous adventures and deep talks.

To Alyssa Daniels,I will you a water bottle that you never lose. I also will you a dope friend who shares the same goofy sense of humor and keeps you entertained during carpools and classes. You are honestly one of the coolest human beans on this planet. I hope you keep dancing your heart out, singing until your voice cracks, and playing music until you become a famous star. Good luck with everything next year, from college apps and dance team to Casa and Mod21. Make the most out of senior year and enjoy all of your last memories. Stay hydrated and rock on, dude.

To Peter Bafoe, I will you someone who breaks out into epic, cringey dance battles with you. I hope you have a great senior year and keep laughing out loud uncontrollably.

To Rachel Tin, I will you a cute sophomore who makes you feel warm and fuzzy on the inside. You are adorable, and I wish I had gotten to know you sooner. Don’t be afraid to become friends with your squishes! I hope you enjoy the rest of IMSA, baby soph.

To Jaden Turner, I will you pancake parties with friends past your in-room. I hope you make more incredible profile pictures and Clash memories. Thank you for being so sweet and talented with makeup.

To Ruchi Patel, I will you a stunt group as incompetent as ours, who will lift you onto the HIGHEST ground. I hope your next two Clashes are as memorable as this year’s. Enjoy your years at IMSA because before you know it, you’ll be graduating too.


Chelsey Soli

To Wyatt Wren, I will you absolutely everything. Take the whole universe, it’s yours. You are a god. Really though, you are by far the coolest guy I’ve ever met. I will that you continue to exude confidence and use that skill to do things you never thought you could. You are so outgoing and kind and I know that I will see you in the news one day doing something I could only dream of. Thank you for being the absolute best little sibling and for always saying hello—it always brightens my day! Also, keep being a fashion icon.

To Abigail Light, I will that you never lose the brightness that you bring everywhere you go. Though we haven’t even had many interactions, you always made my mornings in Engineering more bearable. Keep making everyone’s morning happier, because it really does make a difference.

To Tay Mitchell, I will you a happy end to your time at IMSA. I know it is easy to put yourself down, but I remember that you mean more than you will ever know to the people around you. Thank you for being there for me always and I hope I have been able to do the same for you. Viel glück in deutschland! Finde, wo du glücklich bist und bleib dort — du verdienst es.

To Maahum Hamayat and Michelle Wang, I will you the best arts club at IMSA! I hope you guys continue to spread art around campus and find a way to make Heliotrope a more prominent name amongst the student body.

To Liza Kuzmina, I will you a well-deserved wonderful senior year. Thank you for making others smile when they need it most and for being such a bright presence in 01. Good luck with Clara mahahhaah.

To Heewon Kim, I will you a very well-dressed and successful junior year. Junior year can get pretty ruff but I firmly believe a good outfit can fix everything. ily bbg ;)

To Clara Robin, I will you some hair… nah I’m just kidding. I will that you continue to change people’s lives for the better. No matter how bad things have gotten, you’ve always convinced me that there’s always a different perspective, a different lens through which you can view situations. You’ve taught me how to let go and just laugh, to share food even when I’m angry, to take chances, and to take even more YouTube breaks. Thank you for watching Shane Dawson and Trisha Paytas videos with me when you should’ve been doing your OOP homework, giving brutally honest fashion advice, and for trying to convince me to shave my head for a solid 6 months (the answer is still no). Though you often portray yourself as comedic and careless, your kindness toward others always shows through and I can honestly say that you are someone I look up to. I hope someday to have your reasonable and optimistic outlook on life. Clara, you’ve truly shaped me as a person and in you I’ve found one of the best friends and confidants I may ever have. Please please please text and call me next year, because I don’t know what I’ll do without you screaming at me after 10 check. Thank you for absolutely everything. I will you every happiness in this world. I love you, Clonk!!!


Chetan Reddy

To Nafay Abdul, Hasan Almousawi, Ethan Tse, and Nikita Elkin, I will you guys the soccer team. You guys have helped the team reach heights and accomplishments that nobody would have thought an IMSA team could do before. All of you guys are great players and if you guys all work a little bit, you guys can continue the legacy that we have started the past few years. I hope you guys put all your effort into the team, and maybe bring back a regional championship.

To the rest of the soccer team, I will you guys another great season. I hope you guys continue to listen to Dan and Josiah and continue to get better. You guys can bring back another conference championship and get back to the same levels that we reached this season. Continue to push each other and make each other better, but at the same time, support each other when someone isn’t having that great of a game or that great of a stretch during the season.

To Nafay Abdul, I will you a sustained work ethic in everything that you do. Whether it is school, soccer, or ISA, I hope you continue to put in the work, effort, and passion into everything that you do. I wish that you strike a balance between these things, but at the same time, are able to have fun and get sleep. If you are ever overworked, just take a break from something for a couple days, and then get back on the grind.

To Hasan Almousawi, I will you a sophomore that you can play soccer with at any time. Hopefully, you continue to play and practice in your free time, so that you continue to get better. Continue doing your freestyle and juggling tricks, but also, I hope you also reach a new level in scoring and creating for the rest of the team. I know you have the ability to do it, all you need is to practice a little.

To Ray Shang, I will you an underclassman that is always willing to help you out and willing to talk to you about anything. You’ve always been a great person to talk to even though some of the things you say and do in Abstract are questionable.

To Sid Panda, Nikita Elkin, Ishan Nikam, and Moksh Shah, I will you guys underclassmen that you can go whenever whether it is if you need to talk to someone, if you need help on homework, or if you guys just want to mess around. Maybe you guys will stop playing Smash or Mario Kart at 4:00 in the morning, but at the same time, you guys should continue having fun with each other, because these are times you won’t be able to get back.

To Pascal Adhikary, Andrew Du, Jay Dong, Matthew Lee, Ajay Jayaraman, and Vibhav Adivi, I will you guys the 04A-down hex. I hope you guys continue spending nights with each other just messing around. Make sure you guys strike a balance between school, your extracurriculars, and wasting time doing dumb things.

To Brian Schatteman, I will you an underclassman that you can mess with. I hope that you are able to find someone that you can have a great relationship with as well as make fun of. If you continue to take Spanish, I hope you continue to persevere through the struggle that I have left behind.

To Pascal Adhikary, I will you an underclassman that you can talk about anything with. Whether you need some help on physics or Spanish, you want to talk about the most random rappers, or you want to talk about the various grinds, I hope you have someone that you can have these conversations with.

To Ajay Jayaraman, I will you a sophomore that will do random, interesting things with you. Whether you create something new, like eeeeeeeeeee, or decide to make new, interesting noises, I hope there is an underclassman that you can do this with. If you ever need someone to just go to, I hope you can find that in one of your underclassman.

To Zayn Ramdass and Ryan Talusan, I will you guys underclassmen that will brighten your day every time that you see or interact with them. You guys always seem to have a smile on your face and I hope you can find underclassmen that can do the same for you whenever you guys need an uptick in happiness.

To Jorge Chavez, Ben Weber, Yair Guerrero, and Alejandro Carillo, I will you guys sophomores that you can hang out with whenever you want, whether it is to make fun of them, to talk about soccer or volleyball, or to talk about music. You guys are always having fun with each other, and I hope that continues. I hope that you guys are also there for each other whenever one of you needs it.

To Godwin Olalaye, Quincy Mclaughlin, and Zachary Appaih, I will you guys underclassmen that are just as goofy as you are. Since I first met you guys at SEAMS, where you were all messing around and causing trouble, I knew you guys were great and carefree guys. I hope you guys branch out a little more and leave 05 and talk to other upperclassmen and hopefully find great underclassmen next year.


Christian Barrett

To Eliot Smith, Micah Casey-Fusco, and Brian Wagner, I will our ever-improving Ultimate team. I’ve never seen you guys more excited than on our car rides to and from Westmont Yard, so I know I’m leaving the team in good hands. I pray that you get committed sophomores and do with the team what I could not.

To Alec Chen, I will a less tank co. That was the exact wording used on the will from my IMPACT co to me last year, and now I understand why. Thanks for all the times we prepped but didn’t actually prep.

To Sam Schenum, I will a little brother for you to look after as I have looked after you. I know it may be hard for you to see, but I know that I’ve seen you learn and grow from the little second semester sophomore that I met into a much more mature person. I hope you find someone to take under your wing and share the lessons you’ve learned.

To Frances Balto, I will someone who will smile at you and say hello in the hallways, because I’m not sure you ever realized how much that always brightened my day.

To Andrew Tatum, Ethan Phillips, Sam Schenum, and Brennan Shapiro, I will my quad and wing, which have been my home for the last three years. Of course, with it I also will the signed portrait we received from our down quad, which you should continue to pass on, as well as spots on the pole.

To Sachin Vijayaraj, Jaelynn Abdullah, and Zach Appiah, I will the 9:58 running club, or better yet, I will the end of a need for the club. I hope you guys are happy wherever you end up living next year!

To Eliot Smith, I will a new stargazing partner. Those starry nights at the start of the year were some of the best!

To Alyssa Daniels and Ashley Homecgoy, I will someone who will give you weird looks and say your names very loudly when they pass you in the hallway. Once I leave, someone else will have to take my place and annoy you.


Christoph Gaffud

To Duncan Osmund, I will you a great SSS and another person to annoy. I’ve gotten to watch you grow and plow through a bunch of obstacles throughout your IMSA career, so I hope at the end of all of this, you can leave IMSA on a high note. Also, I guess you’ll have to pick another person to randomly fight with since I won’t be there to do that anymore lmao. Along with all that, I will you a bag of pocky, not only for old time’s sake but also for all the tea I’ve stolen from your room.

To Miles Oquendo, I will you some life. Don’t die. I also will you people who will be there to play random video games with you. You’re a cool dude, so keep it up, and keep being amazing.

To Patrick Hultquist, Aidan Stueck, and Addison Henikoff, I will you 01DDQ’s chaos. I hope I get to hear about some of the crazy stuff y’all do when we’re gone (I’m not suggesting anything ofc). I also will you the ability to corrupt others with our chaos. Make sure to get the rest of the quad to get involved and have just the right amount of fun. I know no matter what y’all do, you’ll make us proud.

To Addison Henikoff, I will you annoying sophomores that will invade your room every night, so you get to know how it feels ;). Also, I will you a stable and fun Junior year. I know it’ll probably be harder, but even with us gone you’ll still be surrounded by people who care about you, and you’ll be hopefully exploring subjects you really enjoy.

To Patrick Hultquist, I will you the spirit of D for Dank. I got to see you channel it in both wing wars and when you stepped up for movie. I hope that same energy brings you far in your IMSA career. I also will you one of Gabe’s brain cells to help you have the right amount of motivation to explore new fun things in life.

To Aidan Stueck, I will you big music energy. I hope to see you make some cool stuff in the future. I also will you continued humor, although I think you will keep being funny whether I will you anything or not :).

To Andrew Tatum, I will you quality late nights with your quad for your senior year. I know you used to stay up too late with us, but those nights were always so fun despite the sleep deprivation that came with them. You’ll be soon going into your senior year, so I hope you can have fun doing the same thing with your quad, but with little consequence. I also will you some brain cells, because sometimes bruh you need some.

To Sam Lazcano, I will you an underclassman who’ll sass you as much as I do. Otherwise, how are you possibly going to handle not having someone make fun of you all the time? Life will be terrible! In the end, though, I hope that underneath all that sass, that underclassmen will also genuinely care about you. If not, why would you deal with them?

To Diana Gonzalez, I will you more random funny s**t to do, and mistaking more SEAMS tutors for students in the future. You’re pretty quality, so you better hang out with me before I gotta leave this place.

To Heewon Kim & Jiliann Padilla, I will you both continued kindness and dinky-ness. Y’all are both hilarious and I appreciate y’all a lot, so I hope as you continue on through life you don’t lose too much of that.

To Ryan Talusan, I will you all the pancit and lechon I can get to you in these last few weeks. Just because you’re amazing. I also will you the smooth moves to shimmy your way through senior year, both literally (I better see u break it down ;) ) and figuratively (I also better see u live ur best life).

To Liza Kuzmina and Alyssa Daniels, I will you a less stressful clash if possible. Y’all are both amazing people who, in the last two years, I’ve seen output some truly amazing things for clash (and outside of clash!), and I hope for your last clashes, y’all don’t stress too much about it :)

To Travis Ingram, I will the Theory of Analysis poster. As you probably already know, it was a gift from the great Dr. Condie to Chris Chang at the elective fair three years ago, who willed it to me. Now, I will it to you. Take great care of it, and may it bring you the best of luck in all your weird and wacky endeavors. Hopefully, you can find an underclassman who you think will be worthy of it in the coming years.

To the future 01 CDs (Sam & Max) & the future 01 Wing Guides, I will you hall councils filled with as much useful information as dumb jokes, successful events, and fun sophomores for next year. Although I’ve found that every year, 01’s community never feels the same, that almost never is a bad thing. Thus, I hope that no matter how 01 evolves coming into next year, you will all be able to build a safe and friendly community for everyone in the hall. You’ll do amazing.

To the future 01DDQ (Max Hellrung, Jerry Hong, Travis Ingram & Ethan Hudelson) I will my home away from home this last year, downquad. With that, I’m confident you four will be able to make downquad your own. For the past three years, I’ve been able to experience three distinctly different and unique downquads, and I’m confident you four will continue that. Treat downquad well, and don’t check behind Gabe’s drawer.

Daniel Chen

To Jason Liu, Ishaar Ganesan, and Grant Fiedler, Diana Gonzalez, Jay Ganesan, and the rest of the XC/track and field team, I will you all not only brilliant seasons next year, but also good health and the resolve to push through any hardships in your way. For these past three years, the distance squad has been my second family, and I hope that you all will continue to feel that way even after some of us are gone. Make sure that this team stays just as supportive, welcoming, and fun as it has been for years, and I promise you that the memories you make next year will be ones to remember!

To Sid Panda, Nikita Elkin, Moksh Shah, Ishan Nikam, Andrew Du, and Pascal Adhikary, I will you guys an amazing senior year and the ability to make the most of it. It was honestly such a blast living in the same wing as you all as a senior. I have never seen such a talented, hard-working, and (most importantly) caring group of gentlemen, and I have no doubts that next year will be a highlight in both your academic and social endeavors. So be bold! Take risks! The campus is yours to own. That being said, don’t forget to unwind as well! It’s senior year, and despite what some people say, you do deserve a little breather before venturing out into the real world to be the successful people I know you’ll become.

To Jorge Chavez, Akul Prakash, Aryan Gandhi, Ben Weber, Rajan Patkar, Sai Voora, Teodor Tchalakov, and Zachary Eness, I will you motivation, optimism, and patience for junior year. Although filled with tough, scary, and stressful moments, it’s important to realize that it is only in these moments where you grow the most as an individual and as a student. Make the most of them,and know that there IS a silver lining! You’ll make even more friends, and become even closer to the ones you already have. Thank you guys so much for being some of the best sophomores a senior can ask for. Make us proud!

To Ajay Jayaraman, Matthew Lee, Jay Dong, and Vibhav Adivi, I will you the spirit of the DUNLAP BOYS!!!! It’s been so special growing up with you guys, and I honestly can’t be prouder of what each of you has become. I’ll never forget the dumb stuff you guys always pulled on the downstate bus and just watching you guys develop into four of the most lovable guys on this campus. I’ll make sure that even if I don’t have time to visit IMSA, I find time to visit you guys back home. When ya’ll become famous in a few years, don’t forget about me!!!

To Delicia Chen, I will you encouragement to follow your dreams. Even though people think we look alike (I personally still don’t see it), I’ve never seen such a unique, talented young woman. Even though we live under the same roof, you never cease to amaze me with how smart you are. I’d wish you good luck this upcoming year, but I know that you don’t need it. As you begin to find things that you can see your future in, know that mom, dad, and I are always supporting you. Find your passions, follow them, and don’t look back!

To Evie ~EVELYN~ Lee, I will you the responsibility of looking after Delicia Chen when I’m gone (something that I was pretty bad at tbh)! Although you thought I hated you when we first met, rest assured that you’ve always struck me as a really caring, funny, and thoughtful person (turns out I was right)! Whenever Delicia mentions your name, there’s always a huge smile on her face; clearly, you’ve got her figured out! Jokes aside, I hope you have a great junior year, and thank you for making IMSA Delicia’s home away from home.

To Ryan Talusan, I will you exactly half of Shubhi Verma’s Crocs. May she forever only wear one at a time!!! I’m so glad that I’ve gotten to know you more this year because you are a phenomenal dancer and an even better person. Make BFriend LIT next year because I’ll be watching!

To Cait Castillo, Grace Federici, and Ayan Malik, I will you beautiful CABbies the CAB funds for ALL the events you can imagine! You guys are all so creative and imaginative, and I would never entrust another group of people to entertain, unite, and destress the IMSA campus next year. Although this year was pretty lit, I already know that next year will be even better! BEEP BEEP!!!


Daniel Soto

To Jason Liu I will the speed to take you to the #1 spot on the team. I know you like to joke about being slow, but you really have come far in your running career and I’m glad I chose you as the sleeper. You’re a great friend and a great runner, good luck next year!

To Ishaar Ganesan I will success and some free time. Ishaar, you have been such a great friend these past two years, from cross country, track, to all of organic (even the times we messed up in the labs) and I’m really glad I got to know you. You are one of the most hardworking and intelligent individuals I know, and I know that all your hard work will pay off eventually. In your final year of IMSA, I want you to finally take some time off to just chill out and not worry about the future. SSS is a wonderful time, and I hope you enjoy it. If you need anything at all, I’m just a phone call away.

To Jay Ganesan I will 20 more strikes and a captain who will give them to you. I know you are probably in the triple digits for strikes at this point, but you are still one of the best sophs on the team. Always remember to be yourself, because that’s when you’re the greatest.

To Frances Balto I will an amazing senior year of LEAD and some grunge music. I don’t know if I can express how much fun EnAct has been this semester, so I’ll say this, all the cumbia dancing, grunge music, vine remaking, agenda drawing, gift giving, candy eating, Mike Wazowski winking, passion talking, and especially prepping cannot begin to explain how fun teaching was with you. I hope you accomplish everything you want to with LEAD next year, you were an amazing co.

To Diana Gonzalez I will someone to choreograph Cumbia with. I know you think I get angry at you while we’re dancing, but it was really so much fun. I’m so glad I got to know you this year, good luck with everything.

To the future Alma Latina Board (Diana, Yair, Andrea, Sam, etc.) I will more fun meetings, board bonding, and another great Casa de Alma. Good luck next year y’all, I know you’ll do great.

To Max Hellrung and Jerry Hong I will someone you can talk to whenever, as you both gave me. Thanks for talking to me whenever you see me, eating breakfast with me almost every morning, and especially когда мы говорим по-русски.

To Grant Fiedler I will another great season of track and teammates to meme with. It was great getting to know you in track and being able beat you in Indoor/Outdoor. Have a great senior year.

To Ethan Phillips, a future 01 B-Wing Wing Guide, I will B-Wing. It’s in your hands now buddy, please take care of it as best you can. I know you’ll do great.

To Patrick Hultquist and Aidan Stueck I will someone who will fall for all of your shenanigans. You are going to be upperclassmen next year, so be responsible with this power, especially since as juniors, sophomores will listen to everything you have to say. Thanks for saying hello to me every time I went into D-Wing, you’re the best.

To Chas Schreiber I will another down quad that will hang out and play Madlib Madness with you. You are one of my favorite people in B-wing, thanks for hanging out with the quad this year.

To Alex Sobczynski I will someone else who recognizes your great taste in TV shows and someone who appreciates your humor. It was really nice getting to know you this year, and I hope senior year goes exactly how you want it.

To Liza Kuzmina I will a co who preps with you more, not just because we missed a few times, but because hanging out with you was so amazing and I hope whoever your next co is realizes that.

To Samantha Lazcano I will a shirt that doesn’t have a stain on the front… I made you look didn’t I?


Danielle Lee

To Ethan Tse, I will you an underclassman that will call you whenever class is about to start and unlimited sodexo knives. I’m really glad that I got to know your goofy self during soccer season. Also, you were the only part of Diglit that I found tolerable. I wish you the best of luck with soccer and LEAD and all your other endeavors :) I hope you have an amazing senior year as you have helped make mine.

To Jason Zhang, I will you a good night’s rest. But if you’re up and want to talk to anyone you know I’ll always be up :)

To Jason Liu… Ok Jason I have a couple things to will you. One: I will you an underclassman to keep you company on the down state bus and maybe carpool with (maybe they’ll even make you wait outside their house for 20min). You were really quiet last year and I’m so happy you’ve opened up. I’ve really enjoyed getting to know you on our long trips home. Two: I will you an sss for you to play video games because me and Papa Liu both know that’s all you do XD. Three: I will you confidence. You’re really good at robotics you just need to realize it yourself and speak up… and get those participation points!!!

To Yaejoon Hyung, I will you a daily “How was your day?”

To Brandon Park, I will you a good splash to the face :)) even tho you started off the year ignoring me, throwing balls at me, sticking your nasty shoes in my face I’m really glad I got to know you. Your goofy smile and random comments never fail to make me laugh. Thank you. And I know things can be stressful, so if you ever need anything don’t be afraid to reach out!

To the Boys Soccer Team, I will you a manager that actually knows what’s going on. Thank you guys :)) I had a lot of fun with y’all. Good luck next year!!

To Sam Lazcano, I will you a never ending supply of dog pics, the lake behind my house, and sandals without socks. Oh! And a wonderful senior year. You deserve it. Come visit me next year!

To Nafay, I will you a carry. You’ve worked hard. Make sure you take time for yourself. Have some fun :))

To Daniel Lee, I will you my mail.

To Jay Dong, I will you an amazing Titan Robotics 2022 swimming subteam.

To Klaybis… Hey sweetie! I will you a relaxing senior year outside of 01. I hope wherever you go you’ll find someone to stop you and ask you random questions haha

To Alyssa Daniels, I will you the ability to stay as cool as you are now. Like damn. I know I don’t know you super well, but I’m glad I’ve been getting to know you this past semester. You are super talented and no matter what you do you’re gonna do great things.


Denise Gutierrez

To Liza, My child I will you some more amazing underclassmen to keep you going through your senior year. I also hope that even though you may want to spend time with them that you’ll get more sleep my child. You’ve brightened up so many of my days and I know you do the same for so many other people. You’re honestly so passionate about everything that you do and I hope that senior year is just your year. I know that you’re going to do amazing things, so keep up the hard work, but remember to give yourself a beak. I love you and if you ever need anything I’m a call away.

To Alyssa, my fave nerd. I will you an unlimited supply of food and sleep. I don’t know how I would have gotten through senior year without your shenanigans to brighten up. Like low-key breaking my phone last year, or putting up with Alexa and I’s whining. I’m sad that we never got through the first Harry Potter book, but hopefully eventually it will happen. I love how passionate you are about everything that you do and I hope that next year you take some time to get some sleep my child. You’re honestly going to do so great later on in life so give yourself a break every now and then. I love you nerd and if you ever need food let me know and I’ll mail you some.

To Allia, My child I will you an unlimited supply of stuffed penguins and all things penguins in your future. I’m going to miss all of our confrontations that took place in the wing commons and all of the hugs that you gave me. I can genuinely say that I never had a day where I saw you and didn’t smile. I hope that senior year goes amazing for you and that you get all of the rest and breaks that you need. I also hope that you get underclassmen as amazing as I had to keep you going through senior year. I also really hope that you stop falling off of your bed because I want you to not break anything next year. I love you very much and call or snap me next year!

To Tay, My son I will you all the patience in the world and amazing underclassmen to get through senior year. I know that without you I definitely would not have gotten through OOP or a big part of my senior year. I loved working with you for Drama and Anime Club. Those are some of the best memories that I have here at IMSA and I hope that the case is the same for you, at least for the parts where I’m involved. You’re honestly going to do big things and I hope that you have an amazing time in Germany living your best life. I’m so proud and I love you so much! If you ever need anything I’m a call away.

To Em, I will you all of the cuffed jeans in the world. I hope that next year Spectrum goes as amazingly as it did this year thanks to all of the handwork that you did. I love how hardworking you are and how genuinely caring you are for everyone. You were honestly one of the best little siblings that an upperclassmen could ask for. I hope that you have the best underclassmen to hang out with and talk with. I hope that Senior year goes great for you and that you get to do everything you want to achieve. I love you and if you ever need anything I’m a message away.

To Makayla, I will you all the Harry Potter and anime merch. I loved how we really bonded my junior year over our love for Yuri on Ice. I love how driven you are to care for everyone within the wing and in the community. I hope that you always continue to be as bright and caring as you have been because I know that it’s always put a smile on my face. I hope that your Senior year goes as smoothly as possible and that you get to play all of the games you want while you relax. I love you and I’m here if you ever need me!

To Diana, I will you our amazing Baritone section and Rohan. Despite you always making me cringe I love you so much and I’m going to miss having band with you. I don’t know what I’ll do without your cringey jokes everyday or with our daily band selfies. I know that you’re going to do amazing next year with Alma Latina and I’m excited to see all of the things you do. You’re doing really amazing and I want to remind you to take a breather every now and then because despite what you think you deserve it. You’re a smart, talented, and caring person and I hope that never changes about you. Even though I sometimes give you fake hate I’m here if you ever need anything, te quiero mucho!!

To Sam, I will you early band rehearsals because we both know you sometimes showed up at 7:35 instead of 7:15. Honestly, despite you giving me a headache with your cringeyness I still love you! I honestly wouldn’t want to get lunch with anyone else during midday. I know that both you and Diana are going to do great things with Alma next year and I can’t wait to come back and see it all. I hope that senior year goes greatly for you and if you ever need anything I’m here for you!! Te quiero mucho Samantha!!

To Drea, I will you an amazing Casa show next year. I know that working with you this year was really fun and I honestly wouldn’t have wanted to work with anyone else. It was really nice getting to know you more throughout the year and I hope that next year you get to do just as amazing things as we got to do this year. I know you’re gonna do a great job and I can’t wait to comeback and see the show! If you ever need anything at all I’m one call away!

To Yair, I will you fast typing abilities since you’re most likely going to need them next year. I’m sorry for laughing every time that I see you, but you genuinely just make me laugh and I thank you for that. Also thanks for being my Salsa partner and putting up with my antics during practices. I hope that your next two years here go smoothly and I say this a lot, but I mean it if you ever need someone I’m here for you!

To 01C wing, I will you guys an amazing wing next year. I hope that the amazing community within the wing continues on to next year and that you all have a great community to come back to everyday. I also hope that you guys just have amazing school years.


Devika Prasad

To Bala Ramaraju, I have nothing to will but all my love. I’m so proud of how much you’ve grown at IMSA and I have so much faith for you and your future. There aren’t enough words to describe how much I care about you. Please stay in touch with me and keep me updated with your life. You are so intelligent and beautiful and I’m so excited to see what you accomplish. I hope you find your gray and maroon scissors.

To Caitlyn Castillo, I will you the Hadron club fair chalkboard poster. Hadron has been my greatest accomplishment at IMSA, and working with you was the only reason it all came together as well as it did. There’s no one else who could’ve done it well as you have. (I’m also thankful for our little tea sessions before and after our meetings.) Stay motivated and hardworking, it’ll take you farther than you can imagine. You are such a bright and beautiful and competent girl; I know you’re going to do amazing things.

To Meghana Karan, I will you cups of chai and gossip to last you a lifetime. Graduating doesn’t feel like a goodbye for us, because I know I’ll keep seeing you and Kanchan (the loml) whenever I come home. You’re a little piece of home on campus. I wish we would’ve spent more time together here (and I will actively make more of an effort after I write this will). Have a good, happy senior year.

To Sonia Edassery, I will you the perfect cup of coffee. You never ever fail to make my day Sonia. Thank you for all of the morning wake-up calls and the endless cups of coffee. I love you so much, and I miss you so much in B-wing. You’re a good egg and a good bud. I’m holding the rest of how much I love you hostage and you can only know if you coME VISIT ME.

To Winny Liu, I will you an underclassman that will scream your name in the hallways. This is something my seniors willed me, and I’m beyond excited to pass it on to you. You have a good head on your shoulders. Take care of yourself, it matters a lot more than people realize junior year. I love you, and please stay in touch after I graduate.

To Zahra Vasi, I will you an underclassman friend crush. You were one of mine for a while, and I’m glad I’ve gotten the chance to know you. Live your senior year fully, and have no regrets. I wish you the very best.

To Ryan Talusan, I will you an underclassman with squishy cheeks. I also will you the confidence to know how wonderful you are. You are an intelligent, talented, and cute lil squish. Don’t ever let anyone make you feel differently.

To Alison Deng, I will you a place to call home. I hope your senior year is a rewarding time of happiness, contentedness, and reflection. I also will you lots of stuffed animals.

To Frances Balto, I will you a junior who you feel like you’ve known forever after only a few short conversations. You are so intelligent, and I really lucked out to be MAD partners with you. I hope you have an absolutely wonderful senior year, and I hope we stay in touch!

To Pascal and Alec (the best WebTech table) I will a class of fun juniors. First semester senior year can get really rough, and you have no idea how much our dinky table helped on some of my most stressful days. Have good productive senior years, but don’t forget to have fun and be dumb sometimes.

To Phyllis, Megan, Olivia, and Paola, I will you underclassmen who make you so so proud to live in your wing. Your friendship and laughter always always made me smile. I hope you guys have a wonderful time at IMSA.

To Sarah Yow, I will you instant responses. I will always always always be there for you to talk to. Any time you need me, I will do my absolute best to make myself available. Sometimes all I really needed was someone to talk to. Someone separate from my day to day life where I could just be. If you ever need that person, you can come to me.

To Maia Peregrino, I will you two more amazing Clash experiences. As much stress as it may have been, I hope Clash was as rewarding for you as it was for me. You are such a loving and talented person. Stay happy and passionate.

To Abhi Thati, I will you a sophomore who never fails to simultaneously make you laugh and infuriate you. You’re a cute kid Abhi. Have a good time at IMSA, and stay in touch.

To Devraj Thakkar, I will you a sophomore with as much passion as you have. Apathy is a disease at IMSA that starts to settle in over the years; fight it. You reminded me how exciting it is to be at a place with so many amazing opportunities. Take advantage of every single one, and I know you’ll change the world someday.

To Vasu Chalasani, I will you the rep. You know what to do.

To Isha Kadakia, I will you a sophomore to bully (out of love).

To Chandra and Ahana, I will you a sophomore roommate pair that reminds you of yourselves. I hope you both have wonderfully rewarding times at IMSA.

To 03B, I will endless chants of B-Wing Best Wing. I’ve had the privilege of being in 03b for all three years at IMSA. Whoever gets it next, please take care of it. This wing (and our 6 wing war dubs) has been my home, and I hope whoever lives here next loves it as much as I did.


Diann Moon

To Aabha Vyas, I will you a reason that makes saying goodbye to IMSA heart-aching. Whether it be a person, a place, an extra-curricular or whatever form it takes, I hope when you reminisce your 3 years at IMSA, you don’t regret anything. It won’t be #normielife, but I dearly hope that you are able to say that it was fun. I am going to miss my small little visits to your room. Thank you for listening to my boy problems, rants, story times and emotionally supporting me in math classes. Senior year may hit you hard, but you will pull through. I promise. I also will you comic #6 poster. Go hard during COTH 2020! Pop off sis!

To Grace Federici, I will you endless cuddles along with more cloud-free, bright days that you can appreciate from your L-Room. I am TT thinking about not being able to cuddle you. Because going to your room (even though it was upstairs) and cuddling you was one of the things that always made my day better. Your goofy sense of humor and crazy-funky ideas always made me laugh. You have an unique charm that draws people into your life. Don’t fear the newcomers in your life as I am sure that they just want to get to know how amazing you are.

To Rustom Ichhaporia, I will you trust. Trust in yourself and trust in others. You have had more of an impact on me than you could possibly imagine. Ironically, you always found me in my saddest moments, the moments where I liked to internalize. Yet, I found comfort in your words. I found a bit of myself from you. I hope you build meaningful connections here that helps you find a bit of yourself. Even if there seems to be no light in your path, your authenticity will shine through. You are a smart kid, you know what to do. Although, I am horrible at texting, remember I am always here for you, rooting for you.

To Max Knutson, I will you a double-layered, armored heart that no one, not even yourself, can break. I still remember our first encounter when you were not even a sophomore at IMSA. I know you may not believe me, but even before IMSA, you were full of spark. Taking you under my wing and watching you grow through your own actions brought me so much happiness. Even when I am gone, make sure you have your head screwed on right. Also, don’t forget to give yourself a little pat on the back because you deserve it. You do you! Because it really doesn’t matter what other people think and, at the very least, you have made me smile with your headassery.

To Shruti Shakthivel, I will you time. You astonish me with your determination that makes you accomplish incredible things that you put your mind into. You are the hardest working girl I know and I have no doubt that you will get everything that you desire in the future. Even though prioritizing school and clubs is important, make sure to have fun and take care of yourself. If you ever need to rant or talk, know that it’s just a message away.

To Jemea Hilmara, I will you a room full of tea (literally and figuratively). I always enjoyed coming into your room at the most random times, spilling the spiel. I know things can be tough sometimes, but don’t forget why you are here and what you want to do. Remind yourself how much of an intelligent, strong, young lady you are. Search for your drive. Search for your passion. No matter how far I am, hit me up anytime.

To Andrew Du, I will you anything you want. Poof. Hey, I’m Genie ! I will grant you a wish ! You have been the best underclassman “assistant” that I could ever ask for. The amount of generosity and care you show for people around you is something that I love about you. I am thrilled to see what you will accomplish in your future. As much as you care for your people, don’t forget to sleep well and eat well. YUMYUM

To Amanda Chen, my little baby, I will you my other baby: 06 profile picture. You are an extremely talented young lady. I seen you break out of your shell and I can’t tell you how proud I am of you for being YOU! As you step in an important year of your life, I wish you the bestest luck. Always know that I am just a call or a message away. So I was wondering, can you braid my hair, one last time?

To Pascal Adhikary, I will you an underclassman who never fails to make you smile. Even though we didn’t have as many as interactions as I would have liked, your goofy, easy-going nature has always made me laugh.

To Aaron Rodrigues, I will you GDIMP and creativity for all the graphic designing that you will do in the future. Gloria, Josh and I have probably been the most tank executive board members, but thank you for dealing with us. You have the talent and the skill to create things that are beyond imagination. I believe in you. I am eager to see your creativity blossom.

To Samira Cheruku, I will you warm weathers that are as warm as you. I blame myself so much for not getting to know you earlier. I am immensely thankful that the Habi trip has brought us closer. Your heart is full of kindness and love. Spread your love and kindness.I hope your senior year is stress-free and don’t worry too much about how things will turn out. Everything has a way of working out at the end of the day.

To Ajay Jayaraman, I will you more mall trips. Pick a date and time, we will go to the mall together before I leave. I feel that we have connected on a spiritual level with our obsession with clothes, clothes and more clothes. It makes my heart warm to see someone as passionate as you about fashion. Stay Gucci.

To Deepu Chintala, I will you an underclassman who is as cute as you. You have brought me a smile through our small interactions of saying “hi” to each other in the hallways. I will definitely miss our handshake;)

To Frances Balto, I will you more deep, meaningful conversations with the people around you. Your maturity truly made me question my authority as an upperclassman as I learned so much from you. So, thank you for gifting me advices, conversations, laughs and courage. I also will you a better 06 movie (rip). Chicago was cold but you surely made the entire movie-filming warm like yourself. Have the most fun senior year because you deserve it.

To Lauren Crowe, I will you a voice: a voice that can speak your passion and share your passion with others. I’ve seen you grow to such a tremendous amount from the start of your sophomore year to now. I am so proud of you for being authentically you. I know you’ll be able to take whatever comes your way. I am looking forward to hearing your voice, hearing the changes you create with your voice.

To Cait Castillo, I will you a bouquet of flowers (wink wink). I will you this to remind you to love yourself. People on this campus can be judgemental and pessimistic, but don’t let that get to you. More importantly, don’t let yourself doubt your abilities. You are full of bright energy and your presence has brighten up my day and many other people’s days. The compassion you show towards this campus is what this community needs. You will need to believe in things that you can’t measure or hold in yourself, but I believe… No, I know you can do it. I can not wait to see what the future has in store for you. Always take care of yourself first.

To Ashley Homecgoy, I will you one my most prized possession, Evan Sun’s terriermon plushie. There’s a signature phrase of this particular Digimon, “moumantai.” It’s a Cantonese phrase that means “take it easy”. I admire your passion. You put your best effort in everything you do and I worry that you might crash and burn. Make sure to take a break and enjoy the limited time you have at IMSA. I can assure you, the most memorable memories are the small, unexpected moments in your life.

To 06AUQ (Ashley, Cait, Frances and Lauren), I will a clean wing where you all can eat food in the wing commons anytime y’all want. I will you all no housekeeping during SSS. Most importantly, keep the piercing and the hair cutting going:)


Emily Springer

To Jason Liu, I will you TAG team facilitator position. I know it is a lot of responsibility, but I have faith in you…just don’t take too long of breaks or someone may get upset.

To Joseph Bertrand, I will you your own Dan. I know you always wanted to steal mine, but you, too, shall have one of your own someday.

To Kurt Leano, I will you a CADing junior of your own to use and abuse at your choosing. I’m sorry Eunice and I were clueless when it came to CADing, but it only enabled you to learn more, which was obviously our plan all along. You can use this same strategy next year when you strategically delegate work to the newbies.

To CJ, I will you an injury free season of softball for your senior year. Try not to crumble at 2nd again. You have improved so much since the beginning of your sophomore year. I know it can be difficult for you to see that sometimes, but stop comparing yourself to others, and instead, just give it your all and have fun. I believe in you.

To Mirella Eldridge, I will you first base. I know you will take care of it for me, probably better than I ever did. It will get harder to balance your time with softball junior and senior year, but always remind yourself why you keep playing. Stay focused and have a great remaining couple of years at IMSA!

To Tatiana Michel and Xiomara Medina, I will you quiet upstairs neighbors. I know some nights it sounded like you were living under a bowling alley, and you will probably greatly miss that, but you may also enjoy some peace and quiet for once.

To Megan Ptak, Olivia Dambrauskas, Paola Padilla, Phyllis Shen, I will you a cute quad of sophomores in 03B wing. Take care of the wing. We must keep our streak of not losing in wing wars.

To Janice Jiang, I will you a physics tutee for you to spread your knowledge of physics with. I trained you well first semester; now it’s your turn.

To Emily Gonda, I will you a year of confusion, continuing Akshaya and my SIR work. Maybe someday, you will discover for all of us why we are doing this in the first place.

To Zoe Berthold, I will you my Faces of IMSA picture. Just kidding! You will never get it.


Eric Errampalli

To Rohan Upadhyay, I will you a chill senior year, junior carries, and the meme plate. At the end of my sophomore year, I thought I’d never have to see a Dong MSI assignment ever again…but then you luckily came around. Your work ethic is kind of amazing, and you’re going to do great things wherever you go. I never knew a person could be so hype and responsible, until I met you. Keep up the grind and make sure to enjoy your last year at IMSA. Also, try not to get a dad bod, dude.

To Paul Dunlap, I will you a 100 on all your four tingxies senior year and infinite carries for all your classes. You’ve grown a lot since your sophomore year, and I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for you. You’re a chem god and basically carried me through ad chem. I’ll always remember our times grinding out Mandarin, and I hope you enjoy the SSS; you deserve it.

To Ian Fowler and Tyler (TJ) Ptak, I will you underclassmen to screw around with on ChatRoulette.

To Ram Kakinada, I will you the “Buh-bop” scat card used in Talent Show. I’m glad you were a part of the wing.

To Eliot, I will you an awesome senior year. Your magic never ceases to amaze me, and I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for you.

To Philip Paulson, I will you an amazing junior year filled with lots of fun. I will always remember setting up your computer for the first time and seeing your incredible passion for jazz and gaming. I hope you continue to develop your interests and spread them to others as well! Thank you so much for being the trombone carry during 07’s Talent Show, and I enjoyed living alongside you in the wing, especially since you were the most responsible sophomore. Make the most of every moment and enjoy the rest of your time at IMSA!

To Marcus Ludwig, I will you a wingmate who transcends your sense of humor. I’m not sure if this will is necessarily a good thing, but I hope it all works out.

To Vincent Pergrossi (Tracy), I will you a baby j that is CAD certified and will go on Chili’s walking trips with you. Also, you’re gonna rock college admissions, bro.

To Arthur Wang, I will you Vincent Pergrossi.

To Ian Fowler and Kodai Speich, I will you 07 Talent Show next year. I had so much fun collaborating with both of you this year and wish you both all the best next year.

To Shivang Bhaskar, I will you peace and cleaner memes. Although college season may be stressful, just remember to keep your head up and enjoy the SSS. You’ll always be my favorite tamil kid.


Erika Ezife


To Eric Pan, I will another Eric or Erika to call “twin!” I am glad I kept up this twin thing with you because you are the coolest! Stay lit and stay on the grind. HMU when I’m in college if you ever need anything, or if you’re bored because I’ll always respond to my twin. Make sure you keep up the twin tradition with the next sophs, or I’ll be sad :(

To Michelle Wang, I will you good luck in French 4 (if you’re taking it) cause it’ll probably suck. At least you’re good at French now! You are my favorite carry. Stay cool :))))))

To Ahana Narayanan, Anna Cai, Audrey Si, Celeste Izaguirre, Chandra Gangavarapu, Gloria Li, Jiyoon Lee, Katie Nguyen, Krishna Thakkar, Madhu Manivannan, Mara Adams, Ore Ferguson, Rowan Eggert, Winny Liu, and Zahra Vasi, I will you the ability to be a waaaaay better upperclassman than I was. Yeah, sorry for not talking to y’all! I remember being a sophomore and wondering… wow why don’t the upperclassman talk to me? And now I’m that upperclassman…. what a cycle LOL! But from what I can see, you guys are a beautiful and bright group of intelligent young ladies that will do very big things in the future. If you need help with anything (especially college apps I can read essays no cap), just message me! Stay lit!

To Vaishnavi Tetali, I will you a creative mind as Acronym’s (hopefully) Senior Graphic Designer. It’s kind of a hard job (especially because Sohum and Michael Dizon before us set such high expectations), but I think you can do it! You’ve improved a lot, still have lots of time to learn, and you’ve done a great job so far. I recommend always being ambitions with your designs. You can do it!

To Mara Adams, Krisha Patel, and Lauren Pickett, I will you another successful year with Scribble. Y’all are a great group with a lot of passion for writing, and that’s why we picked you. I’d say don’t let my baby club die, but I’m sure I don’t have to worry about that. HMU if you need anything!


Ethan Saquimux

To Billy Hamblen, I will a bracelet. This bracelet will remind you of IMSA and all your friends here. It reminds you to not forget about your past as the past helps you to become the person you are today. You are going to do great things Billy. Make sure you keep your head up and stay strong even in the lowest point in your life. I hope I made a difference in your life because I wished someone would have guided me during my sophomore year. I wish you the best wherever you go. Thank you for being one of my best sophs.

To Aiden Rhody, I will a necklace. This necklace has half a heart with my name on it. It is not the most ideal gift, but at least it will remind you of me. I am so glad that I was able to meet you because you are such a chill dude and I wish I could have had more time to hang out with you. Low-key jealous of your hair, but you make me proud every day. I’m sorry I couldn’t go to your games, but I will always visit you and take you out to eat. Keep up the good work bro and stay humble.

To Maia Peregrino, I will a BTS Photocard of V. I am not sure who your bias is, but I know we had our good times dancing to K-pop. I ask you to make sure to stay true to yourself and keep on dancing. You are one of best dancers I have seen here on this campus and I want to see you on a dance team one day. The Photocard of V will remind you of me and our fun times on our dinner dates. Don’t change and I will take you out to eat once I visit.

To my SEAMS kids, I will a good Junior and Senior year. As many of SEAMS kids made it to IMSA, I had to focus more on me and let you guys develop as people. I want you guys to know that you guys will always be my SEAMS kids and I want you guys to do well at the Academy. Stay strong for two more years because it’s worth it.

To Jiliann Padilla, I will a picture of me. You always had the most energy to brighten up my day and I think I should return the favor. Whenever you are sad or angry, look at the picture of me and remember that everything will be okay. Never be too hard on yourself because it will kill you more in the end. Please continue dancing because I love to see you dance with your facial expression. If you ever need anything, I am one message away, never change and stick true to yourself.

To Evie Lee, I will a great progression in dancing. Evie, I know you want to become a better dancer, but you are too scared of the judgement that might come with it. I am here if you want to learn how to dance, but just know if you keep dancing you are going to get better. You are fun to hang out with and don’t give up on dancing. I know you can do it.

To Jon Gao, I will confidence in his dancing. Don’t judge yourself when dancing because everyone starts from somewhere. I will send one of my earlier videos of me dancing and maybe it will inspire you to not give up dancing. Make sure you keep that positive energy and you will achieve anything you put your mind into, including dancing.

To Mariam Sansusi, I will a Great Dancing career. I love when you post your dance covers on Instagram and I want you to make sure you keep doing that. I want to see that growth in dancing from you because you are such a good dancer. I love the memories we got to make so please don’t change. I’m proud of you for everything you have done so far.

To Kristina Williams, I will the video of IDOL from World of SDAC. The memories we made when we performed IDOL at World of SDAC. You are such a talented dancer and I want you to make sure to keep dancing because you are can improve if you keep dancing. Set the bar high because I know you can do great things.

To Ray Shang, I will hair ties. Since day one we’ve been chill, and I am glad I got to hang out with you for the past two years. I love your hair honestly and you are so goofy. I know you don’t dance a lot, but I encourage you to continue dancing because you are pretty good at it. I will visit and make sure I take you out to eat bro. Make sure you keep the iconic hairstyle as I will you more hair ties.

To Richard Jun, I will a great senior year. When we first met you complimented my man bun. You work hard and I wish we hangout more, but you are a chill dude. I hope that senior year brings good fortunes and fun memories with your friends. I will visit and will hang out and have a good time. Don’t change bro because you are such funny dude.

To Ryan Talusan, I will a good Lunar. You are such a talented dude and I am thankful that you been there for me when I needed it. I know you will choreograph Lunar modern or Lunar Senior because you are such a great dancer. Continue dancing because I want to see you on a dance team one day.

To underclassmen of 2017-2018 dance team member, I will a better season next year. Everyone on that team are so talented and I want to see all of you guys on dance team during college. You guys have worked so hard and it will pay off. Make sure you stick up what you believe in and make sure to stay humble. I’m glad I was on a team with all of you guys.

To Frances Balto, I will confidence in her dancing. Don’t judge yourself when dancing because everyone starts from somewhere. I love the class you held with Ryan and I want you to know that if you keep dancing you are going to get better. Make SDAC better next year when I am not here. I love your idea of teaching little kids, so I want you to do that next year. I will visit and take you out to eat and catch up on life.

To underclassmen of SDAC, I will the club SDAC. I want everyone to make sure that you make SDAC better than it already is. I will come back and watch your guys performances. I expect big things from everyone.

To Samantha Lazcano, I will a BTS Calendar. You are such a fun person to talk and I wish I got to hang out with you more, but I’m glad we like BTS together. The Calendar will remind you of me and the fun memories we made together. I will make sure to visit and take you out for some tacos. Thank you for being so fun to hang out with. I will miss you a lot.

To every other Junior, I will a good Senior class. You guys have been fun to talk to and I hope Senior year brings college acceptance letter and fun memories. I hope you guys leave a positive mark on this campus.


Eunice Yoon

To Zoe Berthold, I will you an underclassman to give flats to when you don’t actually have them. I hope you enjoy your senior year even without Emily and me. It’ll go by in just a blink of an eye, so don’t forget to enjoy every moment. I also hope that you will bring your purple chair to some room to hang out with your friends. Who knows? The people living in 03B24 might be almost as cool as us! Just remember that you’re always welcome to borrow my black flats…even if I don’t have them.

To JoJo, I will you a minute long handshake with someone. It was hard work adding a small piece of our handshake every time we met up. I just wish we started earlier so it could be longer! You were the first sophomore I met in robotics my junior year, so it was cool to see you continue robotics for the two years I’ve known you. Good luck your senior year, especially first semester. Also, don’t party too hard second semester. Don’t forget our handshake! Good thing we recorded it a few times.

To Alison Deng, I will you a good tennis partner. I have to say, this season was my favorite tennis season. I only wish I could have made it to more games. You were a great tennis partner, and I am confident that you’ll do even better next season. I will never forget the Waubonsie Valley Tournament or the Plainfield Quad. While the Waubonsie tournament was the start of our amazing season together, I think the most memorable tennis moment was the Plainfield Quad because we became low-key famous because of that game. That game taught me one thing: nothing is impossible. We somehow managed to win when we were down 2-5. Even with Bernie making those weird, distracting motions at us, we still won. Senior year will throw many distractions and hardships like these tournaments. It’s inevitable. However, if you persist and do it with style, you’ll do great! Even if you go down (which I highly doubt), do it with style! 加油!

To Lily and Vaish, I will you all the laughs and jokes. The first day of Creative Writing was weird because I was one out of a handful of seniors. However, being welcomed by two familiar faces was probably the best thing that happened to me in that class. I love how you guys always sit in the same spot every day and joke and laugh every day. I don’t think a single class goes by without you guys making each other laugh. I hope you two have a great senior year! Even though it’s hard, I hope you guys don’t stop laughing and joking around!

To Eliza and Paola, I will you guys a cool little sibling. I know you guys don’t know each other, but you guys were both my little siblings! To Eliza, I know we don’t talk much anymore, but it was really fun when we lived in the same wing. I wish I talked to you more this year! It’s really cool to see you grow and do cool things with ISP and other stuff. Good luck senior year! I know it’s hard, but I have faith you will do well! To Paola, I really wish we talked more! Sorry for being a bad big sibling to you! I hope (if you will be a big sibling) you will be a better big sibling than I was! And I wish you a good junior year! You got this!


Eva Liu

To my child Andrew Du, first and foremost, I will you my laundry card/detergent/softener. The card will be pre-loaded already and ready for you to use, so you’ll never have to ask anyone to borrow their laundry stuff ever again. On a more serious note, I will you the next year of IMSA’s Model UN. I know how much it means to you, and I’m glad that it will be in capable hands. I’m excited to see what new things you’ll bring to MUN as president! I also will you a senior year free of stress, and full of sleep (8 hours per night!) and spending time doing the things that make you happy. Finally, I will you underclassmen to hold study (FOOD) parties/hotpot with, who will yell at you when you don’t sleep or forget to put on your coat or drink quadruple shot espressos, someone who will give you lots of food/stuffed animals/Kpop merch, whose cheeks you can squish, who you can have wholesome Messenger sticker conversations with, and who will shower you with all the love and care that you deserve. Have a wonderful senior year, kid. You’ve worked hard for the past two years, and I wish you all the best in your last.

To my dearest little junior Vidhi Singh, I will you all of my kpop posters to fuel your fangirl heart. I will never forget the evenings spent in your room doing anything but work, and although they were probably the most unproductive times, I regret not a single moment. I also will you a smooth senior year filled with lots of sleep, and only the strongest will and perseverance in Français V. Finally, I will you sweet underclassmen to hold infinite sleepovers and movie nights with. Senior year may be rough, but I will you everything you’ll need (and more) to find happiness during it. KeEp oN sWimMiNG ahead (pun!!!!!), and thank you so much for being a such huge part of my life. I hope that you too will find people just as precious to spend your senior year with.

To the future Model UN Board (Andrew Du, Aabha Vyas, Pascal Adhikary, Nat Oliven), I will you guys a wonderful year with amazing reliable advisors; many, MANY conferences with 10+ people in attendance for all of them; competent additional board members; lots of money for food/merch/happy times; better board chat nicknames; and finally, never having to ask for chaperones the during the week of conferences. Thank all of you guys so much for turning what was just an idea during my sophomore year to this wonderful club; I’m excited to see what more amazing things MUN will do next year!

To Rohan Upadhyay, I will you a senior year filled with interesting (perhaps Fogel) math classes, deskmates whose pockets you can to stuff notes into when they fall asleep, Model UN Conferences filled with wild stories, many evenings in the Loft spent with underclassmen who skip Ethics, and more people to hold strange but fascinating messenger conversations with. I’m so happy that I was able to meet you this year, and I hope that you’ll enjoy your senior year to the fullest, no matter what happens.

To Jaden Turner and Grace Okorie, I will both of you guys plenty of sleep, my limited knowledge in mathematics for your problem sets/Webworks, and a junior year full of fun and new experiences. I also will you guys your own baby sophomores to mentor, take care of, and call children. Thank you so much for lightening up my senior year, and I hope that you’ll both find your own beams of happiness.

To Alex Pomrenke and Juwon Park, I will you guys a junior year that is infinitely less stressful than first semester sophomore year; one that is full of hanging out with your friends, taking interesting classes, and finding your passions in life. I also will you guys sophomores that will take care of you, make sure that you guys eat, and help you guys on math and essays. I love the both of you so very much, and regardless of what direction you guys go in, I’m sure you will find success.

To Celeste Izaguirre, I will you a junior year with less rushing to class and last-minute worksheets, a super fun Chinese II class with tons of food, and underclassmen to take care of (or vice versa!) who will call you ‘Mom.’ You have so much wonderful potential, so go out there and show the world what you’ve got!

To the current 02A Juniors (Gowri Warikoo, Nicole Wolff, Katya Romanov, Isabella Huynh, Lola Alao, Lauren Pickett, Rachel Moreno, and Michelle Wang), I know that senior year is going to be rough, but I will you guys the strength to all survive college season and have a great SSS. I will you guys the love, responsibility, and knowledge to lead two other classes of underclassmen, as I know for a fact that you guys will be the best role models. Don’t be afraid to reach out to alum and underclassmen alike, and I’ll be waiting to hear good news from all of you guys.

To the future 02A Wing, I will you guys the wing that I’ve been lucky to call my home for 3 years. I will you guys wonderful wing guides who put on lots of programs, hold fun dinner dates, updates the calendar and bulletin board on time, and a cleaner wing commons; an interesting wing theme with all the coolest decorations; and most of all, a family that you know has your back and that you can trust, no matter the circumstance.

Faith George

To C Wing, I will you an ant-free kitchen and lots of food. I will especially remember the times we made pancakes together. I really like how all of us are always willing to help each other out. It makes me happy whenever I see people cooking and just chatting in the wing commons.

To Mariam, Utsa, Kristina, Julia, Elasia, Vivian, Shivani, and Manasvi, I will you cute and sweet sophomores that will make you laugh and roll your eyes. I loved living with all you of this year and I will never forget being your wing guide. I remember the first day we all met and how new you all were to IMSA. Since then, you’ve experienced your first Clash, dessert date, and culture shows. I’m so happy I was a part of the beginning of your journey at IMSA.

To Athena and Sravani, I will you juniors who are always there to talk to and lend you a spoon or dumplings when you’re in need. It was so much fun spending time with both of you in C wing and I will miss you in college.

To Shusha and Karina, I will you great fellow RSLs and junior carries. Shusha, it has been so much fun to have MAD with you and ranting about how the tests don’t always include stuff we learn in class. Your makeup and outfits are always so on point, and I can only aspire to get to your level. Karina, I love seeing you during hall council and laughing along with you and the rest of the RSLs every Sunday night. I also remember that one time you did my eyeliner so perfectly for that one dinner date last year in B wing. Please teach me your skills! Both of you are such beautiful and intelligent people.

To Saachi, Kiri, and Breanna, I will you the obnoxiously cute kids at I have enjoyed getting to know all of you as we prepared and taught each of the lessons together. I am so thankful for all the hard work you have put in for the club. Saachi, I appreciate your enthusiasm and love for the program, in addition to your valuable knowledge about CS. I can always rant to you and I always feel comfortable to talk to you about anything. Kiri, I love the way you group lead and interact with the students. Your love for the education of our students warms my heart. Breanna, thank you so much for always being willing to do what needs to get done. I also really enjoyed talking about prom and senior year with you.

To Esha, I will you juniors who remind you about reading quizzes as you walk into your English classes senior year. You are so much fun to talk to and I loved living with you in B wing during your sophomore year. I am so glad we still talk, and I hope we continue to stay in touch.

To Pouravi, I will you freedom and fun during your senior year. I love talking to you during SIR and in the hallways. I am always so entertained whenever you roast Aryan. Thank you for making me feel like a loved senior.

To Kaia and Rachel, I will you juniors who are as talented as both of you. Thank you for being such amazing directors for my last show at IMSA. Kaia, thank you for the countless snacks you have provided to keep all of us from starving. Rachel, thanks for being so excited and proud of us backstage during all of our shows.

To Sebastian, Tony, Zoe, Jumobi, Wyatt, Brenna, I will you better makeup foundations and costumes for your future Drama Club performances. I had so much fun acting with each of you during A Midsummer Night’s Dream, The Mousetrap, and the One Acts/Choir concert performance. Sebastian, you were an amazing son and I will miss being your mother. Don’t forget to eat your dinner and write your letters! Tony, you were the best moonshine in Midsummer and your punching Sebastian’s arm always makes me laugh. Jumobi, it was fun being the same foundation color as you during One Acts. You were so supportive and happy during the shows and I really appreciated spending time with you. Wyatt, you will always be Christopher Wren trying to steal Mollie away from me. Sorry for all the times I messed up your mascara. Even so, I loved performing alongside you in The Mousetrap and One Acts.

To Prarthana, I will you talented sophomores that carry our choir. I have enjoyed singing with you at the concerts this year. You are so talented and I love watching you perform. When you get famous, don’t forget to give me a ticket to your concerts!

To Brandon, I will you my crazy tip toeing skills. I am so glad I got to spend time with you in both Choir and Drama Club. I have learned so much from you and I am continually amazed by your talent. I will never forget the time I played Jane Quince alongside you as Nick Bottom. My favorite scene was when you chased me around the entire auditorium as a donkey, or when I played the wall and you had to kiss on stage during the Pyramus and Thisbe through the crack in the wall. I will miss you so much in college.

To Riley, I will you an underclassman who carries the sopranos for choir the way you do. You are a great singer and I continue to learn more as I sing by your side. I love to listen to all of your funny anecdotes and even your struggles with quizzes or tests. I will really miss having you around to be goofy with and walk as if attached by the hip in the hallways.


Faris Shaikh

To Sid Panda, Greetings Jerome! I will you a junior who will steal your vernacular and all your mannerisms and will complain that you were the one who stole it from him in the first place. More importantly, I hope you find someone that can stay up with you working, talking, dancing, and just goofing off. Although it was accidental , I’m so glad you got into A wing because i don’t know if we would have gotten close otherwise. Please relax senior year. You work so hard and I know you will be very successful in the near future. Keep doing so but remember to make the most of your last year with your friends. A wing has improved so much this year very much because of you. Keep it that way.

To Ishan Nikam and Moksh Shah, I will you more opportunities to randomly howl and hoot like buffoons. You both have lovable personalities and I hope you keep them with you wherever you go. Thanks for tanking ISA with me (ishan) and modgeo (moksh) and waking me up from naps because of your impromptu wrestling matches upstairs. Ishan, I will you admin status for powderBUFF. Please be quarterback more often. You’re useless as a receiver if you have someone like me guarding you :). I also will you my place on Brown Velvet. Brown Velvet has taught me more about myself, specifically what I am comfortable with doing on stage and I hope it has the same effect on you. Moksh I will you an SIR buddy to play cards with, have weird conversations with (rainbows), and dip to Chicago with.

To Ryan Talusan, I will you a sophomore you can adopt as your lil sibling even though you didn’t even sign up to be a big sib. I also will you someone as cuddly as me to sit with sometimes on the basketball bus to away games. Please concentrate on getting more sleep next year.

To Zayn Ramdass, I will you a tree to climb instead of myself. I also will you water so you can keep up the growling. Please get more sleep next year.

To Vasu Chalasani, I will you a math and bio elective buddy to keep you sane during each class. Thanks for making BC3 and EBE bearable with your weak sauce puns and shenanigans. I’m really impressed with how hard you work and I know you will surpass even the great Legrange James in the future! Just try not to overwork yourself senior year and if you’re ever feeling stressed just know you have a seniora one message away waiting to play Just Dance with you.

To Milicia Barac, I will you Kaushal’s sock and someone to give weird looks to and recommend PRETTY good music to (hehe). I also will you my Just Dance skills and someone to video your bio presentations. Thank you for making EBE…interesting? Please keep being goofy with Vasu. Never lose that side of you.

To Samira Cheruku, I will you an endless supply of imaginary hearts to substitute my absence next year, more random squirts to the face with the gatorade water bottle, and the ability to take yourself away from academics and simply have fun on campus. I’m so glad we’ve stayed close friends for all these years. Thanks for being a great companion on the downstate bus and giving me pre game pep talks in the west gym. I don’t like to admit it but those talks were a big part of our success this year. You are a very caring and determined person and I hope that stays with you forever. Just like Krishi wrote me in his will two years ago, first Lohita, then Varun, then Krishi, and now me. You and Bala are next. I challenge to you to continue the linear growth of Iles, Franklin, SHS, and IMSA student accomplishments. But, don’t feel like you have to follow any of our paths. Pave your own and continue to work hard because I know you’re capable of big things. Never doubt yourself and I better see you on the court when I come back to visit sometime.

To Bala Ramaraju, I will you more downstate laughs, a wingman as good as me for Allu Arjun, and dinner date story times. I know we didn’t talk as much as we wanted to until this semester (it’s my fault) but I’m so glad we did because I wouldn’t have gotten to know how caring, thoughtful and open you are. You really are a great person Balaboo and I’m gonna miss hearing you scold me and Sohil in your Indian aunty voice. Thanks, for listening to me at our dinner date (we need to have one more conversation like that), and hyping me up during Diwali. Thanks for all the advice about …… (you know what it is, i might hit you up in college too haha). Just like I willed Samira, first Lohita, then Varun, then Krishi, and now me. You and Samira are next. I challenge you to continue the linear growth of Iles, Franklin, SHS, and IMSA student accomplishments. But don’t feel like you have to follow any of our paths. Pave your own and continue to work hard because I know you’re capable of big things (sorry i copied this part from Samira’s but it 100% applies to you as well). Good luck next year, and just like I messaged you your sophomore year, I’m just one text away if you ever need anything. I mean it.

To Ruchi Patel, I will you an underclassmen who will just watch you play Just Dance from the couch and randomly say hi to you in the hallways. Please keep the guys on junior board next year in check. I trust you more than them anyway.

To Sophie Pribus, I will you Lake(Ocean) Michigan to remind you of my CORRECT theory, and the capability to build a spaceship so that you can return to the alien hawk planet you came from. Although we had quite the interesting start to SIR with the lake/ocean debate, I’m so glad it happened because I would not have gotten to know the amazing person that you are. You’re honestly so accomplished, driven, and talented that I know you’ll make it big one day (please remember me when you’re famous). Thank you so much for being so caring and kind and willing to listen to my music, and showing me Lauv. Who knew we had that similar of interests? You’ve truly made my senior year a year to remember although it’s gonna make me miss seeing your scared face around school all the more. I hope you can finally get the chance dip SIR one day and bounce to Chicago and in general, just do more fun things on campus because you work so hard and you deserve a great senior year. Please SSS. You probably have everything figured out but if you ever need anything, I’m one message away. Keep being you Sophie, you’re great. Till the next time we can hop on my spotify at the same time…

To Future 04ADQ and UQ (Ajay, Vibhav, Mathew, Jay, Akul, Sai, Vas, Mark), I will you soooo many memories with your quads, A wing, John,  and 04. Our whole quad was placed into A wing sophomore year and we haven’t left for a reason. I hope you each continue to grow as individuals and represent A wing well. Although we might be known for being one of the goofiest wings on campus (that’s our fault), we definitely mean something to this campus and I hope you all continue to add to our rep (in a good way please). There will be moments when certain members of the quad will irk you but you guys are a unit and need to have each other’s backs. DQ, we’ve successfully brought back the tradition of 04 A down being voted best quad on campus, there was a slight hiccup last year but I hope you continue the tradition as well. UQ please connect with your DQ . As the two quads, you guys are the leaders of the wing. Show the sophomores how we do things in A wing. Good luck and come to our quad sometime, we have some gifts for you.

To Future ISA Board, I will you another successful year. Keep being the most lit culture club on campus. I know I slacked off towards the end, but I’ve had so much fun being on board

To future bball team (Abhi, Matt, Femi, Aaron, Johnny, Ryan, Godwyn, Big Aidan, Little Aidan), I will you another record breaking year and all the patience in the world to handle coach. Thanks for making my last year the best and I hope you guys continue to improve.

To Ajay Jayaraman, I will you more New Zealand maaaannnnggs, thanks for being goofy with me and for always bringing me a smile whenever I talk to you. Good luck next year dawg.

To Nafay Abdul, I will you an annoying underclassmen who will constantly hug you from behind.

Not going to lie, we had a rocky start to our relationship but no matter how much you will continue to annoy me, I’ll always love you. I see a lot of myself in you but I know you can be better. Good luck next year and keep working hard.

To Alison Deng, Ring Ring! I will you more wacky conversations on our banana phones in Sodexo. I’m going to take mine with me to college so don’t forget to call!

To Abhi Thati, I will you title of the DAWG on campus. Two years ago Herschel willed me a Indian underclassmen rival and now I’m going to do the same to you (although rival? Come’on haha). You perfectly fit the legacy of dark Indian dancer that plays basketball and I hope you make the most of it. Continue to impress people on stage with your moves and please continue to ball. I want to see that step back when I come to a game next year. I wish we found each other a lot earlier in the year because I’m going to miss you so much dawg. From when I saw your little self come to open gym first semester, I never knew how close we would get. Let’s make the most of this last month and let our barks ring. Good luck next year. You have a great work ethic already and I know you’ll do great but if you need anything just hit me up. Also, always remember the bet we made. I’m still holding you to it.


Garrison Ecker

To Aiden Rhody, I will you a new buddy to talk about basketball with. I know they can be hard to come by at IMSA so I really hope you get one. Please never stop sending me the good highlights and funny moments even after I graduate

To Allia Lin,  I will you the powers of Hall Mom. Not that I ever had them but I remember them from sophomore year. Part of what made 01 so special that year was our self-proclaimed Hall Moms took good care of us. I think 01 needs that again in order to be a special and caring community and you are just the right person to do it. Have a great senior year!

To Billy Hamblen,  Biiiiiillllllllllllllllyyyy!!!!!! How you doin’? I will you the green and purple wooden painted Halloween skull. It represents a good time and success in whatever you want to do in life. You are a very smart and charming person, I know for certain you will have great success. The two colors represent personal complexity and balance, using your strengths to get through whatever life throws at you.

To Chas Schreiber, I will you the responsibility of being the last remaining original 01B sophomore (unless shafts happen). Being the only original sophomore will be tough but no other sophomore could do it as well as you. I know you will make 01B a desirable place to live. Your downquad has loved hanging out with you and all the fun conversations we have. I also will you the ability to talk to everyone you can. You’re a great conversationalist and a really fun person to hang out with – share your gift with the world!

To Ethan Philips, I will you a different nickname than “Little Ethan”. I realize it needs to change as you will be the oldest Ethan in the wing, if not the only one. Also, because you are no longer little. Not quite sure what it would be, maybe something like Dooter.

To Jaelynn-Darshawn Abdullah, I will you the magnetic slime you gave me near the beginning of this year. It’s been fun, but you can have it back. It’s still as weird and gross-looking as it was when you first gave it to me. When you get it back think of it as a reminder of a fun year spent together in 01B.

To Max Hellrung, I will you a sophomore that you can watch grow up and become as proud of as I am of you. You have come so far from being the sophomore pacing back and forth in front of my door on the first day of move in. Your character has grown immensely into the loveable dude you are and now you have a hall to build. So excited to see what you do with it, you will be an amazing leader and role model to your underclassman.

To Sachin Vijayaraj, I will a sophomore neighbor that you get to help out of unfortunate situations such as locking themselves out of their room. I also will that they give pizza as thanks to you for helping them out because they should be as nice to you as you were to me. You made me feel like a good upperclassman and I know you will be a good upperclassman to your sophomores.

Sam Rabideau, I will you a lab partner as cool as you have been during our 1-2 mod science classes. Hanging out with you made wearing safety goggles at eight in the morning worth it. Have a great senior year!

To Sam Schennum, I will you the Legacy of 01B Downquad and the Spirit of the Wing. Your physically willed object is Xenon, a rock with a smiley face on it that’s been sitting in our window all year. Xenon has been passed down 01B for many years now representing the Spirit of the Wing. It is given to a junior that is friendly, makes 01B a great place to live, and a home for everyone who lives there. That’s you buddy! Also, as the fifth member of our quad, be sure to tell our stories and make new ones of your own. I wish you could come to college with me but you have a job here: to make 01B a great place to live by being Sam.

To Wyatt Funkhouser, Howdy buddy! I will you a new sophomore buddy from one of the seven most southern counties in Illinois. I have been very fortunate to have a train/carpool buddy as good as you for the past two years. I hope you have a person as cool as you to spend the six hour voyage next year.

To Future 01B Downquad (Ethan, Andrew, Brennan, Sam): Congrats on being seniors in 01B Downquad!!! It comes with lots of honor as many a good time has been had in that quad so don’t break it too much. Of course, this also means you get the futon first donated by former 01B RC and probably best IMSA RC ever, Trevor J. Barnes.


Gloria Huang

To Ray Shang, I will you my stack of Stephanie Pace Marshall essays. The 2017 StudCo VP willed them to me my sophomore year, and now I will them to you. I hope they fill you with the same drive and passion they filled me with, and that they cause you to think deeply about the IMSA you want to see. More so than that, I will you a better dance partner than me. Someone who will help you look for cute girls on Instagram and will accept you for who you are, even if you really like feet. I will you a sophomore that will take random walks with you around access and will teach you Sound and Light when you have no idea what’s going on. I will you confidence and satisfaction with yourself and security in your future. Although the next year may be whacky, I will you friends who will always be by your side.

To Ashley Homecogy, I will you an underclassman that will always brighten your day whenever you talk to them. You’re incredibly kind, caring, and funny, but also so passionate, driven, and talented. I hope next year goes well for you and that you never lose sight of who you are and what you want to do. If you ever want any advice or someone to talk to, I’m always a message away.

To Daniel Lee, I will you someone who won’t step on your feet, who knows what they’re doing in Dance, and will let you laugh at them when they’re trying to stretch. Thanks for always being willing to be my partner, when I didn’t have one, and teaching my Korean.

To Hasan Almousawi, I will you the Fishie. Take good care of it. Revive it SSS.

To 06AUQ (Cait Castillo, Ashley Homecgoy, Frances Balto, Lauren Crowe), I will you 06A down quad. I hope that as many deep talks you’ll have in this quad, you will also have just as many laughs and goof-offs. Have fun next year and enjoy your SSS. I hope you’ll always be there for one another, and that you’ll continue to grow, each as individuals, but also together as a quad. Thanks for always filling the wing with smiles and laughs and I hope you continue to do so next year. (Also to whoever gets the big room, I will you an ant-free room. Seriously. There were SO many ants this year.)

To StudCo Babies (Alex Sobczynski, Sophie Pribus, Ketu Patel, Ashley Homecgoy, Brian Schatterman, Ray Shang, Erica Pan, and Monika Narain), I will you all insight, passion, and courage. Know what you want. Know what you don’t want. Never settle for anything less. You’ve got the power to make real changes in this school. Don’t let it go to waste.

To Meghana: I will you an underclassman who has been there for you since middle school. You know so much about my old emo middle school days, it’s insane. I will you someone who is always down for tea and will always be willing to hang, make slime, or give you cheez-its. I know you’re going to do great things next year. You’re incredibly smart, and it’s so weird to be willing you something, even though we used to be in the same grade. If you ever need any help or advice, I’m always a text or a 2-minute drive away.

To Nafay Abdul, I will you an underclassmen that will always be your son, even when you haven’t been the best parent. I will you a sophomore who thinks you’ll be clueless at soccer, someone who will hangout with you even if they’re sick, and someone who will always tug at your backpack when you’re walking through the halls. Good luck next year. I believe in you. You’re strong, smart, not too bad at soccer, and I have all the faith in the world that you’ll be able to do whatever you put your mind to. Make your mother proud.


Hanson Hao

To Matthew Lee, Daniel Lee, & Tejo Velagapudi, Good luck. Study hard, enjoy the game, and be ready to buzz in. Don’t tilt. I also will you all of my frauding ability.

To Daniel Lee, I will you complete knowledge of the Western Canon and the correct interpretation of Finnegan’s Wake. I will you the ability to understand what makes good writing good.

To Matthew Lee, I will you an infinite stomach that will never food coma and infinite juseyos. I will you 40% knowledge of Chinese to complement your 60% Korean vocabulary.

To Tejo Velagapudi, I will you upper-body and bicep strength as well as a Chicago Open-level myth singles tournament that you can destroy.

To Vidhi Singh, I will you a tiny junior who will follow you around, give you hugs, and be a shoulder to lean on when you’re sad. Enjoy senior year, and let me know how college goes. Visit me sometime.

To Jaden Wang, I will you my opening repertoire and my science notes. I will you Ma Lin’s penhold expertise and my 2 history flashcards. Finally, and best of all, I will you a spot on IMSA A.

To Wyatt Funkhouser, Isaiah Bridges, Grant Fiedler, Johnny Yelenick, Jaden Wang, Ash Ramesh, Vas Ramesh, & Peter Baffoe: I will you all the god-tier plays and believable Percival claims. I also will you the luck to not be silenced in Werewolf or killed the first night.

To Ashley Koca & London Bennett, Work hard but take care of yourselves. Become better tutors than me.

To Ashley Koca, I will you a functioning SIR as well as the discovery of a cool new dinosaur species. I also will you all of my (very little) coding skill so you never complain about CSI again.

To Chris Teng, I will you knowledge of my signals and volleys that are never dumped into the net. I will you strings that won’t break the first time they’re used and a functional backhand return.

To all of the above, I will you guys good fortune and success when it comes your turn to apply for college. I will you guys a fun research project that looks sorta cool, preferably in non-applicable mathematics. Do keep in touch, and let me know how it goes.


Harshavardhan Nalam

To Katya and Ishaar, I will you a successful year with Medical Society. I will you the ability to branch out and show this campus what medicine truly is. I will you meetings spent at the TV pit seeing who can hang off the ledge for longer. I will you ideating sessions where we lose track of time. All jokes aside, I leave you with a chance to do better than we did and show us what you can do. But how can I leave without willing you the classic jar of candy.

To Torin, Chris, Jerry, Ian, Jacob, I will you a successful tennis season. Torin, make sure that you clap the correct way when the team wins so that they can actually hear you. Keep up the Vaughn grind and I am sure you will excel.

To Torin, I will you the ability to grow a beautiful beard of your own.

To Chris, I will you the stick.

To Sid, To one of my closest underclassmen friends, I will you a mang who is always down to mess around with you no matter what they are doing. Whether we are deciding to go watch a movie (or 2) at Tinseltown on the spot, or playing smash when we shouldn’t be, we’ve had countless memories through the years. I appreciate you being there for me through all the ups and downs, and hope that I’ve supported you through yours. Keep on keeping on brother you’re a real one.

To Jay, I will you a Spiderman buddy who’s always down to grind. Seeing you grow as a sophomore this year has been amazing as you opened up to the wing from the cute, timid boy you came in as. Don’t get too caught up and stressing about your academics. Take a little breather every now and then and lean on your friends. You got this bud!

To Nishant, I will you a worse-looking ‘twin’. Watching you grow from the pre-IMSA days has been a journey man. I am proud of all you have done and am sure that you will go much further, but you just have to believe in yourself.

To Ajay, I will you an underclassmen who is more tank than you are who you will have to carry through classes as a senior. Just kidding(maybe). We’ve changed together so much from the robotics days, and it’s been a ride brother. Keep on cruising with your insane fashion sense and a love for warm, soft jackets.

To Vibhav,I will you another Balavihar buddy who can understand the journey that is the double life. Keep up the Spanish grind and good luck for next year!

To Pascal, I will you a dank underclassmen who is down to run into your quad, squish your cheeks, and spit wisdom on the daily. It was a wild ride having a room right across from you with your cute Ganesha and your snack of a roommate. Keep up the grind buddy and you’ll become coder god.

To Andrew, I will you a successful Spanish career drinking mate and writing essays in class.

To Tyree, I will you a clean pair of pants without mud on them. It’s been fun messing around playing basketball, spiderman, werewolf and whatever else it may be. You always keep things interesting so keep it up and become the coder boy you are meant to become.

To Jemea, I will you an amazing intersession experience with amazing people in an amazing place. Despite some of the suspicious activities, I will only look back with fond memories.

To Doreen, I will you an internship partner who can carry you throughout and is always down to get some Taco Bell.

To Ash, I will you a wallet that you will never lose. Since day 1, I could tell you were a special kid. It’s been fun goofing around with you, and despite all your tough talk, I know you are a softie on the inside. Keep up the grind and good luck!


Hunter Welch

To Ash, I will you a sophomore for your senior year like you were to me. Some random crazy soph who comes to your room one day who is always down to joke around, order food, play games, or eat some pita chips and hummus. You were part of the reason senior year was as fun as it was. Don’t forget to tell me whatever thing you said you couldn’t tell me yet. Aabshar and I have a poster for you too.

To Janna, I will you a bunch of orbeez to fill your bucket and some easy targets (other than Saisu) to pelt. But for real it was actually not grass (it’s such a bad pun I hope you understand) getting to know you and all of your middle school adventures. You’re crazy fun and I hope Santa gives u the goods next year.

To Ajay, I will you some cool concert experiences over your senior year. You were a super cool junior and I’m glad we talked more this year. The late nights in your quad where we would stay up and talk about music and “other things” were a great time. You should really find some cheap concerts next year and just go to them.

To Richard, I will you an insane senior year. Sophomore and junior had some bumps but I have a feeling senior year is where it’s at. I also will you some chill C wing sophs that would chill in your down quad since all of us are leaving. Stay safe next year I love you. Aabshar and I have a poster for you too.

To Breanna, I will you someone to catch you every time you “trust fall” or if not at least someone to catch your epic fail on video. I also sincerely hope that if we ever play risk again, you do better than you did last time.

To Frances, I will you that one Mario Kart game that we just never played. You’re super funny and chill and I’ll miss hanging with you next year. Don’t forget about that one deal we made for when we’re old enough to just bool around at crazy cool music festivals at random places.

To Shruti, I will you the insuppressible urge to finish watching Bojack Horseman. I still can’t believe you finished You but didn’t watch the rest of that show. I hope you figure out your schedule for next year and that even with all that cool stuff you’re doing you find a bunch of free time during SSS (for watching Bojack).

To Alec, I will you the ability to bargain shop like those people in extreme couponers. Black Friday was a bit of a bust but I hope one day u know how to spot an insane bargain. Just keep laughing at everything and try not to stress about college stuff next year, everything will actually just work itself out.

To Max, I will you THE magical adventure of all magical adventures. Hopefully we actually went on that magical adventure by the end of this year, and if we didn’t maybe Matt, Leon, and I will just have to come back and take you from IMSA one day. I also hope you find two other people and donate a magical adventure next year in the auction, with the exact weirdly vague description Matt wrote.

To Megan Lee, I will you a hobby of some sort. I hope you find some fun way to spend your senior year that isn’t just stealing people’s airpods XP.

To Future EleMENT Board, I will you just buckets upon buckets of fun. From the summer camps to intersession to all the meetings EleMENT is one of the highlights of my IMSA career. Just keeping making EleMENT a great time and don’t be a David. Also, don’t forget to make the Kanban challenges before the day before.

To Matthew Lee, I will you my mad rock, paper, scissors skills. It is such a fun way to make decisions about things or to prompt others to make decisions about things. And if that fails, flip a coin. I also will you to just talk to the person next time, even if it isn’t whoever won the football game.

To Vas, I will you the ability to scavenge food like a pro so whenever you need something, you can find it. And next time you need some fruit for your pancakes, I hope that they are not weirdly mushy.

To Jaden Wang, I will you one last hug. Also I will you that dollar I have owed you for a while.

To Zayn, I will you some more crazy C-wing nights.

To Alej, I will you that crazy ability to just take any situation, no matter how booty, and just have a good time with it. You made junior year unforgettable and have been an awesome friend. Akash and I will scoop you sometime when we go to visit UIUC next year. Have a wild senior year. And that’s another case closed.

To Pascal, I will you a productive add drop experience. During those three days or whatever, I hope you think long and hard about your classes. Then think some more. And if there are any classes that are more than minimal work for second semester I want you to just consider dropping that class. And once you have a god tier schedule, just stop trying all that hard because who cares as long as you’re not rescinded right? But you are a great man and an even greater rascal.

To Mike, I will you some fun chill times in your quad next year. Be smart next year and make good decisions but still have a fun time.


Jacquelyn Butler

To Ishanpepe Jagusah, I will you an underclassman as educated in the hidden intricacies of the internet and vaguely obscure television shows as you are. I remember the summer before my junior year finding out we were a sibling pair and having to google and watch all the youtube shows you mentioned in your texts. Thank you for sharing in moments like singing It’s Raining Men during karaoke, trying to keep tempo during quartet practice, and keeping lengthy recitals entertaining. Best of luck in all your future endeavors.

To Savannah Pagan, I will you ⅓ of our son. Thank you for making MicroApp one of the most fun courses I have taken. I couldn’t ask for a better lab partner to share in our arduino adventures with. I still think that first arduino presentation was by far the best one I have given over the course of my IMSA career. Also, I think it’s your move ;) .

To Smriti Shankar, I will you an underclassman educated in the ways of SSSing. Although we haven’t known each other for very long, I can honestly say the few moments we have shared were memorable. Thanks for the most fun game of Apples to Apples I’ve played in a long time , for the awesome book discussion, and for the short conversations before fourth mod.

To Peter Baffoe, I will you a lab partner who won’t spill unknown substances on you. At least it wasn’t formaldehyde!

To the Strolling Strings Underclassmen, I will you many more years of musical hilarity. I can’t describe how thankful I was to be a part of such an amazing group of people who share my love of music. From walking trips to Orchard before senior banquet to goofing around with rockets down at Adler planetarium, I can’t think of anything I would rather be doing. Thank you all for allowing me so many cherished moments, I wish you all the best as you near the end of your IMSA careers.


James W. Lichtenstein

To Ajay J., I will you an insane fashion sense, my ID collection, and one of my baseball bats. I remember when I met you back at Dunlap Middle School and you were rocking that beautiful mustache. Grow it again for us senior year.

To Ryan Talusan, I will you more sleep next year you sleep deprived puffball.

To Zayn Ramdass, I will you the Faces of IMSA picture of Dr. Torres. Treat it well, Advai gave it to me when I became a senior.

To Mike Trombetta, I will you a future where you don’t have to throw away your sheets.

To Moksh Shah, I will you beautiful back muscles.

To Jamie Guo, I will you the legs of a god.

To Richard Jun, I will you some knobby fingers that look like beads.

To Nafay, I will you great success in your barber skills.

To Max Knutson, I will you the title of Mr. Chunky. Hopefully my recommendation of Curology will help you with your skin. Also, keep boxing and working out, I’m boxing you when we’re both in college for the title of Mr. Chunkiest.

To Delicia Chen, I will you the title of Delicia Chen.

To Liza Kuzmina, I will you a bright smile and good music choice.

To Ray Shang, I will you that NASA T-Shirt that you bought with my money but I accidentally sent to some farm in Woodfield. Maybe it’ll come back to you one day.

To Chris Teng, I will you a five on the AP calc-based Physics exam. Thanks for the carry bb.


Jayda Yancey

To Youngin, I will you an immune system, cause gurl you need it. I will you the joy to fully enjoy your senior year and the security to not let anyone take that joy away from you, not even the heathens on this campus. You deserve it and more(carrots and pretzels). Just move in silence, everyone/thing does not deserve your reaction. I know you will be the best neuro-oncologist there is because of your drive and intellect. I will you phenomenal underclassmen like you have been to me and someone to take care of you like I have done to you. You are my favorite MH and I love you! I am always a call away.

To Avelin(small person), I will you height. I also will you my notes and the diligence to get through this place. I really enjoyed living in the same wing as you and the late nights in my room. You are an amazing friend and my favorite sophomore. I am gonna miss making fun of my roommate and running into you in the wing as you try to scurry the other way. You are extremely intelligent and one day you will realize that you deserve every good thing and opportunity that comes your way. I will you the assurance that you are where you are supposed to be and more friends to remind you of that. I know how that feels but I promise you are enough! Don’t be afraid to call me for homework help.

To Simone, I will you patience while living with Avelin and a relaxing junior and senior year(as much as possible rather). You are such a bright spirit and I hope you have sophomores as bright as you.

To Jumobi and Trinity, I will you patience to live together lol. But seriously I pass the torch to you two to carry on the shenanigans Stitch and I started.

To my PROMISE kids, I will you strong friendships and a supportive community to help you through. I know you all have bright futures and I wish you all the best.

To Future BSU,  I will you an engaged community, a trusting board, drive and diligence to make BSU 1000x better. Continue to educate the community and do it for the culture.

To Ivie and Kya, I will you the patience to sustain a your unique friendship. You both have personalities that are bigger than life and I hope that you get great underclassmen to share it with. Kya I will to you all the success and PRs in track your senior year.

To Valeria, CJ, Kiri, Maryann, Jemea, Angela, Sanchez, Nicole I will you a great senior year! My junior year in C wing will never be forgotten.

To Abigail and Kailey, I will you bright futures and friendships that last a lifetime. Abby I hope you have the relaxing senior year. Kailey I know that junior year is tough but I know you can do it.

To the IMSA community, I will you all, empathy and compassion because you’re already smart and the world could never have too many kind people that could also propel humanity forward.

To Karina, Sam, Shusha, and Diana, I will y’all the best memories and a positively unforgettable senior year. Your friendship is beautiful and I will y’all longevity to preserve it. You all are astonishing in your own way. Keep the TOMCAT and Titan pride. EA!


Jeni Petrillo

To Brandon Young (and the other Mod 21 board members), I will you the responsibility of running Mod 21, a club that has been a very dear part of my IMSA career. I hope it brings as much enjoyment to you as it has to me and I can’t wait to see what great things you accomplish.

To Allia Lin and Makayla Szendzial, I will to you a pair of sophomores to take under your wing, for you to be there for them when they are having roommate troubles or need late night math help. I hope they mean even half as much as you both mean to me.

To Max Hellrung, Sam Schennum, Allia Lin and Makalya Szendzial, I will to you the best senior year you can imagine, as you have improved mine a thousand times over again. I will to you a year full of friendship and happiness and good luck in your college searches and decisions.

To Alyssa Daniels, I will to you another year of hard work, dedication, and passion. Watching you work and be involved in so many things the past two years is truly inspiring, and I hope that your senior year does not take that away from you. You are amazing at everything you do and I cannot wait to see what the future has in store for you.

To Emma Darbro, I will to you a thousand smiles, because not a day passes where you don’t have a bright, kind smile for every time you see me. I will to you an exciting and enjoyable rest of your IMSA career as you deserve that and so much more.


Jessica Oros

To Shruti Shakthivel and Brian Schatteman, I will you ISP, the single most important part of IMSA to me. Since your sophomore year, both of you have put your blood, sweat, and tears into this organization, and even though I’ve fired you guys a lot, I hope you know I will always be so so so proud of everything you do. The first time I watched you guys live streaming a culture show together, I knew that ISP would be in good hands after I left. Of course, I’m still worried that bad things might happen to jeopardize ISP, but I have full faith that you will be amazing presidents and lead the team to places I couldn’t even dream of. Listen to Kevin and work with him; he really does want the best for you, even if he wakes you up at 4:30am in the dead of winter to shoot a lunar eclipse. I wish you luck and patience, and I hope you two will stay united.

To Eliza Apavaloaiei, Zahra Vasi, Allia Lin, Jemea Hilmara, Liza Kuzmina, Sam Senko, Aaron Calhoun, and Olivia Norris, I will you patience. We all know how difficult it can be to keep calm through rough times (like ISSF), but I know you guys will stick together and hold up ISP’s reputation. Success and recognition doesn’t come without a few bumps in the road, but communicate and don’t let anything rip you apart. Have the board bonding events I never got around to, and have fun together. It’s hard to believe I won’t be there to watch you guys succeed and cheer you on from the sidelines, but I’ll always be supporting you. Let me know when ISP buys cool new equipment so I can be jealous. And don’t ever forget that my motto still stands: “we’re all just a family.”

To Francesca Dumitrescu, Ahana Narayanan, Chandra Gangavarapu, Manasvi Thumu, Danny Bezugliy, Ellie Rodriguez, and Derek Zhu, I will you ISP sophomores of your own. Thank you for putting time and effort into ISP during your first year at IMSA, and thank you for walking into the studio and deciding to stay and get trained. We have thrown you into the media fire so many times, whether that means making you stay weekends to shoot an intense volleyball tournament or putting you on important events when you’re not 100% confident in your abilities yet. You have made it through all that and stuck around, and I’m so incredibly excited to see what this new generation of ISP brings to the table. Listen to your upperclassmen, stay involved, and don’t forget that I’m proud of you.

To Eugene Lim, I will you the drive to learn all there is to know about media. You’ve always been so eager to learn anything we throw at you so please don’t lose that. Junior year is going to get difficult and you might feel like there’s too much going on, but don’t ever forget that ITMC can be a refuge from that. Let yourself explore fields you haven’t tried before, and be confident in your abilities. You’ve done a lot of work for ISP, and we know that you know what you’re doing. I’m proud of all that you’ve helped with, and I’m looking forward to see what projects you take up.

To Milica Barac and Linda Kaneps, I will you more Eastern Europeans to share stories with. Though a decent amount of impromptu meetings were held in my room, we eventually figured out what we were doing. Push to make all your ideas a reality. Thank you for an amazing year of EEC, and I hope next year will be bigger and better.

To the future 03 CDs, I will you my home for the past 3 years. Listen to everyone’s opinions and make sure 03 is welcoming and inclusive. Stay true to yourself, and don’t forget to have fun. You are now the leaders of an amazing community, and I wish you all the best.

To Linda Kaneps, I will you an underclassman more ridiculous than yourself. That’ll probably be difficult to find. Thanks for running into my room and taking my scrunchies or my guitar and telling me all the strangest stories. You never fail to make me laugh, even if that means we get glared at during check. Have so much fun next year, but don’t forget to stay focused. Work on your (already amazing) cooking skills, and keep making people laugh.

To Lauren Pickett, I will you someone to pass on your campus knowledge to. I remember the day you moved in; you hadn’t even been on campus for a couple hours when you asked me how to become a wing guide. Thank you for listening to mine and Peyton’s stories your sophomore year and sharing your own stories your junior year. Have fun, and stay safe.

To Milica Barac, I will you the art of not stressing. You have always been so incredibly hard working, and I am so proud of everything you’ve done. Remember that, though staying on top of your work is important, there’s no sense in making a bigger deal out of it. Step back from everything once in a while and take a deep breath. Everything will work out, and I’ll always be just a phone call away if you ever need advice.

To Pratibha Bhalla, I will you my stories. I’m glad I needed math help your sophomore year because it meant I got to tell you my Star Stories and feed you Snickers bars. I still remember the disbelief on your face each time I asked if I had told you about the time she did this or that. Don’t let the crazy things I told you die out; tell your underclassmen and pass them on.


Jimmy Ren

To Jay Dong, I will you absolutely nothing. Not only do you have the abilities to succeed, but you also have the capabilities to change those around you. Keep going with what you’re doing, and I have trust in you to do anything you put your mind properly. Really, there’s nothing that you need from me. Have fun with the rest of your time at IMSA, and I’m looking forward to seeing what you’re going to do next.

To Andrew Du, I will you a junior who will force you to do whatever he wants. Then, you’ll know how it feels.

To Nikhilesh, I will you the title of Gups. Middle School Gups was a different guy, one I can’t even recognize today. Zoom past our weird gaps in time, and you’ve become one of my favorite juniors, and it’s going to be hard to say goodbye. I’ve known you the longest, and I hope that’s something that I won’t lose. Keep going Gups, you’re going to have a fun time and you’re going to do great.

To Matthew Lee and Vibhav, I will you the squishiest cheeks to always have on hand and an alarm clock that isn’t one of your quadmates or me. You’re going to have and amazing time with Jay, Ajay, and Vibhav, so make sure to not waste it all sleeping when you aren’t supposed to. Keep em’ squishy! For Vibhav, I will you some new clothes. I know I might not have the best fashion sense, but I hope a new wardrobe will properly accompany you throughout your senior year as you try to transition into college and away from that funny dad look.

To Ajay Jayaraman, I will you all the homework answers so you can actually sleep. Get some sleep, and keep up with the work you mang. I also will you a junior who will spend time in your room at 2 am and ask you to turn on your hotspot. Hopefully, you’ll have as good of a time as I did with you for the last year.

To Nishant, I will you some confidence. Not only do you need it, but I think you deserve it. Keep it up bud, and it’ll work out for you. Just keep that little bit of confidence within you, and have trust that it’ll all end up okay.

To Eric Pan, I will you a lil’ sib to text to about move-in. Check in on him more than I checked in on you. I got lucky, and you turned out to be great and a big guy on campus. Look forward to what IMSA’s going to give you, and remember to keep (quit) swimming!

To Gowri Warikoo, I will you the best co-facilitator. You’re going to need someone to keep up the amazing handshakes, surprising and amazing greetings, and a delightful attitude no matter the circumstance. Only then will you understand how great it was to have you as a co.

To Ryan, Zayn, Jason Li, and the others that may accompany your marvelous journey I will you BFriend and Brown Velvet. Keep it going boys. I better see custom BFriend outfits, and make sure to order us some. uwu

To Ryan, I will you the cheese grater. May you forever hold it in your heart, and continue to pass it onto future generations. I hope you continue spreading you inner-cheese-graterness to all of those around you.

To Peter Baffoe, I will you an alarm clock. Make sure to be on time for everything, and keep making sure you’re on top of what you’re doing. With the great potential have alongside the joy you bring, the obstacles coming your way will never be able to stop you.

To Patrick Hultquist, I will you the folder to JCC. Have fun with it, I know you’re going to do your magic with your Google Sheets, and your innovative ideas are going to amaze everyone.

To Pratibha Bhalla, I will you the ability to always know where Jay Dong is. Seriously, who knows where he is. Swimming? Class club? The Loft? It’ll always be a mystery. Have fun with your final year here at IMSA, and keep a watch on your man.

To Janna Jann, I will you a sophomore that will take pics of you from a distance, feed you dog food, snipe you out, and say uwu while throwing bags of snow at you.

To Zayn Ramdass, I will you a junior to come to your room to fight and battle against the bourgeoisie with. Remember to rise alongside the rest of the proletariats, and end up switching sides once you realize the entire revolution is a sham and that it’s 3 am. Good luck!

To Micah Casey-Fusco, I will you a heart-warming junior that will always manage to brighten up your day. Keep yourself real and work hard at the things you love like you already are. You’re going to see that in the end, it’ll all be worth it.

To Alej and Yair, I will you the ability to go to the gym, and get big in less than 3 months. Only then, will you be able to take me on. Have fun for the next three years, and remember to share what we had with your underclassmen in 04.

To Sonia and Saisu, I will a new SIR bus buddy. I know we had some good times, but every good thing comes to an end. Good luck with finding a seat on the bus!

To Vasu Chalasani, I will you a pet grass. Treat him well.

To Ian Son, Alec Chen, Ethan Tse, Chris Teng, Raja Choi, Ayan Malik and Brian Schattamen, I will you the funniest underclassmen. Even though the ISMA marines will never be able to get me, you guys should take comfort in the fact that you guys are always going to make IMSA a better place. If I had the room, I would will you to each their own will. But since I have been court-martialed, you will just be put together as one common enemy. Good luck gentleman.


Joanna Lee

To Doreen Xiao, I will you a junior that starts coming to your room during early move-in and never stops:) A junior you can tell your story to, no matter how big or small. A junior that is always down for fun and treats you with the utmost appreciation. A junior that becomes one of your best friends. Doreen, you are one of the most phenomenal, hardworking, and mature people I have met in my life. To all the tears after extendeds, the stairwell talks, the frantic strings of messages you would send me, I want to assure you with my whole heart that it will all be worth it. Everything is worth it. You have the most beautiful of hearts, the strongest of hearts. A heart like that will never go unnoticed. I have full faith in you and the beaming life ahead of you. If times or people get rough, always remember that it will pass, and so much good and hope is still left out there. Thank you for always being there, and although we’ll be apart, always know that I’m one call away, silently laughing in my shower about someone named “Delores.”

To Janna Jann, I will you a junior that starts laughing with you in the study room over the names of some Asian kids. When I think back to Lunar, I still can’t believe we accomplished what we did. From the lunar script grinds, TV pit grinds, to so much more (ex. unforeseen weather), thank you for always being the strongest support system – a ray of positivity in the midst of all the stress. But I know that positivity can’t come from nowhere. Lying beneath that positivity is a warm heart. The warmest heart of all the warmest hearts. Janna, I will you to cherish your heart. You have the warmest, most generous hearts I’ve ever known, and I am certain that that enough will get you far and wide in this world. Keep dreaming, keep working, keep your passion for your roots alive, and never lose any part of your quirky personality:)

To Breanna Yang, I will you a pinterest-inspired life. You were the first underclassman I actually got to know really well. Remember when I was setting up your computer the day you moved in sophomore year? Wow, that seems like ages ago. I am so proud of the person you’ve become. I can see that you’ve become a driven person of your own, with dreams that will fuel you to strive for more. But always remember that life is a long run, so when it hits you unexpectedly, don’t hesitate to take time for yourself to get up again. Never lose any part of your true, beautiful self. I wish you all the luck as you start your last year in high school, and when you feel the onset of another rant session coming or simply want to compare pinterests, you know where to find me:)

To Lizzie Murphy, I will you a new orgo partner that will spill all the chemicals. Organic was quite an experience, but I’m glad I got to experience it with you. To all the times we spilled water, chemicals (who knows how dangerous it was), or waited too long for melting points, thank you for being so patient and understanding. Keep your drive to learn alive, and I wish you the best of luck next year!

To Matthew Lee, I will you another underclassman that’s from the same hometown as you. Not just same town, but same neighborhood, where you can bond over liking the same dumpling store. I will you a better and improved version of Biology club (it’s possible) and USABO tests that seem way too long and hard. Your 누나:)

To Kurt Leano, I will you more cheat days and stress-free days. Wait, you have them already though! But all jokes aside, I will you to never change. Kurt, you’re one of the nicest, most selfless people I’ve ever seen my entire life. You have some crazy good ideas and visions, so don’t be afraid to let the world in on at least a few of them. If you stay just the way you are, I know you’ll get just where you need to be in the world. Thank you for showing kindness, letting me make of fun of you for being “mean”, and finally listening to music:)

To Lily Li, I will you another cute underclassman that will brighten up your day whenever she says “Hi!” to you in the halls. From the first day I met you, I loved having you as my little sib and talking about anything and everything whenever we could find a chance to talk. I will you an amazing senior year and don’t even think about replacing your big sib!

To Vasu Chalasani, I will you another underclassman that will make spontaneous visits to your room during junior year, sharing her pure love for people. Even though we didn’t have the chance to talk much this year, I still remember how much love and appreciation you had for each and every person around you. Your outlook on the world is so positive, and although junior year might have muddled that a bit, I know it’ll always be inside of you. Don’t ever lose that part of you, and most importantly, don’t ever lose yourself. You got this! If you need to talk anytime, you know where to find me.

To Ellyn Hu, I will you another cute and talented sophomore that has a heart of gold. Thank you for whipping out your amazing Chinese traditional dances for Lunar and always greeting me with a smile. You have so much to be proud of, yet you are so humble. Never lose any part of your purest smile, and I wish you the best of luck for the next two years.

To ASIA Board, I will you the best Lunar New Year show. For the past three years, Lunar has been something like a child to me – stressful but something you’ll always love. I have full faith that you guys will put on an even better, improved, and unforgettable show than the last. I’ll love it no matter what and don’t hesitate to spam me with questions along the way.


Jolin Zheng

To Delicia Chen (, I will you an underclassman who is just as frickin adorable and silly as you are (or an underclassman that lets you use their laundry card if you ever lose it hehe). Thank you for always giving me the laugh I needed at the end of a long day :)))

To Evie Lee, I will you to find yourself at IMSA. I know it can be hard, but please don’t feel like you cannot or shouldn’t do something even though you really want to. Do what makes you happy and screw what others may think or say. They’re just jelly ;))))

To Srilalana Appasani, I will you a room full of love and hugs! I hope next year (wherever you are living) you feel loved, appreciated, and cared for because you deserve absolutely nothing less!

To Amanda Chen (, I will you a clash experience you will never forget. Thank you for everything that you did for 1506 this year. We appreciate every single minute you put into it. Your artistic talents are just incredible and I know you will do amazing things with your time at IMSA!

To Abhi Thati, I will you an underclassman who is always (literally) there. Lmao. Us always bumping into each other started off as a joke, but after awhile I started to look forward to bumping into you all the time because you never fail to make me smile (even though I still think you follow me around, jkjkjk). Thank you for always making me laugh as hard as I can. I will you an amazing year with good grades, an amazing quad, and an underclassman you adore.

To Caitlyn Castillo, I will you the best SSS ever. You are incredibly hard working and no one deserves it more than you. I hope you have an underclassman next year who makes you smile as big as you make me smile <3333 Thank you for making my experience in 06 an unforgettable one!

To Micah Casey-Fusco, I will you a senior year full of amazing memories. You are literally one of the most caring, talented, hard working people I know. Please never forget that. I am going to miss you and your hugs so much!

To Ray Shang, I will you an underclassman as goofy as you are. You never fail to surprise me and being around you is always fun lmao.

To Andrew Du, I will you a BIG junior carry! I really didn’t know you before this semester, but I’m so glad I got to know you a little more because you are just so nice and silly. Who am I going to catch falling asleep in math class next year and who am I going to photobomb when they are trying to take a picture of the organic notes on the board? Thank you for making my last semester here more enjoyable :))))

To Nathan Shwatal, I will you a better lab partner. The only good thing about orgo II is being your lab partner hehe. Also thank you for never failing to say hi to me in the hallway, little things really do matter and I will you an underclassman who says hi to you everytime they see you :)))))

To Ishaar Ganesan, I will you SLEEP! Please don’t forget to take care of yourself! I can’t believe I only got to know you this semester. Thank you for the few late (well late for me) night talks we had, I don’t think you realize how helpful you were :)))) I will you an amazing senior year with as little stress as possible, even though I already know you will overwork yourself :((((

To Jemea Hilmara, I will you a senior year full of laughter and yummy food. I always feel so happy and smiley around you because honestly, you’re just funny as frick. You thanked me after the 06 holiday party and it was so genuine and I’ve never felt more appreciated! Your words meant a lot to me, so thank you so much for that! And as for the yummy food, I mean who doesn’t like good food am I right? ;))))

To Saisu Talasu, I will you amazing success with your extracurriculars! I cannot wait to see what you will do with PME and ISA! If anyone is qualified for those positions, it is definitely you. With school and your extracurriculars, please don’t forget to take a step back and enjoy the little things in your senior year from late night talks to doing dumb things with your friends. Hehe.


Joshua Eberhardt

To Mani Nagarathnam, Declan Creaney, Vismay Vyas, and Nathan Shwatal – I will you a senior year full of just the right amount of tank. Even if you have a full schedule, I hope that you’ll be able to find the time to enjoy your last year at IMSA to the fullest. Don’t forget to get out of the quad every once in a while. The challenger grind can wait. I just want to thank you for being a constant source of fun this past year. Whenever I get stressed or just have an hour to kill, I know that I can stop by and have a good time.

To Ketu Patel – I will you a nap. You deserve a break. In the stress and busyness of senior year, thanks for being a breath of fresh air. Whether you’re singing the panda bear song or talking about the accommodations for disabled people at UIUC, it’s been great having you in my wing. Hopefully next year you’ll have a group of sophomores who will actually respect you.

To Micah Casey-Fusco, I will you an underclassmen who reminds you of everything great about IMSA. It’s so easy to get bogged down in the stress and homework or to see questionable choices from admin and feel like this place is going downhill. But never forget what makes this place special. Never forget your first Diwali, seeing your first modern, and the pride of choreographing a first place drill. Never forget about the amazing people around you, because your time with them is limited. Talking with you reminds me of why I love this place. I’m just happy that I got to be a part of your IMSA experience, no matter how small. It’s finally your turn to take the mantle of a “cool senior” and inspire underclassmen for years to come. I would say good luck, but I already know you’re going to kill it. I can’t wait to come back next year and see what you do with your last year at IMSA.

To Zayn Ramdass, I will you this quote from Winnie the Pooh: “How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.” Getting to live with you last year made a stressful junior year a lot more bearable. You truly embody the spirit of 05, and I hope that you never forget your roots. I hope that this upcoming year you make some memories you’ll never forget with people you can’t live without. I love you bro <3.

To Ryan Talusan, I will you an underclassman with the same kind of relentless enthusiasm that you have. I just want you to know that you’re amazing and I have so much respect for you. You’re one of the most hardworking and talented people I know. But despite your drive and dedication, your best quality is your smile. Whenever I see you, you give off such an upbeat vibe that I forget how hard you’ve worked to be where you are. Senior year is going to be difficult, and balancing sports and Lunar and Clash may feel like an impossible task. I hope that you can find an underclassman to brighten your days the same way that your contagious energy got me through my senior year. But enough of that melodrama – this last year at IMSA could very well be the best year of your life. Don’t get too caught up in the pressure from college or expectations from others. Take the time to have some fun! Do something stupid, but not too stupid. Make some memories you’ll never forget. It’s been a pleasure being a fellow volleyball bench waterboy with you. Good luck next year – you’re going to kill it.

To Moksh Shah and Ishan Nikam, I will you the spirit of 05. No matter where you go, never forget your roots. You two are some of the best underclassmen I’ve ever met, and I can’t wait to see the great seniors you will become. I will you a senior glow-up complete with massive gains and success in all your copping endeavors. Keep KATO alive brothers. God bless America.

To Luke Milavec, I will you a senior year full of unforgettable memories, questionable decisions, and the types of people you’ll never find anywhere else. I also will you a piece of advice given to me by my brother Ryan Eberhardt: We only have time for finite interactions. The more people you interact with, the more shallow each interaction becomes. Don’t worry about not being able to be everywhere at once – we all know that things are busy. Focus your time on the people that matter, and make those interactions count. And even though you’ve given up on dating at IMSA, just know that I haven’t given up on you. I will you someone who will change your mind on this matter and bring out the cop god from within you. Good luck in your senior year. Live out the sk8ter brother legacy. I’ll make sure to stop by and see how you’re doing.

To Aaron Rodrigues, I will you the advice given to me sophomore year by Madison Dong: forge your own path. I will you the strength and determination to follow the things you care about without being held back by what people expect of you. Senior year is going to be a seemingly endless grind marathon, so I will you people to surround you and support you even when things seem hopeless. I definitely couldn’t have made it through senior year without my friends. And of course, feel free to hit me up any time, no matter how late at night it is. Trust me, few things would make me happier than the opportunity to be there for one of my underclassmen. Despite the pressure from school, extracurriculars, and college, I hope that you will never forget who you are. Also, I will you GDIMP. Personally, I think it’s a terrible club, but I’ll let you do whatever you want with it.

To Raja Choi, I will you a junior carry who will buy you Chick-fil-A and roast you in an impressively accurate Australian accent. Thank you for making Calc-based, Modphys, and Fitness Fridays fun. Good luck senior year and keep doing what you’re doing.

To Max Knutson, I will you happiness, extra durable vocal chords, and an album you can be proud of. I hope that your senior year is the best of your life so far. Do something stupid, but not too stupid. Don’t SSS too hard. I just want to thank you for serving as a distraction for me in the midst of a busy year. Thank you for the compusci carry and your willingness to do crazy stuff with me without a hint of hesitation (like whacking each other with pool noodles). I will you an SSS project that you can pour all your time into without ever growing bored. And I know that you’ve given up on dating at IMSA, but I hope that someone will come along to change your mind. Put all those edgy guitar ballads to good use. Finally, I will you fulfillment – you deserve it bro. I wish you only the best this upcoming year, and I’ll be sure to visit.

To Ray Shang and Kurt Leano, I will you Clash 2020. You two were an inspiration to the entire hall this year. Keep doing what you’re doing. Even though you’re going to 04 next year, I know that you’ll bring a piece of 05 with you. I will both of you success in your copping endeavors. Ray, when I envision peak male style, I think of you. I hope you’ll bring your clout game to new heights this upcoming year. Thank you for all the times you’ve stopped by our quad just to talk about girls on tinder. I will you an underclassmen who will always have enough food in their fridge to satisfy you. Kurt, you are one of the most dedicated students I’ve ever met, not to mention good looking. Seeing you wake up at 6am every morning to grind on the DeLorean gave me the motivation to pour out my all even when I thought we didn’t stand a chance of winning. Kurt, I will you control over my “Brief History of IMSA Clash of the Halls” spreadsheet. I trust that you’ll take good care of it. To both of you, it’s your turn to step up and become the coolest seniors of this school. The future is in your hands.

To Jason Li and Abhi Vinnakota, I will you the Spirit of 05™. Few sophomores are as talented and driven as you two. In time, you’ll learn what feels like to love your hall so much you’re willing to pour out your everything for it. I also will you success in coping. Junior year is going to be tough, and at times it’s going to be difficult to stay on top of things. But despite your lack of free time, I will you the resolve to get out of your rooms and make time to be present for the people that matter. I hope that between the mountains of homework, hours dedicated to culture shows, and sweat poured out over clash, you will still manage to hold on to your passion and your enthusiasm. You two are going to do great things – I can’t wait to see the type of seniors you turn out to be. Good luck junior year – I’ll make sure to visit and check up on you.

To Deepu Chintala and Madhav Parthasarathy, I will you an underclassmen who will spend half their time in your room. Sophomore year, my biggest regret was not spending enough time with my downquad. I really appreciate the time you’ve taken out of your day to just be present. Junior year, things are going to get a lot busier and you’re going to have negatory free time. As such, I will you a class of sophomores who will spend their free time getting to know you. To both of you, I will you the Future of IMSA™ Certificate. In no time at all, you’ll have your own sophomores who will look up to you. Good luck with your junior year – I’m confident that you’ll do great.

To Jimmy Guo, I will you the drive to persevere through junior year and the support of friends to pick you up when things get tough. Whenever I see you in the hallways, you never fail to put a smile on my face with your infectious enthusiasm. I will you the resolve to get Challenger, but also the self control to uninstall when necessary. And after all the massages you’ve given, you deserve someone to give some back. Thank you for your service to the IMSA community. *Salute*

To next year’s CDs, Declan Creaney and Namit Padgaonkar, I will you the future of 05. This hall has come to mean so much to me, and although it’s hard to leave, I trust that you two will do a great job running things. I hope that this upcoming year brings unforgettable memories that remind you of why you applied for this position. I will you the resolve to persevere even when you’re drowning in work and things seem hopeless. But most importantly, I will you the optimism to have fun. You don’t have to carry the weight of the world on your shoulders. Do something stupid, just not too stupid. Make bonds with your hallmates that you’ll never forget. I also will you guys the B-wing sofa, which was willed to me by Sohum Gupta, which was willed to Sohum by Wasan Kumar, the previous CD, and which was willed to Wasan by Kush Gupta, the CD before him. I hope you guys will pass this on to next year’s CDs. Finally, I have a special surprise for each of you in my room. Stop by to pick it up. I’ll be back to visit as often as I can. Take good care of 05 for me. And remember, fudge it if we aren’t the best hall on campus! HOO HA 05!


Justin Izaguirre

To Patrick Hultquist and Micah Casey-Fusco, I will both of my future setters an IMSA volleyball team that is looking stronger than ever before. I have no doubt that both of you will lead us to more dubs.

To the rest of the Volleyball team, I will you the continuation of this chapter in IMSA Boy’s volleyball team. Are we at the top? Of course not, but we still make it fun and after being on a losing streak for years we are finally making gains. Keep it up guys. I have no doubt that you will outperform this year and continue on the train.

To Jasmin Gonzalez , I will you a boop.

To all future CDs and MAs, I will you the ability to unite the halls. I think that when the halls are united and actively interact with each other, IMSA is infinitely better for it. I have no doubt that you wonderful people will be able to accomplish this.

To Omar Moustafa, I will you a debt to me of a McChicken. I’m still waiting.

To the future 07er’s, I will you the ability to change the perception of the hall. I know that we get bashed quite a bit for being the shaft hall, but keep your heads high. We still did great things in clash and I’d say we had a pretty decent year.

To Wyatt Funkhouser and Duncan Osmund, I will you two the MTG Club. We didn’t do too much this year but that didn’t prevent us from still having some great times at prereleases and other such things related to the game.

To my SEAMS kiddos, I will you the bonds that we have still maintained through the year. While we may not be as close as we were that summer, that doesn’t mean I have abandon yall. I’m still here to support you as a friend and as a tutor.

To Aryan Vaidya and Peter Baffoe, I will you two the ability to keep on the memories of Googoosha and Army of the Tim’s and conquer the world in you next Model UN outings. Just don’t mess up like I did at MUNUC.

To Rohan Upadhyay, I will you the art of laying back a bit. Your work ethic is something to be admired and I am more willing this to you so that I may hope to take some of it with me to college.

To Jorge Chavez, I will you the biggest neck in existence since you damn well know you deserve it.

To all poor kids in Russian, I will you the hopes and dreams that you will lose by being in that class.

To Ryan Talusan, I will you strength to keep the fight up. I know that some of the things you were really hoping for just didn’t break the way you wanted it to. Regardless of what titles you hold you are going to be a leader without a doubt. Don’t let these results deter you from making a meaningful difference here because I know that you are a person that cares deeply for this community.

To Vidhi Singh, I will you a copy of Dead By Daylight because I know how much you want to play that game. I also will you more of the ability to pester Mr. Brummet since I will no longer be able to do it as often anymore.

To Andrew Du, I will you an infinite amount of messages saying, “SLEEP MORE!!!”

To Matthew Dinwiddie, I will you our shared love of damn good tasting food. I am still waiting for the day when you can show me that all-you-can-eat buffet with infinite lobster and the like.

To my juniors in 01, I will you my inability to play card games. The times I have spent with yalls, especially this last semester, have been great and I hope that all of you complete whatever it is you want. Continue on with the procrastinating and enjoying your time here.

To my little sister, I will the ability to keep on going with IMSA. I know that IMSA has taken its own toll on you and that I may have had my own slip ups in supporting you (like what happened the day I wrote these), but I still think IMSA has given you a lot more than you give it credit for. I have seen you a lot more happier on average and socially I am quite sure you are in a much better spot. I also say don’t **** this up. I know that you can certainly act a little rash, and who knows what you will do here when I am gone, but I think that you have enough of a head on you to not flub it too much. Never forget that I am on your side and that I love you.

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