Stress Pressure Cracks the Relaxation Room

The relaxation room in all its broken glory. - Source: Mara Adams

The long-anticipated relaxation room was sadly closed down a mere week after it opened due to one of its long glass panes shattering. Although many wild theories are racing around as to what caused the incident – bad installment? sabotage? – none of them are correct. Truth is often stranger than fiction, as a psychologist and IMSA alumna, Dr. Just R.E. Lax attests.

“Many incidents such as these – glass panes shattering, pottery breaking, etc. – are written off as random accidents or, for the more spiritually inclined, as ghosts, but in just the past five years, modern psychology has discovered an answer,” Dr. Lax said. She went on to explain that it turns out our emotions often have physical manifestations in the world. This is not surprising to IMSA students, who last year discovered the possibility of physical personifications of our emotions and the anti-stress force field in the curious case of Blake Truman. Regardless, Dr. Lax explained that this was a little different.

“We’ve discovered that, just like air, stress as an emotion has pressure. When people who are experiencing high levels of stress are in close proximity, the stress pressure is said to go up. In an enclosed space like the relaxation room, it’s not surprising that the pressure was enough to crack the glass.”

There you have it – the true answer to the relaxation room’s woes. But never fear! Dr. Lax’s new company, Destress-Air, is working with IMSA to create stress-proof glass. Eventually, Dr. Lax hopes, they will be able to produce a machine that lowers stress pressure itself, but until that day, we will have to take all the precautionary measures we can.

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Hailing from Peoria, Illinois, Mara Adams is a senior at IMSA, currently residing in 03A. This year, she's the Managing Editor of the Acronym, but more importantly, she has recently discovered her love for Twix.

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