Four Shows to Binge on Netflix During Quarantine

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While millions are stuck at home due to this pandemic, it’s no surprise that Netflix has produced some of its best shows to date. Including everything from documentaries to sci-fi, Netflix has it all. Here are four shows on Netflix that are sure to entertain you during these rough times.

  1. Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem, and Madness
    • The title is certainly true to this action-packed, bizarre documentary focused on tiger owner Joe Exotic. This show has captured the eyes of many viewers and has been all over the news and social media. Tiger King uses footage captured from 2014-2019 to share the stories of several exotic animal zoo owners in the South. Although it may seem to be a typical documentary about tigers, each episode gets more and more obscure as the plot thickens. You will be sure to feel a mix of emotions over this seven-episode series. Additional episodes are being added on April 12th, 2020.
    • Rating: TV-Mature
    • Genre: True Crime / Documentary
  2. Love is Blind
    • The Bachelor with a twist, this show seeks to answer the question: is love really blind? 24 contestants enter pods in which they are able to talk to a member of the other gender without ever seeing them. Eventually, several couples will get engaged. After seeing each other in person as fiances, couples take a trip to Mexico, in which they get married after three weeks. There is plenty of drama as couples face many emotional and physical challenges. You will be sure to experience both love and hate while watching Love is Blind.
    • Rating: TV-Mature
    • Genre: Reality
  3. The Circle
    • The Circle offers a reality series combined with social experimentation. In the show, all contestants are put in complete social isolation within the same building, and their only way of communication is through a messaging platform called “The Circle”. Contestants are faced with rating, games, and DMs in order to stay relevant enough to not be eliminated. The winner is ultimately voted upon by their fellow players. This show is sure to provide hours of entertaining footage, twisting your opinion of social media. How does social media affect how we communicate with each other? Are we always true to ourselves on social media? Watch to find out.
  4. Money Heist
    • Take a break from reality TV to watch this suspenseful crime drama based in Madrid, Spain. A group of criminals, all named after cities to hide their identities, forcefully enter the Royal Mint of Spain. Aided by “The Professor” the group attempts to print billions of Euros within the mint, manage hostages, and overcome numerous internal and external challenges. This show offers many perspectives of the heist, including the criminals, hostages, and police negotiators. There are four parts, the last one recently released on April 3rd, 2020. **The audio is entirely in Spanish, but Netflix offers an English voice-over or subtitles.
    • Rating: TV-Mature
    • Genre: Crime Drama/Thriller

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