The NBA Bubble

Due to the recent Coronavirus pandemic, the NBA has enforced a “bubble” for the league’s 2020-2021 season. The “bubble” is meant to serve as an area only the members of the NBA organization are allowed in. While this may seem a good idea in practice, NBA players are humans as well: they make mistakes. Imagine a scenario: you are told to stay in your room every single day for the next month or two. If you were in that situation, would you really follow that rule?

The bubble has been active for several weeks, and so far there haven’t been any major breaches of its pandemic security. There are virtual fans and time for players to enjoy the fact that they are in Disney World. However, there have been small issues, such as players inviting people into the bubble, or sneaking outside of the bubble to order a meal. While these issues may not seem like a big deal, they add up, and eventually, every single player in the bubble will be having “small issues.” 

On a brighter note, though, the NBA is back! Many fans have been waiting for this moment to arrive, and here it is. Scrimmages have just finished, and we, as fans, are seeing many players’ improvement through these months off. Take the Los Angeles Lakers, for example. They added two players we never thought would enter the NBA realm ever again. LeBron James is known for his ability to “control” the GM’s of teams, and the two players the Lakers added — allegedly in response to pressure from James — are J.R. Smith and Dion Waiters. These players both had issues in the NBA, Smith with a history of injuries and Waiters scrutinized for on-court altercations with fellow players. This bubble season is the first time we are seeing them return to the court. In the scrimmages, these two have put up fantastic numbers, and the Lakers are looking like great contenders for the title. Just like the Lakers, many teams have benefited from the time off given by the quarantine, and while I only speak for myself, I believe that fans are all extremely excited to see comes out on top for the ‘chip.

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