Dr. Glazer’s Note

Dear IMSA students,

It’s such a blessing to be together this fall, learning and getting to know one another in person. I’ve had a chance to interact with a lot of you, and I really appreciate when you ask me questions and say hello to me in the hallway. I very much enjoy these interactions and want to be helpful whenever possible, not to mention all of the cool things I learn about you. I’ve started a math tutoring session on Wednesday afternoon, and these sessions are fun to watch because students are so focused on getting better. That really motivates me to help even more. Beyond math, I want to learn about your projects and activities that drive your curiosity and creativity. Make sure you tell me the unique things you do because you’re at IMSA, and I really hope to see a lot of students applying for the IMSA Innovation grant to launch new ideas.

I know school is not the same this fall with restrictions in place, however I hope you are making the most of it and getting to know new friends. I will tell you it’s much harder for me to learn names only by your eyes and hair! It’s also much harder to manage all of the added COVID guidelines, and we so much appreciate your patience and cooperation in order to keep our community safe. Your health is what I worry about these days, and I want to maintain in-person learning for as long as possible. The Delta variant surprised me this August because vaccination is no longer good enough. Please be vigilant about wearing a mask, even when you leave the main building. As you plan to return home in October, please be thoughtful in your engagement with friends and family. They are great people to see, and you want to do so in a way that ensures a healthy return to campus. Our health will remain strong if all of us do our part. 

Be well, Titans,

Evan Glazer

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Elizabeth Alcala
Elizabeth, or Liz, Alcala was the 2021-2022 Co-Editor-in-Chief. She lived in 06 all three years and 06B her last year. Liz was also involved with Exodus and Active Minds and is a proud guitar player and film buff. She plans to study Chemistry at Northwestern University onwards.

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