How to Spend Your Midday

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Every day of the school week, there is a special hour at IMSA: midday. Midday allows for the IMSA community to take a break from classes until 5th Mod. If you’re an upperclassman, you might mourn the shortened midday as it used to be an hour and a half. If you’re an underclassman, you might be unsure what to do with an hour of free time. Well, don’t worry because The Acronym has some suggestions! Here are the best ways to spend your midday.

1. Go on a Walking Trip 

The time it takes to walk to Orchard is approximately thirty minutes. Therefore, if you order ahead of time and sprint your way to the desired food place, you’ll be able to obtain your food for lunch and make it to IMSA with a lovely zero minutes to spare! You can eat your food during 5th Mod. While you might risk being late to class, you can be excused by explaining how good the food you bought is. Better yet, you could bribe anyone who questions your tardiness by giving them a snippet of your food! 

2.  Start Studying for That Quiz/Test 5th Mod

Regardless of how long you knew about that quiz/test during 5th Mod, you should only really start studying the hour before. This way, everything is fresh in your mind before you take it. Your stress levels might be at an all-time high, but you could take this stress as excitement to motivate throughout the quiz/test. In fact, this method has been scientifically proven.

3.  Take A Nap in The Elevator

Some people might think that the best place to take a nap during midday is either your room or IN2, but they’re all wrong. The real best place to sleep is the elevator. It is a small place with minimal lighting, perfect for an hour nap. If anyone needs to enter the elevator, all you need to do is shift to the other way!  

4. Hunt for the Secret Pathways

One of the IMSA’s legends is that there is a secret tunnel under the pool that leads to 1502. However, theorists have been investigating that there are other pathways hidden on IMSA campus. An hour of no classes is the perfect time to discover what hidden gems lie on IMSA campus. Take a shovel and start digging — innovation and inquiry at its finest.

(If you couldn’t tell, this article is purely satirical — please don’t actually try any of these yourself)

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Megan Sia is a senior at IMSA from 1502. She is a staff writer for The Acronym. Usually, she can be found either hanging out with friends, watching Netflix, writing, sleeping, or doing homework.

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