NFL Power Rankings: Week 17

The season is drawing to a close! Well, the regular season at least. For our Power Rankings, they end pretty much the way they began: with me! What I mean is that our regular contributor, Mason Dearborn, was unable to assist with the rankings this week. That means that you are stuck with my own personal rankings and comments! Since it is Christmas week, I decided to do something a little bit different this week. Each team has its own Christmas gift from me. While they may be late, I can assure that every team in the NFL could do with the gifts I have given them. Anyway, enjoy this last week of football before the playoffs!


My late Christmas gift is…

1. Broncos (12-3) Last Week: 3

A healthy Peyton Manning. This team will make it to the AFC Championship unless he becomes injured.

2. Falcons (13-2) Last Week: 6

A playoff win. Matt Ryan really needs one.

3. Packers (11-4) Last Week: 2

A healthy roster. I think they can easily beat the Falcons if all their pieces are in place.

4. Patriots (11-4) Last Week: 4

Rob Gronkowski’s health. Fact is they probably would have won the Super Bowl last year with a healthy Rob Gronkowski.

5. Texans (12-3) Last Week: 1

Early leads. This team cannot play from behind.

6. Seahawks (10-5) Last Week: 7

A 49ers’ loss this weekend. That combined with a Seahawks’ win would give them the NFC West division title, meaning at least one home playoff game. You can count on the 12th man being at his full strength for that game.

7. 49ers (10-4-1) Last Week: 5

A consistent defense. This team cannot give up 42 points to a rookie quarterback one week after giving up 28 points in less than a quarter and still be called a legit defense. They are probably the biggest threat to the Packers in the NFC, however.

8. Redskins (9-6) Last Week: 8

A choke game from Tony Romo. On paper, the Cowboys are significantly better than the Redskins. RGIII is going to have to work his magic once again.

9. Bengals (9-6) Last Week: 10

Cap room for both AJ Green and Andy Dalton in two years when their contracts are both done.

10. Ravens (10-5) Last Week: 12

A clutch kicker.

11. Bears (9-6) Last Week: 11 (M: 9, A: 13)

An offensive line that gives Jay Cutler more than two seconds to get rid of the ball.

12. Colts (10-5) Last Week: 14

Chuck Pagano. In all seriousness, it is good to have him back on the sidelines this week.

13. Giants (8-7) Last Week: 9

Tom Coughlin’s job. You’re welcome, Tom.

14. Cowboys (8-7) Last Week: 13

A blowout win against the Redskins this weekend. Tony Romo is due.

15. Vikings (9-6) Last Week: 15

A playoff spot.

16. Steelers (7-8) Last Week: 16

An 8-8 season. This team is too good to have a losing season.

17. Saints (7-8) Last Week: 17

A defense.

18. Rams (7-7-1) Last Week: 19

A first rate wide receiver. With one, they would definitely be a force in the NFC West next year.

19. Dolphins (7-8) Last Week: 22

Tom Brady’s retirement.

20. Chargers (6-9) Last Week: 21

A new coach.

21. Buccaneers (6-9) Last Week: 18

Something resembling a defense.

22. Panthers (6-9) Last Week: 20

A win-loss record to match Cam Newton’s stats.

23. Bills (5-10) Last Week: 24

Proper player scouting that will yield productive players with smaller contracts. This year’s team was supposed to be stacked on defense. I’m looking at you, Mario Williams and Mark Anderson.

24. Lions (4-11) Last Week: 23


25. Browns (5-10) Last Week: 25

One more year of experience. They are young and full of potential. We saw flashes of what they are capable of this year.

26. Titans (5-10) Last Week: 27

See my gift to the Browns.

27. Cardinals (5-10) Last Week: 28

A quarterback that can throw the ball to Larry Fitzgerald properly and consistently.

28. Jaguars (2-13) Last Week: 30

Tim Tebow.

29. Eagles (4-11) Last Week: 26

No new nicknames.

30. Raiders (4-11) Last Week: 29


31. Jets (6-9) Last Week: 31

A year without drama. Ha, like that’s going to happen.

32. Chiefs (2-13) Last Week: 32

A healthy Matt Cassel with a decent offensive line and receivers. I still believe he can get the job done for them.

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