Clearing Up Rumors: Clash of the Halls and Cultural Shows

By: Summer Wu, Co-Editor-in-Chief

After Opinions Staff Writer Diana Chen sparked quite a discussion with her article Why did YOU come to IMSA?, rumors have been flying in, out, and about the IMSA community. As a result, I sat down with Director of Student Life Dr. Bob Hernandez, Student Council President Kevin Zhang, and Associate Director of Student Life Keith Macintosh, to clear up any rumors regarding Clash of the Halls and cultural shows.

Turns out, Clash of the Halls is entirely run by Student Council. From the early stages of planning to its final execution, this week of friendly competition is merely a puppet in the hands of our student government. Thus, unless Student Council fails to plan Clash, it will always exist.

Similarly, cultural shows are also entirely student-run. Thus, it is up to the club board members as to whether they want to host a show. As with Clash of the Halls, administration has no reason (and no plans) to prevent students from organizing events.

Students, staff, alumni, and parents, have no fear that your favorite events will disappear! In a school as diverse and dedicated to exploration as IMSA, tearing down these pillars of student life would be unthinkable. As Dr. Hernandez summarizes, “So long as students want it [cultural shows], they’ll be there. After all, they’re the essence of what we’re all about.”

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Summer Wu
Summer Wu, a rising senior from Lake Forest, is thrilled to be serving as a Co-Editor-in-Chief of the Acronym with her roommate, Jen Ren. Her interests lie in journalism, entrepreneurship, and debate, which are reflected in the extracurriculars she pursues. Besides Acronym, Summer serves as the Governor of the Midwest Junior State, promoting civic awareness amongst high school students via political debate. Next year she’ll be living in 1502 C upquad, and she invites you to drop by anytime and chat, especially if you have suggestions! As a Writing Center tutor, Summer enjoys helping others, and encourages you to approach her at any time for assistance. In the following year, she hopes to make an impact on the IMSA campus and get to know as many members of the community as she possible can. With regards to the Acronym, Summer looks forward to bringing IMSA’s humble school newspaper to new heights. (E-mail:

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