CotH: Thoughts from Teachers and RCs

Clash of The Halls. It’s the time for great pride, great collaboration, and for students to come together as a family. However, is the time spent on Clash getting in the way of our education?

Some IMSA students agree that their main purpose for coming to IMSA is to acquire a wholesome education from the experienced educators at the school. The students have a passion for math or science and they have the obligation to learn as much as they can. This wouldn’t be possible if they are constantly distracted. A large number of students would beg to differ when asked “Why… [They Came] to IMSA,” yet regardless, in general, education is highly-regarded among students.

In addition to students’ take on Clash, it is popular faculty opinion that these hall activities burden the students by occupying too much of their time. Hours of preparation, talent show, and drill team practices, along with midday and night events, distract the students from their education. Other faculty members though, believe that participation in IMSA’s Clash is an experience that teaches important life lessons.

Winning the title for the IMSA’s Clash of the Halls is an honor that every hall strives towards. The accomplishment is a prideful achievement that is carried through IMSA’s history. For this reason, students put in a lot of time and effort to present their hall with higher chances of winning that title.

However, some believe that the desire to win Clash is so strong that it brings out the negative angle to competition. As Mr. Gentzler from the Wellness department said, “the preparation for clash week brings people apart instead of bringing people together.” From this point of view, this competitive attitude that is formed among students is unnecessary, even detrimental. As members of the tight-knit IMSA community, we should be more considerate of each other’s welfare. Unity cannot be achieved when there is a disconnect in the community; thus, it is important that we preserve the relations among our IMSA family.

Life, of course, isn’t a joyride. There are always going to be bumps in the road. Surprises, desirable or not, are bound to pop up. Collaboration, cooperation, sacrifice, creativity, and self-control are traits that are necessary to succeed in life. To this end, a 1506 RC said, “Clash brings out the true understanding of oneself and the qualities one possesses.” The active understanding of one’s qualities allows a person to improve his or her character. While clash may be preventing the students from applying complete concentration to our academic learning, perhaps the time is well spent on acquiring life lessons.

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Regardless of which direction you are leaning towards, don’t forget to enjoy the week!

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