COTH Day 2 and 3 Recap (Talent Show and “Chain Reaction”)

The second evening event during Clash of the Halls consisted of each hall’s talent show acts. Though the night was dominated by musical acts from five halls, 1503’s Alice in Wonderland-themed dance and original song performance was phenomenal. In addition, make sure to look for a martial arts act (complete with a dinosaur suit!) and a Mario Kart segment during 1506’s act.

The placings for the talent show are as follows:

1st Place – 1505
2nd Place – 1504
3rd Place – 1503
4th Place (tie) – 1506/1507
6th Place – 1502
7th Place – 1501


The third evening was turned into a game show; three representatives from each hall competed in IMSA’s own version of Chain Reaction, a word game in which a string of letters is completed such that two consecutive words form a coherent or colloquial phrase.

Finally, though 1505 finished in last, my personal favorite moment comes at 22:10, courtesy of Sean Yamakawa ’13. Another cute surprise around 14:10, especially with “Spring Bling” around the corner. Can you guess the chain?

1502’s team, which consisted of Kaylee Karumanchi ’13, Maggie Daly ’13, and Joanne Kwak ’14, accumulated a whopping 1600 points, while 1507 followed with 1100 points.

The placings for Chain Reaction are as follows:

1st Place – 1502
2nd Place -1507
3rd Place – 1506
4th Place (tie) – 1501/1503
6th Place – 1504
7th Place – 1505


Again, thank you to IMSA Student Productions for providing the media and coverage of the evening events. Look out for another Clash article covering the last night’s pep rally and each hall’s amazing drill teams.

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