Clash of the Halls 2020: Day 2

Students at the Twin Tuesday midday event. | Source: ISP

Just in case you weren’t able to make it to the Clash events on Tuesday or if you want a recap of everything that went down, here’s a quick summary of Day 2 of Clash of the Halls. The day started off with Twin Tuesday, where students coordinated matching outfits with their friends. Then, we had the Wii Sports Resort competition at midday and the Talent Show in the evening. The day ended with competitors scrambling to finish their Hall Murals by 10:00 PM. 

The 03 Mural drawn by Ellyn Hu (’21) and Winny Liu (’20) won first place. | Source: Jodie Meng

Students gathered in the Old Cafe to cheer on two representatives from each hall as they battled it out in a game of Basketball in Wii Sports Resort. After an intense competition, Jakob Bachhausen (‘22) won 1st place for 1504 with 22 points, but Rachel Selvaraj (‘22) from 1503 was close behind with 20 points. 

Later that night, the Talent Show began at 7:15 PM with judges Andrea Stuiber, Jerami Johnson, and Grant Bell providing words of encouragement and constructive criticism. If you missed it, you can watch the live stream here.

1505 kicked off the show with a stunning musical performance by Jason Zhang (’20) and Jason Li (’20), which introduced a thrilling story of samurai androids.  Then, ‘01 stole the show with an entertaining heist mystery set in the wild west and solved by the charismatic sheriff Samantha Lazcano (’20). Next, TJ Ptak (’20) and Ian Fowler (’20) left the crowd cheering with an electric guitar performance during 1507’s spy-themed show. 1502 delivered a Willy-Wonka-based competition that included events in hula-hooping, singing, martial arts, and dancing. 

1504 followed with an eerie look into 404 Labs where a new employee Mark Ying (’21) gets pulled into their cyborg agenda. Up next, 1506 wowed the audience with a trip around the world in their airplane, visiting countries like Korea, China, India, the Philippines, and Mexico. Finally, 03 concluded the show with a journey to Neverland alongside Emily Jung (’22), an IMSA student anticipating her first day. 


The final point values are yet to be released, as CAB must factor in ineligibility, but here are the current scores:

Wii Sports 

1st place – 1504

2nd place – 1503

3rd place – 1502/1505

4th place – n/a

5th place – 1507

6th place – 1506

7th place – 1501



1st place – 1505

2nd place – 1504

3rd place – 1503

4th place – 1507

5th place – 1502

6th place – 1506

7th place – 1501


Talent Show 

1st place – 1501

2nd place – 1505

3rd place – 1506/1502

4th place – n/a

5th place – 1504

6th place – 1503

7th place – 1507


Be sure to check back tomorrow for more Clash-related updates! 

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Rachna Gupta
Rachna Gupta graduated from IMSA in 2021, where she was a proud three-year resident and Residential Student Leader of 1506A. She served as an Editor-In-Chief for the Acronym for the 2020-2021 school year. Other than the Acronym, Rachna was involved in Quizbowl, the ALLIES program, and student research. She is now pursuing undergraduate studies at Harvard University.

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