Clash of the Halls: Day 2

07's vocal trio consisted of Thomas Jacobs, Micah Casey-Fusco, and Kevin Mikos.

Day 2 of Clash was a pivotal day in the week long competition, featuring more events at midday, in the halls, and throughout the evening. The ongoing project was the mural, while the daily events were the Wii Sports Resort Competition and the Talent Show.

The mural is a vital part of the hall’s representation of their theme. With the mural, halls hope to convey the theme through their art. At midday, the Wii Sports competition pitted one representative from each hall against their counterparts in a fierce basketball mode matchup. The winning score was 20 from 06, achieved by Delicia Chen (’21).

Tuesday evening culminated in the incredibly impressive Talent Show. This event is considered the second most important event of Clash by many, and this year’s competition made it clear why. After each hall performed its timed talent demonstration, the staff judges, Kiantra Loza, Dr. Kelly Page, Dr. Brian Trainor,  and Dr. Lee Eysturlid gave comments and appreciated each performance.

Notable performances came from 1502’s Catherine Luo (’19) who performed Wushu Kung Fu as the heir of King Arthur to conclude the show. Spencer Chubb (’20) solved a Rubik’s cube with his toes and Jason Li (’21) break danced to achieve 1505’s third-place rank. Ian Fowler and TJ Ptak (’20) gave an outstanding electric guitar performance along with Kodai Speich (’21) on the violin, and finally, Irish dance from Kaleigh O’Brien (’19) and tap dance from Jeni Petrillo (’19)  showcased little-known, impressive talents at the end of their show.

Every hall truly gave fantastic performances.

If you missed Talent Show, the link to watch it is here.

The standings after day 2 of Clash are as follows:

  1. 05, 2820 points
  2. 03, 2610 points
  3. 04, 2480 points
  4. 02, 2400 points
  5. 01, 2295 points
  6. 06, 2160 points
  7. 07, 2140 points

As Clash week continues, The Acronym reminds all its readers that Clash is something you should enjoy, not something that you should stress over. Make sure to be aware of your mental health as you celebrate the week with your halls.


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