Clash of the Halls: Day 3

Representatives from different halls attempt to throw plastic fedoras onto their partners' heads. Photo taken by Savannah Pagan ('20).

Day 3 of Clash of the Halls kicked off with a Wacky Wednesday dress-up day, plus hall mural, profile picture, and T-shirt judging in the afternoon.

Each of the seven residence halls painted a mural, signed by the residents of that hall. Interestingly, 1507’s mural last year was the only mural to feature references to the other halls’ themes (in the form of posters on the walls of a convenience store). This year, every hall opted to include the other six halls’ colors and themes in their own murals.

1501 (theme of Ultravi01et) depicted a night club scene, complete with LED lights across the top border.

1502 (Camel02) showed a knight dressed in blue armor pulling the famed sword from the stone, with six other knights dressed in the colors of the six other halls looking on.

1503 (Noir3) was arguably the most popular of all, showing a figure (“spy”) dressed in black walking down an alleyway, complete with WANTED posters for characters based on the themes of the other six halls.

1504 (R04d Trip) painted a literal road trip. “THE ROAD” was written in large block letters at the top, with each letter shaded in with another hall’s color and theme.

1505 (Back to the Fu5chia) showed pink lightning surrounding a DeLorean time machine.

1506 (C0mic6) depicted a “Procrastination Monster,” with incarnations of the seven halls represented as superheroes to defeat it. (The Procrastination Monster was made of shredded scraps of graded worksheets).

1507 (7th Avenue) showed a man playing the trumpet with a USA flag in the background. Six of the stars in the flag were painted in purple, blue, black, green, pink, and red for the other six halls. Many students assumed that the trumpet-player depicted was Barack Obama, prompting many 07 residents to change their Clash profile pictures to photos of the former president instead.

Facebook profile pictures and T-shirt designs were judged along with the murals. 1503 took first for mural, 1506 took first for profile pictures, and 1505 won the T-shirt design contest.

The evening game show featured as creative events as ever. This year’s games included throwing glow-in-the-dark bracelets onto a partner’s wrist, naming jazz instruments, walking with spaghetti sticks stuck through holes in Diet Coke bottles, throwing cheese balls at a person wearing a shower cap with shaving cream, doing ten squats with a ruler balanced on the index finger, and throwing a fedora onto a partner’s head from a distance.

Going into pep rally on Thursday (which includes several events of high point value: the obstacle course, senior game, and ever-important drill events), the scores stand as follows:

  1. 1505, with 4395 points
  2. 1503, with 4160 points
  3. 1504, with 4105 points
  4. 1502, with 4000 points
  5. 1501, with 3845 points
  6. 1506, with 3810 points
  7. 1507, with 3440 points

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Grace Yue
Grace Yue is a senior from Des Plaines. She's the Opinions section editor for the second year running, a resident of 03A-wing for the third year running, and an honorary resident of 06 for the third year running. Outside of Acronym, she participates in a research project at Fermilab, serves as 03 Head Tutor, and writes for the Korea Daily Chicago's Student Reporters Club.

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