Clash Of The Hall 2021: Day 3

2020 Clash. Students left campus the following day, marking the end of on-site learning for the school year. | Source: ISP

Wednesday featured fast-paced games and challenging riddles that shook up standings from previous days. While students showcased their old-school, vintage outfits, selected judges tabulated their scores for murals, hall decorations, profile pictures, and t-shirt designs, four categories that had occupied students’ time for weeks in advance. The hallmark of the day was the “Game Show” held in the evening, an event presenting halls an opportunity to garner up to six hundred points.

Prior to the event, students were unaware of the structure of the Game Show, given CAB’s desire for the event to be spontaneous and to limit preparation beforehand. However, once the clock hit 6:00PM, students were introduced to the five games competitors would be participating in: Guess That Person, Unscramble CAB, Geometry Dash, Guess That Song, and GeoGuesser. Students scrambled to decide who would represent their halls, and within a matter of  minutes, the Game Show commenced. Competitors began speculating about the location of a provided image, guessing the name of a jolly tune, and hopping through barriers in Geometry Dash while their halls rallied behind them. Competition became tense at times, and after approximately an hour of exhilarating entertainment, the scores were tabulated and results for the Game Show were released:

First: 1503

Second: 1505

Fifth (3-Way Tie): 1501, 1504, 1507

Sixth: 1502

Seventh: 1506

Later in the day, scores were released for murals, hall decorations, profile pictures, and t-shirt designs as well. Aggregating all scores recorded thus far (including scores given for murals, hall decorations, profile pictures, and t-shirt designs), here’s where each hall stands:

1504 – 4700 Points

1505 – 4450 Points

1507 – 4375 Points 

1503 – 4275 Points

1506 – 4200 Points

1502 – 3900 Points

1501 – 3825 Points

With competition becoming increasingly tense and just a few point-garnering events left, the perennial question returns: who will win Clash Of The Halls 2021? Tune in to Pep Rally on 3/25 at 3:30PM to find out!

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Dhruv Patel
Dhruv Patel is the Co-Editor-in-Chief of The Acronym for the 2022-2023 academic year. He hails from hall 1505, where he's better known as the Fob Forgetter. Dhruv is looking forward to moving The Acronym towards more IMSA-centric publications. Outside of journalism, he's an advocate for disability equity, leading L&D Matter and spearheading critical research for the Council for Campus Equity.

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