Regarding Tonight’s Sophomore at Large Elections (with Post-Election Update!)

Ryan and Vinesh

2015’s Sophomores at Large

As sophomores adjust to the new school year, Sophomore at Large elections are underway.

Two Sophomores at Large will be elected to represent the Class of 2016 in the Student Council and work to improve the community for the remainder of the year and, hopefully, beyond. One former Sophomore at Large (and current Treasurer) Ryan Yang ’15 sums up his viewpoint on the position, saying,

“Being Sophomore at Large is a humbling and challenging yet rewarding experience that truly changes your perspectives on the IMSA community.”

This year’s candidates include Ben Cooper, Heidi Dong, Alec Elston, Joe Longo, and Paul Nebres, each of whom brings an interesting platform to the elections and are all enthusiastic to serve their class.

Many students are happy to be relieved of their study hours by a mandatory event, but those who claim to not care about who represents their class should understand that this event require attendance for a reason and deserves consideration. Some feel as if the position has no substantial impact on the community, but Vinesh Kannan ’15, the other Sophomore at Large from last year, elegantly describes it and perhaps proposes a reason for why it is under-appreciated.

“The role of Sophomore-at-Large is not well-defined—intentionally so. These two roles on Student Council Cabinet allow students to raise concerns they and their class have about the environment at IMSA. Over time, they develop and specialize the skills necessary to act on those concerns and carry out projects of their own.”

Elections are vital in selecting the most appropriate individuals who can communicate and interact with those in and outside of their class.

So, to any sophomores reading this, the Acronym implores you to actively listen to these five dedicated candidates and vote shrewdly, because tonight, you will decide who represents your class and who can help make a marked difference on the future of Student Council.


Congratulations to the new Sophomores at Large: Heidi Dong and Paul Nebres.

As a follow up to the elections, the Acronym asked the newest StudCo Cabinet members about their thoughts on tonight’s event. Heidi says,

“It’s a real honor to be elected, and I’ll do my best to live up to expectations. I’m excited to work with Paul, and I applaud Ben, Joe, and Alec for all their hard work. I could not have asked for better candidates.”

Paul expressed similar sentiments, saying,

“I would just like to thank everyone who supported me, and I look forward to helping and getting to know the sophomore class.”

To Heidi and Paul, good luck in your future Studly endeavors! And great job to all of the candidates for another exceptional election!


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