CoTH 2015 Day 1

March 23 marked the first day of the highly anticipated Clash of the Halls 2015, opening up with a limbo contest during midday and talent show in the evening. Although no participation points are being taken for the dress-up day or events, a big crowd still gathered in the old cafe to watch representatives from each hall compete in a limbo contest.

Ms. Julia, Dr. Eysturlid and Dr. Kiely were this year’s judges for the talent show and they had some memorable remarks about the acts:

1502 – “The beginning was okay but the rest was just mediocre

1506 – “I’ve never been to Rio before and after watching that, I’ve still never been to Rio

1505 – “My head hurts and my ears are bleeding – on a scale from 1 to 10, that was -11

It was evident that lack of time really affected the quality of the acts. Because preparation time was limited to 9 – 10:30 pm on weekdays for all clash events, talent show preparation took a hard hit as drill was given more precedence. Many have argued that COTH is just ‘not the same as last year’ and to some extent, that is true. Last year, I remember that the line outside the auditorium wrapped around two hallways by 6:30, a complete hour before the start of the show. This year, the hallway was pretty much empty until 7. However, the general level of energy and spirit was undeniable – a reminder that Clash can be fun despite the numerous additional rules. 07 and 03 had exceptional performances, and 01 impressed with a clean, creative act.

One notable point of disagreement during the show was the time limit – at a 5 minute cap, some halls felt pressed for time. Both 05 and 06 had to stop mid-performance, which was disappointing for performers. After talent show, another spirit event took place. Each hall was handed a stack of cards with one word on each card. In two minutes, each hall had to write down a rhyme for as many of their words as possible – although the spirit challenges will not be counted for points, they are still very fun. Overall, while many people expected this year’s CoTH to be a let down, today’s events were a reminder that we have the choice to keep this tradition alive. Here’s looking forward to the rest of the week!


1st – 07

2nd – 03

3rd – 01

4th – 06

5th – 02

6th – 05

7th – 04

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