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NEW YORK – It’s that time again. The time of runway shows, presentations, and a release of new, stylish fashion items. Based in New York, the widely-known New York Fashion Week has started; from September 7 till the 14th, it attracts a surge of people from all over the country who come to see the exquisite pieces on display.

Generally held in February and September every year, the New York Fashion Week lasts about 7-9 days and allows the buyers, the press, and the general public to be introduced to the new international fashion collections. It opens new global connections and furthers many fashion brands’ presence in the market, joining the likes of Paris, London, and Milan as one of the major fashion shows in the world.

In this year’s show, Victoria Beckham is getting a wave of attention with her new pieces this season. It’s an elegant and feminine look: Beckham notes that she is “celebrating everything about being a woman” at her show in Cipriani. Her lineup includes a soft array of colors – lavender, blush, pearl, silver, and mint in silky fabrics and graceful dresses. The pieces show a polished look that Beckham deems to be “light, refreshing, bold, confident.”

Pastel tones adorn the new fashion pieces of Victoria Beckham. Image from Google.

In addition to Victoria Beckham, there are other iconic designers such as Christian Siriano, Jill Stuart, Kate Spade, and Tory Burch that illuminated the fashion show with their new lines.

Kate Spade’s new collection shows multiple dresses of varying patterns. Image from Google.

Last year’s fashion show marked the beginning of select brands making their new pieces available to shoppers immediately after the show, so some buyers are especially excited this year. However, the trend does pose a new concern for the nature of fashion week and the industry.

With just a few days left of New York Fashion Week, the buyers and the general public are getting increasingly excited to see the remaining exquisite pieces that will be on display. But interestingly enough, this wealth of fashion trends applies to our IMSA community, too, as we are brimming with students showing off the trendiest styles and latest patterns – consider the new Fashion and Beauty Club! Who knows if the next trendsetting fashion piece at our school may come out of this week?

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