The Best Places to Cry on IMSA’s Campus

A fallen soldier lets out a sob underneath our beloved mission statement. (Source: Shubhi Verma)

IMSA is full of ups and downs, but sometimes it feels like a succession of downs. Eventually, you have to let out all of your pent-up frustration and sadness. Although it’s completely natural to cry, it’s also natural to feel ashamed of the unstoppable, emotional torrents. On the bright side, wherever you are on IMSA campus, there are excellent places to unleash your anguish and lighten your heavy heart. Whether you just slept through your first mod Dr. Kind reading quiz, or you discovered that you’re out of K-cups after your third all-nighter in the same week, we have you covered. We’ve compiled a list of our most beloved sobbing spots. Feel free to comment your go-to, favorite areas wherein you feel all of your feelings; we could always use more.

1. On top of Yare

The world deserves to know!

2. In 1508’s massage chair

If you have to cry, you might as well do it in comfort.

3. On a dinner date

It’ll really break down some barriers and form a deep, emotional connection.

4. In Dr. Dong and Dr. Hawker’s office

You were only one ModPhys quiz away from snapping anyway.

5. At your SIR

No amount of Spotify can get you through eight monotonous hours every I-day.

6. On the Sodexo stage

Dinner and a… tragedy.

7. During a club meeting

Because, where is the time otherwise?

8. In the pool

If you’re underwater, is your face even wet?

9. In the middle of the Old Cafe

At this point, why hide it?

I’d like to extend a huge thank you to Heena Srivastava (‘17) and Eshan Mehrotra (‘17) for providing the inspiration for this article, and a thank you to Alex Zhong (‘19) for helping compile this list and for “crying” in each spot.

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Shubhi Verma
Shubha "Shubhi" Verma is from a small village called Forsyth, Illinois, but at IMSA she lives in 02b downquad with her favorite people. She's thrilled to be serving as Co Editor-in-Chief this year for the Acronym, and she looks forward to spending even more time procrastinating homework by working on this. Outside of this Wordpress, she's a part of BELLAs, LEAD, Science Olympiad, Senior Class Club, and SIR, so you'll be able to find her trudging underneath her 50lb backpack a lot. Ask her about the Acronym if you want her to launch into a 2 hour speech about why you should join and why it's the absolute best organization on campus.

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