IMSA Girls Volleyball’s 2018-19 Season

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This year, the Girls Volleyball had a season filled with challenges and success. Led by seniors Kathy Lopez (’19) and Louise Lima (’19), the team finished with a record of 13-13. The Girls’ team had a new coach this year, Alex Smothers, who had previously coached the Boys’ Volleyball team.

One of the most successful events for the team this semester was the Schwartzwalder Classic tournament. This year was the first time in over ten years that the volleyball team placed within the top 5 in the tournament. Kathy Lopez (’19) stated that this was also “the first time [they] didn’t lose every game at every single tournament”. Isha Kadakia (’21) also believed that “the best game [they] played this year was one of the last games from [the] Schwartzwalder Classic Tournament, [they] went to three sets for one of the games, and [their] last set was really fun and energetic”. Overall, the Schwartzwalder Classic tournament was a great success for the team this season.

During the Mendota Tournament, the team also played against Rockford Christian High School for the third time. Throughout the season, IMSA was evenly matched with Rockford Christian and, after losing to them, the team was itching to play them again and beat them. During the last game in the Mendota Tournament, the team ended up beating Rockford Christian with a score of 2-0.

In addition to team success, individuals Kathy Lopez and Isha Kadakia were part of the NAC All-Conference Volleyball Team.

Although more than half the team this season consisted of seniors, Isha Kadakia stated that she is “looking forward to playing again and getting closer with these teammates …The seniors will be missed a lot, but hopefully their positivity and good energy will echo in the future”.

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