Emotional Oranges Prove that They’re Dripping with Talent in “The Juice Vol. 1”

Emotional Oranges' cover photo for "Motion".

Emotional Oranges is an alternative R&B duo who just released their first album, “The Juice Vol. 1”, released this past spring. With energetic beats that were made for the dance floor, the album’s music is as vibrant as an orange. Yet, beneath the colorful tunes, emotions of desire, longing, disappointment, and anger are projected through the duo’s lyrics and tones. So, the name “Emotional Oranges” really does fit them well, after all. “The Juice Vol. 1” is one of the few albums in which every track has its own unique flair. Let’s break down my two personal favorites from the album.

1. “Built That Way”
Having gone through many relationships that have fallen apart due to dishonesty, the narrators of this track ask for transparency from the individuals they’ve been newly acquainted with. They assure their companions that, even if it hurts, they genuinely want to learn the truth. The song’s background beats are simple so that, rather than overpowering the vocals, they complement them. This reflects the simplistic, harmonious nature of a relationship built on honesty. The tranquil chorus brings about a calming satisfaction within the listener, similar to the satisfaction of learning the truth. Through the lyrics, the song’s characters are portrayed as strong as their mindsets are built to recognize and accept the truth, even if it’s dirty. As the singers repeat the words “I’ll handle it, you know I’m built that way”, this concept is grounded into the song.

2. “Corners Of My Mind”
This track tells the story of two individuals as they each leave behind their significant other. As the narrators describe the state of the relationship, the song’s background beat maintains a slow, steady rhythm while its volume remains quiet. However, once the narrators begin to let go of their loved ones, the background beat quickens in rhythm and the volume intensifies. The transition symbolizes the characters’ growth as they build up the courage to stand up for themselves in their relationships. In the bridge, the narrators reveal that they long for the lovers they’ve left behind. But, the relationships are too broken for the pairs to reconcile. The song consists of notes which gradually decrease in volume, again, instilling the feelings of fading, lost love and melancholy. 

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