Decorating Your Dorm for the Holidays

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As the years go by, it becomes easier to ignore the magic of the holidays and become enveloped in our dreary daily tasks. Building a gingerbread house seems a lot less important than studying for your finals. Yet sometimes, we all need to find ways to bring a little joy into our lives, and right now, that begins with your living space. 

Your room affects so many different aspects of your life, and you may not have even realized it. For some, it can even be a representation of their identity, from books and movie posters, to the stuffed animals you can find housed on their bed. The bedroom should be the place one feels most comfortable being in. As students are under pressure academically, mentally, and socially, it can be difficult to maintain their living space and feel comfortable and happy in it. At least having a well-decorated room can provide a source of comfort or distraction from the academic pressure students face at IMSA. 

To make your room a little more comfy and cozy this holiday season, consider utilizing the following decoration ideas: 

  1. Lights. A good set of string lights can bring a whole new ambiance to your room that will. In my room, my roomate and I have one set of gold fairy lights year-round and bright, rainbow-colored lights specifically for the holiday season. Regardless of what kind of lights you purchase, the bright colors are sure to cheer you up! 
  2. Stockings. Walk into any Holiday aisle of a store and you will find loads of stockings, in all different shapes, colors, and sizes. Personally, I found mini stockings to look very nice upon the bulletin boards on the back of every room door. You can even buy one for your roommate and hang up matching stockings! 
  3. Paper decorations. These decorations are a personal favorite of mine because they allow for so much creativity! Sure, you can go buy a set of lights or stockings or even a tree, but handcrafting your own paper decorations can add something rather unique to your room. This is also a fun activity to do with friends to de-stress and relax! With a quick Google search, I’m sure you can find a multitude of videos on different paper crafts you can make. 
  4. Tree. Big or small, a nicely decorated tree can add some nice, bright energy to your room. Add some nice lights or ornaments so that your tree can be a bundle of festivity. Additionally, having plants in your room has been proven to improve concentration and productivity, which every IMSA student could benefit from. 

Now I admit it may be a little late to decorate your dorm for this holiday season, yet who says our holiday spirit should be confined to December? These decorations can be put up at any time of the year to provide some joy and a splash of cheer to your room!

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Nandana Varma is a rising senior at IMSA from Elgin. Outside The Acronym, she is interested in biology, math, and cooking. This is her first year on The Acronym and she joined The Acronym because of her passion for writing!

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