Wednesday: The Addams Family with a Twist

Introducing Wednesday: Netflix's newest dark mystery-thriller based on a character from The Addams Family. Let’s dive deep into the aspects of the show that make it so compelling. | Source: Netflix

 This review contains spoilers.


Wednesday at the Rave’N. | Source: Cosmopolitan

Wednesday already starts off bizarre when Wednesday Addams, now a high-school student, attempts to kill her brother’s bullies by dumping two bags filled with piranhas into the school swimming pool. This causes her to be expelled and forced off to Nevermore Academy, a mysterious boarding school dedicated to outcasts where sirens, vampires, werewolves, and whatnot reside. Wednesday, who initially devotes herself to fleeing the Academy, changes her mind when strange circumstances open gateways to a horde of secrets and monsters threatening Nevermore. With her enhanced athletic abilities, intellectual competence, and random visions, Wednesday uncovers secrets from both the past and future that cause her to question the present she once thought she knew.


Wednesday with her classmates. | Source: Den of Geek

The popularity of Wednesday is well deserved as the show focuses on a strong female lead that is unapologetic and defies gender norms. Wednesday is a character for females to look up to because she doesn’t have to accommodate others’ needs. Additionally, Ortega’s performance was phenomenal. Despite assuming a character notorious for having a blank face, she is able to captivate a versatile range of emotions for Wednesday as her character uncovers this murder mystery. As the show progresses, the audience is able to see Wednesday’s character develop to be more compassionate as she is often apathetic to everyone. However, at the end of the season when Wednesday and her classmates finally solve the mystery and save their school, she embraces her roommate, Enid, in a hug to show her appreciation. 

Wednesday with Tyler. | Source: Seventeen

The plot was captivating as each episode provided small clues to unsolving who was behind the murders. We thought it was interesting how they connected aspects several years ago to the mystery because the backstory was fascinating and unexpected. When it is revealed that Tyler, the love interest for Wednesday, is one of the people behind the murders, many fans were devasted because they admired Wednesday and Tyler’s chemistry.

Nonetheless, this twist was a great betrayal that deepened the plot and complex characterization of Tyler. 


It’s a 9/10.

Wednesday features amazing performances complemented by an interesting plot but its cinematography left audience members taking its thriller scenes lightly. Nonetheless, the show is currently the third most-watched English series behind Stranger Things and deserves to be so.

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