Interview With Equity Instructional Coach Noroyle Lamb

Noroyle Lamb

In education, the pursuit of equity and inclusion remains paramount. IMSA has acknowledged this, enlisting Noroyle Lamb as the school’s Equity Instructional Coach. In a recent interview, Noroyle Lamb shared their perspective, insights, and goals for fostering an inclusive learning environment at IMSA.

Background and Passion for Education

Noroyle Lamb, originally from Louisville, Kentucky, brings experience to their new role at IMSA. They have worked in education since 2008 and transitioned into teaching in 2013. In their spare time, Lamb enjoys reading, writing, playing video games, and exploring how things work, from computers to car engines.

Lamb’s journey in equity and diversity began in 2013, aligning with the inception of their teaching career. They have taught a diverse range of English courses, from elementary levels in high school to advanced placement (AP) courses. Beyond English, Lamb has ventured into teaching social justice. Their involvement extended beyond the classroom, including creating and facilitating professional development sessions on equitable practices, LGBTQIA+ awareness and inclusion, and the impact of systemic racism in educational settings.

Motivation and Values

Lamb’s transition from classroom-based DEI work to obtaining certifications in DEI&B and Learning & Development was driven by their desire for a broader impact. They believe that every student should connect with the curriculum and content, seeing themselves reflected throughout their educational journey. This, they argue, is the foundation for stronger futures.

Lamb also chose to join IMSA because of the institution’s Equity and Excellence Plan, recognizing that addressing equity concerns is a complex and ongoing process and acknowledging the time and effort required to shift the culture of a prestigious institution like IMSA.

Their motivation is to amplify their impact by coaching and supporting faculty, explaining that this approach can influence a far greater number of students. They emphasize the potential for exponential impact, stating, “At the end of the day, the total number of students impacted by instruction rooted in equity would jump from my original 310 to 3,720.” Lamb’s commitment to equity is deeply rooted in their belief in creating a more inclusive and equitable educational environment.

Assessing and Addressing Equity Challenges

Noroyle Lamb, in their role as Equity Instructional Coach, will meticulously assess the specific equity challenges within the IMSA community. They began by reviewing data focusing on students’ feelings of safety, particularly among historically marginalized populations. Lamb identified that Black, Hispanic, and LGBTQIA+ students did not feel safe within the institution. They also highlight the need to investigate equity issues affecting neurodivergent and disabled students. Lamb’s approach is comprehensive in promoting equity and inclusion. They plan to engage with students, parents, and teachers through coaching and reflection.

Noroyle Lamb is also actively participating in Challenge Success Subcommittees and is an Academy Advocate to gain insights and actively support initiatives across campus that concentrate on equity and historically marginalized populations.

As a newcomer to IMSA, Lamb’s primary goal is to understand the school’s current functioning, past practices, and future trajectory while identifying how equity fits into this picture.

With the rising number of bias incidents in educational settings, Lamb’s role is crucial in addressing and preventing such incidents. They will focus on coaching educators and staff members, working with them individually and in groups to expand their understanding of historically marginalized populations and adjust curriculum, content, and strategies accordingly.

They also identified that the term “DEI” (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) has become a buzzword, and their goal involves dispelling misconceptions and ensuring buy-in from the school community. Addressing this issue will be a critical focus in the coming years.

Goals for an Inclusive Learning Environment

Lamb’s ultimate goal is to create an environment where all students feel safe and belong. They emphasize that achieving this goal requires a collective effort from everyone within IMSA’s walls. They are currently working on a set of smaller goals that will contribute to the overarching goal of lasting equity and inclusion. As  Lamb stated, “A strong foundation will lead to stronger futures, and it all starts with the people with whom students spend most of their waking hours—their educators.”

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