StudCo Brings You Campus Events!

Fierce dodge-ball tournaments, delicious snacks, and episodes of a popular TV series – three awesome things Student Council (StudCo) hosted on Tuesday nights! Two weeks ago, StudCo held the Senior-Sophomore Lock-In, offering…

1507 Cancels Halloween Events!

“Attention! Attention! This is not a drill. There has been a fire reported in the building!” Correction: There have been two fires and one fire drill reported in the building….

“Go Green”: A Red Plot?

By: Tejas Joshi, Opinions staff writer Warning! You are constantly being inundated with environmentalist propaganda! Assuming, of course (in the words of Dr. Victory), that you are a semi-rational being, you…

NFL Power Rankings: Week 8

This week marks the half point of the NFL Season! The picture at the top is clear as ever but past the fifth-ranked 49ers, there isn’t much certainty or consistency….

Teachers Debate Marijuana Legislation

On October 17th, IMSA teachers, Dr. Peter Dong and Ms. Tracey Townsend, passionately participated in a debate sponsored by Crossfire. The topic of this debate was the legalization of marijuana…