Music Review: Battle Born

By Ciara Wardlow, Entertainment Section Editor



Artist: The Killers

Released: September 17th, 2012

Best Tracks: “Flesh and Bone”, “Runaways”, “Miss Atomic Bomb”

Review: It’s been four years since The Killers released an album. In 2010, after spending two years touring with 2008’s Day & Age, the band decided to take a year long hiatus, during which frontman Brandon Flowers released his first solo album, Flamingo. After so much time apart, even the most loyal fan (guilty as charged) would be nervous. Although they continued to release annual Christmas songs during their hiatus, it was hard not to worry that they would come back with a completely different sound. And while Battle Born is far from Day & Age 2.0, it is easily recognizable as the same band. The energy level within the album ranges from the melodic “Here With Me”, which begs to be slow-danced to, to the explosive “Miss Atomic Bomb”, providing a dynamic listening experience that will make even the most reluctant voices join in with the chorus. While the Killers are known for percussion-heavy beats, Battle Born gives guitarist Dave Keuning a share of the spotlight he hasn’t seen since “When You Were Young” in 2006’s Sam’s Town–without losing their signature ’80s flare. Although the later half of the album might get a little slow for some, Battle Born proves that The Killers haven’t lost their touch. They’re back in the game, and they hit the ground running.

Verdict: 9/10

Note: The Killers will be coming to Chicago on December 21st.

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