Senior Wills

With only a few more weeks left of school, the seniors almost out the door. Though some have shared their personal insights as part of our “Senior Speaks” series, they have also written the traditional “Senior Wills” to document memorable moments of the past, bucket lists for plans for the future, and their last testaments for underclassmen of the present. So, without further ado, here are the Senior Wills for the Class of 2013!

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Agnel Philip
Alexa Maffei
Arjun Tambe
Ashima Gupta
Ayun Brown
Brian Chien
Brooke Ray
Carrie Sha
Corey Hornbeck
Dan Francis
Devin Scott
Dhruv Patel
Eunji Jeong
Eva Meyer
Grace Li
Heidi VonDebur
Heidi Warning
Henry Ward
Ian Wilkinson
Itzel Lopez
Ivelina Hristova
Jack Aylesworth
Jasmine Davila
Jeffrey Zhao
Jennifer Huang
Jennifer Ren
Joan Shang
Kalyani Sonarikar
Karolyn Stromdahl
Kathryn Kim
Katherine Havighorst
Kaylee Kauffman
Kenzo Esquivel
Kevin Hong
Kevin Zhang
Logan Dodd
Mallory Giger
Mary Do
Matthew Tennenhouse
Maura Slattery
Mindy Jian
Morgan Johnson
Mosab Elagha
Nicholas Srivastava
Rachel Hermes
Rae Hohle
Riva Trivedi
Ross Skelly
Saieesh Rao
Sam Kaufman
Sam Walder
Seneca Hutson
Summer Wu
Tahir Mohideen
Tejas Joshi
Theo Mikrut
Varun Munjeti
Victoria Etherton
Vivek Koganti
Viveka Patel
Wesley Beck
Winnie Chu

Agnel Philip

Arizona State University-Downtown Phoenix, Class of 2017

Most Memorable Moments:
*Chilling with the bros in 05D
*Tennis Season (every single one)
*Diwali 2011 and 2012
*Hanging out with 01 A and B down quads
*Clash of the Halls 2013
*Dancing in the rain
*Enjoying the little moments

Bucket List:
1. Be happy
2. Be friendly
3. Be funny
4. Be inspiring
5. Change the world

Last Testament:

To Matthew Pomla and Aaron Victor, I leave you with sophomores from whom you can take food. They will pay back my debt for me.

To Xochitl Menchaca, I will you all the great photographs (especially pinholes) in the world.

To Mason Dearborn, I will you the Acronym Sports section and NFL articles. You have big shoes to fill.

To Sarah Valentine, I will you a co that is almost as good as me and a wonderful LEAD class.

To Hania Sambor, see above.

To Jameson O’Reilly, Sruthi Mothkur, Al-Jalil Gault, and Stephanie Wang, I will you perseverance and luck.

To Dallas Eckman and Kent Gang, I will you wisdom to take LEAD in the direction that will lead (haha, get it) the program to enormous future success.

To William Xu, I will you a soft pillow and comfortable patch of carpet underneath every table in every classroom.

To Anthony Marquez and Stephanie Wang, I will you writers who write as much as I wrote.

To Taylor Herr, I will you, well I’m not sure what I could will you that you don’t already have.

To Suraj Sinha, Kenneth Yun, Paul Wang, Rajiv Patel-O’Conner, JJ Garcia, and everybody else on the tennis team, I will you a State Qualifier next year. Let’s Go!

To Perry Kitipongpatana, I will you a checkerboard.

To Drew Schell, I will you internet.

To Arjun Sarode, I will you the power and confidence to change the world.


Alexa Maffei
Southern Methodist University, Class of 2017

Most Memorable Moments:
*Every JSA Convention
*Roomance (this will become a commonly used phrase someday)
*Ordering too much food after sophomore finals
*My first JSA speech
*Scaring Lily on multiple occasions
*Late night chats with Winnie and Malia
*CoTH 2012
*Senior Year Convocation
*Writing way too many college/scholarship essays
*Valentine’s Day in Washington, D.C.
*Debate Department 2011-2013 <3

Bucket List:
1. Meet a former U.S. President
2. Receive a doctorate degree
3. Keep learning from every experience

Last Testament:
To the sophomores and juniors, you can survive this. It may be a challenge, but you will grow from it.

Arjun Tambe

Johns Hopkins University, Class of 2017

Most Memorable Moments:

*Living in 1504.
*Rambunctious activity on Facebook.
*Junior year hex, and the refugees from UpQuad.
*French V 2011-2012 (Jacob Ma, Mahendra Reddy, Webster Guan).
*Eysties with Paul Cladek, Sir Nicholas Srivastava, Gina Jung, and Sue Kim.
*Meeting a buffalo: The broken chair. The consumption of silica. The expulsion of silica. The MCB 20×20. The Human Centipede 2. The Tights. The MAD 10×40, instead of a 20×20. The hundreds of unmentioned memories. The Circle of Life.
*Rooming with a chancellor.
*Avoiding strikes in the fitness center.
*Getting Sarpino’s delivered through the window at 2am.
*Varsity Tennis (“LET’S GO!”).
*Clash 2013.
*Obtaining Max Cape.
*Rheanna Vimawala. Every moment.

Bucket List:
1. Help others.
2. Reach my potential.
3. Pursue happiness.

Last Testament:

To Mack Lee, I will you broader horizons. So many things in life matter, and I don’t want you to graduate wishing that you had experienced more during the past three years. Spread yourself out, but not too thinly. Troll around for a bit. Be serious for a bit. Nevertheless, though, after encouraging you to come to IMSA, I am proud of how well you have done here. I will you someone to walk back from 02 with at 10:03. I will you someone to make weird faces at in the hallway. I will you someone to answer your questions about the ACT, school, college, and life. However, I do not will you a new big sibling – because I’ll always be around if you need me. Just give me a holler. I hope you know that I’m always happy to help.

To Suraj Sinha, I will you someone who respects you for who you really are. You’re funny, intelligent, and surprisingly mature – don’t be afraid to show it. There are times to mess around, but the serious moments matter much more. And when they come, I hope that it’s for the right reasons. You’ve developed quite a name for yourself – both on and off the tennis court – but that reputation never conveys the deeper side of you: the sincere side of you. I will you a great tennis season, filled with aces, pegs, and of course, countless “Let’s go!”s. I’m going to miss you, buddy.

To Aaron Geldner, I will you SMAC. I could not feel better than I do leaving it the hands of someone as dedicated, responsible, and musical as you. Keep it going. Make it better. Let me know how things go next year.

To Tony Gentile, I will you the ability to remind us who you really are. I didn’t see much of you this year – partially due to the fact that you no longer lived 20 feet away – but I don’t think that’s the only reason. Maybe I’m wrong, but I feel like you got more out of IMSA in your first year than your second. Find your niche again, and then find your potential.

To Matthew Park, I will you a new workout partner. I will you someone to read over your papers. I will you someone to guide you through your senior year. Lastly, I will you the decision to talk to girls. IMSA exists outside of 04 and 05.

To Pratyush Rustagi, I will you earnestness. Be more serious, and be serious more. I also will you more puns with Mack’s Ackerman, the Mastermind, and the names of your classes. Enjoy your signor year.

To Kevin Li, Kenneth Yun, Kent Gang, and George Harris, I will you 04DDQ, assuming that you get it. In the past two years, I’ve had some great times in those two rooms. And with my RC. I hope you do too.

To Jennifer Hoelzer, Nitya Pariti, and Carissa Lao, I will you coffeehouses to perform at.

To Greg O’Bannon, I will you the knowledge that your last name might be one of the most used words amongst IMSA male seniors.

To Anthony Ortiz, I will you The List. Message me.

To Kent Gang and Michel Adams, I will you 1504, my home of the past three years. As community developers, you can influence the environment that grows in 04 over the course of the year. Welcome all of your sophomores. Meet all of the juniors. Make some type of consistent programming, such as a weekly athletic activity after check. Use the hall funds that you have, plan great events, and make 04 the place to be. If you need any help or advice, just shoot me a message. Oh, and one more thing. Go win Clash. LOVE 1S♥4 EVER.

To Gina Liu and Lakhena Leang, I will you an application to become an Ethics facilitator. By the time you read this, it was probably already due. I hope that you applied. Thank you for thinking, thank you for learning, and thank you for being such great contributors.

To Yash Thacker, I will you a niche at IMSA. Once you find yours, the other pieces of your puzzle will slide into place.

To Philip Nebres, I need not will anything. Just stay cute.

To Rajiv Patel-O’Connor, I will you two more great tennis seasons. You might be a bigger troll than Suraj. I’m not sure – you’ll have to let me know who wins the honor next year. Regardless, I think that he still has you beaten on pegs, though.

To Ryan Yang, I will you to stay in 04, and I leave you with an application to be a community developer in your senior year. Even if you’re busy with student council, I urge you to take up a leadership position in the IMSA residence halls – simply because you fit right in. I’m sure that we can expect great things from you in the years to come.

To Elise Douglas, I will you someone else who will smile and wave at you in the hallway, tease Daddy Vivek with you, and give you head massages.

To whomever it may be, I will you the Mod tenor section. Hopefully you won’t have to falsetto as much as we did.

To Kent Gang, I will you a tenor section that will actually shut up when you are talking.

To the future members of 1504 D-wing, where I have spent the past three years, I will you the wing community of 2011 and 2012 – a community that we never quite achieved this year. Get to know everyone in the wing, and don’t limit yourself to the extent of your classmates or your friends. Actually have some programming, and definitely have fun too.

To Kevin Li, Suraj Sinha, and John Satter, I will you the determination to bring your halls to life in Clash 2014. Carry hard next year. Even though you are not CDs, remember that you have just as much of a voice. Although it was nonexistent, the 04-05 “alliance” was one of the most enjoyable parts of Clash this year – the cherry on top of a memorable week. Bring that spirit of collaboration into March next year, except with all of the halls. It should be a week focused on each hall doing its best, not doing better than the others. Best of luck on your movie, talent show, mural, and participation. All of this year’s Clash-no-lifers will be watching. Go hard, guys. Go hard.

To Josh Paul Ajayi, I will you a stronger conscience. You’re one of the funniest people that I have ever met. I was surprised that I didn’t die from laughing too hard on that night when you slept over. But find the balance, man. Not every joke needs to be said. Push yourself to become a better person. Everyone should be real from time to time. When you are, people will take you seriously.

To Nitya Pariti, I will you someone else to annoy you incessantly, help you on math homework, and stare at you in Mod until you’re creeped out. Sorry for messing with you so much; it’s just too fun, and I hope you realize that it’s all in good spirit. And, uh, sorry for your first dinner date. Oh, did I forget to mention that you have an amazing voice? I will confess that I voted for you almost every time in Mod solos. Keep singing in college. Seriously. Don’t hide your talent or neglect it in favor of saving time. Stay musical. I’ll miss your bubbly, fearless, and playfully melodic personality in my day.

To Will Xu, I will you confidence and purpose. Why do you keep selling yourself short? Why do you run from your fears, instead of confronting them? If you decide to, you will overcome them. Find your motivation, set your goals, and then go achieve them. At IMSA, I found that I have to decide that I truly want to do something before I can accomplish it – whether it is finishing an assignment, earning a grade, or winning a tennis match. So, Will, you need to decide what you want to do. You need to determine what you want to get out of your senior year. Spend the summer thinking; the decision should not come quickly. People can keep giving you advice, but ultimately your path is yours to choose. Overall, have faith in yourself. Expect more of yourself. And keep in touch with me. Let me know how your life is going. If you need to talk, I’ll just be a phone call and a time zone away.

Sai Talluru, I’m not sure why Outdoor and Indoor prompted you to decide that we were siblings, but in some ways, I feel that you are almost my younger sister at IMSA, someone whom I watch out and care for. I want to leave you with one piece of advice: don’t trust others too easily. Many people just want to hear the latest story; the few people who deserve your confidence will be the ones waiting for you when you need them, because they truly care for you. I will you a senior year that is irreplaceably fun and memorable. Throw your stress out the window. Tank a few assignments. You will realize that the memories you made throughout your time at IMSA are more important than any college acceptance. So, Sai, I will you a new big brother on campus, and I sincerely will you happiness.

To all IMSA students, I will you time. I hope that at least once, you stay up talking with friends until the sunrise. Pursue your own hobbies, even if others find them meaningless. You should be able to take a minute out of your day to look up from work and just appreciate the environment around you. And so, I will you time: time to observe the neglected moments in life, and time to pursue your interests before you graduate. There is so much that you can experience at IMSA – three years is hardly enough to do it justice. But with the time that you have, do what you love, and love what you do, so that when the breeze of life is pushing you forward, or you are simply feeling nostalgic, you can remember the hundreds of memories that you have formed at your home away from home – memories that will last a lifetime.

Ashima Gupta

University of Illinois at Chicago, Class of 2017

Most Memorable Moments:
*Hypnotist shows (before and after) during Homecoming week
*All-nighters with 03AUQ junior year
*Fantabuloso Dos
*Walk to Defeat ALS 2012
*Political conversations at the Senior U-Bench
*Hair dying parties
*Super Bowl 2011
*December 8, 2012
*China trip 2013
*Victory all-nighters
*February 14, 2012
*Quad scary movie nights
*Homecoming 2012
*Diwali all three years
*Springfield trips
*Washington D.C.
*Figuring out the kind of person I want to be

Bucket List:
1. Attend every single @Bears game for a season
2. Learn 17 languages
3. Join Doctors Without Borders
4. Watch every movie that has won the Cannes Film Festival’s Palme d’Or
5. Be a part of the Brazilian Carnival in Rio de Janeiro
6. Open a winery on a ranch in California
7. Find a geocache that no one has logged in before
8. Go to Valencia, España, for the Tomatina festival
9. Become a wedding planner cum neurosurgeon
10. Be a foster mom
11. Go to Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade
12. Go cliff diving
13. Teach hula lessons in Maui, Hawaii and salsa lessons in the Dominican Republic
14. Become a scuba diving instructor
15. Take a pilgrimage to Mecca
16. Be the godmother of a child
17. Do something I’ve never dreamed of doing.

Last Testament:

To Karen Olowu, I will you nothing else but happiness, because, believe it or not, you have everything you’ll ever need to succeed in life. From brains to beauty, you’ve got it all, and make sure you never forget how much your talks meant to one little brown girl in high school.

To Sai Somasundaram, I will you a bone-crushing hug every day, someone else to yell “SAI SOMASUNDARAM” anytime you come in sight, and a personal best not just for a swimming event but for everything you do.

To Ruchi Patel, I will you peace, objective advice, and lots of Skype conversations. I will you another girl in A-wing to share your love for Pretty Little Liars and Desi music, but if not, know that the original one will only be 45 minutes away. Finally, I will you a stress-free Clash week, because we both know you and Allie are going to kill it. I miss you already just writing this sister, more than words can say.

To Allie Johnson, I leave you with another sophomore who can take your place as being the one who steps up during Clash week and gets things done. I also will you a fabulous junior year and leadership skills that compare to no other.

To Estefany Guzman, I leave you with all the sarcastic comments, Hispanic movies, Latin dancing, and pretty little smiles you could ever want. I’m going to miss having you in my hall and in my life.

To Sai Talluru, I will you follow through with everything you do, whether that be keeping in touch with friends back at OEHS or making sure what you need to do for ISA or Class Club gets done. Most importantly, I will you the perspective to remove yourself from your current situation and commitments and remember what’s important.

To Yvette Ramirez, I will you the ability to recognize when things don’t matter anymore and what people always say isn’t personal. I also will you nerves when you’re public speaking, because for me, nerves mean that you’re so passionate about what you’re telling people that you care about their reaction.

To Ryan Leemans, I will you things we never had. That, and I leave you with the mindset that anything is possible with the right amount of hard work, perseverance, and just a little bit of luck.

To Greg O’Bannon, I leave you with hope: the hope to do better and the hope to succeed.

To Sarah Valentine, I will you late nights. Many, many late nights. Not just because I believe that first semester senior year is harder than junior year, but because somewhere around 4:30 AM is the best time to get some peace on this crazy busy campus. I will you self-awareness and happiness most of all, because no matter how things work out, whatever needs to happens will happen.

To Kayla Ingram, I will you well-placed comments and choreography that comes straight from the soul.

To Ram Patel, I will you a chemistry lab partner that isn’t a second semester senior and actually knows what she’s doing. I also will you someone that makes as good a team with you as we did. From Casa to B/D 16-19, we killed it. Good luck.

To Joe Reda, I will you someone that you can fall in an out of contact with, but at the end of the day, talk as if you were picking up the conversation from where it was months ago. Live the stress-free attitude all throughout your time here; at the end of the day, life is too short to worry

To Dallas Eckman and Kent Gang, I leave you my legacy. Go through your last year in high school remembering that no matter what comes in your way, or the amount of LEAD work that’s left in your plate at 3 in the morning (it will happen, I promise you), Jen and I chose you both for a reason. Dallas, my dear, committed coordinator, you have an aura about you that makes people want to be around you. Use that. Kent, you are by far the most knowledgeable person I have ever met. You have a lot to offer your team, and remember, they have a lot to offer you too. Like I said to both of you, you know what you want. Now be stubborn, go get it, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

To my LEAD junior facilitators this year (Al-Jalil Gault, Anna Krzywiec, Arjun Sarode, Dallas Eckman, Emmy Mladenova, Grace Ren, Hania Sambor, Isiah Butler, Joe Donermeyer, Kent Gang, Kevin Li, Kristine Yoon, Lakhena Leang, Nahee Park, Sarah Valentine, & Stephanie Wang) I leave you with spirit, team bonding, and rising junior facilitators that will astound you with their capabilities as much as you did for me. You are all leaders in your own rights, and it won’t necessarily be the classroom sessions but team bonding activities and events like Banana Splits that I’ll remember the most.

To Al-Jalil Gault and Kevin Li, I will you another FABULOUS coordinator to work with! Just kidding. I leave you both with ambition and motivation, not just for EnACT or LEAD but for yourselves in general. Revel in your accomplishments and always look ahead to your next big footprint on the world. I will miss you both, and remember that my phone will always work.

To Grace Ren and Lakhena Leang, I leave you with SPARK. I remember late night conversations with Rahul during my sophomore year, and I remember how the ALSA walk changed my outlook on life. Don’t forget the little inspirational moments because that will be your motivation when things get hard. Do good things, guys. You have the power to do so.

To 03A-wing, I will you positivity, a stress-free junior year, an easy application process for seniors, and a reminder that wherever you are, there is someone out there that is thinking of all the memories we shared together.

To Arjit Jaiswal, I will you, well, what can I possibly will you? I will you the knowledge that there are fewer things, if any, more important in this life than family. There will be a few friends with you throughout your life, and through thick and thin, but there are also a set of people who we don’t get to pick that will support you even when they don’t like you. Because liking is not the same as loving. Between the boredom, parties, Mountain Dew, picnics, water parks, beaches, car rides, and movie nights, there is no one else I’d rather share all the memories with.


Ayun Brown

IIT Class of 2017

Most Memorable:
*The EXCEL bros
*The A-wing Bros
*the Soccer bros
*the Choir bros
*the Basketball bros
*Harambee and Casa Dances
*the four wonderful LEAD classes and two awesome LEAD teams
*IMSA Christians
*The 1501 Family
*Quad Six-Flags Trip
*1501 A wing Five Guys Trip
*Clash 2011-2013
*CTF 01-07

Bucket List:
1. Finish All Zelda Games
2. Create a Game
3. Work for Nintendo
4. Dunk, eventually…
5. Have an awesome family
6. Tell more people about Jesus

Last Testament:
To the RCs, I will patience to deal with us lazy IMSA students in the coming years and the ability to see and enjoy the moments that make your decision to work here one of the best ones of your life.

To the sophomores, I will the perseverance to keep on in whatever you do. At IMSA and elsewhere, never sell yourself short. Do the best you know you can and fight through all the hindrances and troubles that block you. You all are special and have potential to do amazing things later on.

To the juniors, I will you the Senior year, the world-renowned best year of school. Be the change you wish to see on campus and in the world. Don’t forsake the unity of your members for when you all join together to do something big, monumental change can occur. Go wild and give it all you got.

To the sophomores of 1501 A wing, I will you focus and productivity because you’ll no doubt need it. In all seriousness, prioritize your work and play. IMSA is a school first and a place to make friends after. Also, realize you don’t stay sophomores forever. You’re about to become adults soon, so start shaping yourselves like one.

To the Juniors of 1501 A wing, I will you my home for the past three years. Needless to say, take care of it. Help facilitate the IMSA experience by staying connected with the wing, hall, and campus, and hold forth the reputation that 01A is the First and Best wing on campus.

To the 1501 Family, I will you unity. This was the first year the hall truly came together, and it actually came down to you guys seeing the similarities you all shared instead of the differences. Remember this in the coming year(s), and remain flexible and aware of your surroundings. I love you all. You all came to 01 for a reason, and you should know that reason more than ever now. Go forth in the coming year and take 01 above and beyond!

To Luke Musgrave, I will strength. Strength to lead, strength to stand out/up for something, strength to have a (Sexy bass) voice. The coming year won’t be easy, but you and the rest of the A-wing Bros can do it. Keep your nose in the book, and continue to woo the masses (of women) with the swag that is Luke Musgrave.

To Julian Pacheco, I will discernment. No doubt you’ll be a leader in the coming years, and I know you have good intentions. The next step is perseverance, determination, and discernment to guide yourself to your goal. You are my brother in the faith. Always stay in the Word and Do the Right thing. God’s got plans for you.

To Eric Barrientos, I will you a calm spirit. Your intentions are always lighthearted and focused on bettering the wing, hall, or your friends. Keep in mind, that your methods aren’t One-size-fits-all and that some people need to do things their own way. Also remember that you’re not always going to right about everything. Roll with the punches thrown your way and always wear a smile. I wish to see big things from you in the future.

To Ellen and Bree, I will relatability. As CD’s, one of the biggest components needed to successfully lead a hall is a solid knowledge of your members. Keep in contact with them. Call them out by name and say hi. I also will you the knowledge that you’re not in this alone. There’s about 90 other students wanting to make 01 the best hall on campus. Use them. Pool your resources and strengths together, and get to know each other. Most importantly, be flexible. You never know what’s going to happen in the coming year, so do your best to make the right decision for the hall. I trust you wholeheartedly.

To the future EXCEL tutors, I will the ability to be awesome. Period. Make EXCEL an eye-opening experience as to what the coming years at IMSA will be.

To the IMSA Soccer team, I will you perseverance and vision. This year, you saw that despite the losing streak at the beginning, we became a really solid team toward the end of the season. Never give up. Just keep fighting. Sooner or later, the X-factor will click and you guys will flow like clockwork. Also, remember that soccer is actually the “funnest” sport in the world, so go wild and have fun.

To Frenchie, I will a pair of eyes on the side of your head. Watch your post, son. Also, nice punt. Learn to aim it.

To Varun Patel, I will the ability to finish. Keep playing soccer, bro. You’ve got some fire in that foot and know how to get in the back of the net. Always look for that through-ball. #17:18

To Zack Yager, I will you a defender who will be able to play you on the right side of the field.

To the Choir folks, I will determination (and a bit of Pitch). Seriously though, never, ever doubt your singing ability. I came to IMSA with little to no vocal skill. But I made it through, not because of various vocal technique lessons, but because of my love for singing. A tip Vamika gave me before she left was that whenever you feel stressed, tired, or fed up, go into a practice room, and just sing. Sing your favorite song. Forget about pitch, intonation, and phrasing. Just sing, and let your soul open up and heal your heart.

To Jennifer Hoelzer, I will a carefree spirit. Over these past two years, I have yet to meet someone who sings as beautifully and as with much energy and spirit as you do. You have blessed me along with the IMSA campus with your voice, pitch control, and acting ability. I want to say Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Remember that all work and no play makes Jenny a dull (girl), so don’t forget to laugh and enjoy the little things in life. Also, may you find a gentleman capable of sweeping you off your feet. I’m rooting for you, kid.

To Grace Ren, I will a bit of swagger. Carry yourself big, kid. You got a lot to offer. You’re smart, competent, good looking, surrounded by a ton of awesome friends, came from 01, have a beautiful singing voice, etc. Love your senior year and rock it to the max.

To Matt Park, I will the ability to get more women. there ya go. romp.

To Dennis Rich, I will some humility (lojk). I’ve seen a lot of you in Mod, Choir, Soccer, Etc. You’ve got skill, bro. Continue to hone those abilities and do big things in the coming years. Also, dat E.

To IMSA Boys Basketball, I will the ability/skill to put the ball in the net. I see good things for the program in the coming years. Knock down your shots, get in shape, and go win a regional for once.

To Kobe, I will some upper body strength. Go lift bro, you need it. Come get me when you can do a set of pull ups. But seriously though, I can’t really say much. You’re pretty set. Having you in the wing last year was a blast.  Having you on the team was the ‘ish. I’m really gonna miss you, bro. Stay focused, and get into college, dunk on a couple kids next year, and make this Jamaican brother proud.

To Greg O’bannon, I will some dedication. I like you, son. I like the way you run yourself. Be sure not to take it too far. Have an awesome Senior year. Oh, and don’t let me hear about any “Shot-clock Cheese,” alright? Buah!

To Josh Paul Ajayi, I will a $20 gift card to Woodmans. But for real, though. You’re an alright kid. You’re willing to jump in and do some legit stuff like that video or play some bball whenever, and that’s commendable, bro. I’ve also noticed you’ve grown up a lot this year, and I’m sure Yinka would be proud. Go on ahead with your Senior Year.

To Nick Watts, I will you a six pack. Bullet.

To Dayvon Snell, I will you some more facial expressions. Bullet.

To the IMSA Christians, I will a spirit passionate for Christ. I’ve talked on to no end about what it means to live for Christ, to die to self, to spread the word, etc. What I hope and pray for everyday is that you guys get a better understanding of who God is and start to have a relationship with him. Like human relationships, they require time and effort to grow. But they also become so much more meaningful the more they grow. Love God with all your heart, soul, and mind. He’s got great things in plan for you all.

To Nisha, I will you a closer relationship with God. Never in all my years at IMSA have I seen someone like you grow as much as you did this year. You went to every Bible study soaking up as much as you could and let the love of God come in and make you his own. God looks down and smiles at people like you, Nisha. Always keep God first, continue reading, running, and playing soccer. And thank you, for being a true inspiration to me in my effort to advance the Lord’s kingdom.

To Dallas Eckman, I will the 7 chaos emeralds, which grant the user infinite wisdom, vitality, and strength. Seriously though, even though we may disagree with you on some ideals, I have A LOT of respect for you. In combination with your magnificent acting skills, novel wing decorating abilities, and overall relatable attitude, you make for a well rounded individual capable of doing really BIG things. I know you’ve been really busy and up late doing school work and extra curriculars, but seeing you fight off Caspa each day just inspires me. I wish you the best next year. Make your Senior year memorable and worth it.

To Kent Gang, I will a nice, big, genuine smile. The kinda smile you get when you laugh with the Basses in Mod. Kent, your talent inspired me as an individual to stay on top of my game because you were so on top of yours 24/7. I want to wish you the best with Mod and LEAD next year. Always give it your best, but don’t forget to smile and be proud of what you accomplished from time to time. Good luck, Mr. President.

To Anna Krzywiec, I will you a fantastic Senior Year. Even though we only got to know each other this year through LEAD, I’m really, really glad I got you as my co. You have been nothing but a major help and asset to me during LEAD and a super fun friend to be around. Thank you for having a wonderful personality and for being beautiful, inside and out. I wish you the best next year. There’s no backing out now. The door is locked, and the only way out is through the Perfume Department (Graduation). Go forth, Anna. Push, and succeed. But make sure you clear out that skeleton in your closet first. ;)

Brian H. Chien

University of Illinois: Urbana Champaign, Class of 2017

Most Memorable Moments:
*That Victory Summative All-Nighter
*IMSA Basketball Senior Night
*Speaking of basketball, standing next to the 7 foot guy from Mooseheart and surprisingly getting the rebound
*Halo CTF sophomore year
*Helping win Clash of the Halls in 2011 and 2012
*Getting injured on a cool-down to the hill

Bucket List:
1. Obtain a signature electric guitar from every major guitar manufacturer
2. Invent something new
3. Travel to Africa
4. Overfill a room with LEGOs
5. Jump into shorts
6. Run a mile’s worth of stair laps in one of the res halls
7. Dunk a basketball

Last Testament:
To Alan Mitchell, I will you the slightly non-active FCtheBand, since you play guitar you ought to make some use of it next year and find people to play bass and drums

To Andrew Salij, I leave you a quick trigger finger and optimism on the buzzer when you’re in a quiz bowl match.

To Ryan Yang, I leave you the great path great people like Robin Lindemann, Mike Wong, Morenibayo Bankole II, Dominic Gentile, and Matt Gietl once followed. I also will you your Shain-ruled name, YAAN RANG

To Aquila Ryu, I leave you…NOTHING…..hahahaha just kidding, I will you what little OOP knowledge I have in hopes you can do well in the future

To Julian Pacheco, Dayvon Snell, and Max Lembo, I will you a share of the sprint squad. Hopefully you guys will stay for all three years.

To Kyle Chen, I will you the knowledge that, yes, my dad in fact, knows your dad ever since they went to college together at Cheng Kung University. I keep forgetting to tell you that. I also will you PLS Tech.

To Grant Williams, I will you…the power to not go “Ah” every time you miss a shot.

To Vivian Jin, I will you hope that you will continue playing piano. Though I haven’t talked to you that much ever since that one dessert date, you should continue doing what you like your junior year.

To Joey Yurkanin, I will you the power to have even more fun next year. Junior year’s going to throw a lot of random and sometimes unfortunate crap at you. Just be yourself and have fun, and take care of the sophomores next year!

To Steven Tan, I will you, the confidence to achieve….in IMSA computer science classes, as well as the long breaks I had my second semester senior year. You need to get ready to have no work.

To Johnny Wu and Gina Liu, I will you my SCS-knowledge. You’ll be able to solve many problems, as well as deal with even more missing hard drives!!

To Susie Shin, remember that guitar pick I gave you last year? I will you that, haha. Be sure to keep playing guitar!!

To Isaiah Butler, Josh Paul Ajayi, and Mack Lee, I will you my thanks for tolerating my highly suspect basketball ability and inability to catch the ball.

To Jacob Kronenberg, I will you the optimism that you will go somewhere great in the future, as well as having to deal with fewer people asking you problems in math class.

To Greg O’Bannon and Tony Shin, I will you the sprinters of the IMSA track team. Continue working hard and having fun!

To Carissa Lao, I will you a game of Capture the Flag. We indeed should have one more match. Maybe you could even catch me or Ian this time!!

To Matthew Park and Pratyush Rustagi, I will you my congratulations; you guys went through the toughest year of your IMSA career. I hope you guys will have fun next year with much energy and reason.

To Aaron Geldner and Arjun Sarode, I will you the hope that you guys continue having fun at Clash, though I wasn’t able to be a part of 07 this year, I still hope you guys continue the winning culture.

To Michael Adams, I will you the ability to take charge and help change the culture of 1504 and bring the hall together as a whole.

To Suraj Sinha, I will you the swagger to conquer the IMSA computer science department in a way that provides much cash money.

To Ronnie Terrell, I will you the term “chien” (you requested it, you got it). I also will you the looks (also requested) as well as my abilities to speed down the track and grab rims.

To Joanne Kwak, I will you an apology for my actions. You helped shine light on one of the brightest and happiest spots in the darkness named my junior year. I hope you do well next year.

Brooke Ray

University of Colorado at Denver, Class of 2017

Most Memorable Moments:
*Steak n’ Shake nights after plays
*Time Warping
*Being hit on by a Kids Institute student for a whole week
*KI Springfield and Rock Island
*IoW Chicago Intersession
*Romeo & Juliet
*Cards Against Humanity and Jungle Speed
*Prom 2012
*Partying in the handicap room before 10 check
*“You don’t even LIVE here!” – 2011/2012 C-Wing
*Making the “Mi Niña Bonita” music video with Katie Havighorst and Rae Hohle
*Spain Intersession 2013

Bucket List:
1. Become fluent in Spanish
2. Study in Spain
3. Get in to medical school
4. See a Broadway show with its original cast
5. Learn to play piano
6. Travel anywhere and everywhere I can

Last Testament:
Taylor Knopf & Nicole Aldridge, my baby ducks, I will you Drama Club. I’m sure there will be more people to help you with everything next year and the year after that, but I fully expect you two to be at the forefront of our little family. You better text me during tech week about how all the actors are being drama queens, how Nicole has almost killed herself on the set 10+ times, and “holy cow why are people so incompetent.” It’s killing me to leave this club behind, but I know that I’m leaving it in good hands, and that makes the whole ordeal easier. I also will you a calm, reliable Drama Club next year. Hopefully everyone will have mellowed out by then, and you won’t have to deal with incompetency?

Anne Weitekamp, I leave all the craziness of Allies and KI. You’ve been as much of a part of KI this year as I have, and I can’t imagine leaving it in better hands. Take care of our little family, and try not to be too passive aggressive to the children.

Lynette To and Eveline Liu, I will you the CD-ship of 06. Take good care of our building! We’ve worked so hard this year to make things more fun for our girls, and get everyone more involved in the hall. Make sure you keep up the good work that I know you two will be able to do. I can’t wait to see what you do with the hall next year!

Hania Sambor and Becky Kleina, I will you C wing. The rest of my hex and I have worked so hard to keep this wing a fun, crazy family like we all love, and I expect you two to keep it up. Hania, you know as well as I do that there is no place like C wing, so I trust you to make sure it stays that way.

Ram Patel, Michele Kinama, Jennifer Hoelzer, Anna Krzywiec, Anna Melberg, Lakhena Leang, and the rest of Russian II, I leave you the ridiculousness that I’m sure will be Russian III, if you are taking it. Have fun, guys. Keep our tiny Russian family absurd, and let me know how the year goes. As much as I complain about having two language classes, I’m so glad I took Russian my junior year, because I got to know all you сумасшедшие kids. Have a great senior year, and I can’t wait to hear where you all go to college. It’s just too bad I won’t be there for Pavel to ask you every day, come April.

Dallas Eckman, I will you an eventful but fantastic senior year. You’ve got a lot going on, but if anyone can do it, it will be you. Just get some sleep once in a while, okay, kiddo? And I also will you a part in one play next year. Drama Club wouldn’t be whole without you. Have a wonderful senior year, Dallas. You deserve it.

Bree Pusey, I will you one picture with a creepy tour guide grabbing your arm, and a smelly lady sitting next to you on a flight. (Also the ability to have a blast as a CD. But mainly the first two.)

To anyone I probably forgot, and basically the rest of IMSA, I will you a stress-free (or as close as you can get) college application and decision process, along with an acceptance letter from a college you absolutely adore. Be happy next year! Even if it’s stressful. 

Carrie Sha

Harvard University, Class of 2017

Most Memorable Moments:
*Stable soup at UChicago’s Medical Center for 2 years
*Problem set parties filled with screaming
*Sophomore year

Bucket List:
1. Go to Australia
2. Find a part-time job at a grocery store or restaurant
3. Go through a tour of art in Europe

Last Testament:
To Shreya Shanker, I leave you with all the biochem instagrams in the world. You are a brilliant person, and I wish you the best of luck in your future career. Those writing center hours were memorable.

To Jonathan D’Souza, Phuong Vo, Al-Jalil Gault, and Ashley Kim, I leave you the future of Heliotrope.

To Stephanie Wang, keep up your positive attitude (and don’t worry too much about college)!

Corey Hornbeck

University of Illinois in Chicago, Class of 2017

Most Memorable Moments:
*Hill :)

Last Testament:
To Anna Krzywiec, I can’t explain it all in a short paragraph. It deserves its own book. I’m not going to explain how incredible you are.  I’m not going to say what I love about you. I’m not even going to tell you how much I care about you because I’m hoping that you already know. If there’s only one person I could say thank you to, it’d be you. You’ve taught me quite a lot about myself and the ideal me—not just the ideal person. The only thing I regret is not being there as much as I should have. You already know what I’m leaving you, and I hope you’ll keep it.

To Arjun Sarode, when I visit in the future, I want to be able to sleep without listening to you scream hot pancakes at four… O’clock…in… the… morning. I leave you my beloved quad. You better not screw it up. ;)

To Jess Monigal, Mongolia making you smile is something I’m going to miss. I’m also going to miss our inside jokes. When I find the Roach limit, whatever that might be, I’ll let you know. I leave you my pet roaches that breathe fire.

Daniel Francis

Carnegie Mellon University, Class of 2017

Most Memorable Moments:
*Too much DotA and Minecraft sophomore year
*Winning drill team 2012
*Six Flags, 5 Guys, and The Hobbit
*Clutching clash 2013
*Those moments when your quad is actually an oct or more

Bucket List:
1. Learn Korean
2. Get a flair on r/Askscience
3. Play in a professional pit orchestra
4. Help put something into space, bonus points if it’s me

Last Testament:
To Kyle Petesch, Joe Donermeyer, Alex Moreno, Vivian Chu, Mimi Dong, and Xindi Chen I leave a voice to cheer your teammates on with and hopefully not lose in the process.

To Joe Donermeyer, Nathan Huxtable, Mimi Dong, and Maria Kuznetsov I wish a great senior year of french and leave you with all of the fire trucks that I never bothered to give. If you decided to drop then please disregard.

To Daniel Francis Rosenthal and Sean Francis Potempa I leave the knowledge that you guys have amazing middle names.

To Milosz Kowal I leave pants that fit.

To Ram Patel and Dallas Eckman I leave great orientation memories and hopes that the class of 2016 knows about your amazing personalities, regardless of whether they find out during orientation or not.

To Jennifer Hoelzer, Michael Adams, and Mohamed Kady I leave lots of great I days.

To Kyle Chen, Luke Musgrave, Tahj Alli-Balogun, JJ Jimenez, Sean Potempa, Bob Magyar, Daniel Collins, Omar Hafiz, Eric Barrientos, and Nigel Grant I leave the knowledge of how to properly treat sophomores. They are very moldable and you wouldn’t want to scare them or corrupt them or otherwise do bad things. Be chill and good luck with junior year. It’s not all fun and games but it’s definitely bearable.

To Nathan Huxtable, Jack Gibbons, Steven Kosvick, and Josh Wu I leave all of my LoL skill. Because I have so much you guys shouldn’t have a problem dividing it amongst yourselves and still having a surplus left over. Thanks for putting up with the rookie nub.

To Ashok Arjunakani and Sajishnu Savya I leave all of the time that you wasted in our quad that you’ll never actually get back. Hopefully you don’t regret it, I know I don’t.

Devin Scott

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Class of 2017

Most Memorable Moments:
*Going to France.
*Meeting all of the great friends that I have made each year.
*Being a member of a quad in a hall that I never wanted to live in, but ended up loving.
*Just… I mean… IMSA…
*Being introduced to K-pop, I mean, being introduced to LIFE.

Bucket List:
1. Go back to France.
2. Ex: Travel around the world in 80 days

Last Testament:
To Michael Adams, I will you my AWESOME work ethic (because we know that it definitely exists)

To Ella West & Marissa Bochering, I will you France.  Yeah, like all of France.  That’s for you.  Enjoy.  Oh, and those tiny, expensive cupcakes.  Eat them slowly.

To Joey Yurkanin, I will you my video game aptitude.   You need it more than me.

To Shivani Goel, I will you the ability to fangirl over any other K-pop groups than SHINee.  They are wonderful and they deserve it, but spread the love.

To Diana Chen, SHOOP.  That is all.

To Ronnie Terrell, I will you the title of Grand Overlord Imperial Master Wizard.  Yeah, that’s all you man.  Also, Logan forgot to will you his SuperMan poster……

To Sarai Lopez, I will you the ability to become as versed as Jennifer and I are in K-pop and random scarring YouTube videos.

To Phillip Nebres, I will you the ability to beat people other than me up.

To Jacob Brown, I will you my LoL skills.  They may be lacking, but they are better than yours.

To Kyle Petesch, I will you better Smash skills so you can beat your sister and Sharadyn.

Dhruv Patel

University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, Class of 2017

Most Memorable Moments:
*Chilling at the playground sophomore year with friends
*Late night quad battles
*Partying at the slabs
*Enjoying Clash especially senior year
*Dancing at Homecoming, Diwali, Lunar, and Clash
*Partying all day every day
*Late night talks with the bros
*Midnight movie trips

Bucket List:
1. Meet Beyoncé and Taylor Swift
2. Have my own Wikipedia page
3. Go hot air ballooning, skydiving, hang-gliding
4. Learn to sail
5. Go to Dubai
6. Be an extra in a film
7. Stay in a castle in Scotland
8. Visit Machu Picchu
9. Chase a tornado
10. Attend the Olympics
11. Start a campaign
12. Go scuba diving in the tropics

Last Testament:
To Andrew Liang, my main man, I will you an amazing senior year with no work. I know you are already ahead on the no work aspect, but don’t slack off first semester next year. It’s important and you are so smart, Andrew. Work hard and you will definitely enjoy yourself second semester!

To Lakhena Leang, I leave you with the strength to embrace your amazingness and you know what. You always seemed to be very busy this year with your classes and clubs. The good thing though is that you are passionate about the things that you want to do and that will get you far. I’ll always remember the great times in the IRC just chilling and doing absolutely nothing! You’re almost done so just keep going. You can do this!

To Mayuri, Mit, and Ani, my favorite sophomores, I will you the great junior year that is ahead of you. I know you guys will have a lot of fun next year, but do some work. Also, junior year isn’t as bad as everyone says, you guys got this! I’ll miss you guys, but enjoy the rest of your years at IMSA.

To Elise, Sophie, Frances, Xochitl, I would will you guys a great senior year with a lot of fun and partying, but I know that you guys already have that on lock. So what I will you is the ability to get some work done, even second semester, and make sure to watch the calendar because senior year will go by in a flash, so take it all in while you can!

To Greg, Anthony, Isiah, Marco, I will you guys the strength to take Marco down. But really, I will you guys a fantastic senior year. Senior year is a lot of fun and all of your hard work will pay off. Don’t get too stressed even though the work may seem intimidating and do the best you can. Also, make sure to bring Marco outside senior year to hang out! Finish junior year strong!

To Guna and Tim, my B-wing bros, I will you guys my ‘amazing’ work ethic next year. And by that, I mean you guys should get work done. Also, Guna, get some sleep next year (even though it will be hard). Both of you guys are smart, so please don’t slack off next year.

To Shruthi and Sai, I will you a stress-free senior year. Sadly, even though it is senior year, you will have work first semester. You guys have been working really hard this year and I am really proud of you guys. Get some sleep even though it may be hard. Keep going!

To Jennifer Kwon, I leave you with great opportunities to dance and party next year. You seemed to be busy this year a lot stressing about classes so I hope you enjoy yourself next year!

To Tyler Pradaxay, I will you a great time dancing at every single event next year. I know you will have fun with Lunar especially Modern next year and Clash, even though you will be with 05.

To Lynette and Emmy, I will you guys a lot of fun next year. Throughout this year, I got to know you guys, and I’m happy that I did. It’s been a lot of fun and enjoy all that senior year will bring to you!

To Tony Shin and Johnny Wu, I will you guys a great senior year. You both worked hard this year, so live it up next year because it will fly by fast!

To Anne Weitekamp, I will you my superior ceramics skills, and I hope that one day you can become as good as I am. I’m sorry if you thought I disliked you from that one incident, but I am sure I at least nodded. I will you a great time next year and memories that you will never forget because you definitely deserve it.

To David Lisk, I will you the ability to perfect the ‘skills’ that you so desired to have this year. You have made so much progress this year and enjoy senior year.

Eunji Jeong

University of California at Los Angeles, Class of 2017

Most Memorable Moments:
*Being Bindi Patel’s personal servant while she watches Glee and Grey’s Anatomy
*Habi trip to Birmingham, Winter of 2013
*First place in Drill Team, CotH 2013
*THE HEX (Bindi Patel, Rheanna Vimawala, Riva Trivadi, Monica Patel, and Shannon Kurian)! *xD Daily craziness, oudness, jokes (ARE YOU SUPPOSED TO BE SLEEPING?) with supports and love
*Dinner Dates
*Walls of photo booth pictures from IMSA carnival
*Having I-Days free
*Threepeat in FBLA state, the best one with Viveka Patel in Network Design 2013
*Beating Zeno Jeong with a game of most hits in a batting cage
*Love of purple mat
*Shopping in Geneva Commons with Bindi Patel and Rheanna Vimawala
*Starbucks with Shivani Patel in Barnes and Nobles with the intention to study for Cal-Based *Mechanics final
*MAD moments with Shivshiv
*IMSA Radio-Airimsa-Eunji’s Radio-Call In (April 23, 2013)

Bucket List:
1. Travel around the world for two years (Visit Seven Wonders of the Ancient World)
2. Go AJ Hackett Macau Tower bungee jumping
3. Build hospitals in Cambodia, Malaysia, Thailand, and many other developing countries
4. Get published for research in cardiac surgery
5. Go skydiving
6. Go surfing
7. Live in Paris for a year and in London for a year
8. Learn sign language
9. Learn Braille, lipreading, and Morse code
10. Become fluent in Chinese
11. Beyoncé concert with Bindi Patel and Rheanna Vimawala
12. Hex Build-A-Bear
13. Make a closet full of clothes and shoes
14. Reunions with my friends
15. Dream Team: Hopkins!

Last Testament:
To Prachi Aggarwal, I leave you with 24/7 relaxing spa coupon of my own. Senior year will be your golden year. Colleges? Pshh, they will love you and will fight over to get you enrolled into their Class of 2018. So no worries!

To Vandana Karan, I will you the love from MMM. As much as you would appreciate, you are the next co-president of our single common extracurricular activity. Be patient and persistent. The time will come and you will be set free. But till that time arrives, drag Joanne Kwak and Susie Shin to support you as you encounter the predictable struggles of senior year.

To Anna Gupta, I will the best table partners for your future math courses. They will not be gone missing for two weeks alternatively and will always accompany you.

To Roy Kim, I will you the best ability to become the admirable brother to Alex!

To Michele Kinama, Ryan Leemans, Tyler Pradaxay, and Jameson O’Reilly, I will a better choice in literature elective classes next year.

To Anthony Ortiz and Elijah Jimenez, I will my role on PME. I have no doubts of you two becoming Bob’s favorite. Spread multiculturalism and do not be like me during second semester.

To Andrew Liang and Tony Shin, I will the best of luck in 오케 (Tony, translate this for Andrew xD). With the finale march through the stage of class of 2013, front chairs will be open to you for your future lovely 45 minutes. Have fun!

To Kristine Yoon, I will you everything that I can possibly give you—my clothes, music, foods, and my quad. From the moment we stepped on the bus for the Habi trip, I met a beautiful Korean girl who is outgoing and confident. Chat me, text me, and call me what’s up with everything next year; you need to keep me updated with your stories :D And when you come to Korea, then let us have party till, haha, yeah~

To Jennifer Kwon, I will the love for friendships. I’ve seen you surrounded by everyone and loved by everyone. You are always so sweet and you care about people. Keep dancing and make sure to carry 02 Drill Team next year with Selam Zenebe-Gete! You will be awesome and hotie hot xD Do the best next year and reach for the top!

To Kent Gang and Kenny Yun, I will Best Guy Quad of Senior Most 2014! Kent, keep up with singing and continue to take positions in clubs. Kenny, please dye your hair to black/brown (you do look fine…but…) and you will have plenty of time to practice tennis next year! And wink wink nudge nudge xD

To George Harris, I will time to become as strong, as smart, as cool, and as mature as me. Climb up to the Olympus and defeat Hercules before you come challenge me. I know how much you admire me but unfortunately, impossible. A man will take six hundred years to beat me. Get better in Minesweeper and, I mean, everything.

Eva Meyer

University of Notre Dame, Class of 2017

Most Memorable Moments:
*Procrastinating with my hex
*Banana fights between boats on the sailing intersession
*Celebrating Hexmas
*“pencil napping” Dr. Krouse’s pencils with Brooke Ray
*Making fat jokes with the speech team
*Singing country songs at the U-bench with Agnel

Last Testament:
To Shruthi Mothkur, I leave a year of extremely educational experiences. I also will you the ability to compare every situation to Mean Girls.

To Jameson, Shruthi, Stephanie, and Shreya, I will SCIA board bonding trips because trips are conducive to bonding!

To Karin Han, I will you an undying love of glitter and tiaras. I also will you my hatred of Uggs and Northface in the hope that you too will grow to hate them. Finally, I will you full use of the NO! Button. I hope that you will use the button wisely and to make your opinions known in every situation.

To Vinnesh and Alonso, I will the ability to stay safely on a bus until it has come to a complete stop.

To Ella West, I will you having big feet in a school filled with small footed people. Good luck on future shoe searches!

Grace Li

The Cooper Union, Class of 2017

Most Memorable Moments:
*COTH 2013
*The weather…
*Turning 18 – thanks for a great day everyone!
*Modern Theater
*All the days spent bumming with friends instead of working
*Random late night conversations
*Meeting a certain someone and beginning to get to know him
*All the little moments of laughter and smiles
*There’s too many to count!

Bucket List:
1. Write a song
2. Get a PhD
3. Discover something
4. Invent something
5. Publish a paper
6. Become a grandma (and maybe skip motherhood)
7. Open a shop and sell my handmade wares
8. Help get Quickline up and running
9. Break out into song in public with random strangers
10. Journey around the world and record my travels in photographs

Last Testament:
To Deborah Park: I will you a penguin and some shots of confidence boost, please don’t overdose on the confidence though. Don’t limit yourself. Keep your love for music and to keep singing. I also will you a bunch of people to troll and prank because I have no doubt that you will continue to be a joker.

To Stephanie Wang: I will you a long life with lots of tea in it. Learn as much as you can and pass down all your wisdom and insights to all the people you meet. I leave you with the memories of the random things we’ve done and with the knowledge that you make the best Cheshire Cat and some wonderful faces.

To Sai Talluru: I will you a very enjoyable (though probably stressful) senior year, and someone to calm you down. Also, an (imaginary) telescope that you can take everywhere so that you will always look towards the horizon. Keep finding new places to sail towards, because I know that you will reach wherever you want to go.

To Nahee Park: I will you a life full of happiness. A life full off laughter. Keep your optimism and determination. You’ve brightened my day so many times.

To Estefany Guzman: I will you relaxing Wednesdays and a not too stressful senior year.

To Anne Weitekamp: I will you days filled with people to mess with, good music, and smiles and laughter.

To Kayla Ingram: I will you the inspiration and creative muse to keep writing creatively.

To Yvette Ramirez: I will you some free time to play music and an appreciative audience (which I’m sure won’t be hard to find).

To Bria Williamson and Kennedy Christine: I will you days full of laughter and many more people to entertain.

To Allie Johnson: I will you days full of friends, dancing and drivers without road rage.

To Molly Fane, Nisa Faheem and Janani Sivakumar: I will you guys each other. Keep laughing and making puppy chow together. Enjoy the rest of your time here!

To everyone in 1503B: Remember that 100% B wing participation? I will you to keep up that spirit. I leave you with the song “Don’t worry, be happy”. I will you all the ability to enjoy life and to remember that even when times are stressful and you’re feeling down, the sun is (or will be) shining outside. Don’t worry too much and just take things as they come.

To Sarah Puttarat: I will you some Japanese memories and a bunch of derp moments together. Also, I leave you pennies. Lots of pennies – one for every thought you’re willing to share. Keep in touch!

To Vandana Karan: I will you a senior year where everyday is a good day – full of music, fun times with friends, and some energy if not a decent amount of sleep. I wish you a bright and happy future!

To Shivani Goel: I will you a college acceptance letter to wherever you want to go. Enjoy life and don’t worry too much. I leave you with derpy dance moments and I leave you Sarah – keep taking care of her.

To Joanne Kwak: I will you success and a life full of humor…and someone else to call “j li”

To Jenny Du, Joanne Lee, Emily Mu and Ellyn Collier: I will you new insights in math. Keep the female population of math team up and continue to hide the awards and mess with the math teachers.

To Ethan Bian: I will you the time to keep up with Quickline and the ability to go through senior year without losing too much sleep.

To Michael Zeng: I will you the ability to write elegant proofs and to find your fob in the grass

Heidi VonDeBur

Drake University, Class of 2017

Most Memorable Moments:
*Square dancing trips and lessons from Sonja the 01 RC
*Every single moment with 01B seniors last year
*Lots of sleepovers with 01 B’s current DQ
*Hanging out in the RC office with Mike Juell and learning about tractor woman
*Many, many more :)

Bucket List:
1. Learn to use American Sign Language fluently
2. Live in a big city if only for a short while
3. Travel somewhere on the Trans-Siberian Railroad
4. Move out of the Midwest
5. Sell something on Etsy

Last Testament:
To my beautiful 02A underclassmen, I will you the drive to finish your next 1 or 2 years off strong. I know you all will be great role models for the incoming sophomores. (Nicole I expect to hear updates about progress on the list I gave you!)

To my junior u-bench buddies, I leave you with the senior u-bench since that’s what you’ll be next year. Please continue to spread your lovely smiles around campus :)

To Ryan Leemans, I will you the knowledge of when to remain humble and the hopes of finding a new buddy to vent and shoot goals with.

To my trumpet children (Mark Martinez, Julian Pacheco, Sean Potempa) I leave you with all the necessary life lessons you boys need to make it through the rest of high school. Julian don’t listen to Mark, Mark make good choices, Sean just keep doing you…

To any other people who have been a part of my IMSA journey (soccer girls, BELLAs sisters, etc.) I will you all my thanks and love because I couldn’t have done this without you <3

Heidi Warning

UIUC, Class of 2017

Most Memorable Moments:
*DUQ and Double D Quad
*Bro weeks 2011 & 2012
*SIR with the Mind :)
*Endless Starbucks trips
*MUN 2012 “HWS”
*Clash 2013

Bucket List:
1. Live in China for a year
2. Meet Robert Downey Jr.
3. Take a cross country road trip with friends

Last Testament:
To Anthony Ortiz, I will you someone you can watch Pretty Little Liars and Criminal Minds with.  I hope you work hard, don’t stress too much, and remember that there are always people who care.  I will you a fun soccer season next year. I know you have it in you to be a great and inspirational team leader.  Have an incredible senior year and good luck in Chinese!

To Joe Reda, I will you the right to let others know exactly how you feel. I will you someone else to twerk with, a great yearbook team, and the motivation to do well senior year.

To Ronnie Terrell, I leave you pants. Please try to keep them this time, preferably on.  You’re an incredible guy, and I’m glad we had Dorcas to help kickstart our friendship.  I hope you find someone else to make a cake with, to be punched by, to watch movies with, and to make great memories with.  I leave you with confidence in your abilities to do well in school, and a successful senior year.

To Emmy Mladenova, I will an underclassman just as sweet and funny as you.  I don’t know you very well, but I want to take this space to say that I really just love your personality.

To Ryan Leemans, I will you girls to talk to and hit on, a shining star of your own, a better wingman, and a new quad to strip for.  I will you a non-stressful college seeking experience and the understanding that I’ll support you in whatever you do in the future.  You have so much potential.

To George Harris, I will you a less racist laoshi.

To Mayuri Yasuda, I just want to be like you ;).  I will you friendships that last, because the ones you have created are incredibly special.

To Lajju Sudhakar, I will you a surprisingly badass sophomore, because I thought you were.  I’m really going to miss your smiling face. Keep being incredibly optimistic and an amazing friend, both will help you get through next year!

To Nitya Pariti, Jennifer Kwon, and Taylor Knopf, I leave you with the ability to represent whatever hall you live in next year with all the passion that I saw during clash this year.

Finally, special shout out to Matthew Rueger, I will you the knowledge that you were my favorite sophomore.  You may not be at IMSA any longer, but I know that you’re going to do great things no matter where you are.  Also, Harry Potter for president.

Henry Ward

Lawrence University, Class of 2017

Most Memorable Moments:
*The failed B-wing all-nighter last year, with the line of suspicious looking yet perfectly legal white stuff and everything.
*Going to lunch with you, Clare, every day after Japanese. Lunch won’t be the same without you. Nor will I, for that matter.
*04 Drill Team’s morning practice.
*Waiting for Kiely with you, Carrie.

Last Testament:

To Max Ackerman, I will you a measure of self-confidence. You’re a cool guy. Don’t be afraid to show it.

To Remy Bubulka, I leave you with the spirit of my unicorn pillow. I can’t let you have the real one, as Willow and I are too close for that, but you deserve at least a spectral version of Willow. Don’t let the world bring you down (which if you’re like me you probably do quite often) and use your spirit Willow for guidance and comfort.

Ian Wilkinson

College of William & Mary, Class of 2017

Most Memorable Moments:
I’d rather not organize this in a list, as I don’t think that it would do these memories justice. I firmly believe that even though I still have a home, I spent my freshman year at another school, and I’ve lived in a variety of cities, I grew up at IMSA. As such, there have been many moments in the past three years that I’d prefer to forget, but many more that I wish would have never ended. Through it all, the sleepless nights, pervasive stress, and the unending barrage of meetings and work, two events, or two series of events to more specific, stand out.

First are the three trips that I’ve taken with my fellow seniors to the Kalahari water-park. I know that I’ll never forget just how much fun I had there. Yet, there remains one thing that has shaped me more than anything else. Even if my life depended on it, I could not choose one moment that defined my time in 04C. Every second has been indescribable. To the best friends and the best RC anyone could ask for, to what will forever remain my home, thank you for the best three years of my life.

Bucket List:
*Fall in love
*Change the world
*Find peace
*Inspire someone

Last Testament:
To Ryan Leemans, I will you an endless supply of jock juice, so that you can improve your volleyball game, get even bigger muscles, intimidate the new sophomores and, of course, frustrate Ish.

To Travis Scott III, I leave you with two things. First, I will you the work ethic and motivation to make it through your senior year. Do your best, Travis, you’ll thank yourself in the end. Second, I will you the ability to always disregard females and acquire currency.

To Dayvon Snell, I will you the privilege to wear the snapbacks you’ve been wearing this year (which are most certainly mine). May they never cease to enhance your swag, your basketball game, and your hilarious personality.

To Kyle Thomas, I will you the opportunity to come to like this school, if you haven’t already. There’s so much here, you just have to know where to look.

To Rodrigo Sanchez, I will you the best acting skills ever witnessed by mankind (use them wisely) and the motivation to finish all of your papers before they are due. That last one is very important, especially this coming year. I considered willing you something concerning friendship or your personality, but you’ve been a fantastic friend to me this year, and there isn’t much to improve.

To Ryan Yang, I would will you the ability to become a fantastic and inspiring leader not just at IMSA, or at your college, but in your future community, and the global arena, but I know that you already have that. Therefore, I will you every possible opportunity and tool that you could need to be that leader, if you so choose. If you don’t forget to follow your dreams, I’m certain that you’ll find great success in anything you choose to do.

Itzel Lopez

Washington University in St. Louis, Class of 2017

Most Memorable Moments:
*Late night heart to hearts,
*Star Tipping
*Going to Jaliscos
*Movie nights
*The clutch for Casa De Alma 2013
*Habitat Trips (1-6)
*SLD ’12 and ’13
*ALI ’12 and ’13
*LEAD ’12 and 13
*Cuddle Sessions
*Not doing homework and staying up all night
*Making plans and never doing them
*Prom ’12
*Meeting Harsha
*Being there for my friends through heartbreaks and failed tests
*Getting a full ride to my top choice
*Venting to Uriel
*Doing study hours in the hall commons during sophomore year
*Falling asleep on the floor due to exhaustion
*Dancing in the rain
*Fifth wheel dates with Kenzo, Logan, Ty, and Hannah
*SEAMS ’11
*EIP all three years baby
*Gaining a new appreciation for country music
*Random dance parties
*Christmas exchange gifts every year (Senior Year I dressed up as Santa)
*Happy hour during sophomore year
*All the little moments that made IMSA great.

Bucket List:
1. Go Skydiving
2. Travel the world– visit Thailand, Brazil (World Cup), and Egypt
3. Have a family
4. Continue to stay in touch with my IMSA family
5. Open up my own hospital in Mexico
6. Start a service organization
7. Leave a legacy behind
8. Learn Chinese
9. Live life to the fullest
10. Go on a road trip
11. Learn to play guitar
12. Inspire others
13. Be happy.

Last Testament:
To Luselena Perez, Jaida Lewis, and Sam Arrez (my adopted sister), I will you a sister that will love you and hug you whenever she sees you and that will actually take you on more trips! I am really excited to see what you all become within the next two years. Do not hesitate to call if you ever need anything! I will you the strength, study skills, and ability to take a stress break during junior year. Be there for each other and do not forget that you have each other!

To Rodrigo Sanchez, I will a great hug! I will you some awesome Mexican Food followed by mall excursions and freaking good tea tasting. I appreciate how real you are and your maturity. As person I think you are up there in top 5! Don’t change and share your character and your loving personality with the world! I will you lots of laughs and awesome memories to share with your friends! Continue to be that kind soul that you are and don’t lose that sense of you!

To Yvette Ramirez, I will you the strength that you will need Senior Year. If you ever need some inspiration or some perseverance look up the poem Desiderata by Max Ehrmann. Continue to be proud of your culture and where you come from! That will take you very far! Do not lose sight of who you are and what you want to be in life, and remember that sometimes you have to be willing to take risks and speak up in order for change to happen!

To Arjun Sarode, I will you the chillness and brilliance that you so easily possess. I know that LEAD is in good hands with your vision for growth and challenging the students. I will you the best in all of your future endeavors. I will you the silliness and yes — cuteness– that you bring to my life, but I hope that someone else brings it to you. As your co- facilitator I have seen you be a great mentor to the students and I know that where ever you go you will do great and wonderful things!  Please continue to dance and to enjoy the life and opportunities that you have!

To Isiah Butler, I will you a better co-facilitator that will not ‘try to get under your skin’ and that has better communication skills. I have and always will believe in you. I know that you will go far in life– you just have to believe in yourself and put yourself out there! I have witness you grow a lot over the past year and I am aware of the infinite possibilities for growth and amazingness that you possess! You have truly been a great addition to my life this year– your insight, maturity, and intelligence have always surprised me. I am eternally grateful to have worked with you and I look forward to seeing your success later in life!

To Shruti Mothkur, I will you success and all the good things for your Senior Year. Do not let the little things get to you; you are stronger and better than that. Do not fret good things happen to good people, and you my friend, are a GREAT person! May you truly enjoy your Senior Year for what it is supposed to be a fun filled year with your closest friends with memories that you will leave footprints in your heart NOT a year filled with stress and competition. Keep doing you and you will go far, I know it!

To Vivian Chau, I will you love. You give it away so freely and easily and never ask for anything in return. You are one of the most understanding, compassionate, and loving person that I have ever met. Your hugs at ten check give me warmness in my heart. Do not lose that sense of giving and inspiration that you bring everybody else. I will you the perseverance and strength for your Senior Year along with great memories and a junior up quad that will be as amazing as you guys were!

To 01 B Wing, I will you the happiness and the quirkiness that embraces our wing at every ten check and wing event! Continue to support each other and laugh through the rough times and eat tons of ice cream through the sad ones! May next year be a year full of unity, love, and smiles :).

To 01 B up quad and friends (Vivian Chau, Bree Pusey, Maria Kuznetsov, Marisol Flores, Shreya Santhanam, Michelle Wiebe) I will you an awesome wing filled with sophomores to guide and juniors to advise. Senior year will be a pain and a half but you will get through it together. Relish in the wonderful friendship and family that you have because there is nothing else like it. Bring the spunk and the life that is 01B and above all else be happy! Do not stress over the paper due tomorrow or the Ad Chem test because in twenty years you will not remember the answer to question 12 but you will remember the moments shared with those you care about, the laughs that lead to embarrassing snorting, and the 3 in the morning heart to hearts. And those my friends are the best memories of all.

To Joe Reda, I will you an endless amount of energy to be used in random dance parties, an even better math table than this year, and the patience you will need next year! I will you a friend that will take care of you and stick by you during random excursions. I will you the success that you most definitely deserve and the fun breaks that you will undoubtedly need Senior year. Don’t forget to be happy and to smile through it all, because your time at IMSA will be over before you know it!

To Al-Jalil, I will you the wonderful hugs and smiles from ear to ear that you always greet me with. Do not lose your spark or your sense of selfness– continue to grow and serve others as you have done so until now. I will you the ability to live life to the fullest and to enjoy the little moments in life and to fully embrace the family you have at IMSA– whether it be 01, LEAD, or anything else. You have so much to give this world, and I know that you will be going places one day. Keep your head up and don’t let life get in the way!

To Anna Krzywiec, I will you a crap ton of Doritos! I will you the happiness and success that you truly deserve. Your giggle and smile bring life to the room you walk in and you radiate goodness from your heart of gold. I will you a Senior year full of laughs, great stories to tell your grandchildren, and many adventures. I will you the patience, the strength, and the serenity in your times of stress and need. Above all I will you the capability to be yourself and to share that with the world, because you are a true gift to this community with so much to give and to offer. Girrrlll you are gonna shine bright like a diamond!!! Also, I think you should check out the song The Joy- by Milo and Otis.

To Dallas Eckman, I will you to remember that you are special, and that you are here for a reason– to achieve and do the great things that you are meant to. I still remember that conversation during our ‘allnighter’ in SLD week. I will you the realization to truly understand how wonderful you are– the boy with the multiple talents, the passion to empower others, the bundle of joy, the great body roller, and the person who is most deserving of every position that you have earned including LEAD coordinator and who will undoubtedly leave a legacy here at IMSA. Do not doubt your importance or why you are here because the fact of the matter is we are lucky to have you.

To Ram Patel, I will you the awesomeness that you are. You truly are the happiest, friendliest, warmest, and all around greatest guy that I know. Continue to make someone’s day brighter by spreading your cheer and your love. I am always amazed as to how your smile and your hug goes a long way and how I simply and a happier person around you! Don’t lose that part of yourself! And continue to be that selfless and devoting guy that I know!!

To Julian Pacheco, I will you everything in life that you so desire. You are honestly a great kid– you have no fault. I am blessed to see what you have grown up to be since the time I met you at SEAMS when you were a quiet little kid to the seeing you grow up and be a leader, an excellent soccer player, a tutor to your own EIP kids, and a caring individual who has his head on right. Your love for your brother and your family as well as your morals gives me faith for humanity! Keep doing you and enjoy your time at IMSA! And as always if you need anything– from revising your papers to some general advice– I got you bud!

To Deepika Kommineni, I will you the cuteness and friendliness that you already possess! I love seeing you in the hallways and your wonderful smile that illuminates and radiates joy! I will you a great Junior year and Senior Year and I will you to make the most of your time at IMSA! Also, I will you good looks since apparently you look like my daughter :p!

To Haneesha Parachuri, I will you a great final two years at IMSA. I will you someone to take you to eat some Sushi, to make fun of Harsha, and I will you joy in your life. You truly deserve for great things to happen to you! You are a nice, caring, and compassionate human being that makes friendships with whomever she meets. I am sure that success and happiness will follow you in life! And if you ever need anything– you know who to call!

To Kayla Ingram, Francis Seo, Deborah Park, and Grace Ren, I will you the memories of your sophomore year. You will always be my sophomores and I hold you close to my heart! Don’t forget the wonderful times we had in up quad with movie nights, venting sessions, and heart to hearts! I am eternally grateful to have had you as my sophomore babies and to see what you guys have grown up to be in just a year! I know that you will all be amazing seniors! And if you ever need anything– my door is always open!

To all of my SEAMS, LEAD, and EIP babies I will you the ability to never forget where you came from and what you went through to reach this place in your life. Be grateful and appreciative of what you have accomplished. Please recognize the importance of the role you play in this community and how your actions can truly inspire someone else. Remember that you are that tutor, facilitator, and mentor that other younger students are looking up to. And above all else give back to the community that brought you here– whether it’s your friends, family, or even other SEAMS, LEAD, or EIP babies. Be happy and enjoy your time at IMSA– yeah sometimes it’s hard and stressful and you ask yourself whether staying up late at night is worth it– it is. These moments are like none else, enjoy it and truly appreciate them for what they are. Remember that you are all diamonds in the rough; it’s just sometimes you have to find the right shovel! Also, if you ever need anything– I am your girl!

Ivelina Hristova

American University, Class of 2017

Most Memorable Moments:
*Carlinville Soccer Tournament x2
*Quad nap times
*Power outage 2012
*French trip 2013
*All sleepless nights with Sandy

Bucket List:
1.Visit every country
2. Earn a pilot’s license
3. Fly a plane
4. Sail a boat
5. Be in an action movie
6. Attend a White House party
7. Earn a black belt in Tae Kwon Do
8. Be fluent in 5 languages
9. Outrun Connor

Last Testament:
To Anne Weitekamp and Nahee Park, I leave you with a beast wing. I hope you appreciate our wing as much as I did senior year.

To Estefany and Karen, I will you all (any) of my beastly soccer powers. Use them wisely.

To Molly, Lohita, Raven, Michelle, Laura, Marissa, Becky, Bree, JKwon and Natasha, I leave you with half a soccer team. Good luck!

To Yvette, I will you another procrastinating senior for you to attempt teaching guitar.

To Sai and Steph, I leave you with the chill attitude I used to approach senior year. Relax and enjoy it!

To Nisa, Janani, Bria, and Kennedy, I will all and any of my studiousness so that you can get through junior year successfully.

To Kayla, I leave you with a leadership role that I know you will more than fulfill.

To Karla, I will you a junior who will feed and distract you no matter how busy you are.

To Lauren, I leave you with an endless amount of TV shows to watch and cereal to eat.

To Atene and Anna Kryczka, I will you an amazing and growing EEC.

To Allie and Ruchi, I leave an exceptionally crazy group of RC’s. Do what you can with them.

To the future 03B-ers, I will a home away from home.

Jack Aylesworth

Muskingum University, Class of 2017

Most Memorable Moments:
*Take Back the Night
*Never have I ever
*Teatime with Kiely
*Drill Team
*Halo LAN parties
*Classic movies
*Thoughtful movies
*Really, really bad movies
*Shared TV shows
*Fuzzy costumes
*Political debates at the senior u-bench
*Most memorable of all, the one-million-and-one fantastic stories that all start with, “why not?”

Last Testament:
To Hannah Trewitt, I will you many more wonderful IMSA dances. Always dance like you’re the best dancer in the room, and there will be no one who disagrees.

To Nikki Mastrud, I will you my late nights streaming episodes of Doctor Who, and the long discussions with fellow Whovians that follow. Before I go, I just want to tell you: you were fantastic. Absolutely fantastic. And do you know what? So was I!

To Cassie Erwin, I will you my Doctor Horrible sing-alongs. Geronimo!

To Alonzo Marsh, I will you long discussions about the ramifications of multiverse theory and Doctor Who.

To Ujwal Kiran, I will you interesting answers to your very interesting questions. I will have one of those eventually.

To Vivian Chau, I will you my blanket-fort sing-alongs.

To Marissa Borchering, I will you Assassin’s Creed 4: Assassins of the Caribbean, or whatever the boring guys in marketing came up with.

To Jennifer Hoelzer, I will you a big round of applause for each of your many successful plays to come, whether they’re headline shows or skits in Cain.

To Julian Pacheco, I will you success in EBE, and in the rest of your IMSA career.

To John Peloquin, I will you a less expensive door stop.

To Ram Patel, I will you my sweet 10 check dance moves. You may add them to your impressive arsenal.

To Ben Yates, I will you every Goodwill in the Chicagoland area. I know you will make good use of them. I will you a senior year full of fun opportunities and great memories, and some fun classes too, assuming you can fit those in.

To Ben Rabe, I will you my fuzzy jackets, so you can touch them whenever you want. I will you an exciting senior year, full to the brim with one-of-a-kind stories. Also, ask Ram about those dance moves. You can have those too.

To Kieran Groble, I will you a great new roommate. The one you have now’s getting a bit old and will soon have to be replaced. It’s been great, and there’s no one I’d rather room with. I will you good luck senior year, although I have the sneaking suspicion you won’t even need it.

To Colette Moos, I will you long walks on Sunday and long talks on life. Remember that, whatever happens, you can always take some time to go outside, breath in the fresh air, and just relax for a little while. The discussions, chats, and miscellaneous social interactions, though their subjects may at times be questionable, have been a vital part of my wonderful senior year. I’ll be missing out on a lot of them when I leave, so don’t you miss out on any of them. The loss to the rest of the world would be unspeakable.

Finally, to all the awesome members of the 1501 Drill Team, I will you another awesome Clash! Prepare for the return!

Jasmine Davila

Monmouth College, Class of 2017

Most Memorable Moments::
*Many intervises and movies with 07B down quad
*Conversations in the kitchen while waiting to microwave food
*Being taught pool by the best (Quinn Gingerevans)
*Many entertaining games of pool in the student union
*Late night talks with underclassmen in the quad
*Intersession week (all 3 years)
*Learning how to ceramics in my spare time
*First game on JV soccer- especially my amazing teammates  and the weather
*Making snow sculptures
*Going sledding on no hill
*Walking to Orchard with friends
*01 Family
*CLASH (underclassmen years)
*Wing Dinners

Last Testament:
To Maria Krusnetsov, I leave you with my patience for French class, whatever last bits I have left of it. I leave you the joy of many conversations in the wing commons, sharing of random foods and of having a friend to go to when you are freaked out about an assignment.

To Bree Pusey, I will you patience, time management, and careful planning… you’re going to need it.

To Stephanie Wang, I leave you with the creativity and abilities of coming up with stories and ideas on the spot of all those projects we worked on and stories we had to write for our classes. I leave you with the work ethic I am surely loosing, that it may last you through the year and stave off senioritis at least a while into your second semester.

To Vivian Chu, I will you the ability to always stand up for what is right when the time comes. I also will you patience and peace of mind. I will you the comfort and smiles that all of your encouraging posts on facebook, hugs and comments in the wing have brought me, may you be reminded that you have made people’s days better when are down.

To Dan Rosenthal, I leave you with my hopes and dreams of making LS2S successful and smooth running someday, whether or not you choose to do anything with those dreams  is up to you. I will you many more metaphors for understanding and explaining complicated topics such as BioChem, may your creativity for those be endless. I also will you all the wonderment and enjoyment of watching Phineas and Ferb be amazing, may they inspire you in your aspirations in chemistry.

To Shreya Santhanam, I will you happiness in your time to come in 01, that any foolish decisions of others not get in your way of peace of mind during your last year here. I will you the comfort of knowing that there are good people in this hall, and that it is worth fighting for when CLASH comes around. Spread this message to the others.

To Omkar Keller, I leave with you the feeling of a thousand and one amazing hugs, to be used at your discretion throughout the year next year, to get you through tough times or just add extra cheer to your day. (These can be used up in large dosages and can induce a feeling of euphoria, please use responsibly)

Jeffrey Zhao

Vanderbilt University, Class of 2017

Most Memorable Moments:
*Sophomore year 7-11 runs past 11
*Trip to Popeyes with Troy
*Adventures in the ceiling
*A Skype glitch and an all nighter after Tron
*Walking from 07 to circle drive through Snowpocalypse to get pizza
*All nighters spent playing multiplayer iPhone Risk
*Lots of mosquito bites and deciding not to get that cookie after taking out the trash
*Spanish IV with Anuj and Nick
*Early morning movies, falling asleep, and never finishing them until months later. Sometimes, never finishing them.
*Getting hooked on Rome Total War after watching Nick play for a semester
*Buying many pounds of meat from Woodmans and hosting a cookout with Matt behind 07 during Jim and Vivek’s vegetarian week
*Recreational activities with Jim, Paul, Vivek, and Sylvester inspired by one of David Fincher’s better artistic works and a planned tournament that never happened.
*Filming the 2013 clash movie
*Clash week

Bucket List:
1. Get published.
2. Submit a film to Sundance and Tribecca.
3. Submit a documentary to Sundance and Tribecca.
4. Get screened and get a deal with a distributor.
5. Learn how to ride a horse and play polo with Nick in England.
6. Find happiness.
7. Get a normal sleep schedule.

Last Testament:
To John Satter, I leave you with clutch photography skills, clutch writing skills, and clutch clutching skills. I also will you speedball, duping Sean Kim, success in Russian videos, late night video-editing fun, and success in clash next year.

To Guna Yerrabolu, I will you an endless supply of Internet past 1 am.

To Tim Gietl, I will you freedom from Nick. I also give you my fantastic relationship with Danny Hernandez and pro audio-editing skills.

To Suraj Sinha, I will you improved iPhone picture-taking skills.

To Mit Patel and Aniruddha Shekara, I will you an endless supply of quarters left over from the vending machine.

To Tyler Pradaxy, I will you Don Dosch’s love. You make me proud :).

To Max Ackerman, I will you that end of the bet with Paul that you never followed up on.

To Ryan Eberhardt, I will you first place in the hall movie next year and follow focuses. Also, I will you lots and lots of talented incoming sophomore photographers, videographers, and audiophiles who share the passion and gift you have so that ISP can thrive and prosper.

To Sean Kim, I will you someone who will actually read your essays.

To Josh-Paul, I will you someone who will order food with you and read your essays instead of falling asleep.

To Amy Zhu, I will you a non-coed floor that Jim and I will be living on next year (maybe?).

To Tony Gentile, I will you even more creativity than you already have (if that is possible).

To Michael Wang, I will you unlimited internet access and good movies to watch.

To Johnny Wu, I will you a firm handshake, a higher max on bench, and someone who knows what the stats homework is. Also, I will you the finishing touch on that chiseled body of yours: a perfectly defined chest to go with your sculpted shoulders and arms.

To Anthony Marquez, I will you late-night inspiration.

To Aquila Ryu, I will you success in life and college.

To Kevin Li, I will you first place in Clash next year and perhaps a budding future as an actor?

Jennifer Huang

Carnegie Mellon University, Class of 2017

Most Memorable Moments:
*Snowpocalypse 2011 with my 01D sophomores
*Putting together/participating in the Lunar New Year show all 3 years
*Spring Fling 2011 & 2012
*Sleeping and bonding with Melissa Kim through SIR
*Prom 2012 and PROM 2013!!
*Senior Prank
*IMEA All-State 2013
*06A wing 2012-2013
*All those late nights and Orchard runs and hangouts doing crazy things with the hex <3

Bucket List:
1. Learn to sing well
2. Re-learn piano and learn how to play guitar
3. Travel the world and see the 7 Wonders and all the famous historical and cultural attractions
4. Actually learn how to swim
5. Become trilingual
6. Ride a bullet train
7. See the Northern Lights
8. Witness a solar eclipse
9. Learn to cook well
10. Attend the Olympics
11. Fall in love, get married, and raise a beautiful family
12. Retire in a nice home somewhere warm and find buddies to play mah jong with

Last Testament:
To Kevin Li, Medha Singh, Aquila Ryu, and Danielle Madsen, I leave the responsibilities and rewards of Exodus. I know the club rests in good hands, so keep me updated next year!

To Annie Fafara and Greeshma Chilukuri, I will you the position of 06A wing guide. With your dedication and enthusiasm, I challenge you to make A wing better than it has ever been :)

To Vandana Karan, I leave you with confidence in everything you do. You’re so much more capable than what you give yourself credit for, so never stop believing in yourself!

To Luke Zhan, I will you the ability to have more fun and not stress out so much about school. You’re a big pro and you’ll get into an amazing college so stop worrying!

To Vivian Jin, I leave you with my numerous stuffed animals because you’re so sweet and cute and they remind me of you. Keep up your optimism and continue spreading the happiness that you bring to others, because it’ll make your IMSA experience that much better.

To Poornima Sundaravelu, I will you an underclassman who will always cheer you up, bring you food, keep you awake on those late nights writing papers, and be there for you, as you have done for me. Oh and also, wingwear that spells your name correctly.

To Deborah Park, I will you someone to scare in the IRC so that she yells out loudly and causes everyone to stare at her. Just for your continued personal entertainment :P

To Sai Talluru, I will you a workout buddy (since you’re done with your wellness requirements) and a more successful prom diet than mine was – although you really don’t need it.

To Tony Shin and Ranjani Sundar, I will you satisfactory seating placements in the IMEA All-State honors orchestra. Even though you were both disappointed with this year’s results, you’re both great musicians and I’m confident that your auditions will turn out well next year!

To Shreya Shanker, I will you a junior to carry second semester senior year. You work so hard and do so much for our otherwise all-senior biochem table and I really appreciate it, so I hope next year you can relax a little more!

To Sarah Puttarat, I will you the motivation to keep working hard and finish off first semester senior year strong because I’m a bit worried about your premature senioritis…

And last, but not least, to 06A wing, both current and future members, I will each and every one of you for next year a wing as close-knit and supportive as our wing has been this year, if not even more so.

Jennifer Ren

Stanford University, Class of 2017

Most Memorable Moments:
*SLD Week 2011-2012 “Rock and Roll: Lead On!”
*SLD Week 2012-2013 “The Olympics: Inspire a Generation”
*Clash of the Halls 2013
*Tea time with Doc Nok
*Dr. Prince dealing blackjack in Discrete (and Jack sweeping the winnings)
*The car ride with Troy Tonsil on the way to get stitches
*Annual Chicago summer trips
*Ice skating on the volleyball court with Phuong, JKwon, and Summer
*Becoming the Ant Whisperer and quad life
*stashing innumerable balloons in the quad for the senior “ball pit” prank
*Dr. Chiao at Northwestern with Eva and Victoria: “We Found Love in a Hopeless Place”

Bucket List:
1. Work on a WWOOF
2. Couch-surf across the nation
3. Go backpacking with my brother
4. Pull an all-nighter on a roof to watch the sunset, stars, and sunrise
5. Make time to write every day and (re)start keeping a journal
6. Hold at least one art exhibition
7. Take part in animating a film
8. Name a protein
9. Create and run a successful start-up
10. Mentor someone
11. Maintain a pen pal correspondence
12. Spend a day blindfolded
13. Shave my head and donate my hair
14. Inspire at least one person to be selfless
15. Stay sincere to others, in what I do, and to myself
16. Die with no regrets

Last Testament:
To Deborah Park, I will you the confidence to belt out opera wherever you go, a serving of salmon, and the audacity to inform the Chipotle cashier that they spelled words wrong. I leave you with many pictures of me to turn into memes and clever Facebook hacks. But in all seriousness, I also leave you Pen Pals and the boldness to continue expanding and refining the program.

To Nahee Park, I will you as much sushi as you can fit in your pockets, but more seriously, I also leave EnACT in your and Kevin’s capable hands. From being my EnACT baby to an industrious EnACT facilitator and finally to a motivated EnACT chair, I leave you the knowledge that I am extremely proud of your growth and your dedication to the program.

To Sai Talluru, I will you the confidence to believe that everything will work out in the end. I will you more smiles and laughter to let loose sometimes. I leave you with memories of us sassing each other and the knowledge that I’ve always got your back whenever you need me.

To Stephanie Wang and Anthony Marquez, I leave you with the Acronym. Over the past few years, the paper has undergone tremendous growth in terms of ridership and article quality. I have faith that together, both of you will continue this positive trend for the Acronym and, with your creative plans for next year, take it down avenues that have yet to be explored. I also don’t know if this is in my power, but if it is, I also will you an Agnel 2.0.

To Anna Gupta, I leave you with a greater understanding of these “glasses” references, the confidence to survive one more year with your crazy roommate, and plenty of oatmeal to carry you through senior year.

To Arjun Sarode, I leave you TALENT and SocEnt. I have full confidence in you and Lakhena for taking over the elective, and I have been very impressed by your passion for entrepreneurship. I will you the ability to never let that fade because I can see so much potential both for the program and your own growth as a chair/entrepreneur.

To Prachi Aggarwal and Lakhena Leang, I will you a (relatively) stress-free senior year and hardworking juniors to help you in classes by the time you hit second semester.

To Cammille Go and Emily Mu, I will you a happy junior year and time to drop by classes in which you actually aren’t even enrolled. Cammille, I also leave you with countless sardonic remarks, sassy comments, and incessant teasing about astrology/astronomy. Emily, I also will you the ability to write random, intimidating emails to your sophomores and making amazing friends in the process of doing so.

To Kyle Petesch and Ryan Leemans, I will you future junior group-mates to help carry and do progress reports as competently as you have. I also leave you with innumerable smelly markers to make classes a little more interesting.

To Jacob Kronenberg, I leave you with Sapiens to grow and develop it more than I could this year, and I will you the best in your endeavors to study abroad in Tajikistan next year!

To Evania Hong, I will you a Writing Center tutor that will always be there to help you whenever you need grammar checks, argument restructuring, and a good laugh.

To Joanne Kwak, Leon Wang, and Will Xu, I will you any good luck I have left, but also with the knowledge that you all don’t need it. I am confident in your abilities, and leave you with the hope that you can see that in yourselves.

To Jennifer Kwon, I leave you with our name and the hope to continue the Jen legacy. I also leave you with more Pizza Rolls for those late nights, and I will you the ability to keep on smiling even when things get rough :)

To Kristine Yoon, I will you so many more late night heart-to-hearts in the vestibule, and I leave you with the continued determination to stay strong and be happy.

To Shruti Mothkur, I will you unending, unendurable teasing comments, and I leave you the knowledge that I admire your ability to always manage to find some snarky remark to make and, all jokes aside, your perseverance to improve both the programs you head and your own self.

To Shruti Topudurti, Annie Fafara, Michele Kinama, and Poornima Sundaravelu, I leave you many sassy moments to remember your old upquad by, and I will you your own underclassmen who are just as awesome as you all were as my sophomores.

To Eveline Liu, I will you the ability to find something you absolutely love and the audacity to pursue it wholeheartedly. I will you the potential to develop a sisterly bond with your underclassmen and to share all the derping, crazy, spazz-tastic moments like we’ve had over the years.

To Dallas Eckman and Kent Gang, though I know you both already have it, I will you unfaltering dedication and passion for all your endeavors, and I will you a relationship with your juniors who will challenge and inspire you as much as both of you have to me. I leave you with a fantastic facilitator team, and I hope you will both rely on your fellow senior facilitators and be able to incorporate input from the team as you make your decisions. I will you the mindset of multipliers and not diminishers; I leave you with each other, and that together, I am confident that you can not only increase the academic intensity of the program, but also unite the team again as a family.

To my LEAD team, I leave you with two very competent and passionate coordinators. I urge you to put your faith in both of them and each other because the LEAD’s team greatest asset has always been in sticking together as facilitators and friends. Don’t be afraid of change, and while it’s good to have healthy disagreement and debate, place your full support in your team and coordinators when they have committed to a decision. Remember that as a facilitator, you are always “on TV,” and that your role outside of the classroom matters just as much as how you present yourself inside the classroom. I leave you in charge of the program I’ve invested in and grown so much from. LEAD isn’t just a co-curricular; it’s how I met a group of amazing people who became my support network and bolstered my self-confidence, had the most thought-provoking and reflective conversations, and matured as an individual. I encourage you all to open your mind, allow your opinions to change, and appreciate the journey you are about to embark on with your fellow facilitators. Truly, “a single journey can change the course of a life.”


Joan Shang

Emory University, Class of 2017

Most Memorable Moments:
*Directing and watching this year’s CLASH talent show
*Working with the best Senior Class Club Board ever, and sharing many laughs together with our advisers while we planned Prom, Senior auction, etc. during our weekly meetings
*Living in a Quad with Jennifer Ren, Melissa Kim, and Summer Wu during Junior year
*Breaking IMSA’s Girls 100 yard breakstroke swim record
*All the laugh-filled and (sometimes) thought-provoking conversations with Grace Li, Mary Do, and Melissa Kim

Bucket List:
1. Travel around the world
2. Watch the Olympics in person
3. Publish a book
4. Buy my mother a grand piano
5. Be happy and have no regrets

Last Testament:
To Deborah Park, I will you the perseverance to power through your last swim season and the enthusiasm to make the best of it. I will you someone to keep you company during the weekends and a Chinese-take out partner. I also will you the encouragement to recognize how amazing you are—celebrate your achievements and give yourself more credit!

To Shruti Topudurti, I will you the ability to carry on your motherly love. You have been most endearing to me and I’ve truly enjoyed the moments we’ve had together. You have such a vibrant and bubbly personality and your friendship is invaluable to me. I also will you the drive and optimism for anything you set out to do, and to continue to impact those around you.

To Annie Fafara, I will you thousands of hugs and fun, conversational train rides back home. I will you an exciting and successful Senior year, and the motivation to spread your contagious laughter and smile to others. Every time I see you, whether it is in the hallway or in the residence halls, a simple hello and smile from you is enough to brighten my entire day. Work hard, play hard and keep sharing your contagious exuberance with everyone else around you!

To Anna Gupta, I will you the swim team, where I have made some of my fondest and most cherished memories. You did so well this year. I will you the determination and perseverance to break school records—I believe in you!

To Stephanie Wang, I will you reasonable bed times and tea-time buddies. I will you someone to wake you up at 5AM in the morning for dry-land. I also will you the unrelenting confidence to voice your opinions and beliefs, even when everyone else seems to think differently. Remember that you are a great role model and someone who everyone can look up to. I’ve witnessed your diligence and focus in action and I find it truly admirable. Not to mention, your strong work ethic is inspiring. Keep up all the amazing things that you’re doing and stay true to yourself, Steph!

To Nahee Park, I will you amazing massages and many smiles.  I also will you confidence in regards to your academics, extra-curricular, and leadership. You are such an amazing and caring person. I wish you more opportunities to recognize your skills and talents—you will have such a bright future! And with your bubbly and cheerful spirit, you never failed to put a smile on my face, even on the roughest days. May each day bring a smile to your face.

To Sai Talluru, I will you a bed for you to climb onto in the wee hours of night and someone to listen to you when you are stressed. Most of all, I will you STRESS-LESS days so that you will truly enjoy your last year at IMSA. It’s easy to get daunted and overwhelmed by the looming obstacles that stand between you and graduation, but don’t get so caught up looking ahead that you forget where you are and the amazing people around you. You only have one senior year. Make it count.

To Estefany Guzman, I will you the brightest and boldest colors of paint for you to color the canvas of your world.

To Yvette Ramirez, I will you soothing head-rubs and a partner who will pinch you to keep you focused and productive. I also will you the ability to recognize that you are beautiful, both inside and out. This might sound cheesy, but it’s true.  Stay beautiful, stay you.

To Anne Weitekamp, I will you relaxing afternoons in the ceramics room. Thank you for being my patient teacher and introducing me to the world of pottery. I also will you memorable Student Ambassador tours and the encouragements to spread your happiness around. You never fail to make me laugh or smile, and for that, thank you.

To Judy Li, Isheng Hou, and Jenny Du, I will you the awe-inspiring reputation that Carbondale will engrave into IMSA.

To Luke Zhan, I will you the confidence and thrill of leading Senior Class Club. You are such a capable leader.  Just believe in yourself. With a determination and diligence like yours, you will unite your class and have an incredible, unforgettable prom.

To 03B Wing, I will you the strength and determination to succeed, and my hopes for a bright future. Thank you for being my irreplaceable and amazing wing!


Kalyani Sonarikar

Knox College, Class of 2017

Last Testament:
To Omkar Kelkar, I will you with only the best, so I’m not completely sure what I can physically give. I will you the willpower and determination to get your work done while also browsing the internet. I also will you the ability to build box and blanket forts on your own while I’m off in college, and tons and tons of maggi and ramen. Finally, I will you your campaign poster, and the acknowledgement that you are the hottest guy. Ever.

To Joe Reda, I will you a good year heading the Gallimaufry, filled with tons and tons of stress with June Qian, last minute deadlines, (just when you think it’s done, it’s really not.), and a sexy mug shot on the board page. I will you people that want to listen more and talk less, as well as ones who appreciate your talent.  Also, I will you copies of this year’s yearbook to use as a template, as well as all the ugly pictures we took. Finally, I will you a promise: the promise that we will own a club someday.

To (baby) Ryan Eberhardt and (lovely) Phuong Vo, I will you SCS in all its entirety; all the incompetency, the velociralphtors, the long (and extremely off-topic) manager meetings, the Symantec corruptions, the DNS issues, and maybe a kitchen sink or two. I will you good judgment to choose next year’s junior managers, as well as next year’s sophomore team members. I also will you (some) of the flash drives I collected. Above all, I will you the best senior year ever in which you put all the work on your junior managers so that you two can relax. You’ve both exceeded my expectations. Keep up the competency. (:

To all my sophomores of C-wing, I will you a fantastic junior year. I will you whatever crap I end up leaving in C-wing (like dishes) and the creepy Michelangelo hand for one of you to place in someone’s room next year.

To Becky Kleina and Hania Sambor, I will you my room. But if you don’t get it, I don’t care who lives there; you’re going to spend time in it anyways.

To Taylor Herr, I will you a gold star for effort and participation.

To Shruthi Mothkur, I will you a wonderful senior year minus the stress you put on yourself. And I promise to take you out when I visit!


Karolyn Rose Stromdahl

Loyola University Chicago, Class of 2017

Most Memorable Moments:
*That one time, my friends and I were playing truth or dare and one of them had to seduce a tree.
*That one time with the bean bag and the target.
*Sardines in the main building, especially that one time on top of the cabinets with Miles Kovach and Mallory Giger
*Erika Ignat being my partner in M.S.I.

Bucket List:
1. Being in the presence of Adam Levine.
2. Cross Country Road Trip
3. Accomplish one cartwheel of great quality.
4. See my S’more’s grow up to be awesome :)

Last Testament:
To Michelle Meas, I will you my ability to make weird noises, tehe meep.

To Breanna Pederson, I will you my voodoo doll, this way you can manage your anger in a productive manner. And my social skills.

To Katie Slowikowski, I will you my initials, and an awesome sophomore to be a great dinner buddy. But most importantly the ability to follow me to college because obviously I can’t live without you.

To Bhairvi Shah, I will you the ability to love <3

To Alyda Huerta, I will you my ability to lose objects, even though you already have that.

To Joanne Lee, I leave you with the endearing nickname I gave you. I will you my math skills.

To Eveline Liu and Shelly Tang, I will you the ability to love people without painting them yellow :) I will you the ability of silence.

To Joe Reda, I will you the ability to be as awesome as I am. I will miss you dearly but as Rick Blaine said “I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.” One that won’t end anytime soon.

To Addison Schwaller, I will you all of my love of hugs, which isn’t much for most people but for you it is endless.

To Cammille Go, I will you a sophomore that comes to a class that they are not enrolled in but you are. I also will you my power of creepiness because combined with yours it could be a superpower.

To my S’mores, I will you all a group of awesome sophomores because I had the best, and you guys should too. I will miss you all.


Kathryn Kim

Northwestern University, Class of 2017

Most Memorable Moments:
*Cuddling in 02BDQ
*Movie nights
*Lunar New Year
*Spain Intersession
*Campus-wide blackout
*Snow Apocalypse
*COTH 2013

Bucket List:
1. Become a doctor.
2. See all Seven Wonders of the World.
3. Be fluent in Spanish.
4. Study abroad/research in Barcelona.
5. Watch the World Cup live.
6. Meet Hugh Jackman and Eminem.

Last Testament:
To Charlene Angeles, I will you to be a leader; to lead the incoming sophomores and suffering juniors to grow into strong, capable women and to lead 1502 to victory in COTH 2014.

To Jennifer Hoelzer, I leave you with Shivani’s incredible stage presence and musical talents so that your already amazing voice can reach its full potential. Keep your confidence and never stop having fun.

To Emily Ling, I leave you good luck to be admitted into the college of your dreams, although you don’t need it. I also will you to be decisive and to live your life your way.

To Selam Zenebe-Gete, I will you all of my Chill pills and narcotics so you can get relax and get some sleep in your senior year. I also will you 1502 drill team for COTH 2014, which I have no doubt you will make amazing.

To Joanne Kwak, I will you the ability to multitask so that you can watch Korean dramas and work simultaneously. Involve yourself in all of your passions.

To Susie Shin, I leave you with my amazing body rolls so that you can attract an even greater plethora of boys. I also will you all of the metro sexual, attractive and feminine Korean boys for you to enjoy to your heart’s content.

To Lakhena Leang, I leave you with my penchant for older men, in your case Jackie Chan.

To Evelyn Perez, I will you pride in culture, in ethnicity, and in tradition. Use your love and kindness to spread cultural awareness to the whole campus and become a great leader.

To Luselena Perez, I leave you with the excitement and enthusiasm I brought to 10 check. Be loud, make a fool of yourself, and be there for the new incoming sophomores. Share some of your charm and gorgeousness with others because you have way too much of both.

To all of you in 02B Wing, I will you success, love, and most importantly, happiness throughout your lives. You are already kind-hearted, phenomenal people, and I hope for nothing but the best for all of you. I could not have asked for a better family; even though these experiences will fade into memories, at this moment I love you all from the bottom of my heart.

“I hope you never lose your sense of wonder
You get your fill to eat but always keep that hunger
May you never take one single breath for granted
God forbid love ever leave you empty handed
I hope you still feel small when you stand beside the ocean
Whenever one door closes I hope one more opens
Promise me that you’ll give faith a fighting chance
And when you get the choice to sit it out or dance”
To Jennifer Kwon, I will you the courage to stand up for yourself, to speak your mind when you have something to say. Stay determined and you will be able to endure whatever life throws at you.


Katherine Havighorst

University of Illinois College of ACES, Class of 2017

Most Memorable Moments:
*Drama Club and all the Steak and Shake nights
*Dancing the cold away, but not telling the homeless
*Learning more physics in KI than I did in SI
*Losing Manuel at IOW events
*Volleyball traditions
*Daniela scaring me from visiting Caitlin and Kalyani sophomore year
*Anne Marathons with Brooke and Manda
*Water bottle explosions and near-shark experiences with Mikayla in the Bahamas
*The never-ending tour of La Sagrada Familia in Spain with Bree
*Puns=great IMSAloquium openers
*The best security poster IMSA has ever seen
*Spanish 3: Sacrificios and FUEGOBERTA
*The AMAZING Cid and Don Quijote videos with Rae
*The NO button
*Julie’s Ducklings
*PLOUGH SO HARD and the hippie mobile
*Freedom torch
*680 cups, 3 spiders
*Buzzkill Brooke, Curryani, Quaitlin
*The choir jazz square of giving zero
*Interviewing Nilesh
*The amazing but never finished roommate contract with Eva
*Sparkle fests 2012 and 2013
*Predicting the future with pencils with Rae in Medieval societies
*And the time marshmallows became an accurate representation of Viking warfare
*Being an RSL
*1506 C wing
*COTH 2013 and the movie that wasn’t.
*And last but not least, the friendships that began in the back of Kadel’s classroom and are still going strong. The late nights, all-nighters, and crazy pranks got us through three tough years, and I honestly don’t know what I would have done without you all. I’m going to miss you all like crazy, and I love you all. #06CHEX 5eva <3

Last Testament:
To Sarah Valentine, Kourtney Hodges, Mo Reiser, and Xindi Chen, I leave the 2013 Titan Volleyball season. I hope the new class brings a new and *hopefully* taller middle to take my place, and that no one gets hurt at next year’s Schwartzwalder. You four are a great foundation to build a varsity team, and I hope you all continue the spirit and “traditions” that make the team special. Sarah, don’t kill the newbies with stair laps and abs, but work them hard. Keep up the counting stretches in different languages, including Kourtney’s special way. Xindi, slam the ball in the other teams’ faces. And Mo, please do not break your back being setter. I couldn’t think of a better group to lead next season. And you won’t need locks and socks to show the other teams how amazingly badass you are.

To Anne Weitekamp, Dallas Eckman, and Jake Akstins, I leave KI. Don’t scare away the sophomores too quickly, but enjoy teaching them the ways of KI. I hope none of you ever have to deal with the waterwheel or windmill lessons, and that you continue to destroy Golden Apples in summer dodge ball. Anne, may your I-days be filled with trying to solve the ball-maze in one go. Dallas, I dare you to teach a better lesson than massaging blue gak in a bowl. Jake, as the level-headed one I trust that you will keep these two, as well as the sophomores as dedicated as you have been. And when I visit, I will be EXTREMELY disappointed if the sophomores do not know about Howie.

To the ducks, Taylor Knopf and Nicole Aldrige, I will you the most competent techies on the planet…..and that you never have to build window seats again. If anyone can whip the new sophomores into shape, it’s you two. Taylor, I hope you find someone who will watch “The Princess Bride” with you backstage, even if they aren’t your ex-titan-teammate. I also hope the costume-making is easier, but not too easy. You still need to hold your role as “Taylor the Tailor”. Nicole, I hope you get another curly-haired actress who understands our trials and tribulations. And I challenge you to see how long you can keep a sticker up backstage, since our experiment failed. Most of all, I will that a new sophomore will come along and share a pun with you each and every rehearsal or build. After all, what is a play if it isn’t on words?

To the lovely voices of Jennifer Hoelzer, Carissa Lao, and Grace Ren, I will you an entertaining year of choir. May you never have to deal with the a-capella relatives of Hawaii Five-O or Eleanor Rigby again. I also will that the best male singers throughout Illinois join choir next year so that you have a real bass and tenor section. I hope you all will take over mine and Mikayla’s decorating prowess for Madrigals, and that you remember to use the jazz square of zero throughout the year. Above all, make sure you all shine during your senior year, and always remember Ms. Wiggins’ “three-finger rule”.

To Sarah Valentine and Hania Sambor, I leave the Titans Softball team. Although the season will lack Sparklefest, I know you both will make the team shine. I know you both love this team as much as I do, and I couldn’t think of better hands to leave it in. I will you enough competent sophomores to fill two softball teams, and a field that stops turning into clay. Hania, never forget PWOE and how amazing you are. Swing for the fence, and show the other teams what you are made of. Sarah, even though I tease you about it, never stop try-harding. Whether you play third, second, or behind the plate, I know how much effort you put into it and it always pays off. So girls, have another game where we all cheer “#SAFE!” from a dugout filled with birds, but never let coach turn practice into a game of touch football again. EVER. Finally, I hope that you both enjoy your last season as much as I have, and that you lead that next softball team to greatness.

Finally, to 1506 C Wing, I will an amazing year. This has been my home for three straight years, and I hope it serves you as well as it has served me. From late-night problem set parties to movie nights, I knew I could count on the wing to get me through it. This wing really is a family; don’t be afraid to rely on it. And even though you won’t have our senior antics around next year, I hope you create some of your own. I will that the new RC is the best on campus and takes good care of you all for me. Katie S, I hope you continue the tradition of Katies in the wing. There has been one in 06C since 2006, and I hope you help continue this legend. Becky and Hania, I trust that you two will bring speakers even louder than Kalyani’s, inherit some of our craziness, and carry on the true spirit of C wing. I challenge you to top our spider prank on Caitlin and Kalyani, and that you create nicknames for everyone in the wing. (But please, be a little more original than Katertots.) To all of you girls, whether you continue living in C wing or move out of 06, I truly wish you the best year at IMSA. This is place is what you make of it, and I hope I have helped make it an enjoyable and amazing place to live this past year. Whatever you do, don’t ever change and remember that 06C is always your home. Remember, they can take our couch, but they can never take our spirit. Love you all <3.


Kaylee Kauffman

Rice University, Class of 2017

Most Memorable Moments:
*Making “nests” of blankets and pillows to watch movies with my friends
*Summer Basketball camp
*Cooking food in my rice cooker that is generally not supposed to be cooked in a rice cooker
*Wandering around Sketchy Poland with Kit, Sarah, and Savanna
*Sleeping in a tent in Kit’s backyard instead of going to Homecoming
*Having an Iron Man marathon after taking the SATs junior year
*Making nuisances of ourselves in Farm & Fleet

Bucket List:
1. Someday, near or far into the future who really knows, I will finish a paper more than a day before it is due. Someday. Maybe. Probably not.

Last Testament:
To all of the sophomores of 06C, I leave you the best wing/family on campus. Don’t take it for granted, because this wing is special. Take it from someone who has lived elsewhere.

To all of the basketball girls, Keep it up. Keep having fun, keep being awesome friends to each other, and keep driving Keith, Q, and Allie absolutely nuts.

To Breanna, I leave you some melanin, so that you may no longer blend in with the whitewall, and an eternally confused roommate.

To Alyda, I leave you many more moments of confusion, and a tanner roommate.

To Michelle, I leave you invisible three foot stilts, so you can confuse people into thinking you’re floating and then punch them in the face.

To Katie, I leave you with a tazer in case Michelle gets drunk on her newfound power.

To Shelly, *snaps fingers* I leave you our super special awesome secret handshake and permission to bug the heck out of Sarah if you need SIR help.

To Joanne, I leave you an invisible Hayao Miyazaki poster, because you have good taste in movies (and because I don’t actually have a Hayao Miyazaki poster sorry)

To Karin, I leave you lots of sparkles. And rainbows. And a princess crown.

To Lo, I leave you with a portable sparkle shield and the elusive superpower all juniors crave: the ability to sleep more than six hours a night. (I stole this superpower from someone else shhh don’t tell anyone.)

To Sharon, I leave you a plate full of gooey warm chocolate chip cookies and a hug. Keep up the great work kiddo, and have lots of fun on basketball next year. If I can, I’ll come root you on!

To Ella, I leave you Europa. Because I can totally do that.


Kenzo Esquivel

The University of Chicago, Class of 2017

Most Memorable Moments:
*Star tipping sophomore year
*Late nights in the quad
*Fondue dessert date junior year
*Clash 2013

Bucket List:
1. Travel everywhere
2. Eat delicious food
3. Meet incredible people
4. Live life to the fullest

Last Testament:
To Michael Adams and Kent Gang, I leave you with the position of Community Developer of 1504 and the responsibility of winning COTH 2014.

To Michael Adams, I will you the ability to breathe when things get busy, and the confidence that you will accomplish great things.

To Sophie Legan, I will you the ability to choose proper clothing.

To Ben Rabe and Sagar Punhani, I will you the IMSA XC team! I will do great things next year!

To Prachi Aggarwal, I will you my incredible math skills.

To Sunny Shah, I will you my somewhat existent work ethic…

To Frances Seo, Hania Sambor, Omkar Kelkar, Ranjani Sundar the energy to keep Club Verno running strong.

To Isiah Butler, Dayvon Snell, and Joey Yurkanin, I will setting up labs for Project School Visit on I-day mornings.

To Jacob Brown, I will you the ability to not dance like a white boy.

To Ronnie Terrell and Johnny Wu I will you the ability to finish your Japanese homework.

To Andrew Salij, I will you the ability to keep your focus and to keep trying new things.


Kevin Hong

The University of Chicago, Class of 2017

Most Memorable Moments:
*Swimming with every person currently on the IMSA boys swimming record board
*Breaking 2 school swimming records
*Pulling all-nighters…for school and such
*Countless adventures in Gielinor and on the Fields of Justice
*Going to Woodmans and Target for no reason

Bucket List:
1. Everything :P
2. Happiness?
3. Perhaps learn to not do everything at the last minute (i.e. senior wills)
4. Or just, come back to a class reunion feeling proud of what I will do in college

Last Testament:
To Matthew Park, I will you another non-veritable underclassman to do SIR with. Calm down about college because I know you have a lot of potential to be a rompist where ever you go.

To Jenson Phung, I will you someone else for you to carry in math. You’re a pretty cool story, but I don’t like how you’re turning into junior year me. School isn’t everything. Pls take care of Matt’s powerschool first semester next year.

To William Xu, I will you the Fields of Justice. I hope that my work ethic rubs off on you.

To Saigopal, I will you the ability to count laps correctly. There’s no point in swimming if you are not going to try your absolute hardest in practice, Sai. I hope you have another lane partner to do 500s and fastest average with. You better swim faster than I did.

To Evan Li, I will you a trimmed completionist cape and a real party-hat.

To Akila Ryu, I will you the ability to stay on the swim team for the whole season.

To Tyler P., I will you another upperclassman to call you “Tiler.”

To Suraj, I will you an underclassman who will carry you in your class, yet be nearly as lazy as a second semester senior. I have been blessed this year by your camera-scanner.

To Vish and Ryan Eberhart, I will you a bic pen.

To Ethan Bian, I will you Will Xu. Pls take care of him.

To Joey Yurkanin, I will you another person to stay up with every school night. I don’t want you to watch Adventure Time every day.

To Yash and Max A., I will you the ability to never again talk in the Matteo-voice.

To Praytush, I will you another person to imitate and make fun of. I hope you take care of Matt and Mack next year when I’m gone. Although you’re kind of a troll, you’re also one of the most reasonable and logical person I know.

To John Satter, I (or Merik) will you the term “big guy” and “biggie” and hope you continue to spread its use.

To Mack-is-best-Lee, I will you the ability I gained senior year to yolo and care less about college and grades. I really hope you stop being so stressed. You work so hard and worry half the it’s for nothing.

To Ding Zheng (Deviant Zen), I will you my nonexistent musical insight and improved rapping abilities. Your future is not as bleak as you always to complain to me it is. What if everything does go wrong, but you go way to hard rapping and become mainstream? Sorry, I like trolling too.

To Ryan (Choke-Slam) Chiu, I will your most used objects.

To Steven Tan, Andrew Liang, Johnny Wu, I will the ability to work hard in practice as an IMSA senior.  I know how hard it is to stay motivated during the season, but enjoy your last year and work as hard as you can. Because no matter how much you hate swimming during the season, you’ll miss it so much more when it’s finally over. Remember, I hate trolls.

To Kevin Satler, I will you someone to lead the lane during fastest average. I still feel really bad that I swam so poorly this season. I’m sorry that I haven’t always been the most cooperative swimmer, but it’s only because I cared so much about swimming. I have always really appreciated you as my coach.

To Jack Gall, I will you another wing as chill as you are.


Kevin Zhang

Dartmouth College, Class of 2017

Most Memorable Moments:
*Late-night discussions on the color of my poster
*Mario Cart in the Eagle’s nest
*LAN games of Civilization on Tuesday nights
*Bringing a pillow onto the SIR bus to UChicago
*Starbucks at UChicago
*Convocation (all three)
*Four Square in Sophomore Year
*The Gietl incident.
*Modern Physics with Dr. Dong.

Last Testament:
To Taylor Herr, I leave an unavoidable, permanent, white undershirt to wear, against your will if needed.

To Aaron Geldner, I leave you with a very special blanket.

To Arjun Sarode, I leave you with my many posters of SNSD to satisfy your insatiable yellow fever.

To Dallas Eckman, I leave you with an army of inescapable clowns to mercilessly follow you through your days and surprise you at the most inconvenient moments possible.

To Jo-Jo Feng, I leave you with another casper cave to crawl into.

To Gus Nagro, I leave you with my ability to speak Chinese. It will serve you much better than me.

To Omair Khan, I leave you with a Metra ticket for the 6:00pm train. This should speak for itself.

To Suraj Sinha, I leave you with a special recording of your own voice to listen to at your leisure.

To Abhishek Sethi, I leave you with $4 for the Fermilab cafeteria and an endless supply of home-made Chinese food for lunch.

To Siva Gangavarapu, I leave you invisible headphones to use during OOP.

To Anthony Marquez, I leave you my playlists on Spotify. Enjoy them, love them, and most importantly, add any interesting music you’d like or find.

To Sunny Shah, I leave you with a new cuddle buddy in 07. 

To Scott Zelman, I leave you with the taste and financial ability to buy good dress shoes at any DSW. I also leave you with good dress shoes; don’t forget them.

To Shruthi Mothkur, I leave you with an instant teleportation device to 1200 W. Harrison St. #3030 in Chicago.

To Omkar Kelkar, I leave you with a trimmer, a razor, and some shaving crème. If the TSA stops you, it’s time to shave.

To Lakhena Leang, I leave you with an overexcited 5th grader to consistently mispronounce your name.

To Ricky Martinez, I leave you with the ability to speak up during Bible Study and pray aloud confidently.

To Chris Shin, I leave you with a superior writer to whom you may ask to edit your papers. Hopefully you’ll find someone much better at writing than myself to help you!

To Tim Gietl, I leave you with a bottle of Old Spice body-wash. You never know when you might need it again.

To Emmy Mladenova, I leave you with your pants.


Logan Dodd

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Class of 2017

Most Memorable Moments:
*That night with Cheetoh, Cow, kitty, Sloth, and rhino.
*Skate Park
*Golf Course
*The Nerd
*Greg Busby
*Bryan Hoffman
*Clayton Heeron
*Caleb Smith
*Jimmy Mcconaughey
Bucket List:
1. Conquer all fears

Last Testament:
To AnDREW Liang and JohnnyWu , I leave you with the ability to carry 04 drill team with your bboy skillz

To Anthony Ortiz, I will you ISH

To Isheng Hou, I will you my MI 3 skills.

To George Harris, I leave you all the dancing skills. Live long and dance.

To Sarah Puttarat, I will you Japanese 4

To Dallas Eckman, I will you my nerd voice.

To Travis Scott I will you the long bus ride to Bellville. Have Fun.

To Ben Yates, I will you the title of coolest sandals on campus.

To Nick Golinvuax, I leave you with my OOP skills. Keep them safe.

To Ronnie Terrell, I will you the title of The Pr04 Man. Make sure 04 doesn’t change.

To Taylor Herr, I leave you with the ability to conquer all your fears.

To Jennifer Kwon, I will you a hug.

To Philip Nebres, I will you INTIMIDATION.

To Michael Adams, I leave you 04. Win clash next year!!!

To 04 A wing up quad, I leave you with 04 A-wing Down quad

To Tyler Pradaxy, I leave you with my Samus skills.

To Advith Chelikani, I leave you with the Ping Pong Club

To Max Ackerman, I leave you with the Ping Pong Club

To Brendan Batliner, I leave you with the Ping Pong Club

To Tim Gietl, I will you the title of best bow ties,

To Luselena Perez, I leave you with my salsa skills.

To Aquila Ryu, I leave you with my Ping Pong Skills. Use them wisely.

To Jacob Brown, I almost left you with my SAO poster, but I decided to will you some of my LoL skills

To Andrew Salij, I leave you with the title of most fly at dinner dates.

To Yash Thacker, I will you this leaf in my room and 04 A-wing up quad.

To Joey Yurkanin, I leave you with the 04 A-wing party sign and my broken chair.

To Ryan Yang, I leave you with nothing because I just found out your leaving 04. =P


Mallory Giger

Washington University in St. Louis, Class of 2017

Most Memorable Moments:
*A-Wing whipped cream fights
*Weekends sophomore year
*Lazy Wednesday afternoons
*Lying on the 05 slabs and discussing the world
*Summer adventures
*Late nights junior year…
*Visiting U of I with friends
*Walks around the access roads
*Chinese I-III… all of those moments where you’re just left saying, “What?”
*Back staircase conversations
*Model UN, especially MUNUC.
*BELLAs 2012 Retreat
*Take Back the Night
*Pre-Dance or Date Dinners scramble to do hair and makeup.
*Any general shenanigans around 06.

Bucket List:
1. Sorry, this is private.

Last Testament:
To Poornima Sundaravelu, I will you successful college applications, fun weekends, a tall Indian boyfriend, and juniors who weren’t as sassy as you were.

To Michele Kinama, I will you lots of fun and adventures like the ones we’ve been on.

To Emerald Fikejs, I leave you with opportunities to get as crazy as you know you want to be.

To Annie Fafara, I leave you my swag.

To Haneesha Panchuri, I will you ease with your future math projects and another quad to chill out in when you’re trying to get away.

To Stephanie Hatz, I will you better luck with your shenanigans and more long weekend conversations.

To Ranjani Sundar, I leave you luck with boys and great friends who cherish your genuine interest in others.

To Luke Zhan, I leave you Model UN and all associated responsibilities with it. Also, time to yourself to relax and a senior year at least half as stressful as junior year.

To Johnny Wu, I leave you the motivation that you’re always trying to have.

To Model UN, I leave you continued success and exponential improvement in even greater and bigger conferences.

To Sophomores of 06D, I leave you guys with the hope that you stay in D-Wing and continue on our wing personality of being badass.

To Elijah Jimenez, I will you general optimism and someone to always hug you when you get sad.

To Al-Jalil Gault, I leave your protection from IMSA taking the brightness and the passion that you have for everything you do.

To Joe Reda, I will you good, loyal friends and a little sibling who is taller than you.

To future & current BELLAs, I leave you success in spreading the mission of this fabulous club, years full of sisterhood as much as it has been in the past, and the knowledge that I’m always there to help any one of you.

To Joey Yurkanin, I will you inspiration to capitalize on your talents and utilize them to significantly contribute to the world.

Mary Do

California Institute of Technology, Class of 2017

Most Memorable Moments:
*Sleeping on Grace Li’s bed
*Sleeping on Steph Wang’s bed
*Sleeping on Melissa Kim’s bed
*Sleeping on Joan Shang’s bed
*Not sleeping on my own bed.
*Being quad-pet to Summer Wu, Jen Ren, Melissa Kim, and Joan Shang

Bucket List:
1. Befriend and interview a prostitute. Write a paper on the psychology of prostitution.
2. Open a tea shop.
3. Open a bar and mix some drinks.
4. Make a Harry Potter manga.
5. Build my own house FROM SCRATCH.
6. Make a Harry Potter virtual world.
7. Go fishing.
8. Make a flower/vegetable garden.
9. Read Campbell and Reece.
10. Memorize the Iliad and the Odyssey.
11. Memorize the period table (elements, molar mass, and all).
12. Die.

Last Testament:
To Stephanie Wang, I leave you: My R-rated stories of Ancient Rome and Greece. Steph, never forget that the Ancient Romans view certain anatomical parts as lucky charms. And that in certain civilizations, women were considered the most loved when they had the highest number of bands around their ankles, each of which symbolizes a man with whom             they had had intimate relations with. My love for nerdy pickup lines and Harry Potter (and Draco Malfoy). My natural charm with teachers. My constant presence in your room.

To Sai Talluru, I will you: My ability to procrastinate without stressing (too much).

To Nahee Park, I want to leave you: My painful massages.

To Deborah Park, I leave you: The memories of you failing to troll me. The memory of me trolling you.

To Deepika Kommineni, I will you: My love of chemistry, because I know somewhere deep inside, you have potential in this field. You just need a little push down the hill. My ability to tutor. My compliments on your beauty. My confidence in you.

To Cammille Go, I leave you: The dog spirit within me.

To Amy De La Torre, I want to will you: My sweetness – Both of us know you like it.

To Dallas Eckman, I would like to leave you: My thanks for inspiring me. My apologies for mistaking you as a senior because you’re so mature of a gentleman.

To Allie Johnson, I will you: My amazement at your dancing at the CotH talent show.

To Anna Borromeo, I leave you: My love of acting crazy. The bit of badass-ness within me.

To Hannah Beers, Eric Barrientos, Kayla Hannon, Sarai Lopez, Nathan Sutphen, Alyssa Evans, Rodrigo Sanchez, Jade Halverson, Laura Lehmann, Nigel Grant, Braden Lauder, Matt Pomla, Sophia Lam, Kaia Ball, Katrina Toman, Nicole Marie, Evelyn Perez, Samantha Arrez, Grace Twagilimana, Remmie Spinks, Nick Kiene, Alex Guzman, Aaron Victor, Maureen Reiser, Bailey Simmons, Tera Sparks, Kaitlyn DiLorenzo, Nikko Sideris, Malachi Loviska, Irina (forgot last name), Grant (forgot last name), and all my EXCEL children (er…that awkward moment when I forgot the others): My apologies if I forgot you or your name. My luck at going through IMSA without dying a painful death. My thanks for giving me one of the best summers ever. For Hannah Beers: I will you my nickname for you, Princess. For Alyssa Evans: I leave you my pity for having Kaitlyn as your crazy roommate. For Jade Halverson: I leave you my congratulations on scoring Hannah as your roommate. For Sophia Lam: I will you my love of procrastination and laziness. For Aaron Victor: I will you my eye rolls. For Kaitlyn DiLorenzo: I will you my indifference to caffeine and my nonexistent calm. For Irina: I will you our sisterly bond. For Malachi Loviska: I will you my love of mathematics.

To Sarah Puttputt, I leave you: My apologies for forgetting your name all the time. Until now.

To Rashmi Thimmapuram, I will you: Deepika. Please treat her well next year.

To Sarah Valentine, I wish to give you: My thanks again to you as my Secret Santa.

To Sameeksha Malhotra, I would like to will you: Half my craziness. Use it wisely.

To Grace Duan, I leave you: The memories of me interrupting your intervises.

To Puja Mittal, I would like to leave you: A place in my harem.

To Shreya Jain, I will you: My unending love of science. The memories of our deep conversations.

To Joanne Lee, I will you: My love of buffalo wings. Not that you’ll need it, considering how many wings we had between us that dinner after SciOly.

To Susie Shin, I leave you: My aspiration to be just like Dr. Choe.

To Matthew Harms, I will you: The wisdom to never choose a second semester senior as your partner for any school project. Don’t use a sophomore either – they don’t know anything. Use a junior – that’s what they’re there for.

To Ashley Kim, I leave you: My nickname for you – “Mini-Kim”. My keeping of my promise never to tell Melissa anything you do or say. My hope that Melissa reads this sometime and berates you about it.

To Amanda Gao, I leave you: Kristen.

To Kristen Manchini, I leave you: Amanda.

To Anna Kryczka, I will you: One of my favorite sayings: “A word from Anna Kryczka is worth more than a thousand         pictures.”

To Atene Poskute, I leave you: The memory of your first massage from me. I hope you liked it. If not, meh…I only willed you the memory of the massage, not the nonexistent happiness.

To Marisol Flores, I would like to leave you: My thanks for making me smile so often in French class.

To Ruchi Patel, I will you: My love of acting. The knowledge that you were one of the best partners I’ve ever had in academia. My apologies for the slacking off on my end. My thanks for putting up with me anyway.

Needless to say, I apologize if I left anyone out that I should have included in this list. You, as well as those listed above, are included in the following piece – I will you all: My thanks for touching my life. My regrets for leaving you behind. A very special place in my heart.


Matthew Tennenhouse

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Class of 2017

Most Memorable Moments:
*Clash of the Halls
*SLD Week
Sophomore Year:
*“I Love College” & Young Boy Production
*Bro Day in Chicago
Junior Year:
*Cardinals 2011 World Series Championship Run
*Star Tripping with John Gray
*Paul’s Shoe
*Hancock’s Earthquake
*The Sunrise.
Senior Year:
*Rambo Bike Ride to Aurora Mexican Festival
*Breaking My Jaw
*February 14th
*SENI07S Dipen Shake

Bucket List:
1. Become the general manager of a major league baseball team.
2. Go to Lamberts.
3. Watch another game comparable to Game Six of the 2011 World Series.
4. Go to a Stanley Cup, Super Bowl, and World Series Game.
5. Be happy.

Last Testament:
To Jon Reynolds/Ricardo Martinez/Vimal Bellamkonda/Timothy Gietl: I will you my home, 1507. I am entrusting you four to keep 1507 the hall that I have left it well into the future. Although there is immense leadership potential in the Class of 2015 in 1507, you are the four I believe will carry on the legacy of 1507 for me. To Jon and Ricky, Ross and I have always seen a bit of us in you two and I hope that continues into the future. I am a firm believer that leadership is a cyclical process of sorts, carried on through inspiration and passion. Make sure you inspire your sophomores when you win best roommate pair two years from now! To Vimal, keep on smiling. Your dark-n-delicious complexion will get you places, including my position as CD two years from now. To Timothy, swag on you. I will you all of the swag in the world. For all of you (and most importantly!), I will you to be the keepers of my little brother, Zack, two years from now.

To Suraj Sinha/Vishrut Dixit: To you two gentleman, I (hopefully) will you my Handicapped room. Even though I joke about it going to rising juniors, you two are both worthy of continuing the tradition of C-Wing down quad even though you aren’t white! I (unless you somehow do not get CDQ) will you the bookshelf that has now transcended three years. Unfortunately, I cannot will you the beloved Casper couch from Gietl. To Suraj, I will you my ability to “Go Hard” in life, even though I’m sure you won’t need it.

To Dallas Eckman: To Dallas, I am sure you will get enough praise from many other seniors but I will summarize it all into one sentence: You are probably one of the single most competent people in this world. Basically, I will you two of my passions: LEAD and 1507. Even though LEAD may not necessarily be mine to will, I trust you with the program. However, make sure you do not settle with it. You must challenge yourself each and every day, especially with how much you have committed yourself too. I have no doubt you can manage all of the extracurricular activities, but I want you to reach above and beyond, not simply “manage” them. Have a phenomenal senior year and remember that sleep isn’t really all that important in the grand scheme of it all.

To Anthony Ortiz, Kevin He, Michael Adams, Drew Schnell, Kobe: To you fine gentleman, I will you one of my passions: Baseball. I will you three or four dependable sophomores to easily make-up for the seniors leaving the team. In particular, I will you a dedicated group of guys next year that make a push for that regional game victory. This will be your team next year and I hope you make the most of it. To Anthony, I will you just as big of an a**h*le to challenge you and your humor. To Kevin He, I will you my confidence. Honestly, you are a huge pro and need to learn to embrace it! To Michael, I will you the best senior year you can imagine and the college decision of your dreams.

To Ryan Eberhardt: Ryan, I honestly cannot will you anything except for good luck. Your motivation and drive honestly inspires me. You have the ultimate combination of common sense, natural intelligence, and motivation. Let that continue to carry you in life- I mean, you’re already going places. If anything, all I can will you are some competent and appreciative marketing individuals that understand and cooperate with your initiative. I will you some dedicated and talented underclassmen to carry your legacy, and ISP, to greater heights than you can do yourself. I also will you the motivation to complete your initiatives, and not just YOLO around like I have this semester. Also, although I cannot quite do this now, I will you the promise to give back to IMSA Student Productions once I have come into my own success and fortunes so that they may afford the latest and greatest equipment.

To Aaron Geldner/Scott Zelman: To you two, I will you Hatikvah. Simply put, take initiative with it. Even though it may not seem as though it’s of great importance, I think IMSA would be so much greater if cultural clubs stepped it up. Also, to Aaron in particular, I will you one reflective session about 1507. This is something I should have done earlier in the year; I feel like I never truly reached out to you that much. Instead, there was this mutual respect and we just did our own thing. However, I owe you at least one late night bro conversation.

To Kent Gang: Kent, I simply will you some advice. You are a phenomenal leader in many aspects. However, you must use next year as a learning experience. How can you adapt to a similar co-coordinator? How can you relate to others when it may not come entirely natural? Focus on your weaknesses and shortcomings as a leader and work on developing them. As a co-coordinator, this is all a giant leadership test. For this test, I will you a challenge: Take the LEAD program further than I can even imagine. This year, you and I both know that the program is not necessarily where we’d desired. However, I honestly think that your example will set the bar for each and every facilitator. Hold people accountable. If you try to do it yourself, people will not be as diligent. Challenge others to take the same initiative you have shown me. Although it is a great challenge, the future of the LEAD program is in your hands. And there is no one else I trust more.

To Lael Acosta: Mr. “Young Too Veritable”. To you, sir, I will you a life of challenges. You have some inherent genius in you that is made overly impressive by the fact that you actually put it to good use. Honestly, I will you a challenging summer in Germany and hopefully a German class where you can actually move forward as a learner. Unfortunately, IMSA is not quite challenging enough for you and Jacob. However, the biggest challenge I leave to you is residentially. Throughout this year, you have come in to your own as a member of 07 and I would love to see you step it up for the hall next year.

To James Tao: James Tao. I will you two things: peace of mind and a wonderful girl. You are an inspiration to everyone you meet. Unfortunately, I don’t think you inspire yourself enough. Instead of counting the awards you have, you count the number of problems you missed. Enjoy life a little, man! You inspire me by your abilities to be good at so many things. Yes, many people know you by your mathematics genius. However, I have seen the many facets of James Tao that just make you superior to just about anyone. As far as the second thing I willed you, I just hope you find a beautiful girl that can match your intelligence and desire to go to the zoo!

To Arjun Sarode: I will you love and casper.


Maura Slattery

Grinnell College, Class of 2017

Last Testament:
To Bree Pusey, I will you the ability to take infinite amount of selfies and rock a polo.

To Claire Hensley, I will you the supah fly wing of 01D.

To Song Lee, I will you my soul. My dark, dark soul.

To Jake Akstins, I will you the power of the red solo cup.

To Shreya Santhanam, I will you my red scarf.  ;)

To Maria Keigh, I will you aluminum and French toast.

To Michele Kinama, I will you corn.

To Elijah Jimenez, I will you my first born baby calf.

To Deborah Park, I will you my SCS shift.

To Vivian Chau, I will you my missing lingual frenulum.

To Marisol Flores, I will you my driving abilities.


Mindy Jian

The University of Chicago, Class of 2017

Most Memorable Moments:
*Being a part of a first place drill team
*Filling the TV Pit with balloons and sitting on couches at the Senior U for a day
*Finally seeing Minooka and riding through the woods on a golf cart
*Staying up late during orientation and singing our original Ramen song
*Shamelessly selling Spiritwear
*The Killers concert
*Having the week of my life in Peru

Bucket List:
1. Go skydiving before school starts next year
2. Travel to at least 15 other countries
3. Meet Steven Levitt
4. Win the Amazing Race with Nishita Kumar
5. Write a book
6. Become competent in French and literate in Chinese

Last Testament:
To Jennifer Kwon, Nitya Pariti, Elizabeth Weiss, and Kristine Yoon, I leave you four with a quad that has all too many memories and another year of late nights and Mountain Dew.

To Joe Reda, I will you someone that listens to your problems instead of trying to compete with them. I leave you with the hope that your passion and amazing work ethic never fade.

To JJ (Geronimo) Garcia, I will you an annoying sophomore who nevertheless manages to brighten your day with their unending energy and boundless enthusiasm.

To Nicole Aldridge, I will you a junior year full of picture-worthy experiences and the ability to stay awake.

To Maria Kuznetsova, I leave you with the ability to “can” in French V next year and a new (probably more competent) groupe de trois to work with through google docs.

To Mayuri Yasuda, I will you the power to complete your job application in the custodial arts and a mop.

To JJ Garcia, Quinn Lewis, Priya Trivedi, and Mayuri Yasuda, I will you four a friendship that outlasts your time here at IMSA. Every time I see you all goofing around, I am reminded of the friendships that I have been able to make here. Friends like these are few and far between and will help you through whatever IMSA throws at you.

To Dallas Eckman, I will you the ability to maintain the passion that I have seen you display throughout these past two years. I wish you the best of luck in every endeavor you take on next year whether it is as a CD, LEAD coordinator, or senior. You have so much potential and will go far in college and beyond.

To Gina Liu, I will you i2. Although there is so much more I wish we could have done this year, I will you this project not because it belongs to me, but because I believe in its goal to acknowledge the everyday heroes at IMSA. I leave you with the ability to keep this project alive and the ingenuity to take it to new heights.

To Charlene Angeles and Taylor Knopf, I will you two an amazing senior year filled with bulletin boards, hall councils, date dinners, and ugly sweater parties. I leave the both of you with a phenomenal hall and I will you both the drive to push past first semester and the passion to keep going through second. I have confidence that you two will not only motivate each other but the rest of the hall throughout next year while continuing to succeed in the many other aspects of your lives.


Morgan Johnson

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Class of 2017

Most Memorable Moments:
*The Snowpocalypse sophomore year.
*Watching the sunrise after many all-nighter.
*Junior Year Hex.
*Going to Russia.
*Senior Year Clash.

Bucket List:
1. Visit Area 51
2. Live in Antarctica for awhile.
3. Learn to juggle.

Last Testament:
To David Lisk (my nephew), I leave you the ability to be smooth with the ladies and the courage to pursue your dreams and desires. I’ll tour you around UIUC next year.

To Michael Adams, I leave you the ability to lead the hall next year in my absence, and bring 04 the clash victory it deserves. With your immense talent and leadership, this is definitely possible.

To Philip Nebres, I leave you my height so that you will always stand above the competition.

To Jacob Brown, I leave you the ability to be a master of LoL and the ability to carry the team through thick and thin.

To Andrew Salij, I leave you the ability to get a 5 on both the US and World History AP exams.

To Joey Yurkanin, I leave you all of the strength that I have accumulated over the last year. Stay chill wherever life brings you.

To Max Ackerman, I leave you my skills to be competent at Call of Duty. Also, a favorite quote of mine: “Speak softly…” –Theodore Roosevelt

To Pratyush Rustagi and Matthew Park, I leave you with my ability to become even better trolls next year and to have a good time no matter what’s going on.

To Ronnie Terrell, I leave you with the ability to become a better Luigi and to perfect his unique combos. I also wish you to gain an apprentice so my teachings may be passed down to further generations of IMSA students.

To Tim Gietl, I leave you all of my swagness. Nuff said.

To Guna Yerrabolu, I leave you the ability to be chill and swagtastic in all of your endeavors.

To Elliot Krause, I leave you the ability to dominate your classes senior year and be courageous to order Dominos without me.

To Nick Golinvaux, I wish you a very fun and worthwhile Russian III class next year.

To Matthew Harms, I leave you with my ability to truly love and appreciate the untapped beauty of the accordion.

To Jonathan D’Souza, I leave you 04 D-Wing and the ability to lead us to a clash victory.

To Mateusz Wojtaszek, I leave you the ability to have fun all the time next year and promote the 04 spirit while you are getting the straight A’s.

To Evan Derse, I leave you ingenuity to last for the rest of your life and vision for 04 into the future.


Mosab Elagha

University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, Class of 2017

Most Memorable Moments:
*Logan, Greg, and Zach – every moment with the three of you during my sophomore and junior years was a new memory. I will never forget any of them.
*Every memory comes and goes with me. I can say that at the time, all that are memories of good times were priceless at that moment. Writing this at the last second after 2 extensions, I can’t remember all of them. Thank you to everyone who has helped shape me and my experience at IMSA.
Last Testament:
To Ashok Arjunakani, I will you the ability to succeed in all you put your heart into. You are a hard worker and I appreciate your capability to ask questions without fear of the answer. Don’t be afraid to give your opinions.

To Steven Kosvick, I expect you to reach Diamond 1, by the end of your senior year. I leave you whatever sort of motivation it takes to make you wear something other than shorts and a white t-shirt. Try to not be too lazy even if you’re about to become a senior.

To Julian Pacheco, Sung Yeo, Max Kontrovich, and John Peloquin – I leave you all, my sophomores, with the ability to enjoy your time here. You will all be juniors next year and that means Sung can stop annoying me about internet after 11:30 but it also means a lot academic and non-academic work. Don’t forget to keep some sort of balance. I’m happy to say I was the senior for you your sophomore year. Remember to make your own underclassmen have fun. And make sure you control Sung’s thirst.

To Ram Patel and Sai Somasundaram, I leave you the auditorium booth. I spent countless hours in there and I trust my teachings and the experience you have gone through will be able to carry all the events to great success.

To Ben and Ben, Rabe and Yates, I leave you two each other. I don’t think I’ve seen a more dynamic duo with the synergy you two bring with each other. Have fun next year.

To Tyler Paradaxy, I leave you Project M. Look after it, nurture it, update it, and master it.

To Evan Derse, I leave you with the ability to take your ideas and make them real. Prove to the world that you know what you’re talking about. Show them that your experience guides you to make the best decisions.  I trust that you will still do what you can, even with forces working against you.

To Ronnie Terrell, you’re a huge bro and I always have fun talking to you or playing Project M with you. Keep it cool my man.

To Ryan Eberhardt, I leave you with the success of ISP. You’ve done a crazy amount of work and put in a ton of time to make sure you come out with a quality, finished product. Go hard or go home. Good job. Next year, you can go a little more baylife when you’ve left your work in good hands. I don’t think I need to tell you to chill out when it comes to IMS work anymore…you seem to have already learned that from our recent experiences in the booth, and it makes it a lot more enjoyable

To Ethan Bian, I leave you the ability to take your talents to the next level and being a part of something that will benefit you and society. You’ll be going to some pretty good places I’ll be waiting to see your name somewhere great. Good work so far.

To Milosz Kowal, I leave the power to be dynamic. I can see your passion and I think you have good partners to work with bring out the most out of you. Keep up your dedication.

To Evan Li, I leave the power of the HUEHUEHUEHUEHUE. I know you’ll do great things with it. TSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM.

To Aaron Geldner – You’re a bro. I can’t think of any other way to describe you. It’s always a good time whenever you pop up anywhere. Keep going strong and have fun in next year.

To Milan Shah, I leave you Andrew and Vimig. Abuse them all you can.

To Andrew Kuznetsov, I will you the power to carry on and the ability to realize what you need to do to succeed. Your talents are the product of hard work and the more work you do, the better you will become. Don’t try to baylife too much. It’s good for some things but at the end of the day you’re going to have to show people that you are able to step up when needed. I leave you the strength to carry yourself out of challenging situations on your own. You’re able to do some good work, just as long as you stick to it. Have fun next year and good luck my man.

To Vimig Socrates, I will the wisdom of Socrates. You’ll do well with it. It seems to fit with you.

To Archit Potharazu, I will you the title of swagga yolo mastah. The power is within you young padawan.

To Remy Bubulka, I will you a sophomore who will be cool enough to give you a candy cane because you request to be their facebook friend. Have fun and work hard next year. ****** ***** ***** ***** ** *** *****. I hope you understood what that meant.

To Michael Zeng – I leave you with dupes.

To Mohamed Kady, I leave you with Arab swag. You know you got it.

To James Tao, I will to you the ability to make good puns. Please stop with your bad ones.

To Suraj Sinha, I will you something you may already have, but just in case – the ability to switch between going ham and baylifing. Have fun next year son.

To Shruthi Mothkur, I leave you with power to not sell yourself short. You are one of the most hardworking, dedicated, and positive (yes) individuals I have had the pleasure of knowing. Give yourself credit for what you do. At the same time, don’t forget to stay humble, genuine, and open-minded – things that I’m sure you’ll do easily. I also will you success in your classes, colleges, and everything you do. I know it will happen. Thank you for being the person you are.


Nicholas Srivastava

University College, London, Class of 2016

Most Memorable Moments:
*Dr. Victory’s class with Jamal Huang.
*Spanish 4 with Jeffrey, Anuj, Kevin, and Jose

Last Testament:
I, Nicholas P. Srivastava, of the former down-quad, now neighborly rooms of 04 D-wing, being of sound mind and disposing memory, do hereby make, publish and declare this to be my last will and testament.

I do hereby bequeath to the common man, Andrew Liang, I leave my chancellorship and its associated lands, ancient rights, and titles.

To Tim Gietl, I give his freedom. I also leave him with my reputation of excellence in all of Dr. E’s classes.

To Johnny Wu, I give a firm handshake.

To Matteo Park, I give the keys to the city of Constantinople.

To Taylor Herr, I leave my dedication to cross country.

To Scott Zelman, I leave Seth Zelman.

To Michael Wang, I leave my expertise in organic chemistry.

To Stephen Tan, I leave my expertise in java.

To William Xu, I leave my monogamous dancing partnership with Elise Douglas.

Finally, to Benjamin Rabe, I leave the ever constant feeling of improvement.


Rachel Hermes

University of Missouri in Columbia (Mizzou), Class of 2017

Most Memorable Moments:
*Late night conversations
*Sleepovers with Erika Ignat
*Conversations in the RC Office

Bucket List:
1. Attend Summer Olympics
2. Swim with dolphins
3. Learn 3 other languages
4. Drive at stock car at Daytona
5. Go to a Super Bowl the Patriots are in

Last Testament:
To Joe Reda, I leave you with a great senior year! You deserve to have a less stressful year after all the hard work you’ve put into this one. I hope that you have another amazing CLASH experience and continue to love 01.

To Al-Jalil Gault, I will you the power to stay true to yourself. You are a great person and I hope you never change.

To Ben Yates, I will you the ability to continue to be a “cool kid”. Erika and I love your laid-backness.

To Laura Lehmann, I will you an easy junior year. Everything will work out the way you want it to. Just remember that it’s only one year of your life and it will go by quickly!

To Ellen Zhao, I will you a great hall next year. I know you’ll be a fantastic CD and I hope you can continue to push 01 forward in CLASH.

To IMSA Softball, I will you a great season next year. I know I had to leave early this season and I missed you guys so much. You have the talent to become one of the best softball teams IMSA has ever seen. I hope you can work together without drama and encourage other girls to join.

To Maureen Reiser (Mo), I will you a great junior and senior year. Represent PORTA at your IMSA graduation!

Rae Hohle

Macalester College, Class of 2017

Most Memorable Moments:
*Stapled and placed 1500 water cups in one room
*Late night Word Doc chats
*“What are you doing?”
*Sophomore Basketball
*Soccer trips to Carlinville (x5)
*The fight for the desk leg
*6:30 am on a cold day in February
*Victory summative pizzas at 4 in the morning
*I found the lid

Bucket List:
1. Complete an Ironman Triathlon
2. Ride the 10 largest roller coasters in the world.
3. Go an entire day without sarcasm.
4. Watch every movie that has won an Academy Award for Best Picture.

Last Testament:
To Nick Golinvaux, I leave you with sketchy snack bags and all nighters. I also leave you with The Godfather and The Quad.

To Ryan Leemans, I will you the ability to not worry and just relax.

To Joe Reda, I will you a life of portable speakers on IMSA campus.

To Remmie Spinks and Maureen Reiser, I leave you with the ability to always bring the fun to IMSA.

To Becky Kleina, I will you secret sibling connections.

To Molly Cuka, I leave you with all crazy antics and pranks in the hope of influencing others to join.

To Taylor Knopf, I leave you with another great year as a crazy RSL (and whipped cream).

To Trent Dela Riva, I will you early morning breakfast trips.

To Rebecca Geiger, I leave you with the hope of finding another twin.

To Gunner Wren, Anthony Ortiz, Amy De La Torre, Becky Kleina, Simone Alexdrova, I leave you with nights on a rooftop in Peru.

To Clarreesa Hardin, Amy De La Torre, Laura Lehmann, I leave you with all the girls that aren’t right handed but are left.

To Anna Krzywiec, Anna Melberg, Taylor Knopf, Molly Cuka, Ellen Geiser, Annika Gomez, Kirstyn Carlson, Elizabeth Montalvo, I leave you with a relaxing and enjoyable senior year.

To Lajju Sudhakar, Sara Nookala, Mayuri Yasuda, Aishwarya Raj, Hannah Trewitt, Remmie Spinks, Rebecca Geiger, Evania Hong, I leave you with a success filled junior year with at least some sleep.

To IMSA Girls Soccer, I will you another successful season.

To IMSA Boys Soccer, I gladly leave behind ThatPickleGuy.

To Josh Paul Ajayi, I will you tolerance.


Riva Trivedi

University of Miami, Class of 2017

Most Memorable Moments:
*SLD week 2011 <3 and our final parting celebration in Downtown Naperville
*SLD week 2012
*ALI 2012 and our shenanigans after camp
*Late night dance parties all three years
*02 Clash Drill Team 2012 and all of the times we practiced that dance in our quad
*FBLA State 2013

Last Testament:
To Prachi Aggarwal, I will to you excellent fluency in Spanish, and all of the success you deserve. Your hard work will always pay off, and I know you are going to do some amazing things in life.

To Sai Talluru, I will you acceptance to anything and everything you apply for. There is a reason you’ve gotten everything you have: you’ve earned it with your hard work. So, keep it up. 

To Isheng Hou and Judy Li, I will an amazing wing next year. You two have always been so sweet and kind and have always been amazing wingmates. You deserve the same, so I hope your senior year housing will be awesome.

To Joe Donermeyer, I will you an amazing year in LEAD next year. I have seen you grow into such an empathetic and relatable facilitator who can truly embody a relational leader. I know you will do very well next year as leader, inside and outside of the classroom.

To Isiah Butler, I will you an amazing year in LEAD next year. It’s been amazing to see you progress into such a chill and fun facilitator who knows how to work with any student, which is truly an incredible talent. I also will to you major accomplishments in basketball and the perfect balance in life between all of the things you’ll be juggling next year.

To Vimig Socrates, I will you the strength to handle everything you’re involved in, and more sleep!

To Kristine Yoon, I will you a quad of your own to house your underclassmen during late nights. I also will you all the chocolate and other snacks you’ll need to stay up during those nights. I will you MVC-free nights. I will you the self-confidence to know how amazing of a leader you are, how caring of a friend you are, and how attractive you are, inside and out.

To Suraj Sinha, I will you a fantastic tennis season for your senior year, and a successful Clash experience.

To Guna Yerrabolu, I will you the ability to find the perfect direction for your incredible talents.

To Selam Zenebe-Gete, I will you an ALI group as great as ours was to mentor next year. Your genuine charisma and sweet, kind-hearted nature will allow you to inspire anyone you meet. Have fun with the campers next year!

To Emily Mu, I will you even more of your well deserved accomplishments from all of the effort you put into everything you’re involved in. Keep up the great work.

And finally, to Priya Trivedi, I will to you absolute excellence in every endeavor you undertake and the utmost success in everything you work towards. I will to you nights free of me asking you to make me food, do my hair/nails, and any other favors. I will to you genuine happiness. I will to you an even stronger bond with our parents. I will to you an extremely memorable SIR, wonderful learning experiences in every class you take, and the ability to find a healthy balance of working hard and playing hard as you go through your IMSA career. You’ve been like an older sister to me all of these years, and I’m looking forward to see how successful you will be through high school and beyond.


Ross Skelly

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Class of 2017

Most Memorable Moments:
*Age in A12
*Sunday night talks that lasted forever
*Playing Concentration on the long runs
*Habi Trips
*The Sunrise
*Quad Bridge Pictures
*The Clash 3-peat

Bucket List:
1. Be a big pro in Med School
2. Run a marathon
3. Travel across Europe
4. Learn at least 2 other languages
5. Love my family

Last Testament:
To Dallas Eckman, I leave a punching bag. You’ve done an amazing job balancing your life so far, and I applaud everything you’ve done for the hall. You have a big challenge ahead of you, and I know you will do it well, but sometimes people are stupid and life just sucks. Don’t hit people. Hit the punching bag.

To Samuel Cheung, Vivek Vermani, and Ryan Chandler, I leave the ability to be heard. When I came to IMSA, I remember being a lot like each of you; I was introverted, shy, and generally didn’t like talking to people. These are not bad qualities to have, but it takes a bit of effort to learn how to use them so that people listen to your profound and extremely valid ideas.

To David Zhang and Sanjay Kottapali, I leave the ability to do your work and actually get some sleep. You guys were able to get away with a lot of procrastination sophomore year, but junior year is a whole new beast. I’m not saying do all your papers a week in advance, but get used to budgeting your time a little bit. Especially you, David.

To Tim Swag Gietl and Gus Nagro, I leave you the tradition of the skinny white boys. It started with some guy named Alex, then on to Mike Sali, then Dominic, and ended with me. As you can see, we are an elite group of big pros. I challenge both of you to find some sophomores to take under your wing to help the tradition live on.

To Kevin He, I leave the ability to have a good day. Before you get mad at me for wishing you that, consider that you came to IMSA because you were above average. Therefore, the law of averages works out in your favor, so you can have a few good days without having their bad-day counterparts.

To Timothy Akintilo, I leave an amazing roommate who won’t dupe you out of 07. Because let’s face it, this is where your bros are, and you deserve to live here!

To Brian Zeifert, I leave someone to talk to. You are a strong, intelligent human being, but you just need someone to convince you of that. Don’t let anyone, including yourself, make you think otherwise.

To Jon Reynolds, Ricky Martinez, Dallas Eckman, Aaron Geldner, Sai Somasundaram, Vimal Bellamkonda, Milan Shah, Suraj Sinha, Arjun Sarode, & whoever else wants to step it up for 07, I leave you a broom. We completed our Clash sweep. Can you do yours?


Saieesh Rao

The University of Chicago, Class of 2017

Most Memorable Moments:
*Birthday chocolate from Dr. Matsko
*My first scholastic bowl practice
*Hearing my roommate sleeptalk at exactly 12:34 AM every night during first semester sophomore year
*Learning that my SIR advisor had his visa cancelled and was trapped in a foreign country – also teaching the postdocs that 2^x is not the same as x^2
*Staying up with Peter Lu the night before his Harvard acceptance
*The near all-nighter before Science Bowl regionals
*A talk with Aadi Tolappa in the beginning of junior year
*Talking to Eric Ordonez, Nolan Maloney, and Webster Guan for the first time under the arch outside Sodexo
*Trading 5 minipacks of M&Ms with Sylvester Botelho for an authentic Suek dollar in sophomore year
*Riding the bus back from Scioly State, both years
*Performing a Korean rap at Lunar New Year and singing at IMSA Carnival
*MVC homework with Pete Howes and Henry Deng after 2 AM
*Tahir’s check questions

Bucket List:
1. Learn an Indian language, and possibly and Asian one too
2. Learn piano somewhat proficiently
3. Get good at badminton
4. Inspire someone to devote their life to a passion, hopefully through leading by example

Last Testament:
To Arjun Sarode, I leave you with a bed in A wing downquad which you can call your own, one which you can sit on without two layers of clothing and keep both your head and feet on. I leave you with the atrium of A wing to loudly petition the aid of Jeff De Chavez, Reuel Abraham, and Vimig Socrates in your moments of need.

To Suraj Sinha, I leave you my MVC homework, if only to pass on to the next generation. I also leave you with a multitude of Calcbased memories, “nay buddy” moments, and a future likely letter from the Colorado School of Mines. Hopefully we’ll still see each other when you have SIR at UChicago next year – you best still be meeting at GCIS at 12:15 each Wednesday, and there will always be a bed in South Campus at your disposal.

To Aaron Geldner, I leave you a pack of medicated wipes to clean up any mess your arse can conjure.

To Dallas Eckman, I leave you the burden of cleaning up after any mess Aaron’s arse can conjure.

To John Deng, I will you someone else to tag along with in your future biology classes. MCB with you was interesting yet fun.

To Waleed Ali, Dan Pechi, and Rajiv Patel-O’Connor, I leave you with a maintaining IMSA Quiz Bowl’s status as the preeminent force in the state, and having fun while doing it. Although it may not be mine to give, it is yours to keep anyways.

To Abrar Khaja, I wish you a good day. I also will you your ID card which has been in my wallet for the past two months, if you want it back.

To Archit Potharazu, I leave you with the skills and knowledge of how to pull the 8 PM to 3AM sleep schedule the right way – stop by and we can talk.

To Will Xu, I will you the perseverance to make it through life WITHOUT A PILLOW.

To Gus Nagro and Omair Khan, I leave you with the confidence that you two will be perfect roommates for the next three years, much like Kevin and I have been in our time at IMSA. Although we haven’t interacted as much as we should have as neighbors in A wing, you two have impressed me with both your humility and friendship, and your impressive discipline to keep to a sleep schedule.

To Luke Zhan, I will you a giant SNSD poster that’s been hanging in our room since Suraj took it from you back in first semester. I heard you’ve been losing yours, so you probably want to take it back.

To Jo-Jo Feng, I leave you with someone else’s bed to sleep under, and a pet sophomore that you can call your own two years from now. I wish you best of luck in being a baller at biology and women in general, and beating your brother on the Canadian Biology Olympiad. I also leave you with sleep habits that are sure to deteriorate in the coming years, and a full photo collection of The Yale Alley Cats with members meticulously identified in each photo- if you want it, it’s on their Facebook page. ;)

To Siva Gangavarapu, I leave you a treasure trove of memories, continuing from our random and fateful encounter in the middle school geography bee circuit to the many times we’ve shared a mattress as neighbors in A wing. I leave you with the desire to prove yourself in biology and all other areas, and a future likely letter from the Colorado School of Mines. And eh, I guess I leave you with Quiz Bowl too – you can share it with the sophomores.

To Abhishek Sethi, I leave you with a special degree of respect and admiration that I reserve for few people. I leave you with not only an eventful year in which I saw you come into your own and find a passion for chemistry in the way that only I thought I had done before, and I fully congratulate you on it. I leave you with Science Bowl and Chemistry Olympiad to keep working towards, and to never let the idea of recognition or reward be a sole motivation in life. I also leave you JKwondra’s  Sophomore Class Club Concessions poster.


Sam Kaufman

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Class of 2017

Most Memorable Moments:
*Almost winning a regional game
*Intersesh with Mr. Sewell
*Pulling multiple all-nighters for clash, no matter how lost the cause
*Turning a drinking fountain into an actual fountain
*Three years of cultural shows
*Learning lines for Casa at the last minute, and somehow pulling it off

Bucket List:
1. Become an engineer
2. Throw the first pitch at a Cubs game
3. Teach a child how to play baseball
4. Climb to the peak of Mt. Everest
5. Study in a Tibetan Buddhist Monastery
6. Come up with an idea that is absolutely, completely original, and use it to change the world.

Last Testament:
To Anthony Ortiz, Michael Adams and Kevin He, I leave the baseball team. I know that it can be frustrating at times, but make sure that you always keep your heads up and work every day to get better.

To Taylor Herr, I leave someone for you to take food from, as well as someone to steal your homework.

To Josh Ajayi, I leave someone to order with, all day every day.

To Malachi Loviska, I leave an underclassman to mess with on demand.

To Steven Tan, I leave someone to give you back massages before you go win state.

To Sunny “Munneh” Shah, I leave a nickname that actually makes sense.

To Edward Jun, I leave all of the Asian boy swag in the world.

To Mit Patel, I leave the ability to always be adorable.

To Aniruddha Shekara, I leave the ability to also be adorable.

To Dan Rosenthal and Taylor Herr, I leave my beloved 1505.  I know you guys will do great things for the hall.

To Scott Zelman, I leave more spirit than I’ve ever seen in one single person.

To Will Xu, I leave someone to randomly burst into your room in the middle of the night.

To Tyler Pradaxay and Sankeerth Reddy, I will you a hall to live in that is a million times better than where you lived sophomore year.

To Becky Kleina et al., I leave someone else’s abs to shamelessly grope on any given day of the week.

To Kayla Ingram, I leave another co-host with whom you’ll have tons of fun.

To Karin Han, I leave everything a princess could ever need.

To Lynette To, I leave CAB and everything that comes with it. I know you’ll do a great job keeping the tradition alive.

To Ronnie Terrell, I leave the drive to not have to ask for it; work hard and take what you think should be yours, big guy.

To Johnny Wu, I leave the best body at IMSA.


Sam Walder

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Class of 2017

Last Testament:
To Ben Rabe and Sagar Punhani, I leave you the epic cross country speeches.

To Greg O’Bannon, I will you a good physics grade and a stoic attitude towards a certain track coach.

To Isiah Butler, I will you the ability to turn your speakers up to 11 at any time of the day.

To Tim Gietl and Guna Yerrabolu, I leave you with the promise of sunrise golf, loads of swag, and anime all-nighters. Add to that Braden Lauder, for whom I will the DPR of Mexico.

To Andrew Kuznetsov, I will you creativity.

To Hsing-Duan Louh, I leave you with a lack of worry about the future. It’s gonna be OK.

To Tim Akintilo, I will you one (1) tickle monster repellent can (non-refundable).

To Michael Wang, I will you the PyongGang.


Sarah Martin

Drake University, Class of 2017

Most Memorable Moments:
*Every moment I spent with Dr. McLaren
*Getting knocked unconscious by colliding with Mr. Lundgren’s abs and receiving a severe concussion and a bruised face

Bucket List:
1. Complete a 50 or 100 mile endurance race
2. Find an effective treatment for ALS patients
3. Find a man who would be willing to spend the rest of his life with me

Last Testament:
To Jennifer Hoelzer, I leave you with a wonderful senior year volleyball season. Don’t be afraid to show everyone your amazing skills at the net!

To Shelly Teng, I leave you with my SIR advisor. She may be crazy, but I know you’ll learn a lot from her!

To Alyda Huerta, I leave you with a successful Brain Bee that doesn’t involve fighting to get in the car, trudging block after block in snow, and getting locked in staircases at UIC. I know you’ll do fabulous next year!

To 1506 C Wing, I leave you with the emptiness where my screams once echoed.


Seneca Hutson

University of Rochester, Class of 2017

Most Memorable Moments:
*Playing pool and ping pong in the student union
*Finding free food at random school events
*Sleeping at the senior U-bench

Bucket List:
1. Become an awesome surgeon
2. Visit every continent
3. Hold a baby polar bear
4. Eat at a McDonald’s in every state
5. Live in another country

Last Testament:
To 02A sophomores (Katrina, Nicole, Renu, Rhea, Priya, Emily, Meg, Emma, Sharon, Patty):  I will you guys a great junior year.  Don’t freak out; you’ll be fine :P  You were all fantastic sophomores and I’m gonna miss you ladies a lot.

To 02A juniors (JKwon, Kristine, Phuong, Medha, Nitya, Elizabeth):  I will you a kickass senior year.  You ladies have come so far, and you deserve this great year in front of you.  I loved living in A wing with you all!

To Lajju and Aishwarya, I will equally awesome underclassmen :P  You two don’t even know how helpful you were.  From the numerous sticky notes that you guys put on my door to entertaining me whenever I visited, I really appreciated everything, and I’m gonna miss you a lot. I hope you two have an awesome junior year!

To Sara Nookala, I will you an equally sweet and adorable sophomore.  You are such a sweetheart.  Don’t ever change, k?

To Svetha and Sneha; I will somebody else to call Oreo :P

To my little siblings Susie, Alyda, and Max, I will you an awesome remaining time at IMSA.  Even though I won’t be here anymore, know that you can always talk to me whenever you need/want to.  Good luck!

To Becca, I will somebody to hug you every day <3 I’m gonna miss you a lot.

To Grant, I will the ability to get better at pool so that maybe one day you can beat me.

To Isheng and Judy, you two were a couple of the nicest people I’ve met at IMSA.  I will you a great senior year with minimal stress. You definitely deserve it.  Viel Glück!

To Sarai, I will a stuffed bunny rabbit, and the ability to be less awkward.

To Taylor Knopf, I will an awesome senior year. As much as you hate me, I still hope that you have a great last year at IMSA. See you in med school ;)


Summer Wu

Yale University, Class of 2018 (likely taking a gap year)

Most Memorable Moments:
*Random high-pitched screaming with my ex-quad- Joan Shang, Melissa, Kim, and Jen Ren (and quad pet Mary Do!)
*Everything JSA (Specifically Fall State 2010 and 2012)
*HiMCM 2011: Being utterly dysfunctional during the most stressful 36 hours of my life
*Kendell trying to teach Jen and I how to cat daddy and dougie after check
*Starbucks Frappuccino runs during Happy Hour
*Pranking Anna Gupta 3 times in one night with Joan, Deborah, and Kendell
*CoTH 2013 in 1502 (1st place drill team, shivering due to lack of heat and electricity to save energy)

Bucket List:
1. Learn Chinese martial arts
2. Go on a one week technology hiatus
3. Work as a server in a restaurant
4. Write a book
5. Make a positive difference in the world

Last Testament:
To Aaron Geldner, I leave you the poster of Saieesh, and although it has technically already been yours, IMSA’s JSA chapter. Take good care of both!

To Amanda Walsh, I leave the ability to win countless JSA best speaker gavels, as well as the outlook of a Lake Forester. I will you the continued guts to stand up for what you believe in and the determination to never give up, no matter what setbacks may come your way.

To Anna Gupta, I will you an underclassman who greets you so enthusiastically every time she sees you that you can’t help but smile, just as you always do for me. I will you an underclassman who is easy to talk to, has late night conversations with you after check, and will team up against Deborah with you. I also will you lots of post-its.

To Anthony Marquez, I leave you the two organizations that have meant the most to me at IMSA: JSA and Acronym. I leave you the influence to make a difference, tempered by the humility gained through knowing that you were selected by such amazing peers. Since you’ve got so much on your plate, I leave you not only the ambition to leave behind a lasting legacy, but also the painful (yet rewarding) late nights and early mornings that come with the work ethic to succeed.

To Cammille Go, I will you an endearing, innocent-looking sophomore with dark, mischievous thoughts. Despite the inevitable chaos of junior year that awaits you, I will you a continued appreciation of all things serene.

To Deborah Park, I leave you with someone else to prank and prank others with. I will you more confidence when you’re being serious, but more modesty when you’re joking around. I will you enough time to socialize with strangers and hang out with friends so that it’ll be less evident that senior year has taken a toll on you. Finally, I will you the college of your dreams.

To Emily Mu, I will you an adorable, brilliant sophomore to carry your table in math class, just as you did for us. I also will you lots of hugs!

To Jennifer Kwon, I will you a cutie who confides in you and gives you good hugs, as you do. I leave you memories of sliding around on an ice-covered sand volleyball court and killing most of our brain cells via headers.

To Joanne Kwak, I will you someone to wait for you in the swimming locker room when you’re the last one to finish changing, as well as a buddy to head over to lunch with, like you always were for me. I also will you time to practice violin and make Sonia proud.

To Kyle Petesch, I will you an awesome junior to carry you in a science class during second semester senior year, as you helped do for Jen and me

To Luke Zhan, I will you a non-Asian MUN partner

To Nida Normantaite, I leave you IMSA’s JSA chapter. As the outgoing Midwest Governor, I leave you with opportunities in JSA that you probably didn’t expect, because I believe that you have the ability to take advantage of them. With all your extracurricular responsibilities next year, I will you the ability to not only survive, but also excel, in your junior year.

To Poornima Sundaravelu, I will you an incredibly sweet junior to save you at the last minute and help you get ready for prom

To Sai Talluru, I leave with you the ability to make a difference in Midwest JSA and the courage to persevere despite the odds

To Steph Wang, I leave one of my most cherished organizations, the Acronym. I will you the vision and determination to achieve more than Jen and I were able to this year, and take IMSA’s student newspaper to new heights. Along the same lines, I leave you with a proclivity for shameless Acronym advertising on facebook.

To Tim Gietl, I will you a sophomore who always greets you with a big smile and a friendly hello, just like you do for me

To Vinesh Kannan, I will you the drive to continue your efforts to make IMSA a better place; unfortunately, I burned out before I got to start, but not doing anything is one of my biggest regrets at IMSA, and I’ll be cheering you on the whole way.

To Priya Trivedi, Ashley Kim, Eveline Liu, Aishwarya Raj, and Pranjali Rathi (even though you left IMSA…), I will you incredibly sweet sophomores who are willing to wake up uber early in the morning to help you with a Gleason activity presentation. As a reminder, I leave you my and Zi-Ning Choo’s promise to help edit your college essays when the time comes, if you wish!

To Kristine Yoon and Jameson O’Reilly, I will you a year of successful activism initiatives for both IMSA JSA and the Midwest


Tahir Mohideen

Loyola University Chicago, Class of 2017

Most Memorable Moments:
*The years of 05D22, 05DUQ, and 07ADQ.
*That fateful night in 04A24.
*Bro talks only interrupted by morning alarms
*SLD week 2011 and 2012.
*Night of the Window.
*“I can hear your beat hearting.”
*The Study Room.

Bucket List:
1. Find or create a brotherhood.
2. Go sky-diving.
3. Get ripped.
4. Find the Indian version of Blake Lively.
5. Learn to dance.
6. Enjoy life, or make it enjoyable.

Last Testament:
To Aaron Geldner, I leave you with a fountain of Diet Coke, tighter pants, a swift kick to remind you of Spring Fling, a knock on your door between 1 and 2, waxing strips, another trip to Six Flags, the title of biggest bear in A wing, the ability to get through senior year with as little stress as possible, and my number in case you want a weird confession at 3 in the morning. And a sandwich.

To Anthony Gentile, I will you mass, muscle, a person to share opinions with, better answers for check questions, a love for 02nami, new hair, and everything else a white man could need. I also will you the ability not to get discouraged, no matter what comes your way.

To Aniruddha Shekara, I will you a cuddle buddy, a little spoon, a sophomore to massage your back for hours, a little buddy to do Boy’s Auction with, more sleep, and a little brother like you’ve been for me this year.

To Archit Potharazu, I will you the ability to continue being a beast at everything you do. For somebody so young, you impress me so much; take that and run with it.

To Arjun Sarode, I will you somebody to have a love/hate relationship with that rival ours, all the shoes in the world, and some height.

To Dallas Eckman, I will you the ability to keep thinking. The depth at which you think at is remarkable, and it will separate you from everybody else in the future.

To Gregory O’Bannon, I will you a box of Honey Smacks, all my ceramic bowls, better pants to run in, hand sanitizer for your wounds, and somebody to have a surprisingly great conversation at the spur of a moment. I also will you somebody to randomly do stupid, yet fun and safe, things with, like we do in the Old Café or Ceramics room. I also will you the ability to enjoy senior year, and to inspire somebody.

To Isiah Butler, I will you stilts, improved leaping ability, the ability to continue dreaming big, and the ability to spread fun around campus. You’re a very enjoyable person, and help others enjoy themselves also; use it well.

To Jo-Jo Feng, I will you somebody’s back to step on, somebody to ask you for food, somebody to give you food, somebody to eat random meals in the wing commons with, a new cave, a bear hug, a loud sleeper, and a hug.

To Joey Yurkanin, I will you the ability to be safe throughout IMSA while maintaining your fun level, full ownership of my dinner leftovers, Welch’s apple juice, hand sanitizer, and food. Tons and tons of food.

To Johnny “Waymer” Wu, I will you a Stats buddy to give massages, a spotting buddy, bigger biceps, and the ability to continue working hard to get better at everything.

To Joshua Paul Ajayi, I will you a Coke bottle with only Coke in it, lessons on how to use Listerine without drinking it, and an endless supply of trees.

To Mason Dearborn, I will you a bow tie, a sophomore to help get you through French, “le lait,” the memories of 05D, a birthday song, somebody to mess around at IMSA dances with, and the ability to finish off the next few years at IMSA with as much fun as possible.

To Mit Patel, I will you the ownership of GDWAAC, somebody to enjoy music with, and the ability to pursue because you can get anything you go for. I also will you the ability to stay as chill as you are, and something to keep you entertained in French. And plenty more pictures.

To Nahee Park, I will you the pizza I still owe you, a junior to get close to over SLD week, less stress for senior year, and the ability to continue your killer work ethic in all facets of life.

To Omkar Kelkar, I will you piece of mind, somebody to come into your room at 3 in the morning needing help to get back in his wing, a less stressful senior year, and somebody who won’t fall asleep while watching movies.

To Ronnie Terrell, I will you somebody to always chill with, somebody to walk around campus with when nobody’s there, somebody to buy pizza with, a video full of Kevin Hart and Boondocks clips, and the knowledge that you always make things enjoyable for people.

To Shruthi Mothkur, I will you somebody to watch scary movie trailers during your I-days with, Jasper Cullen, somebody to throw coins at, somebody to walk back from dinner with, somebody to read through your phone, somebody to always talk to, and frequent visits from your big brother.

To Suraj Sinha, I will you the ability to continue being a Suraj, to keep going hard and beasting in life, to keep making your environments enjoyable, and somebody new to sit on you. Oh, and I will you a new scream ;)

To Taylor Herr, I will you all the Chinese food I wish I got you, somebody whose back you can step on, and the continue ability to do so well at life without trying. And something that you can’t solve.


Tejas Joshi

Case Western Reserve Union, Class of 2017

Most Memorable Moments/Last Testament:
To Underclassmen, The most memorable experiences we’ve had are times we obviously remember well enough. This probably isn’t the best medium for them anyway… check FB!

To IMSA, I leave you my heartfelt thanks for an incredible and transformative three years.


Theo Mikrut

Michigan Technological University, Class of 2017

Most Memorable Moments:
*Time spent in 01C
*After school at the couches

Last Testament:
To Alec Mangan, I leave you 2 lbs of cream cheese, a monkey, a hugging machine and a book of love songs to keep you company while your two favorite seniors are gone.

To Paul Rosa, I leave you the drive to continue on with robotics and some cool new gadgets.

To Alonzo Marsh, I leave you 150 copies of Search the City and 10 more counterfluxes. Instant deck, just add lands.

To Cassie Erwin, I leave you a photo album of cute baby animals. On a more serious note, I leave you the courage to step up and use your natural gift of leadership in whatever endeavors you choose to pursue.

To Claire Hensley, I leave a senior year mostly-free of stress, some of C-Wing’s nerd culture and (god forbid) some free time to kick back and enjoy the finer things in life.

To Kirstyn Carlson, I leave you one set of Cards Against Humanity and the rest of the couchies to play it with.

To Ben Yates, I leave a freshly-stocked pantry and spice rack with all the essentials and extra trips to the Goodwill. Most importantly I leave next years sophomores to educate in the continuing tradition of class.

To Kieran Groble, I leave the continued ability to know.

To Art Krantz, I leave you Season 11 and the best robotics season ever….of all time.

To Nikki Mastrud, I leave you to the power to accept the things you can’t change, the strength to change what you can and most importantly, the wisdom to know the difference. Keep your head high, know your limits, follow your dreams and take some time out of your day to smile every now and then.

To Colette Moos, I leave you a 4th string for your bass. I also leave you peace and clarity of mind, and my eternal gratitude. You have well and truly been one of the greatest friends anyone could hope for and I wish you the very best, both in your senior year and in your post-high school endeavors.

To Team 2022, I leave you my skype contact info in the event you wish to utilize it. Use the knowledge that you have gained this year and the talents that are sure to be found in the incoming sophomore class to truly make this your team. I might even come back to watch you all in St. Louis next year. Per ardua ad astra.

To the Academy, I don’t know what to leave you. You’ve taken sleep, sanity, and many other things in large quantities but have in turn given back some of the greatest experiences I’ve ever had. I leave, hoping that one day IMSA will recognize its flaws and learn from them, in order to truly become all that it has striven to be over the past 25 years and the Academy that I eagerly applied for.


Varun Munjeti

University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, Class of 2017

Most Memorable Moments:
*Every Clash of the Halls
*Making songs with YBP
*Bro talks until young o’clock
*07 Haunted Lockers and Candy Drops
*Playing with FC
*Participating in cultural shows
*Learning to dance instead of standing awkwardly
*Bro Day™
*Youthful adventures
*KI summer camps, with the constant “HAIII VARUN”s, getting congratulations cards from the kids for my wedding with a princess, and being with close friends at IMSA with no work
*The original sunrise sophomore year followed by spades in the 06 commons at 6 in the morning
*07B sophomore year. The good old days…
*Jeff getting caught by Troy Tonsil hiding on the countertops after midnight in boxers
*The mysterious disappearance of Jose Hernandez on his birthday
*Getting to fly during sophomore year drill team
*The communal sock
*The brotherhood of the travelling green hoodie
*Moving the couch in to our room during 15 people sleepovers
*That time I “fell down the stairs”
*Feeling like a princess from being carried to the main building by Matt Tennenhouse
*Four Square
*11:30 01 to 07 runs
*The Sunrise
*Visits to the elevator at young o’clock with Dipen Kumar and Rambo the bear
*Paul’s shoe
*The “hunt”
*Japanese with Sensei…lol jk!
*Startripping with John Gray
*Finding out Dipen Kumar was my roommate at a summer camp after 3rd grade
*Becoming one with the couch
*Casper Caves
*Another Swagday
*The Seni07Shake
*The DipenShake
*Senior Cookout
*The adventurous bike ride
*Life of Dip
*Cross Hall Drill Team
*Choreographing 07’s drill team

Bucket List:
1. Go skydiving
2. Go scuba diving in the Coral Reef
3. Swim with dolphins
4. Make a hilarious song everyone will remember
5. Make a quality song that gives people the tingles
6. Travel around the world and visit all the cool places that I discovered on StumbleUpon
7. Create a film worthy of taking to a film festival
8. Go to a Younha concert and get a picture with her
9. Go tobogganing with penguins
10. Dance like Ish
11. Go geocaching
12. Bike across a national park
13. Touch Hrithik Roshan’s abs
14. Continue to have the bro-est of bro days
15. Make a lot of money just to give away
16. Spend a few nights in a cabin in Alaska under the northern lights
17. Get over a million views on YouTube
18. Go surfing in Hawaii
19. Do a spicy food challenge that is more impressive than the BDubs Blazin Challenge (since that was not much of a challenge at all)
20. Get crowd surfed again and not fall on someone next time
21. Dance in the rain
22. Slow dance on a beach during a sunset
23. Add more interesting things to my bucket list
24. Change lives
25. Be happy

Last Testament:
To Aaron Geldner, I will you someone else that can be your bear cub, a full band to play with and a drummer that can actually play softly, and the best of luck with maintaining 07’s title of being the best hall to live in.

To Abrar Khaja, I will you someone to be your big spoon.

To Alex Moreno, I will you the desire to be more nomadic so more people can be in your presence.

To Arjun Sarode, I will you more people to have many late night bro talks with, a bit more time with Casper so you can always stay lively to cheer everyone up, a Younha poster, a pair of drumsticks to become a pro drummer, the moves (and footwork) to carry 07’s eight person drill team for the talent show, and a box of pancake batter for some panCAAAAAAAAAAAAAKES.

To Chris Shin, I will you a hint of senioritis so you don’t stress out all the time.

To Dallas Eckman, I will you the courage to look at a clown directly in the eyes and more time to bro hard while doing a great job as a LEAD coordinator, being one of the most loved KI teachers, and maintaining the hall spirit in 07 as CD.

To David Zhang, I will you a room.

To Fengling Hu, I will you a big hug for every time you expected something else.

To Grace Ren, I will you the coordination to catch a ball, a brother wing that you can do more activities with, another walk so we can continue our conversation without being interrupted by cute Asian babies, and a very eventful senior year so you will never have to be bored again.

To Gus Nagro, I will you 20/20 vision so checking yourself out in the mirror will be twice as enjoyable.

To Harish Logaraj, I will you a weekend for you to stay on campus.

To Jacob Kronenberg, I will you someone else you can carry in math.

To Joe Donermeyer, I will you the power to tell others to shut up. And dibs on Toby.

To Jo-Jo Feng, I will you a canvas for your masterpieces.

To Jon Reynolds, I will you a successful junior year considering your work ethic, but also better time management skills since that is what will help you the most. And a neighbor from another wing.

To Lael Costa, I will you an even godlier narrator voice and an RC that actually allows you to cook.

To Lakhena Leang, I will you my still unnamed fuzzy puff to remind you of the face that I made, the desire to break in room every night so you get to know your hall better, a real piggy back ride without all the turns, a relaxing and enjoyable senior year after all the hard work you did to deserve it, and a spot on my last KI shirt to sign “Lakhena is the best” again.

To Max Zhu, I will you more swag to complement your cuteness.

To Michael Zeng, I will you the knowledge that your smile makes my day.

To Mimi Dong, I will you someone else you can awkwardly punch for no reason and make silly faces with.

To Mohamed Kady, I will you another person that appreciates your witty humor as much as I do.

To Omkar Kelkar, I will you more time with Casper so you aren’t a zombie all the time.

To Quinn Lewis, I will you a more competent co-teacher for KI.

To Ricky Martinez, I will you the best of luck for success in the many talents you have and a neighbor from another wing.

To Ryan Eberhardt, I will you many friendly nights to help you become a master of everything, a wish for you to have the ability to wear more hats, and a stress free second semester senior year to focus on doing what you really want to do.

To Sam Cheung, I will you a roommate.

To Shruthi Mothkur, I will you someone else to bother with all your personal problems. Just kidding! I mean another person to share advice with. I will you with more energy to always be so cheerful and excited, and an amazing, fun filled senior year.

To Sunny Shah, I will you many more intriguing questions to ponder upon, more body mass so you can hear yourself stomp, and a coming back to 07 party.

To Suraj Sinha, I will you a mirror to see yourself giving the look and someone else that accepts the dubidity.

To Tim Gietl, I will you an unlimited supply of swag and a manlier scream.

To Vikram Anjur, I will you and your saxophone another talent show.

To Vimal Bellamkonda, I will you a chocolate bar that only matches one percent of your lusciousness.

To Vimig Socrates, I will you a wish for you to have a ballin’ RC next year.

To Vishrut Dixit, I will you the baylife seat for every class you take next year.

To 07, I will you all the best community I know of, the hope that 07 has been as great of a place to live for you as it has been for me, and the clash trophy since it’s not moving.

To all of IMSA, I will you the universe, since the sky has never really been the limit. Put your mind to something, and you will be amazed with what you can accomplish. But most importantly, don’t forget to enjoy every bit of the way!


Victoria Elizabeth Etherton

The University of Notre Dame, Class of 2017

Most Memorable Moments:
Adventures in 1503 with Addison, the SIR struggle bus with Eva Meyer and Jen Ren, crepes, 2011 03BDQ, “sleep walking,” the success bench, picnics, winning the first gavel, UIUC acceptance speeches, snowpocalypse, power outages, ice skating on the volleyball court, the “yes” pond, the bell tower at Geneva Commons, L room communication signals, tea time, 14 body sleep over, flash games with Chi and Miranda, espanoyolo, the ghost of 06 A wing, late night talks with all four of my amazing roommates, BELLAs retreats, hiding in Chase Bank with Kalyani, the best homecoming with Rachel, Ashima, Aditi, Sharadyn and Mikayla, double dates, camping, Target pictures, access road walks, “the lost hoodie,” GGGGGGGGGG, “it’s okay, it’s over,” boycott winter formal, beaches with Kaska, Sardines with Jorge, MUN Saturday nights with Rae and Emily, “we’re making cupcakes!”, camping on the reservation, nights in Fiji, studying in Cadiz, Spain, and any night in 1506 A wing!

Bucket List:
1. Own a multinational corporation
2. Travel to India
3. Study abroad in Italy
4. Learn a third and fourth language (preferably French, Russian or Italian)
5. Attempt to learn Chinese
6. Camp and Hike as much as possible
7. Climb a mountain
8. Get into grad school

Last Testament:
To Yasmine Gordon, I leave you one huge stage, thousands of fans, and worlds of fantastic opportunities.

To Greeshma Chilkuri & Sachi Singh, I leave you both big smiles and success here.

To, Ellen Zhao, I leave you an amazing new stand partner who will hopefully YOLO less than I did in that class (or more, if you liked it).

To Mimi Dong, I leave you the best math table ever complete with food, friendly competitions, and a whole lot of class disruptions and 07 check runs.

To Shruti Topudurti & Annie Fafara, I leave you make up runs, Italian food, loud conversations, random dancing, fashion finds and the awesome memories we’ve had in 1506A Wing.

To Amy Zhu, I leave you the extended use of your greatest assets, make up tutorials, sketchy dances, hooters, MUN Saturday nights & my high school wardrobe.

To Puja Mittal, I leave you my swag

…and endless nights talking about drama, hours of movies, random dancing, mustaches, cute animals, twin-ing, and two more lovely years at this most honorable academy.

To Michele Kinama, I leave you the use of your biggest asset.

To Karin Han, I will you the love of fashion & class, a Lilly dress, Hunter boots, an assortment of perfume, and enough yogas to make the world go ‘round.

To Ryan Leemans, I leave you hundreds of hours talking in the math office.

To Poornima Sundaravelu, I leave you long nights staring at my periodic table, sushi runs, story time, hair issues, the 1506A wing L room, and my… talents.

To Simone Alexandrova, I will you parties, my terrible dancing, many horrible decisions while maintaining a life without regrets, and also my L room (use it well).

To Guna Yerrabolu, I will you a lifetime supply of horrible pictures via snap chat from me.

To Tony Gentile, I leave you that reward that I promised, and ultimate success in whatever endeavors you choose.

To Matt Moranz, I will you a better senior friend than I was, and immediate responses to texts.

To Ben Rabe and Ben Yates, I will you both something– and that something is very fantastic. Think of it as a surprise will, eventually you’ll know what I actually willed you both, and the world will make sense.

To Kent Gang, I leave you YOLOing around Chicago, random Italian village runs, a horrible USA delegation, my sincerest apologies for losing NATO, that African Union leadership, nationals 2014, and the best delegate gavel that you deserved.

To Joe Reda, I leave you dance parties, BBT, creeping out our Ad Chem class, many huge college acceptance letters, and a (well-balanced) OCD schedule.

To Vimal Bellamkonda, I leave you long walks, fantastic hugs, sitting at no pond, horrible TV shows on my laptop, funny posters, straight As, college acceptance letters and anything that will get you through the next few years. I’m going to miss you.

To Addison Schwaller, I will you my vast knowledge of innuendos and my homework doing playlist. I also leave you long nights, bro talks, random dancing, awkward moments (..lots of awkward moments), sleepover’s, the ghost of 1506 A wing, stakeouts, and all the memories that we have made over the years. You’ve been one of my good friends at IMSA from the moment you stepped on campus and lived in my wing last year. I cannot thank you enough for being there for me. You are amazing to talk to, and you will touch the hearts of so many people. Go forth and conquer.

To Nida Normantaite and Haneesha Paruchuri, I leave you Crossfire! Debate club. Please take care of it and make it to all that it can be.

To Luke Zhan, Jameson O’Reilly, Scott Zelman, Amy Zhu, Emily Ling, Kent Gang, Johnny Wu, Tony Shin and the rest of the MUN Juniors, I leave you all sleepless nights, 2 am Hooters runs, resolution writing, 40-page-one-hour success stories, the passages, the dances, the… shenanigans, nationals potential, and the #2 best team at MUNUC. I can only hope that it your experiences help you all as much as it did me–or at least that they give you some good stories for college. In the coming year (for not only me, but all the graduating MUN seniors) lead the team to the best of your ability. Keep accidents to a minimum, pass your resolutions, become best friends to the dais, and lead IMSA MUN to be all that I know it can be. Keep those gavels coming!

To BELLAs, I leave you one amazing club, one hundred and fifty plus candles, stories, a network of sisters, and a (very necessary) lifetime supply of tissues. Thank you all for everything, truly.

To 1506 A Wing, I leave you “Ladies, quiet down! It’s that check thing again!” Plenty of brother wing activities, zero drama, loud nights, two new wing guides who will probably out do me and Jenni, two year wins for wing wars and one big happy family.


Vivek Koganti

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Class of 2017

Most Memorable Moments:
*Hanging out at the playground
*Quad battles
*Rap battle with Sam Haile
*Late night talks with friends
*Winning conference
*The talks on the golf bus

Last Testament:
To Andrew Liang, Johnny Wu, and Steven Tan, I will you all of my swimming abilities and hope that you guys will lead the team to state next year.

To 04B UQ (Marco, Isiah, Greg,  and Anthony), I will all of you guys a great senior year because of all the hard work you put in this year. I know that at times it seems like things never work out, but I love the fact you that you guys persevered. Greg, Isiah, and Anthony I want you guys to make sure that Marco does not stress out about school too much next year and encourage him to spend time away from the books.

To Elise Douglas, I will you the ability to lead the golf team next year and be a better captain than I was.  Hopefully, next season will be just as fun as this one and the team gets a one or two good sophomores.  I hope that senior year goes well for you and you get into all of your colleges. If you ever come down to the University of Illinois, you are always welcome to stay at my place.

To John Satter and Sean Kim, I will you guys the ability to stay focused and concentrate more during golf season next year. Especially you, John, I want you to be the role model at practice that the sophomores will follow. I hope that senior year goes well for both of you guys and that you make the most of it.

To Max Ackerman, I will you the ability to focus more in school next year and play well for the IMSA golf and volleyball teams. To be honest, I did not like you at all during the beginning of the year but you grew on me and have matured a lot since then. I hope that junior year goes well for you and that you will keep John on track during golf practices.

To David Lisk, I will you the ability to add 10 lbs of muscle next year and stop being sheepish when you talk to girls.

To Josh Paul Ajayi, I will you the ability to enjoy your last of year of IMSA. You have really matured this year and I am glad we became friends this semester. Before I leave, we need to go out for dinner with Paul and Stephanie. Idea was so much and I honestly will miss having that class with you guys.

To Alexis Currie, I will you the ability to keep up the hard work and get into the colleges you want to. If you ever come down to visit the University of Illinois during the fall, let me know so hopefully we can meet up. Before this semester is over, I hope that me, you, and Monica will have lunch together (probably will not happen).


Viveka Patel

University of Illinois at Chicago, Class of 2017

Most Memorable Moments:
*ISA Diwali shows (all three years)
*1st place at FBLA State in Network Design with Eunji Jeong
*Sean Yamakawa sleeping in all of my classes
*Late night conversations with my quad (Lydia Auch, Kathryn Kim, Shivani Patel)
*Exchanging weird faces with Kevin Zhang in Spanish
*“The Bachelor” viewing party with 02BDQ plus Beatrice Go
*UChicago Wednesday $1 shakes with Sai Talluru
*Badminton with Bindi Patel and Alice Chang
*Wing-guiding with Charlene Angeles
*Hanging out with Eunji Jeong and Bindi Patel after the Hypnotist Show 2013
*MCB second-semester senioring with: Jen Ren and Tejas Joshi, without: Prachi Aggarwal and Lakhena Leang
*02 B wing- up-quad/down-quad movie nights/sleepovers
*02 Clash Drill Team 2013
*BC3 test cram sessions with Bindi Patel and Eunji Jeong
*Fantabulosa Dos 2011 with Bindi Patel, Shannon Kurian and Monica Patel

Bucket List:
1. Go skydiving
2. Travel through Europe for six months
3. Go ziplining
4. Be a flyer for cheerleading squad
5. Feed a panda
6. Be in two places at once
7. Go scuba-diving
8. Sit on a slanted roof
9. Write a book
10. Go to a masquerade ball
11. See a Broadway show with Kathryn Kim, Lydia Auch, and Shivani Patel.

Last Testament:
To Charlene Angeles, I leave you with 02!! You were an incredible co-wing-guide and honestly, I wouldn’t have been able to survive this year without you. Congrats on CD for next year! You are going to rock it. Don’t let the stress get to you and I know you will do an incredible job and keep 02 going strong. 1st place clash…maybe? ;)

To Jennifer Hoelzer, I will you…B-wing! Honestly, I think you showed up to the most wing activities. Thank you! I know that you are strong personality in B-wing and you will maintain a close community. You are always making things exciting and filling our wing with music from your beautiful voice. Dream big. I know that you can do anything you set your mind to.

To Prachi Aggarwal and Lakhena Leang, I leave you a care-free senior attitude. You guys are amazing in every sense of the word. I am so lucky to have met two such bright and caring individuals at IMSA. You guys stressed out so much for MCB and I’m sure it was worth it for the grade. But next year, I hope you decide to relax a little bit so you can have fun with senior year. :)

To Selam Zenebe-Gete and Emily Ling, I will you movie nights! You two work so hard and deserve the break. Movie nights with extra-buttery popcorn are the perfect way to relax! (Kathryn can attest to this).

To Lusulena Perez and Evelyn Perez, I leave you smiles! You two are always smiling. Don’t lose those smiles when you go into junior year. You will do great and I can’t wait to see your success!

To Shruthi Mothkur, I will you confidence. I know that you are an incredible, beautiful girl that can do accomplish anything she wants to. I can already see you achieving great things so don’t forget me when you’re rich and famous.

To Sai Talluru, I leave you with college! I heard this word out of your mouth TOO many times this year so listen to me Sai: You are going to college! So stop stressing.

To Shruthi Mothkur, Sai Talluru, and Vimig Socrates, I leave you ISA and Diwali. Just so you know, I will be back to see Diwali 2013. I expect nothing less than incredible from all of you, but that’s only because I know you are completely capable of putting on an awesome show. Whenever you feel stressed or overwhelmed, just remember what ISA and Diwali is all about. Most importantly, remember Diwali is supposed to be fun, so you should take the time to take a break once in a while and enjoy yourselves. I have the utmost faith in your abilities and I know you will make me proud.

To Deborah Park and Amy Zhu, I leave you Amnesty. I know you will take Amnesty to new heights next year. Good luck with the new advisor and make the world proud!


Wesley Beck

Washington University in St. Louis, Class of 2017

Most Memorable Moments:
*Russian Trip
*Quad Six Flags
*Chilling in 01
*Dead crawling across the old café
*Carrying a TV on a pencil run
*Cooking pancakes for peeps ^^
*The 01 clutch in clash
*The water battles.

Bucket List:
1. Run an ultra marathon
2. Enjoy life

Last Testament:
To 1501 A-Wing gentlemen, I leave you with as many great memories that I could create for you guys as your Wing Guide. Whoever ends up as a wing guide, I hope you continue the awesomeness, and truly dedicate yourselves to creating a good environment for everyone to live in.

To Mimi Dong, I will you joy, peace, and happiness ^^ And the knowledge that you will honestly do great things in life. Also, I will you some quality I Days, dedicated to either relaxation, learning some k-nowledge, or just hanging out with friends (including me via skype :P). Best of all, I will you a cup of Caribou Coffee, and all the wonderful things about the small and simple things in life.

To Milosz Kowal, I will you any skills that I have in film that you don’t already have (albeit, there are few.) Along with this, I will you the dedication to stick out for one more year in cross country, and to honestly achieve your best in the coming season.

To Ashok, I will you the dedication to making an awesome senior year, filled with good times and endless episodes of How I Met Your Mother, Arrow, and Naruto. I would also like to will you the down quad, but that’s not under my discretion.

To Maria, I will you an awesome senior year filled with dance. That, and mad swing choreography skillz, and the belief that you can do something great in the world, regardless of your college choice.

To Sagar, I will you another year at Argonne. I will also leave you with an awesome senior year, where you can relax, but also focus on learning as much as you possibly can. I would hope that you take a particular focus on the magical side of things (not alluding to card tricks or anything XD) On top of this, I will you the cross country team. It’s yours. Take it somewhere for once. It needs a fresh start from the past few years to really become a true team, and get some true team spirit and strong bonds.

To Ram, Jack, Jennifer, and everyone else in Russian 2, I will you some patience for Russian. Although the class can be annoying at times, take a few moments to enjoy the language, and have some fun with the incoming Russians.

To Ram, I will you the body roll of the boothies. It is yours to take, so make a tradition and pass it down! I would also like to will you serious dance skillz, and the ability to take authority and affirmative action over things.

To Jack, I will you all the skills I have learned to avoid being an awkward, tall, white kid, including my mad DJ skillz. I would also like to will you the ability to focus, and get involved in some serious work and change throughout the community.

To Isiah Butler, I will you my AP Chem Books, along with my knowledge of chemistry at the press of a button.

To Tyler Pradaxay, I will you Red Cross volunteering, and the focus to get work done.

To Sean Potempa, I will you calmness, clear thinking, seriousness, and complete mastery of the Russian language. I also will you the ability to do a complete around the world.

To Eric Barrientos, I will you a love of learning that is unsurpassable. I also will you the ability to lead behind the scenes, to be a passionate, humble, and just leader, who is unselfish in their decisions. In particular, I will you the ability to listen to others without hesitation, no matter the circumstance.

To Diana, I will you 2 more years of wonderful acting in Drama Club. And the ability to stage whisper anything without laughing.

To Dan, I will you the continuation of your SIR at Argonne. Enjoy it, and learn as much as you can about the wonders of the miniature world. I would also like to will you a Russian accent to go along with your Italian mobster accent.

To Elijah, I will you some quality hugs.

To Ellen Zhao, I will you some serious thought, and the ability to take yourself away from the world. Explore your motives, and have a clear grasp on the effects of your actions, whilst ignoring any drama (and preventing it as much as possible). Plus, you can have all my photography skillz, my awesome high-5 skillz, and my hug skillz.

To Ben Rabe, I will you the ability to enjoy life to its fullest, by doing what you love, and also trying new things.

To Nathan Huxtable, I will you a true passion and critical thinking that is rarely surpassed.

To Vivian, I will you some hugs to get through senior year ^^

To IMSA, I will one piece of advice: focus on bringing out each student’s true potential and creativity before anything else.


Winnie Chu

SUNY Binghamton, Class of 2017

Most Memorable Moments:
Sophomore year-
*Meeting Malia Wenny at orientation and decided to be roommates.
*First time sledding.
*Snow apocalypse
*Walking to Orchard with Cherish Kim for the first time and almost got hit by a car.
*Taking pictures with Rebecca Wu, Lily Lou, Cherish Kim and Alexa Maffei on the last day of school.
Junior year-
*Meeting Monica Kim and Devin Scott for the first time.
*Carnival 2012
*Diwali 2012
*The day housing came out and realized that I’ll be in 03D23 for all three years at IMSA.
Senior year-
*Homecoming 2012
*Six Flags trip
*Seeing myself being featured in the IRC blog.
*Winter Formal 2013
*Trip to Korean town with Devin Scott, Luis Gomez and Shannon Kuruc.
*When I found out that I got into college.
*Lunar 2013
*Bowling senior night.
*Clash 2013
*Seeing my article being published on the IRC blog.
*Countless nights of graph theory problem sets with Grace Li.

Bucket List:
1. Learn how to drive
2. Go to a good grad school
3. Study abroad
4. Visit France
5. Travel around the world
6. Be happy with my life

Last Testament:
To Joe Donermeyer, I leave you the drive to accomplish everything you want and the college of your dreams. I’ve seen how much you’ve grown this year and I know that you can achieve big things. I will you an awesome senior year that you deserve. Your work ethic and dedication to all your extracurricular activities are truly admirable, but I will you more time to yourself. Good luck with the college application process; I will you the ability to remember all the deadlines for assignments and stuff. I know that I won’t be around but I promise to always be there. I will you everything and anything that I could ever give you, as many hugs and kisses as you could ask for, more cute faces, my thoughts all day, the ability to control time demon, more time to spend and random visits and last, I will you a kiss on the cheek that will always be there. Thanks for making this year the most memorable and special <3

To Lydia Abraham, I will you a fantastic (and less stress) senior year. I will you the ability to shine and I will you another room to bum. I truly admire year dedication to drama and speech. Not to mention, your volunteerism spirit and work ethic are totally admirable, and remember, all your work now will reward you later. You are really bright, just believe in yourself.

To Sarai Lopez, I will you cool next-door neighbors. I will you my sense of humor and happiness. I have never seen you stressed, which is a good thing, keep it up, it will make your next two years much more easier. You also have great potential in bowling; I cannot wait to see you become the next team MVP. You and Irina work well together as roommates and I hope it always stay like that.

To Irina Wirjan, I will you the best hugs to keep you pumped throughout the year and more time to watch Pretty Little Liars. Keep cheering on boys volleyball. Last, (even if it’s in my will to Sarai) you and Sarai always look happy together and I hope it stays that way.

To Diana Chen, I will you the patience to deal with all the crap that you will have to deal with over the next two years. I won’t tell you that your next two years at IMSA will be easy, but with your smile and sense of happiness, I believe you can make the next two years as easy as you want. Keep the smile on your face up, trust me, it will make everything easier and life less stressful. Have confidence in yourself and you’ll accomplish everything.

To Shveta and Sneha Thakkar, I will you the adorableness and more random conversations to come.

To Yvette Ramirez, I will you a wall of college posters and letters and someone else to help you with Chinese.

To Estefany Guzman, I will you as many hugs as you need and another person to perform in Casa de Alma.

To Lael Costa, I will you more opportunities to learn new things and another person that will randomly walk up to you and poke you or wake you up in class by poking you. Last, bow ties are cool.

To Michael Zeng, as I said I would, I will you the ability to never get “vertex” and “vertices” mixed up and another year of interesting math experiences.

To Fengling Hu, I will you the hint of spark with Shelly that we never shared.

To Vivian Chau, I will you Pinny, please take good care of it and remember to bring them to games. I have learned a lot from you during bowling and even in dance, and I cannot wait to see you become that super bowler everyone admires at tournaments.

To Sarai Lopez, Remy Bubulka and Vivian Chau, I will you another awesome bowling season and more important, a team next year.

To all the girls in 1503, I will you what I have learned to call home for the last three years. Thanks for being such a wonderful and supportive group. Have fun next year and keep it classy for Clash.

To all the underclassmen, I will you a successful school year. Do your best and always remember to save time to be happy and be yourself. For the rising juniors, good luck with all the work next year; rising seniors, good luck with the college application process.

To all my friends, I leave you an invitation—to visit me in New York whenever possible.

About the Author

Jen Ren
Jen, a senior from Naperville, serves as Co-Editor-in-Chief with her roommate, Summer. In addition to the Acronym, she co-coordinates the LEAD (Leadership Education and Development) program at IMSA, a student-run organization that strives to inspire individuals through discourse and project design to become active and ethical leaders. LEAD has instilled her passion for service and advocacy for change, which has influenced her hopes for the Acronym. She believes it can become an outlet for students’ voices and accurately represent opinions of all. (Jen can be reached at and at 630-303-6345)

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