Final Interview with Dr. McGee: the Man, the Smile, and the Slogan

Last week, I sat down with Dr. Max McGee to ask him about his time here and about his future plans. Below is both the full interview (top; 32 minutes)  and a video of selected clips (bottom; 12 minutes). Some brief highlights include his discussion about what IMSA’s role will have to be in the future in order to survive (2:50 in the selected clip video) and his emotional response when asked about our former principle, Dr. Eric McLaren (6:20 in the selected clip video).

Full Interview Highlights:

00:50 – Why he is leaving

02:50 – Reflection on his accomplishments and shortcomings

07:00 – IMSA’s challenges in the future

08:50 – The budget and how IMSA will be impacted

11:05 – Why IMSA deserves funding

14:00 – What has made him the person he is today

16:10 – Closing the achievement gap

19:30 – What it was like when he found out about Dr. McLaren’s condition

22:10 – How Dr. Sharp has done as his replacement

22:50 – His relationship with the teachers

25:15 – How “Advancing the Human Condition” was formed

28:00 – How IMSA will be a part of his future

29:25 – Last words of wisdom

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