The Acronym Weather Report: The Beginning of the End

Snow blanketing IMSA's front entrance. Source: Severance Graham.

AURORA, IL – Welcome, everyone, to the first and only Acronym Weather Report. I am your host, Severance Graham, here to tell you about the beginning of the end. Yes, you heard right, for today students across campus woke up in shock to a white substance blanketing the ground. No, it’s not goose poop this time.

Just this Monday, the students and staff of IMSA were enjoying a balmy 63 degree day, but the weather has only gone downhill since then. The next two days we experienced extreme temperature drops down to 40 degrees, then 35, then 30. Being hardy Illinoisans, many in the IMSA community were quick to adapt to the changing climate. Unfortunately, Thursday’s weather pushed us to our limits. Apparently, some students draw the line when cryogenic sludge starts to fall from the sky, making walking to and from the main building just that much more annoying.

With finals just around the corner, IMSA students need all the sunshine and happiness they can get their hands on. This is just speculation, but maybe this is a bad omen. I mean, a dark chill falling upon the land right before finals. Coincidence? I think not. The looming presence of finals is beginning to show itself, and this wintry hell is certainly not the last trial we will face. Are you up to the challenge?

This has been Acronym Weather, over and out.

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Severance Graham
Severance Graham is one of the many senior writers from 1501 B wing. Coming from Campton Hills, Severance is well acquainted with the corn fields, as well as suburban life. It's the best of both worlds! Being a first-year staff writer, Severance is excited to write entertaining, funny, and controversial articles for the IMSA Acronym.

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