The Best of the Best: Super Bowl LV Commercials

Millions of people tuned in to watch the Super Bowl LV last Sunday. Many viewers, myself included, only paid attention to the infamous commercials. Fortunately, they met expectations! Here are a few highlights of this Super Bowl’s commercial lineup:

  1. M&M’s Chocolate –
    In this commercial, characters present M&M packages as apologies for uncomfortable situations. For example, a woman apologizes to another woman for calling her “a Karen.” Also featured is a cameo from Schitt’s Creek’s Dan Levy, who takes a M&M character hostage.
  2. Paramount Plus –
    Here, Paramount advertises its streaming service with various cameos from characters of different shows or movies. Those featured include Dora the Explorer, Shemar Moore, Spock, and James Corden. The characters are literally climbing Paramount mountain, as their shows are being added to the streaming service.
  3. Cadillac –
    In reference to the famous movie Edward Scissorhands, this commercial features the son of Edward, Edgar (Timothée Chalamet) and his mother (Winona Ryder). Edgar is quite frustrated with his scissor hands and lives life quite miserably. His mother introduces him to the self-driving Cadillac, greatly pleasing Edgar.
  4. E*TRADE –
    Finally, the Super Bowl would not be complete without a hilarious workout montage. In this commercial, a young boy is inspired and attempts to workout using materials from his house. This video captures the boy’s innocence, while encouraging people to “get in shape,” financially.

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