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Monthly Archives: February 2020

Life 360: Creepy or Cautious?

Written by: Alexander Zhang Of the 10 apps that won the $275,000 grand prize for Google’s 2008 Android Development Challenge—among which include a healthy collection of cab-calling apps, photo-editors, and shopping companions—Life360, a simple location-tracker, is by far the most successful in 2020. With over

Post-Mortem Neurological Activity: A Year Later

Written By: Ashley Koca It’s been nearly a year since news outlets were flooded with stories about “partly-alive,” or even “zombie,” pig brains revived post-mortem. April 17, 2019, Yale scientists shook the world with their “Restoration of brain circulation and cellular functions hours post-mortem,” revealing

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Francesca Dumitrescu’s Fourth-Wall-Breaking SIR

Written by: Shreya Mahesh SIR, or the Student Inquiry and Research program, was established in 1989. Sparking curiosity and engagement in various academic fields, students are now given the opportunity to dedicate their Wednesdays, or Inquiry Days, to SIRs, should they choose to do so.