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Monthly Archives: February 2021

Promising Drug Against Pancreatic and Breast Cancers

Written by: Lily Song      Pancreatic cancer is caused by a type of cancerous growth that begins in the tissues of one’s pancreas — an organ in your abdomen that lies behind the lower part of your stomach. Breast cancer occurs when cells in

Nanomaterial-Based Biosensor for COVID-19 Antibodies

Written By: Kaylee Zhou Carnegie Mellon and the University of Pittsburgh’s investigators have recently partnered together to create a nanomaterial-based biosensor platform. Their creation can detect the presence of COVID-19 antibodies in mere seconds. The platform can not only quickly identify if a patient has

How Depression and Sleep are Connected

By: Osayenmwen Omozusi Sleep is crucial for the body to maintain function. If people are not getting enough sleep, this may be because of depression. Depression and sleep problems are closely linked; “Among people with depression, 75 percent have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep”

Covid-Proof Immune Systems

Written by: Lily Song As the growing number of people who have fought off Covid-19 climbs higher, a critical question begins to rise: How long will their immunity to the virus last? While much has been done to understand the virus, there is still a

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OpenAI: Was the Shift to Closed Source Justified?

Written By: Braeden Cullen The debate over the democratization of AI-related technologies has become increasingly pertinent in recent years. As AI development continues to accelerate, both sides of this debate continue to clash on whether these developments should be made available to the general public

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IMSA New Biology Electives 

Written by Margaret Wei New biology elective classes, Pathophysiology, Cancer Biology, and Biology of Behavior, have recently become IMSA upperclassmen favorites. The addition of these classes were aimed to further students’ knowledge from the required core classes: Scientific Inquiries Biology and Advanced Biological Systems. These

The Role of Technology and Science in Modern Forensics

Written by: Rishitha Boddu   In recent years, criminal investigation shows have risen to popularity — some well known ones being CSI, NCIS, Criminal Minds, and the classic Sherlock. Even novels such as Nancy Drew, Agatha Christie’s, and of course, Sherlock have been fan favorites,

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Controversy Over the Use of Embryonic Stem Cells in Research

Written by Margaret Wei Stem cells have been increasing in popularity in research in recent years due to their pluripotency. Stem cells are at first unspecialized, but have the capacity to develop into specialized cells — hence their valued versatility when it comes to research.

Beating HIV: The Pursuit of HIV/AIDS Treatments and Research

Written by: Erin Yoo Seventy million people suffered and are suffering through it (World Health Organization, n.d.a.). Thirty-three million people died from it (World Health Organization, n.d.a). In the U.S., about four hundred new cases emerged out of every thousand people every year from 2000-2015

The Language of a Mutated Virus

Written by Gloria Wang Natural Language Processing (NLP) is a branch of AI that deals specifically with the communication between computers and people using human language. But aside from being able to understand languages like English, Chinese, and German, NLP algorithms are now able to