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Daily Archives: February 3, 2021

How Depression and Sleep are Connected

By: Osayenmwen Omozusi Sleep is crucial for the body to maintain function. If people are not getting enough sleep, this may be because of depression. Depression and sleep problems are closely linked; “Among people with depression, 75 percent have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep”

Covid-Proof Immune Systems

Written by: Lily Song As the growing number of people who have fought off Covid-19 climbs higher, a critical question begins to rise: How long will their immunity to the virus last? While much has been done to understand the virus, there is still a

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OpenAI: Was the Shift to Closed Source Justified?

Written By: Braeden Cullen The debate over the democratization of AI-related technologies has become increasingly pertinent in recent years. As AI development continues to accelerate, both sides of this debate continue to clash on whether these developments should be made available to the general public