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Monthly Archives: April 2022

When Our Brains Change

Written by: Shiqi Cheng How do our brains develop? When do we begin to have thoughts? Is there a beginning to the notion and consciousness, and if so, when does it start? Recent research has shown that about four or five months after conception, a

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Understanding the Unsettling Uncanny Valley

Written by Margaret Wei   For over 40 years, scientists have been perplexed by the phenomenon of the uncanny valley—the feeling of uneasiness and eeriness a humanoid evokes as it approaches human resemblance, but fails to do so. The concept was first introduced in 1970

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Abolishing the Author: Literary AI

Written by: Dorrie Peters   The term ‘artificial intelligence’ is likely to conjure up images of research labs and advanced computer programs. However, recent developments have proven that AI has a myriad of uses beyond just math and science. As artificial intelligence becomes more of

The Cobalt Industry and Sustainable Equality

Written by: Erin Yoo Its name comes from the “kobolds,” or underground sprites, that were believed to be the cause of poisonous fumes that German miners encountered while mining ore (The Chemistry, n.d.). Later, after miners and scientists realized that the magical creatures from local

Implementation of Phytoremediation in Heavy Metal Pollution

Written by: Anisha Kolambe   Since the arrival of the industrial era in the 18th century, pollution and climate have become matters of increasing concern. Although metals are naturally found on earth’s crust, anthropogenic (human-caused) activity has increased the concentrations of various heavy metals exposed

The Metaverse: Internet 2.0?

Written By: Colin Ward A relatively recent development in technology has been taking the world by storm. The Metaverse, conveniently made popular by Facebook’s name change to Meta, is something that could have some serious potential in the future of the internet. Some are even