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Implementation of Phytoremediation in Heavy Metal Pollution

Written by: Anisha Kolambe   Since the arrival of the industrial era in the 18th century, pollution and climate have become matters of increasing concern. Although metals are naturally found on earth’s crust, anthropogenic (human-caused) activity has increased the concentrations of various heavy metals exposed

Sustainability and the Winter Holidays

Written by: Anisha Kolambe The holidays are always an awaited source of cheer. As students get long-deserved breaks from school, families reunite and cultural traditions are celebrated. However, nothing is wholly smiles and laughter—there are always hidden drawbacks to every scenario. From Thanksgiving to New

Changing Society: How Robots Can Encourage Inclusivity

Written By: Anisha Kolambe As the world continues to advance itself, technology becomes even more ingrained into the lifestyles of everyday people. Robots are no exception, especially considering their vast influence in working environments within a short time frame. Usually when robots are thought about